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2021 Toyota Supra meets the BMW M2 CS: the Mk4's real successor | Jason Cammisa on the Icons Ep. 01

What makes a Supra, a Supra? Our veteran automotive journalist Jason Cammisa asks that very question as he pits the updated Mk5 A90 Supra against its mechanical twin, the BMW Z4 M40i as well as the Mk5's predecessor, the A80 Mk4 Supra Turbo.
Cammisa also heads to Toyota's CALTY Design Research Center to visit the magnificent FT-1 concept car that gave life to the Supra - where he chats with Kevin Hunter, its designer, about the challenges in grafting the FT-1's design language onto the Z4's hard points.
The surprise star of the video is the 2021 BMW M2 CS. On paper, it would seem to have nothing to do with the Supra, but in fact, there's an argument to be made that it's an even better Supra than the Supra itself.
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0:00 Introducing Supra and M2 CS
2:08 2021 Supra vs Mk4 Supra Turbo Drag Race
2:50 2021 Supra Review Part 1
3:18 Supra vs M2 CS chase
4:38 Supra vs M2 CS on paper
5:28 BMW M2 CS Review
6:53 BMW Sports Cars
7:19 BMW Z4 M40i Review
8:54 Toyota Supra and FT-1 Design History
9:49 What is a "hardpoint?"
10:45 Shrinking FT-1 onto Z4's hardpoints
11:26 Supra horn vs Z4 horn
11:56 2021 Supra vs BMW Z4 M40i drag race
12:49 2021 Supra Review Part 2
14:06 History of Toyota Supra
15:56 The Mk4 Supra Turbo
18:12 Mk4 Sales Failure
18:50 The Hydrogen Fuel Cell trade
19:53 Conclusion
21:26 Credits

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  1. PR KING


    Hour ago

    The best 22 minutes of my day

  2. 2 amoor

    2 amoor

    7 hours ago

    Camera man, cam angles ,bgm,editing op

  3. WoWOriginal


    13 hours ago

    the editing and make of this video is top notch!

  4. Dennis Martinez

    Dennis Martinez

    Day ago

    As a Honda fan boy, am I the only one that noticed the S2000 seats in the modded MK4?!

  5. mason appalachiantrail

    mason appalachiantrail

    Day ago

    Is Jason camissa some sort of advanced driving instructor? He’s so talented...or the camera guy and editor are.

  6. Martin Van Amsterdam

    Martin Van Amsterdam

    Day ago

    That MK4 still looks the part though.

  7. Kmet Mošnja

    Kmet Mošnja

    Day ago

    Just on the basis of great production value i would subscribe but you made deal irresistible by adding great entertainment value to it as well.

  8. Juan Pablo Abondano Santos

    Juan Pablo Abondano Santos

    2 days ago


  9. Gerasimos Rico

    Gerasimos Rico

    3 days ago

    Come on stock mk4 wasn’t a super car killer. Barely.

  10. thekiller500099


    3 days ago

    that new supra looks so much better than the old one

  11. Dese'rtd рӯбоҳ ḍ7

    Dese'rtd рӯбоҳ ḍ7

    3 days ago


  12. Jung Kim

    Jung Kim

    4 days ago


  13. Moose The1st

    Moose The1st

    4 days ago

    So its a BMW with an identity crisis, or is saying to Supra get your own damn car!

  14. Sly


    4 days ago

    Also, the 2JZ doesn't "safely" handle much over 800hp (seems substantiated on a few websites anyway), which is the same capacity as the B58 as we've tested so far- with potential for more.

  15. Sly


    4 days ago

    I do feel like its kind of pointless and maybe biased to swoon over a HEAVILY modded MK4 at 1000hp; the car is 0-60 at 4.6s stock, which was decent for its time but isn't legendary by any means. The only reason the MK4 was "beating up" on supercars is because the technology back then was evolving so rapidly year over year. The MK4 was one of the first "regular" sportscars to make that jump. Most modern supercars are hitting 60 in 2.5-2.9 seconds and we won't ever really get past that with gas engines on street legal cars (which is already absurd). We now live in an age where a car that does 0-60 in 3.8 seconds with a .14 power to weight ratio isn't a supercar. It's crazy how easy/cheap it is to get a vehicle with monster horsepower these days... back in the day few people could afford it.

  16. Sly


    4 days ago

    The FT-1 is beautiful and hopefully (but doubt) it comes to life one day... but that car would also probably cost a heck of a lot more than what the majority of the Supra demographic can afford; its like building a 90-100k mustang... few people are going to buy that type of car at that pricepoint when there's much better (and proven) options out there.

  17. Sly


    4 days ago

    My whole issue with BMWs is they all basically look the same for decades now, subjectively, they're all ugly. They aren't sporty looking cars in any sense of the word.

  18. yulmp2


    4 days ago

    That red concept was 🔥

  19. J D

    J D

    4 days ago

    Absolutely incredible and captivating!

  20. Goncalo Carvalho

    Goncalo Carvalho

    5 days ago

    this was great video, awesome Mr Cammisa

  21. SlayerKine


    6 days ago

    Now I have finished the video, great great freaking video!!;D

  22. SlayerKine


    6 days ago

    great great intro!

