2HYPE Was Talking Sh** Then Got EXPOSED BAD! 5v5 Basketball!

Linked up with 2HYPE for some 5v5 basketball. I hold grudges 😈

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    2 minutes ago

    Bruh Nick and Carlos gotta be the worst trash talkers to exist 😂😂 Nick just says the same thing 50 times over and Carlos just says the stupidest shit and can’t even back it up for the life of him 😂😂

  2. Game Chronicles

    Game Chronicles

    24 minutes ago

    Chaunce out there with a shot creating badge

  3. Diego Luzardo

    Diego Luzardo

    27 minutes ago


  4. Calvin Nguyen

    Calvin Nguyen

    30 minutes ago

    Asian dude thinks he’s black dropping the n word

  5. Madison Williams

    Madison Williams

    41 minute ago

    Y’all talk to much stuff

  6. Chase Richardson

    Chase Richardson

    43 minutes ago

    "AND1" is not a foul call

  7. jayy kicks

    jayy kicks

    Hour ago

    I’m saying everything about Carlos nick 😂🤣🤣🤣 you guys are NOT real hoopers

  8. jayy kicks

    jayy kicks

    Hour ago

    N Carlos is a joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. jayy kicks

    jayy kicks

    Hour ago

    Nick is so trash 😹🤣 these dudes is not real hoopers

  10. Eric Mccabe

    Eric Mccabe

    Hour ago

    He was just talking on his last video about “keeping it basketball” now he’s threatening opponents. Nick Briz a 🤡

  11. Jefferson2x_


    2 hours ago

    Bro all these 2hype meat riders damn

  12. You mirin?

    You mirin?

    2 hours ago

    God I love Chris.

  13. Bobby Shmurda

    Bobby Shmurda

    2 hours ago

    Nick never acts like this went he’s outside and people are actually about it

    • Chase Richardson

      Chase Richardson

      Hour ago

      please tell me this comment is a joke, might wanna go watch nicks channel. you sound dumb for this comment

  14. Thunda 704

    Thunda 704

    2 hours ago

    Ain’t gone cap nick teams always in the hood so I expected them to win 😂

  15. Limptrisket LimpTrisket

    Limptrisket LimpTrisket

    2 hours ago

    There’s a bunch of salty fans on here, “Nick is so corny”, “Nick is so annoying”, “Nick doesn’t talk like that in the hood”, like no shit key word “The Hood” it’s all about the game anyways, some of you guys are soft af.

  16. Bobby Shmurda

    Bobby Shmurda

    2 hours ago

    Jesser ain’t meant for that crowd I love jesser to much to see him getting disrespected

  17. Prince The XIII

    Prince The XIII

    2 hours ago

    Nfs, that whole 2hype team sucks

  18. Ryan Sarvis

    Ryan Sarvis

    2 hours ago

    I wish cash would have clocked him in the mouth he was talking to much

  19. Ryan Sarvis

    Ryan Sarvis

    2 hours ago

    Carlos’s sucks so bad

  20. Lonteriayo Spearman

    Lonteriayo Spearman

    3 hours ago

    He talm bout "Hey guys what are we smoking on when we get back to hotel" 👦🏼😂😂

  21. Amonzo Osby

    Amonzo Osby

    3 hours ago

    Christopher London TRASH ASF!

  22. Viking 047

    Viking 047

    3 hours ago

    Those 2k ballers ain't ready for that smoke.. They too worried about swag and tattoos to worry about the skill level :D

  23. zBrayy


    3 hours ago

    Y'all should go against AveryB squad😂 that would be funny😂

  24. Brandon Jones

    Brandon Jones

    3 hours ago

    If Zack and LSK Wasn’t injured boy o boy

  25. unwearybeast 11

    unwearybeast 11

    4 hours ago

    this video too funny bro gotta love the energy

  26. Hey There

    Hey There

    4 hours ago

    Guys in the red are all beta males. They all wish they were females.

  27. Alfonso Sámano

    Alfonso Sámano

    4 hours ago

    White boy wanna be like MJ

  28. unwearybeast 11

    unwearybeast 11

    4 hours ago

    lmao yall talking about them talking shit bro its the easiest way to get into someone ones head do yall even play sports ? kobe did it all time i dont see yall complaining abt that

  29. Luigi thanigga

    Luigi thanigga

    4 hours ago

    Nobody likes you buddy 🤣😝

  30. boyerstudios


    4 hours ago

    Man that Red team sucks BAAAAAD. I can’t believe they wanted to plat y’all.

  31. Robert Mclean jr

    Robert Mclean jr

    4 hours ago

    “Let cash shoot anything”💀😭

  32. boyerstudios


    5 hours ago

    I’ve seen it all now. Go to minute marker 12:55. The guy with the ball in the red pushes the defender way from him. He pushes him. This game is driving me nuts.

