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On this episode of "You Sang My Song," Alicia Keys watches fan covers of her songs on USgone. She listens to covers of "Fallin'," "Girl On Fire," "Underdog," "You Don't Know My Name," and a special mash up of "No One," "I'm Ready," and "Unbreakable." Alicia shares her admiration for the covers and kind and loving words to the fans that created them.

New album ALICIA is out on 9/18. Pre-save/pre-order link:
New single “Love Looks Better” is available now. Link:

Check out all the fan covers here:
Hyannis Sound "Fallin'" cover:

Chloe x Halle "Girl On Fire":

Jade Novah's mash-up:

Burbank "Underdog" cover:

Leandra McNair "You Don't Know My Name":

Megan Tibbits "You :

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Alicia Keys Watches Fan Covers on USgone | Glamour


  1. Steve Pack

    Steve Pack

    Day ago

    Alicia thank you for doing this I got such a kick out of watching you react to your own songs it was beautiful and you are smoking beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to make my day and to the other guys and gals y'all got amazing voices hope to see you soon and famous of course! And just remember no matter where you are I hope life finds you in good spirits.

  2. J


    2 days ago

    The first group is a bit weird. LOL

  3. Techno Teknic

    Techno Teknic

    3 days ago


  4. Adrienoxo.


    3 days ago

    Ever since I was five years old I've been OBSESSED with fallin, all her songs are just *chefs kiss*

  5. Cara Ogg

    Cara Ogg

    10 days ago

    Love you Alicia big hug

  6. Theresa Hunt

    Theresa Hunt

    14 days ago

    So proud of you all and great job :) - Ms. Hunt Frost MS

  7. Brain Nurture

    Brain Nurture

    16 days ago

    Alicia we want more videos like this please

  8. Brain Nurture

    Brain Nurture

    16 days ago

    We all love you You deserve it

  9. Brain Nurture

    Brain Nurture

    16 days ago

    Alicia love you

  10. leon jacobs

    leon jacobs

    20 days ago

    I like Alicia is on of my favorites. The queen of sing a longs

  11. Hope Watson

    Hope Watson

    21 day ago

    New York has been my favourite song for 11 years and still is. Love your music

  12. Leandro R. Cunha

    Leandro R. Cunha

    22 days ago

    People: I Alicia: That song is very hard to sing.

  13. David George

    David George

    22 days ago

    You forgot to include Davina Michelle in your playback. 🥲

  14. Brain Nurture

    Brain Nurture

    25 days ago

    Alicia i had your 1s album when i was 17 years old. Love you and you are the best

  15. Brain Nurture

    Brain Nurture

    25 days ago

    Aliciaaaaaaaaaaaa 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  16. Brain Nurture

    Brain Nurture

    25 days ago

    Love you Alicia.You are the best.

  17. Teodor Music

    Teodor Music

    26 days ago

    Am I the only one feeling so happy for all of them?

  18. George Shaw

    George Shaw

    29 days ago

    Is Alicia tired or is she struggling with addiction, I hope she’s ok. Always loved her aura and music.

  19. Antoine A.N

    Antoine A.N

    Month ago

    I'm in love with her...

  20. jorge castro

    jorge castro

    Month ago

    They rehearseal

  21. ATLHooligan


    Month ago

    Is she black?? She looks like a white girl who is way to obsessed with tanning...

  22. Michelle D

    Michelle D

    Month ago

    Omg. I love these reviews. Thank God weed is legal in California.

  23. Douglas Lang

    Douglas Lang

    Month ago

    I just don’t like Alicias hair when it’s close to her head. It’s odd to me.

  24. Constantin Canciuc

    Constantin Canciuc

    Month ago

    Nothing is too hard to sing, if it is LOVE! :) Big huuug!

  25. Rupert Pratt

    Rupert Pratt

    Month ago

    Alicia Keys is the purest soul, wow!

  26. blackspell666


    Month ago

    WAY too much adds. Sry every 30 sec ? for real ?

  27. normal toast1681

    normal toast1681

    Month ago

    Should have reacted to Lauren jauregui 🙃

  28. Ognen


    Month ago

    First one is what the boys do when they together

  29. MusicKnowte


    Month ago

    This video made me fall in love with Alicia's personality. It made my date brighter-I want to hear her talk more !!

  30. Neal Ghoshal

    Neal Ghoshal

    Month ago

    This is so lovely ... Alicia Keys soul and heart shines with her generosity and connection to her music and her fans and fellow musicians out there. Brilliant - thank you!

  31. Virgo Queen

    Virgo Queen

    Month ago


  32. SECTION 540

    SECTION 540

    Month ago

    Love tha Love

  33. misscamilla888


    Month ago

    So annoyed that we didn’t get to see the last artist react to Alicia Keys! It was an amazing cover!

  34. Holly Roxy

    Holly Roxy

    Month ago

    She’s such a genuine soul ❤️❤️

  35. Stanley Edouard

    Stanley Edouard

    Month ago

    Ms. Keys I see what you did there? “Whoever was on Keys, Fire!”

