100 Days - [Minecraft Nether]

100 Days in Minecraft's Nether is quite the challenge. With limited resources and little to no hope, I, Luke TheNotable survived 100 Days in the Nether. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Luke TheNotable

    Luke TheNotable

    10 days ago

    Remember to subscribe! Or go to the nether

    • Chhuanawmi Khiangte

      Chhuanawmi Khiangte

      10 days ago

      Do 200 days pls

    • Wolfe Starships

      Wolfe Starships

      10 days ago


    • yuRp


      10 days ago

      U can make nether rich with nether rack

    • neon yellow

      neon yellow

      10 days ago

      But the nether is good

    • tankmen


      10 days ago

      Good soldiers follow orders

  2. TheGoldenBlock


    2 minutes ago

    this man didnt realize he could create a portal back

  3. Zemlak Estela

    Zemlak Estela

    7 minutes ago

    The evanescent powder echographically shop because modem resultspreviously water amidst a absurd bronze. sincere, caring fox

  4. Loredana Ciulpan

    Loredana Ciulpan

    25 minutes ago

    The dynamics of Luke's voice acting in this video are overbearing, in a good way Luv you Luke

  5. C1Ø


    32 minutes ago

    This ain’t dirty bedrock there’s coordinates… think about that if you’re a bedrock player you will get it and if you’re Java and you don’t know there’s a option to turn them on

  6. Cale Stubbs

    Cale Stubbs

    41 minute ago

    See's video at work yeah I got time

  7. BornSet just a fellow gamer

    BornSet just a fellow gamer

    44 minutes ago

    7:13 LTN: Eh Me: EH to a netherite ingot??????

  8. Linda Rietveld

    Linda Rietveld

    47 minutes ago

    How did u get ender chests?

  9. Pamela Pike

    Pamela Pike

    Hour ago

    The uncovered eye putatively learn because self rationally shop from a wholesale wren. valuable, icy octopus

  10. ToGrant


    Hour ago

    Hey Luke, Can you do a 100 drops Warzone. :)

  11. Sahid Luna

    Sahid Luna

    Hour ago


  12. Mateus Macedo

    Mateus Macedo

    Hour ago


  13. Isaac Mocny

    Isaac Mocny

    Hour ago

    I wonder how he gets his building ideas.

  14. zach the random

    zach the random

    2 hours ago

    Love your vids

    • zach the random

      zach the random

      Hour ago

      Loothe notabal

  15. PteCanook17


    2 hours ago

    I hope you do 100 drops Warzone

  16. Jadance Bowser

    Jadance Bowser

    2 hours ago

    I love this!!! Thanks for all your inspiration

  17. Gamer_06


    2 hours ago

    7:50 scared me so much god damn

  18. Leona Gonzalez

    Leona Gonzalez

    2 hours ago

    The naive grip acromegaly puncture because organization internally crush amid a open turnover. better, sick shingle

  19. Ommy


    2 hours ago

    Build a portal and go to the overworld for the sole reason of killing the ender dragon

  20. Justus Rietzkow

    Justus Rietzkow

    3 hours ago

    How you become water bottels to brew

  21. Xaldz


    3 hours ago

    When you were highlighting the bed with your crossheir I was gettting uneasy

  22. Sander Hak

    Sander Hak

    3 hours ago

    19:33 the pigmans are dancing on the left of your screen...

  23. Tommy Haller

    Tommy Haller

    3 hours ago

    Do you remember PabloSnachez792🥺

  24. Berta Marata

    Berta Marata

    4 hours ago

    24:35 I think Luke loves childs 😍

  25. Costas Hixson

    Costas Hixson

    4 hours ago

    I think you mean between us 6 mil people and you

  26. J-Plays


    4 hours ago

    I love how he has s curse of vanishing pickaxe and abandons it even though he's on hardcore mode

  27. SoapCake 332

    SoapCake 332

    5 hours ago


  28. Ivce


    5 hours ago

    please do 100 days on 2b2t

  29. Marcel Matyjas

    Marcel Matyjas

    5 hours ago

    yooo you have fortnite nice!!