  33. boyerstudios


    5 hours ago

    Yes Carlos is still horrible, but if this were a real game with refs 6 out of the 10 guys playing would be fouled out of the game by the first half because of how y’all play defense. Defense is more than grabbing the guy when he burns you or pushing him with your hand check preventing him from advancing. That’s not defense! That’s called, you suck as a defender. And Carlos still sucks. Nick please show him how to shoot the ball correctly. Please. He jacks the ball up on a hale Mary shot...makes one, maybe 2 shots and talks trash like he’s carrying the team. Unbelievable

  34. munkey


    5 hours ago

    Dam y'all were annoying AND fouling tf outta 2HYPE. Best part was when he said ur dude got a Patrick Mccaw ring

  35. Austin J2439

    Austin J2439

    5 hours ago

    When James makes more turnovers then points🤦🏼‍♂️

  36. Brandon Pamanian

    Brandon Pamanian

    5 hours ago

    This bruh needs to play some real ballers. He’ll get smoked

  37. Devon Petley

    Devon Petley

    5 hours ago

    black boy for nick can really hoop bruh

  38. Rylee Hunsaker

    Rylee Hunsaker

    5 hours ago

    These comments are right. Stop the tuff guy Sh*t Nick. You claim you don't push negative basketball but you really do. These dudes came to have fun.

  39. Sohail Merchant

    Sohail Merchant

    5 hours ago

    Carlos needs to work on his game. He makes so many bad decisions when he gets emotional. He could really be so much better. However, today he is "wet like water." In this video alone, Carlos sitting under the net. My man needs to BOX OUT!!

  40. zBatos


    6 hours ago

    Went from 2hype to 2EZ

  41. Michael Shoulders

    Michael Shoulders

    6 hours ago

    When Zach and Kris r health then they winning no doubt but propts to Chauncey gg's my guy

  42. Icyy Jay

    Icyy Jay

    6 hours ago

    Where was zack I bet he would of pop off

  43. Devon Petley

    Devon Petley

    6 hours ago

    nick team hella fouls, and bigboy travelled on that last bucket on that first game

  44. jamari muckelroy

    jamari muckelroy

    6 hours ago

    I would love to see them go to the drew league and talk like this lmaoo they would get folded

  45. Xx Lynx_Kilo xX

    Xx Lynx_Kilo xX

    6 hours ago

    Bruh y’all talk too much shit it’s annoying

  46. Bentley Moore

    Bentley Moore

    6 hours ago

    2v2 got beat were that vid

  47. Gabe Rxse

    Gabe Rxse

    6 hours ago

    Red team can't play ball and purple team stay fouling. Felt like i was watching the local YMCA kids playing.

  48. Xx Lynx_Kilo xX

    Xx Lynx_Kilo xX

    6 hours ago

    2:56 hard foul on cash, don’t know how he can say “gimme that shit” yeah gimme a foul

  49. 612deelo


    6 hours ago

    everyone on nicks team were actually trying and got that dog in them, cash is the only one with that dog mentality and it seemed like no one from 2 hype was trying…

  50. Christian Hughes

    Christian Hughes

    7 hours ago

    Drop Carlos off 🤣

  51. Shinny Head

    Shinny Head

    7 hours ago

    Alr Carlos reminds me of the guy from mega mind that became evil lmfao

  52. TNB MARC


    7 hours ago

    Carlos is trash bro

  53. rain06


    7 hours ago

    shout out to cash and mich , but the rest of 2 hype deserve that L , they did mopi bad!

  54. Stevan Japundzic

    Stevan Japundzic

    7 hours ago

    Carlos got the same energy as flight when he score 😂

  55. JOEZKI FK8


    7 hours ago

    Nick gotta chill with the smack talk, a little is good but this dude acting like the hardest dude in the room wtf

  56. ssb33


    7 hours ago

    This is the type of team u roll with for some pick up at the college gyms…super try hard with absolutely no chill on offense and defense 😭😭

  57. Joseph Rhodin

    Joseph Rhodin

    7 hours ago

    If I’m cash I’m slapin the shit out of Carlos

  58. Stevan Japundzic

    Stevan Japundzic

    7 hours ago

    Everyone on 2 hype scared except cash😂

  59. tairu


    7 hours ago


  60. tairu


    7 hours ago

    Cash need to leave 2 hype

  61. Aiin


    7 hours ago

    Damn yall in the comments hella mad. This shit is all entertainment at the end of the day, if there was no trash talk this shi would've been hella boring.

    • Mac. Resellz

      Mac. Resellz

      Hour ago

      Fax yo

  62. Anderson Paulino

    Anderson Paulino

    7 hours ago

    Play frigas 5 they would scrape ya but that 2 hype pack bussin 💨

  63. Jay -

    Jay -

    7 hours ago

    Alot of yall getting mad that they was talking hella crap but what u expect when hype and them were shading them online for awhile. Can't act like shit sweet on the court after that. Yall getting to used to these soft USgone hoopers.

