3rd Life: Episode 8 - THE FINAL LIFE

3rd Life: Episode 8 - THE FINAL LIFE 3rd life finale - Grian is seeing this series through, who will win?

Thank you to everyone who participated, you can check them out here:

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  1. Grian


    7 days ago

    Make it to the end of the video to find out about a season 2...

    • Shura


      7 days ago

      Best series EVER

    • Max Portelli Chadwick

      Max Portelli Chadwick

      7 days ago

      Small suggestion for the second season, after you get to red have it so that if you take a life you go back to yellow, but if you go back to red, you have to double the lives you take to go back to yellow, so 1 life, then 2, then 4, then 8 etc

    • Mr. Fish 69

      Mr. Fish 69

      7 days ago

      Bring mumbo in to help with your terrible traps πŸ˜‚

    • Pewd


      7 days ago

      @Quinn Nowadnick Phil curses too much, even if he tried not too he still prob would then they would have to say bye to revenue

    • Mr. cat

      Mr. cat

      7 days ago


  2. KipxD


    6 minutes ago

    Nooooo the ending made me cry Tears of sadness and joy

  3. DerpForReals


    9 minutes ago

    The Neutral Good Ending

  4. Saddle Fox king

    Saddle Fox king

    Hour ago

    Season 2 Please do it and good job winning

  5. Jayson Crossett

    Jayson Crossett

    2 hours ago

    you look like half asleep chirs a lot

  6. Irondragon 64

    Irondragon 64

    2 hours ago

    Anyone else waiting for a 1.17 video to be next?? We know you’re probably working on it Grian!! Keep up the great content

  7. Jared V Mangaban

    Jared V Mangaban

    2 hours ago

    ep 1 scars death ep 8 THE END

  8. Griff


    2 hours ago

    Grian, would you be willing to post a retrospective video about 3rd life? Would love to hear the players' thoughts on what worked, what didn't work, what to improve, etc. Thank you (and all the players) for the amazing series! This was more fun than a barrel of hermits.

  9. lukas_gaming


    3 hours ago

    How did you find your skin?

  10. ROD1


    5 hours ago


  11. Georgia T

    Georgia T

    7 hours ago


  12. πŸ’–salty_meowsπŸ’–


    8 hours ago

    Wait what about hermitcraft? Season 8?

  13. GalacticJuice


    9 hours ago

    "Last enemy that shall be destroyed is death"

  14. Perfect Protagonist

    Perfect Protagonist

    9 hours ago

    I wish that there could have been a world download. Exploring the abandoned ruins of this world would have been really cool.

  15. Sean-key Kong

    Sean-key Kong

    10 hours ago

    I like how the only thing left in the chest was from spiders so the chest is empty now if it was cobwebs then that would be better

  16. Brody Albert

    Brody Albert

    10 hours ago

    And as it started, it ended.

  17. Madi


    11 hours ago

    how did this end exactly as it was supposed to...

  18. Un Happe

    Un Happe

    11 hours ago

    Grain do you have any ideas on making a shop house in a smp that would be really nice

  19. AJ Lakins

    AJ Lakins

    12 hours ago

    Gotta love the yondo quotes β€œI’m marry Poppins y’all”

  20. End Games6552

    End Games6552

    12 hours ago

    LETS GOOOO season 2 pog

  21. Chilling Riot

    Chilling Riot

    14 hours ago

    That was amazing it gave me chills at the end

  22. Colton Jace Speaks

    Colton Jace Speaks

    15 hours ago

    wwwiiinnneeerr winner

  23. 6 3

    6 3

    15 hours ago

    Grian should have let scar live so scar could have been the first and last red name or King of the Reds

  24. Jonah


    16 hours ago

    hermitcraft s8 when that series literally runs my life

  25. Chandler Owens

    Chandler Owens

    16 hours ago

    Lol if the end wasn’t a block game this would be dark

  26. Lydia Johnson

    Lydia Johnson

    16 hours ago

    I feel like bdubs, grian, and scar at the end resemble how me and my friends would act if we were stranded on an island πŸ˜‚

  27. UnTamable Life

    UnTamable Life

    17 hours ago


  28. Shaa Ayi

    Shaa Ayi

    18 hours ago

    Hermitcraft season 8 now or else

    • RoCode


      15 hours ago

      or else what lmao. grian doesnt decide when to start the season

  29. The Fool

    The Fool

    19 hours ago

    if you dont got any vid ideas mybe bring back build swap



    19 hours ago

    absolutely enjoyed the series, it was a brilliant idea.. GG to all that participated