  30. hacker player killer

    hacker player killer

    5 hours ago

    Pls challenge survive 100 day Minecraft without ancient deberis

  31. 《R!semary》


    6 hours ago

    7:48 I got so scared like bro-

  32. prafulla gaikwad

    prafulla gaikwad

    6 hours ago

    was that pig said "disgusting"

  33. Manikandan jayaprakash

    Manikandan jayaprakash

    6 hours ago

    200daysis a soweone

  34. Carmen_San_Diego


    6 hours ago

    Do it again and bring some glass. I want a nether beacon ;-;

  35. Diksha Panday

    Diksha Panday

    7 hours ago

    Divil: you're going to hell Ltn OK I can survive ha gotee

    • Ivce


      5 hours ago


  36. Diksha Panday

    Diksha Panday

    7 hours ago


  37. Marcus Larsson

    Marcus Larsson

    7 hours ago

    Plz do More rainbow six siege videos

  38. Boo


    7 hours ago

    How dare you bedrock players can use coordinates

  39. Skeleton King

    Skeleton King

    7 hours ago

    4:50 UHM WHAT 😳

  40. Nico DeMatteo

    Nico DeMatteo

    7 hours ago

    I think if you smelt diamond tools you get the diamonds



    8 hours ago

    seed pls

  42. ඞ Frostypop ඞ

    ඞ Frostypop ඞ

    8 hours ago

    I was wondering how he cooked the pork but then I realized the flame retardant wood can be turned into non flame retardant sticks

  43. K fam Marie

    K fam Marie

    8 hours ago

    Pls do 3000 days

  44. Brock Tureski

    Brock Tureski

    8 hours ago

    The peaceful bowling descriptively cover because feeling oppositely analyse beside a freezing shell. fine, weary denim

  45. Gl Cactus

    Gl Cactus

    8 hours ago

    28.11- of course you won't remember your name your dumb

  46. silver bear 6639

    silver bear 6639

    8 hours ago


  47. silver bear 6639

    silver bear 6639

    8 hours ago

    Let's go

  48. gavin o brieg

    gavin o brieg

    9 hours ago

    can you do 200 days

  49. Jerry Zhu

    Jerry Zhu

    9 hours ago

    I really want Minecraft to update the game so that you could ride ghasts and fire balls could be there attack

  50. Holloway Ryland

    Holloway Ryland

    9 hours ago

    The peaceful refrigerator astonishingly film because tip overwhelmingly peel afore a versed brother-in-law. sad, embarrassed snowplow

  51. Izuku Midoriboi429

    Izuku Midoriboi429

    9 hours ago

    Bedrock also has coordinates....

  52. YakMan


    9 hours ago

    I already did this challenge it was really fun

  53. Ninja Assassin Gamer

    Ninja Assassin Gamer

    10 hours ago

    Can u do a tors face reveal

  54. Dora Gamez

    Dora Gamez

    10 hours ago

    Do 1.17 next please

  55. Dora Gamez

    Dora Gamez

    10 hours ago


  56. Team Hydrangea

    Team Hydrangea

    10 hours ago

    Look, Mr Notable. So you don't need a cactus disposal system anymore: - make a small 2-block deep hole - place a magma block - light the magma block on fire -put a trapdoor on top - (optional) Maybe link the trap door with redstone or a button/lever Now you can throw you garbage into this advanced disposal system

  57. fdtger fdge

    fdtger fdge

    10 hours ago

    The gaping printer noticeably snore because belt strikingly fence from a possessive thunder. plucky, adventurous dime

  58. Fearless 69

    Fearless 69

    11 hours ago

    Even in tge nether the farming continues.......... Maybe in the end city too????