  23. Dennis Plong

    Dennis Plong

    6 days ago

    Lol all bmw except the mk4

  24. TheDisabledGamer


    6 days ago

    The "Toyota Supra" IS a BMW and besides if you look at the past super famous Supra this new one is ugly by comparison, not a car i'd buy or bother to look at, Toyota had a huge chance here and they fkd it up imo.

    • Carboy Dorifuto party

      Carboy Dorifuto party

      5 days ago

      Yet the old one sold so bad compared to the older gens its no wonder they discontinued it. Plus the fact that they pulled it out of the US market years before it ended production because of how bad it sold in the US and now we have the new gen thats been out under 2 years now and already surpassed the mk4s sales already. If the car was a failure they'd be selling worse than they're homemade rwd platforms they have with Lexus already as is that barely sell at all anyway.



    7 days ago

    The Supra is 100 times sexier though.



    7 days ago

    What was the first car that beat the new Supra?



      7 days ago

      The one with TOYO TYRES ON IT

  27. Darren Ong

    Darren Ong

    7 days ago

    this video deserves more views

  28. Forexmakeit Or break it

    Forexmakeit Or break it

    8 days ago

    Old man step aside if you cant drive a BMW WOT

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    9 days ago

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    Avg Vet

    9 days ago

    Dodge would, dodge would put it in production…

  31. ObsessionTheCat


    9 days ago

    This show is so well made that it's hard to believe it's on youtube and not only on tv. This is as good as old top gear. Good work!

  32. Ryshask -

    Ryshask -

    9 days ago

    I don't understand. He said chop it in half.. The M2 is longer by like 3 inches though... The Supra is a hatch back... and 5 inches lower hood.. Apples and oranges... Mind you... I do like the m2 more.

  33. John Moore

    John Moore

    9 days ago

    Man.... If only Toyota used the F1 body with the V10 engine from the Lexus LFA and drive train... OH BOY! That would be AMAZING! Also the LFA has the best exhaust note too!

  34. Eric karlong

    Eric karlong

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  35. Sojul of Earth

    Sojul of Earth

    9 days ago

    Hahahah BMW vs BMW

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    9 days ago

    This is the new Top Gear we wanted but didn’t deserve

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    Jonathan Angel

    9 days ago

    How about the M coupes (z3 and z4)? Aren’t those pretty decent bmw sports cars?

  38. Nero DMC

    Nero DMC

    9 days ago

    It looks soo small than old supra 😒😒

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    Hamid Ranjbar

    9 days ago

    great video. high quality.

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    Mesheezy 2020

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    Burl Pettibon

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    10/10 Awesome filming, great writing. You got me hooked.

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  44. Part of the Game

    Part of the Game

    10 days ago

    I'm interested in if Toyota comes out with a fully internal sports car in the coming years. Now THAT...would be super.

    • Tj Tucker

      Tj Tucker

      10 days ago

      Hopefully if it happens you buy it to show support in projects like that because no one really does.

  45. Karma Sonu

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    hello im a canadien that lives in canada #canada

    12 days ago

    Il bet you one thing in 20 years starting from now im gonna désigne you a good supra just you wait Im saying that not nowing only a little percent about toyotas styling ,3d modeling , plan making ,etc so dont hate pls.

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    Dan 747

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    Is it me or everyone sees 1 supra n 2 bimmers??

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    Ben Hills 22

    12 days ago

    Nice video of a supra and two BMW's

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    The Yaris isn't a Mazda in the rest of the world only in the US market. Look at the GR Yaris. Best rally derived hot hatch in years but sadly it's not sold in America.

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    Meme187 ridvan

    15 days ago

    they killed ft1 supra what a beatiful design they did the biggest mistake associating with BMW....HOW COULD THEY DO THAT TOYOTA WHY

    • Carboy Dorifuto party

      Carboy Dorifuto party

      15 days ago

      They had already agreed to work with BMW well before the concept came to be. From there on they've been working together for awhile now and even a few toyos other than the mk5 are BMW powered.

  80. JHart Modelworks

    JHart Modelworks

    16 days ago

    so compare that MK5 supra to an MK4 that doesn't have $20k of daddy's credit card invested in it.

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    Andrew Mosley

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    Oh man, I am a huge fan of the Supras, and the Z4 has been my all time favourite roadster, and that M2 Competition is literally my favourite car right now and the one that I wanna own, and this video literally brought me to tears seeing all three (or four) of them together going head to head against each other in such a beautiful presentation. Only made my love for the M2 even stronger! ♥️

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    Winning Designs

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    Jonathan Yap Jun Ming

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    From some of the comments below... Some people are absolutely idiots or Can i say low EQ. This is all about business. Is not who is better and who has a great milestones. If 2 companies or brands wants to collaboration. It means Money.. Only those idiots who loveor spend money on BMW or The other Who Loves Toyota gives such kiddo comments. Both are great companies and i repeat myself again.. They Meant Business. If BMW were to give them the green light for a new A90 Which we call SUPRA

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    Yo Joe

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