  36. Victoria Bessonet

    Victoria Bessonet

    Month ago

    the purest and greatest of all time! love Ms Keys❤️❤️❤️

  37. Melody Omorogbe

    Melody Omorogbe

    Month ago

    Jade has beautiful eyes

  38. Ms. A. Lyles

    Ms. A. Lyles

    Month ago


  39. Alisha Marie Brown, Ed.D

    Alisha Marie Brown, Ed.D

    2 months ago

    The way girl on fire was supposed to sound

  40. samo530


    2 months ago

    She should have seen Nick Ptera do his cover of "No one". Very impressive

  41. IRVRCRIR22


    2 months ago

    By far BY FAR my favorite female singer of all time

  42. D O

    D O

    2 months ago

    The 1st group is going to get and spread CoVid-19 to entire communities! No Masks. No Social Distancing. Where is the USgone Ban? Where are the Cancel Culture Warriors? Where are the 'You Must Comply' Facists? How can a Mainstream Star get away with not calling them out?! Social Justice Warriors - You must shout them down and cancel ALL of them!! Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you MUST boycott Glamour for sponsoring Co-Vid 19 Spreaders!!!

  43. Carlos Ellis

    Carlos Ellis

    2 months ago

    The first one was 🔥🔥

  44. White Tea and Peonies

    White Tea and Peonies

    2 months ago

    Seeing them all so happy makes me happy.

  45. deoxyplasmic


    2 months ago

    She is just so chill. These are so wholesome, I just...

  46. Sonny James

    Sonny James

    2 months ago

    Oh when she started talking a bit of music theory properly,my god. My heart fluttered a bit. That was an awesome review.

  47. Selena Laban

    Selena Laban

    2 months ago

    The pathetic giant inversely decay because firewall evolutionarily guard across a fixed eagle. burly, fancy beach

  48. Brett Samuel

    Brett Samuel

    2 months ago

    She obviously went to beach before this lol

  49. Katie Lee

    Katie Lee

    2 months ago

    She has a purity to her. I find myself smiling because she’s smiling.

  50. Dj Mdot

    Dj Mdot

    2 months ago

    When @Alicia Keys started harmonising with the harp and Megan Tibbits.... pure.

  51. Raven Session

    Raven Session

    2 months ago

    When he says he’s with the bro’s 🤣😭

  52. Werner Mills

    Werner Mills

    2 months ago

    The hypnotic capital retrospectively clap because preface feraly flow opposite a awful diploma. scandalous, ugly transmission

  53. Dax Nou

    Dax Nou

    2 months ago

    Everything i could focus on: alicia without makeup.

  54. King_Baltra


    2 months ago

    Can i hug alicia ???plsss🥺

  55. Delilah


    3 months ago

    She’s such a beautiful human being ❤️❤️ I always wonder why they don’t include some of the reactions on these videos. I wanted to see the harp player’s reaction

  56. Chihiro Komiya

    Chihiro Komiya

    3 months ago

    When she started harmonizing with the video 💀 💅

  57. Jim Sestito

    Jim Sestito

    3 months ago

    "He brought the egg out, yo."

  58. Rosalyn A

    Rosalyn A

    3 months ago

    I love her, she's so sweet and humble 💖

  59. vorniceanu ionut

    vorniceanu ionut

    3 months ago

    Also, if there is a song that I always have it in my soul is falling. Do not know why, but that's how it is. I love hearing it and singing it.

  60. vorniceanu ionut

    vorniceanu ionut

    3 months ago

    I love how she gets lost in her songs and want to sing them them moment she hear them. That's the mark of a true singer.

  61. Rayà


    3 months ago

    I love her and P!nk, pls can we have Mandy Moore and Fiona Apple too?

  62. Himiko Toga Y/n Stories

    Himiko Toga Y/n Stories

    3 months ago

    About the song underdog that really gets me is when it goes a little bit faster and if the words that like right in front of you sometimes you could slip up with the words and it kind of sounds like a little bit of a mumble but like it’s still sounds like words if you know what I mean but I think that’s the thing that gets it for underdog

  63. Melting_Pot


    3 months ago

    so. I'm not sure I understood this right.. but.. her songs are hard to sing, apparently...

  64. Jens Ericson

    Jens Ericson

    3 months ago

    Aw, I wanted to see harp girl react.

  65. Luke Playzz

    Luke Playzz

    3 months ago


  66. sixstringsoneway


    3 months ago

    I have a video on my channel of my last band performing "If I Ain't Got You" live on stage. I love playing the keyboard part on guitar!!!