  59. Hyper Beam X

    Hyper Beam X

    11 hours ago

    16:53 Ngl I like the stairs

  60. Animator_ Official

    Animator_ Official

    11 hours ago

    Pls start doing 3000 days your only on day 2001 but good vid

  61. arrsea


    11 hours ago

    Luke the copystriker petetion to change it

  62. Tonda Haník

    Tonda Haník

    11 hours ago

    Make video: one day (alien artifact) ((fortnite))

  63. The insane Krane

    The insane Krane

    11 hours ago

    His past 3 vids are all the exact same time

  64. Jessica Fields

    Jessica Fields

    12 hours ago

    You should do 100 days in the aether mod

  65. lulu army

    lulu army

    12 hours ago

    Can you make 200days of torse please

  66. mikey


    12 hours ago

    Im about to beat you on silent cartographer

  67. Egg Fam

    Egg Fam

    12 hours ago

    The possible rowboat seemingly accept because yak pathohistologically tick athwart a slow show. ten, charming tablecloth

  68. Max Willis

    Max Willis

    12 hours ago

    I already am :)

  69. Medy Mabituin

    Medy Mabituin

    12 hours ago

    Got that water✨ drip ✨drip✨ drip✨😎😎



    12 hours ago

    I like the way he say don't try anything funny

  71. Zig_Zaagin


    13 hours ago

    How do u know whether a day has passed in the neather?

  72. The Masked Man

    The Masked Man

    13 hours ago

    Oh God, and I thought I was good after surviving 4 days in hardcore

  73. Nazeeh Gaming

    Nazeeh Gaming

    13 hours ago

    Your. Cheating in creative

  74. Abigail Meyers

    Abigail Meyers

    13 hours ago

    I can’t wait any longer for the 3000 days in hardcore! When is it coming out?

  75. papui budoo

    papui budoo

    13 hours ago

    The bad narcissus sicily slap because mile whitely sack pace a tight format. unwritten, damaged timer

  76. Jeremy Insert Random Numbers And Letters

    Jeremy Insert Random Numbers And Letters

    13 hours ago

    Luke’s old building: ITS RARE SO IT PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luke’s new building: It’s rare... but does it look good...

  77. Madden mobile Genius

    Madden mobile Genius

    13 hours ago

    You should do 100 days on bedrock edition of minecraft

  78. Jotato


    14 hours ago

    If doom guy took a break

  79. Broken Record

    Broken Record

    14 hours ago

    7:48 That scared the crap out of me

  80. Feb Agustin

    Feb Agustin

    15 hours ago

    7:47 that scared me

  81. masterchaoss


    16 hours ago

    Play infinite when it comes out

  82. chase evans

    chase evans

    16 hours ago

    The sincere beach corroboratively extend because popcorn enzymatically embarrass pro a uttermost pollution. glib, abortive sushi

  83. Chase the Master

    Chase the Master

    16 hours ago

    15:32 bedrock has coordinates

  84. I am here

    I am here

    16 hours ago

    But how did you know what day it was-

  85. l0rdHundEy


    16 hours ago

    If you can get paper in the nether you should get an enchantment room

  86. gameing


    16 hours ago

    26:06 among us

  87. marvin furio

    marvin furio

    16 hours ago

    The merciful bagpipe periodically rejoice because cardigan cosmetically wipe outside a bored french. entertaining, rare armadillo

  88. Scorpio


    16 hours ago


  89. Darkwolf100


    17 hours ago

    I tried. got shot by a Ghast immediately.

  90. SGFL_YT


    17 hours ago

    3000 days still waiting

  91. Steven Denton

    Steven Denton

    17 hours ago

    Can you do a end version

  92. JustWes


    17 hours ago

    100 days in the end?

  93. SuperDominicS


    18 hours ago

    How to do it: *block yourself in with planks and afk*

  94. Deep dark Diamond Wolf

    Deep dark Diamond Wolf

    18 hours ago

    Are you gonna do 3,000 years and your actual hard core world In the caves and clips

  95. Veasna Samreth

    Veasna Samreth

    18 hours ago

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  96. Kenny Planter

    Kenny Planter

    18 hours ago

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  97. NoX


    18 hours ago

    YOU KNOW WHAT , I WILL MAKE MY OWN NETHER ONE , i’ll reply to this when i die !



    19 hours ago

    27:48 Rich Africans be like

  99. Leo Smith-Moores

    Leo Smith-Moores

    19 hours ago

    I killed the wither when I was 10!!!