  64. Esequiel Hernandez Jr

    Esequiel Hernandez Jr

    8 hours ago

    Carlos looks coked out 😭

  65. Elijah Lanej

    Elijah Lanej

    8 hours ago

    all the dislike is hype loyal fan but fuck yall hater.

  66. Duhquan


    8 hours ago

    Yo we need a rematch lmao

  67. Elijah Lanej

    Elijah Lanej

    8 hours ago

    damn 2hype getting bullie

  68. Daniel Cash

    Daniel Cash

    8 hours ago

    I can’t stunt Carlos low-key decent, if he wasn’t he definitely wouldn’t be on the team.. ijs 😎

  69. TheOfficialMarvelous


    8 hours ago

    Damn bruh I thought they was coming out here for a fun collab type but they took this real serious 😭

  70. Brother James

    Brother James

    8 hours ago

    I've never actually seen Nick fight anyone but he talk A LOT, he corny as hell😂 matter fact the whole team is corny except Chauncey💯 but at the same time, it is USgone and it is entertaining, so I guess they just doing they job🤷🏾‍♂️😂

  71. Generic cuma

    Generic cuma

    8 hours ago

    23:01 Nick holding onto Kenny like he's Kenny's son

  72. Raze hates2k

    Raze hates2k

    8 hours ago

    y’all be playing mad dirty and still talking shit. y’all not outside playing with randoms u indoors playing team ball play like a team instead of playing dirty my guy

  73. Thaddeaus Hilliard

    Thaddeaus Hilliard

    8 hours ago

    I got respect for cash and all but he CAN NOT SHOOT

  74. Deez Fakaz

    Deez Fakaz

    8 hours ago

    The Chinese guy just said the N-word🤦🏽

    • sheedondabeat


      7 hours ago

      that’s what i’m saying

  75. Hector Guajardo

    Hector Guajardo

    8 hours ago

    Chauncey the only good one and he’s the most humble😂

  76. Pharaoh Vito

    Pharaoh Vito

    8 hours ago

    Man Nick annoying asf 😂😂😂 bro trynna be Pat Reily

  77. Gene C

    Gene C

    8 hours ago

    2Hype got dropped off goddamn

  78. Villain XeX

    Villain XeX

    9 hours ago

    Lol there's alot of people in these comments talking shit when in reality most of you aren't even better than carlos

  79. M4lc


    9 hours ago

    If Chris can shoot threes consistently he would be a even bigger threat

  80. yew & fewd

    yew & fewd

    9 hours ago

    If that white kid on 2 hype could finish he’d be good he’s good at getting to the paint he just can’t commit

  81. MrRyanshizzle


    9 hours ago

    Damn y'all toxic as hell

  82. Joaquin Falcon

    Joaquin Falcon

    9 hours ago

    I like this channel but I can’t lie Carlos is trash that white tall dude would be horrible without his height and these guys talk to much for some friendly ball

  83. Joaquin Falcon

    Joaquin Falcon

    9 hours ago

    Bro play these guys again when khris is fully recovered and with zack and I think they would do a lot better and I think they would beat you but it’s my opinion not a hater tho I like both of these channels

  84. Biggins G

    Biggins G

    10 hours ago

    I need that damn carlos jersey!

  85. Icyyy Nick

    Icyyy Nick

    10 hours ago

    I’m ngl if zack was there instead of that shitter jiedel the score prolly woulda been a bit closer

  86. no im

    no im

    10 hours ago

    When you gonna upload the other video?

  87. Talmag3


    11 hours ago

    Dude nick a physco he ran into the garage door and started laughing

  88. Nicolas Schwartz

    Nicolas Schwartz

    11 hours ago

    nick actin hard asf cash and him have to post a boxing vid

  89. Gwuopzoe TM

    Gwuopzoe TM

    11 hours ago

    Bro come play us answer your dm

  90. Nicolas Schwartz

    Nicolas Schwartz

    11 hours ago

    yall jits talk so much smack

  91. Weathered


    11 hours ago

    How long till the new vid drops?? 🙌

  92. supersport16


    11 hours ago

    That video today about to do 1 million in a couple day or less.

  93. John Houle

    John Houle

    12 hours ago

    Whos waitin for them to post today at 7

  94. Awesome squared

    Awesome squared

    12 hours ago

    I clicked on this vid cuz I heard he could hoop fr, and he definitely can, but him and his boys are such tools that i am never watching this channel again

  95. Jungleboy Zan

    Jungleboy Zan

    12 hours ago

    Full Fiight On My iG story @Jungleboy_zan38

  96. Khalife Grissson Jr

    Khalife Grissson Jr

    12 hours ago

    "Smokin 2Hype Pack" 😂😂😂

  97. Sneaky_Buckets


    13 hours ago

    Tryin play yah five

  98. Smokey


    13 hours ago

    They won’t come to Chicago or Detroit & I’m talking the deep side we’re all gangs & criminal activity’s at. You do all that crazy smack talk there it’s either gonna be a fight or someone getting shot. Trust me i seen shit & the guys you around with probably not ready for that shit.