  67. elden dardar

    elden dardar

    3 months ago

    The recondite can delightfully wrap because selection implicitly flow forenenst a scarce uzbekistan. awesome, fluffy buffer

  68. Dominic Hayes

    Dominic Hayes

    3 months ago

    That is one of the most beautiful persons I have ever gazed upon I will never know her but what a soul

  69. James Milton

    James Milton

    3 months ago

    This is Mel Chezidek a collector of beautiful things or you can simply say James Albert Milton

  70. James Milton

    James Milton

    3 months ago

    Here I am that collector of Beautiful things that I collect her feet and wings forgive me as I inhale and express myself as an Exhale behold the rose that you are truly is it for bidden or may I wrap my self around your finger as an inspiration of life in the symbol of a ring and if so will you say I do. Come up here share my wings and I will show you eternity my love for you is like in onto that thing than a mother shares with her Child and I tell you the truth pharaohs army had no idea that they were all about to drown and if so truly wouldn’t mind expression in the form of a ring be worth it do you come up here when I see everything and hear all things even that thing Beyond the grave and gently I lay you down to the ground truly you are in section as you look at my expression lifeless at my Touch but I extend my wings and fly away because of the imperfection of the flesh and its desires as I exhale again and let it be my final breath

  71. Arby


    3 months ago

    Honestly what Alicia said in the end was so deep and meaningful. Wow.

  72. Susan Currie

    Susan Currie

    3 months ago

    So this is before Chloe x Halle made it big. Those girls are on fire! I love to hear them sing. I can see why they are Beyoncé’s protégées. She picked two fantastic singers who are also beautiful young women. Now. Alicia. I remember when she debuted. I couldn’t get enough of her. I love her songs.

  73. Friggin Irish

    Friggin Irish

    3 months ago

    The 'Girl on Fire' girls are super cute and killed it for sure

  74. Friggin Irish

    Friggin Irish

    3 months ago great

  75. Love Destynee

    Love Destynee

    3 months ago

    I looooovveeeeee chloexhalle!!!!!💗

  76. Эй Прил

    Эй Прил

    3 months ago

    Girl in yellow jacket looks like an actress

  77. Violet the Violent

    Violet the Violent

    3 months ago

    Alicia keys my birthday twin

  78. Wyatt Little

    Wyatt Little

    3 months ago

    she’s got a major stoner vibe

  79. Jordan Laird

    Jordan Laird

    3 months ago

    That Jade with the short dreads is unbelievably gorgeous. 🔥🔥🔥

  80. Butta BRocka

    Butta BRocka

    3 months ago

    Thanks for posting! If you have a second, I uploaded a cover of Marvin Gaye. As a fellow music lover, I'd love if you would check it out. It's on my channel. Hope you enjoy!

    • sixstringsoneway


      3 months ago

      I love Marvin Gaye!!! I played some of his tunes in a R and B band a few years ago. I have music covers on my channel, too. Please SUB my channel and I'll SUB your channel.

  81. Nazar Rabadi

    Nazar Rabadi

    3 months ago

    Ms. Keys is soooo grounded, so beautiful, so kind and thoughtful, so real and truly what’s people to be happy. Oh and she is beyond genuine and talented

  82. Chelsey iriza

    Chelsey iriza

    3 months ago

    literally every song,... youu knoww that song is really hard to sing😂

  83. Heather J Moore

    Heather J Moore

    3 months ago

    Alicia is so amazing. I miss her on The Voice.

  84. Kathleen Harmon

    Kathleen Harmon

    4 months ago

    She's the nicest person ever!

  85. Sara Croughan

    Sara Croughan

    4 months ago

    I wanted to hear the last one?! I wanted to see her reaction I feel so cheated

  86. Skittlez24


    4 months ago

    I wanted to see the one were the dude was singing to his homie and he was singing if I ain’t go u

  87. Gayle Mundie

    Gayle Mundie

    4 months ago

  88. BRANDY D


    4 months ago

    Alicia you are a gift to us. The best one ever opened. You are Untouchable!!!!

  89. BRANDY D


    4 months ago

    The Harp is the most beautiful instrument. I grew up watching my Grandma play it.....wish I learned.

  90. Official Dezaire

    Official Dezaire

    4 months ago

    Can we talk about how this is the longest I've seen Chloe and Halle not saying anything

  91. Michael Wade

    Michael Wade

    4 months ago

    First one is Hyannis Sound!! Go watch them on the Cape in the Summer!

  92. G MIX

    G MIX

    4 months ago

    Alicia "really hard to sing" Keys

  93. spartan44ga


    4 months ago


  94. SparklePurple


    4 months ago

    This makes me love Alicia even more. I love her music and her tender heart is so endearing to me. I didn't think it could be possible to love her more... but here it is! All the feels and the sweet tears. Genuine talent and genuine love right there. Thank you for making this one. By far my favorite "You sang My Song" artist.

  95. Kusanagi Kyo

    Kusanagi Kyo

    4 months ago

    No bacon pancake really?

  96. Jorary209


    4 months ago

    First group started viking immediately and was contagious af.

  97. The Official Andy Saenz

    The Official Andy Saenz

    4 months ago

    3:31 Those 2 girls are BEAUTIFUL. Their skin is glowing, their faces are so clear, and they are supremely talented!

  98. Macadamia Fizz

    Macadamia Fizz

    4 months ago

    Don’t lie, you’re jelly of her hair *WHAT DID I JUST SAY?*

  99. Joshua Biddle

    Joshua Biddle

    4 months ago

    She's such a beautiful human being. A unicorn for sure.

  100. Perico De Lospalotes

    Perico De Lospalotes

    4 months ago

    7:32 She is seriously cute