  31. Josephine Rox

    Josephine Rox

    19 hours ago

    *DEPRESSION INTENSIFY* this was the final, not make your viewers cry

  32. TenseEx


    19 hours ago

    Season eight of hermit craft in season two of thirdly

  33. Jogom 787

    Jogom 787

    20 hours ago


  34. MotoLab _YT

    MotoLab _YT

    20 hours ago

    AM waiting for Grian 2 make a video of building in 1.17

  35. Malik Ayman

    Malik Ayman

    20 hours ago

    Soo when is Season 8 Hermicraft

  36. Turkmommartinson


    20 hours ago

    when are you going to make a 1.17 build hacks video

  37. Ethan Stroup

    Ethan Stroup

    21 hour ago

    More of this please

  38. Cheetah Cheet

    Cheetah Cheet

    22 hours ago

    Awesome series but yellows should be able to kill greens

  39. Li Li

    Li Li

    22 hours ago

    Are you going to do hermitcraft season 8?

  40. Demodogo


    22 hours ago

    Me: Waits for 3rd life ep from Grian Me: Remembers 3rd life ended and became sad

  41. Skywalker8510


    23 hours ago

    That was epic

  42. Vladimir Yakrov Zhukovskiy

    Vladimir Yakrov Zhukovskiy

    23 hours ago

    Damn, im literally cryin watching this T-T

  43. Adnan playz

    Adnan playz

    Day ago


    • Adnan playz

      Adnan playz

      23 hours ago

      And has ended

  44. Lei Huer

    Lei Huer

    Day ago

    the saddest episode

  45. Lei Huer

    Lei Huer

    Day ago

    top ten anime betrayals

  46. Cloudyn


    Day ago


  47. Lei Huer

    Lei Huer

    Day ago

    I knew he wasnt going to abandon scar

  48. Flipster


    Day ago

    That was such a sad ending

  49. Philip Gordon

    Philip Gordon

    Day ago


  50. Aesthetic Tracks

    Aesthetic Tracks

    Day ago


  51. tek knight

    tek knight

    Day ago

    next time call your sword obama

  52. sir bird

    sir bird

    Day ago

    I miss hermitcraft

  53. Despacito Lucas

    Despacito Lucas

    Day ago

    You may fight to the death, but you never fight to the end. Tzun Tsu The Art of War

  54. Despacito Lucas

    Despacito Lucas

    Day ago


  55. Mindless '-'

    Mindless '-'

    Day ago

    Grain go the first and final kill

  56. Bridget Perrella

    Bridget Perrella

    Day ago

    I watched this while drawing β€œtheodd1out”. Soo funny lol

  57. Iycie Rayne

    Iycie Rayne

    Day ago

    Although he was the first one killed... Scar was still somehow the last. Love how it ended in Grian and Scar dueling it out

  58. VinsPlayer


    Day ago

    You could have just not jumped off the cliff and played the next session by yourself.

    • VinsPlayer


      2 hours ago

      @assassin icezaza Flexing to the spectators.

    • assassin icezaza

      assassin icezaza

      Day ago

      What the point of that lmao

  59. Olivier Mourou

    Olivier Mourou

    Day ago

    But what are u gonna post now??

  60. Tyler Christiansen

    Tyler Christiansen

    Day ago


    • Tyler Christiansen

      Tyler Christiansen

      Day ago

      (Absolute love this series and happy to know you going continue it.)

  61. A Cool Name

    A Cool Name

    Day ago

    At 28:23 start playing Duel of the Fates

  62. GeneralNerd66


    Day ago

    Was like an underdog story... On their last legs, Grian and Scar managed to take down the red army, and skillfully manipulated and betrayed everyone else to their deaths, and fought it out, one last time, at the end of it all...

  63. Jillie Jelly

    Jillie Jelly

    Day ago

    I’m looking forward to the next season! 😁

  64. SpeechSpy


    Day ago

    the fact they dont want to mlg is stupidly smart. -spy

  65. keka milad

    keka milad

    Day ago

    We need tricks in 1. 17 for playing

  66. PizzaGamerGames


    Day ago

    So is the channel hibernating?

    • assassin icezaza

      assassin icezaza

      Day ago

      Likely he deserves a break, TFC said that the next season are starting in a few weeks tho.

  67. Ben Ostell

    Ben Ostell

    Day ago


  68. MoTF


    Day ago

    The greatest anime ive ever watched So sad :'( Yet so good :') Friendship, broship, drama, sadness and betrayal It has it all :')

  69. YellowSnowBird


    Day ago

    Grian actually won lmao

  70. Redvernal


    Day ago

    "Science bros ScienAHHHHHHH-" -scar 3rd life | S1E3

  71. Redvernal


    Day ago

    I want a world download.. it's too good not to want one.

  72. Chip Anderson

    Chip Anderson

    Day ago

    It was always going to be Grian and Scar in the end

  73. Dragon Cat

    Dragon Cat

    Day ago

    So you won

  74. Meownaa


    Day ago

    So much betrayal... ;_;

  75. Rishi Kesh

    Rishi Kesh

    Day ago

    why can't you use a modded new maps armor tools like rlcraft type mod? that would be great🀩

  76. Mr bin

    Mr bin

    Day ago

    Soooo good πŸ‘

  77. Saad


    Day ago

    9:07 Why are you so high, answer him

  78. AhadYX


    Day ago

    β€œA bea on a lead” -Grian

  79. DoctorDangDarn


    Day ago

    More members in season 2 would be fantastic

  80. Judy Judy

    Judy Judy

    Day ago

    I’m like gonna do anything for season 2

  81. Rok JoΕΎe Mavsar

    Rok JoΕΎe Mavsar

    Day ago

    Please Grian! In next season 8 have the same intro music as in the begining of season 7. It is soo fun.πŸ₯³

  82. SupremeWraxu


    Day ago

    Love the video bro!

  83. Cecelia Lefgren

    Cecelia Lefgren

    Day ago

    Perfect ending.

  84. Pardhiv Chandaka

    Pardhiv Chandaka

    Day ago

    This is a tear moment for the whole minecraft community

  85. Andrew Tricardo

    Andrew Tricardo

    Day ago

    It all started with a prank gone wrong

  86. Leah Nigus

    Leah Nigus

    Day ago

    why was this series so emotional

    • 2017a Samuel Virtic

      2017a Samuel Virtic

      18 hours ago

      @Leah Nigus yea, thought this way as well XD "Someone to save" really is fitting to what happened in the series

    • Leah Nigus

      Leah Nigus

      18 hours ago

      @2017a Samuel Virtic nice. a little ironic for this series tho lol

    • 2017a Samuel Virtic

      2017a Samuel Virtic

      18 hours ago

      @Leah Nigus its called "Someone to save" ;) Very great and underrated!

    • Leah Nigus

      Leah Nigus

      18 hours ago

      @2017a Samuel Virtic sure?

    • 2017a Samuel Virtic

      2017a Samuel Virtic

      18 hours ago

      You wanna know the song name at the end?

  87. LJ Malan

    LJ Malan

    Day ago

    What a enddd for season 1😁

  88. Matvei Abraev

    Matvei Abraev

    Day ago

    it all started with a "little" prank...

  89. Rock girl

    Rock girl

    Day ago

    Wars in others USgoners groups: WE WILL FIGHT FOR WHAT WE THINK IT'S RIGHT BdoubleO100: cLOcK

  90. old


    2 days ago

    Insert thanos quote here

    • Rock girl

      Rock girl

      Day ago

      Can you do Evo season two. Please

  91. mosae boqou

    mosae boqou

    2 days ago

    The resolute waiter ultrasonically saw because helen controversly lock under a curious yak. milky, beautiful egg

  92. Frenzy Roblox YT

    Frenzy Roblox YT

    2 days ago

    Grian: "Scar is going first" Me: Something the grian reaper would say...

  93. Mason Christopher The Cool Guy Cool Guy McKay

    Mason Christopher The Cool Guy Cool Guy McKay

    2 days ago

    Yooooo Grian when is season 8 of Hermitcraft? Love your vids :)

  94. Joaco


    2 days ago

    i really enjoyed this series

  95. matthew curry

    matthew curry

    2 days ago

    This last episode reminded me of llamas with hats for some reason

    • poosemommy


      5 hours ago

      Carl! Did you kill that minecrafter?

  96. Sonja Schoener

    Sonja Schoener

    2 days ago

    GG Grian. β€˜last man with no blade’. Grian’s new headline.

  97. zacc adriel Gruspe

    zacc adriel Gruspe

    2 days ago

    The last bro moment sad

  98. LammaTeria C:

    LammaTeria C:

    2 days ago


  99. Perfanov Petermanski

    Perfanov Petermanski

    2 days ago

    I have never laughed so hard at a video. β€œThey gave me a clock”

  100. krusty


    2 days ago