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  1. Jonathan Moore

    Jonathan Moore

    7 hours ago

    The dude hair that Chris cut definitely racist now🤣🤣

  2. GamingwithJustin


    12 hours ago

    Bro holding back tears expect for duke duke fire

  3. Feen 4VC

    Feen 4VC

    22 hours ago

    yo i feel so bad for kais customer he straight man handled his ass

  4. kenneth gonzalez

    kenneth gonzalez

    Day ago

    Oh naw bruh he messed man up

    • kenneth gonzalez

      kenneth gonzalez

      Day ago

      Bro y’all saw how bad Kai messed him up he was Holden back the tears 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Theone1k


    Day ago

    Part two😂😂😂😂

  6. Cory Robinson

    Cory Robinson

    2 days ago

    Young USgoner toubro going to be one of my USgone videos broke we can just make a link arp

  7. Gotta Haveit

    Gotta Haveit

    2 days ago

    Them white boys got done bogus 😂😂😂

  8. manasrion hammond

    manasrion hammond

    2 days ago

    17:49 XD

  9. Optimistic Drilla Fazo

    Optimistic Drilla Fazo

    2 days ago

    24:06😭 “Wea ya mom at”

  10. YVNG prince

    YVNG prince

    2 days ago


  11. YVNG prince

    YVNG prince

    2 days ago

    My favorite part was 28:40 where ya mom at where ya mom I like yo cut g🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅😅😅😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Mohammad Ibrahim

    Mohammad Ibrahim

    3 days ago

    Chris's costumer took BLM out his bio

  13. TeenXtae - Topic

    TeenXtae - Topic

    4 days ago

    Nigga Kai the funniest nigga Ik😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Isaiah Johnson

    Isaiah Johnson

    4 days ago

    Duke and Agent

  15. Overshot


    4 days ago

    They straight violated whiteboy 😭😭

  16. Andrea Fuller

    Andrea Fuller

    5 days ago

    Yo amp is hella funny



    5 days ago

    the amp barbershop poster got me deaddd😭



    5 days ago

    Lemme cut for yall fam LMFAOOO VID GOT ME DEAD

  19. Kallebe Dasilva

    Kallebe Dasilva

    5 days ago

    17:50 bro 😂😂😂

  20. Truly Axstro

    Truly Axstro

    6 days ago

    Is that michel from pineapple juice 😳😳😳😳

  21. Jombi


    7 days ago

    Why they always copy the sidemen

  22. KGS_manuel_gaming 3

    KGS_manuel_gaming 3

    8 days ago

    When Kia said we’re yo mom at huh 🤡🤣

  23. Elias Hayes

    Elias Hayes

    8 days ago

    Crisis was choking the wire dude

  24. Subacci


    8 days ago

    Where ya mom at????

  25. Meliodas Thedragonsin

    Meliodas Thedragonsin

    8 days ago

    I like how imdavis said "what type of fade a baseline fade"

  26. iOS Toxic

    iOS Toxic

    8 days ago

    I just watched Kai violate a man for 33 minutes

  27. Martene Carillo

    Martene Carillo

    8 days ago

    Omar cheap af lol he wouldn’t tip fanum trippin lol

  28. Geronald Bates

    Geronald Bates

    8 days ago


  29. RepUpJayy


    9 days ago

    21:23 That Face Bruh what the

  30. Team Aero

    Team Aero

    9 days ago

    Chris Cilent going to be the first one to shoot up a barber shop 😂

  31. gavinonig


    9 days ago

    33:32 “There’s a reason why I flew down here. I knew he’d do me right” 🤣🤣🤣

  32. Vontaye Wooten

    Vontaye Wooten

    9 days ago

    He a real one for letting Kai cut him bald🤣

  33. Wynk Grant

    Wynk Grant

    9 days ago

    Relax Karen 😂😂😂

  34. Gzz Ty

    Gzz Ty

    9 days ago

    Dis shit top 5 😂😂😂😂😂💯

  35. Dragon _gamer

    Dragon _gamer

    9 days ago

    Bihh wtf 😭😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Ethan Lacombe

    Ethan Lacombe

    9 days ago

    The dude who went bald already sold his soul

  37. naz the goat

    naz the goat

    10 days ago

    this shit mad funny

  38. Nellykiller 98

    Nellykiller 98

    10 days ago

    Fanum is good overall at everything

  39. Nick Bonachea

    Nick Bonachea

    10 days ago

    The guy Kai was cutting looked like he was being held hostage

  40. assorted


    10 days ago

    my man agent just doing side quests 😭

  41. vBliqn


    10 days ago

    Duke look high asf🤣🤣🤣

  42. JayandAaron __

    JayandAaron __

    10 days ago

    Why they hatin? It’s a fresh a cut

  43. Aka Stard3gy

    Aka Stard3gy

    10 days ago

    These guys are funny

  44. Javier St.claire

    Javier St.claire

    11 days ago

    Agent looks like botched up weekend

  45. NoCap Jack

    NoCap Jack

    11 days ago

    Hope i Can Reach Over 2k One Day...Bless Up!!!!

  46. Su99 xx

    Su99 xx

    11 days ago

    Y’all sleeping on Davis Ong he got dude right and duke

  47. Story of Steppin

    Story of Steppin

    11 days ago

    we not gonna talk about how agent had uno cards

  48. EnjoyTrason-


    11 days ago

    21:34 - 21:50 I( relax karen)

  49. OgLinx


    11 days ago

    11:39 the look of terror on that dudes face after he heard he was next

  50. L2Virtツ


    12 days ago

    Duke look like he cut hair 😂

  51. iShiestyy__ Yt

    iShiestyy__ Yt

    12 days ago

    Pls tell me the white girl snappin was a joke

  52. KeAndre Corbett

    KeAndre Corbett

    12 days ago

    where your mom at hu

  53. Zay Johnson

    Zay Johnson

    12 days ago

    Pt2 ???

  54. yandel manuel

    yandel manuel

    12 days ago

    Chris’s guy abt to shoot the whole shit up

  55. Antonio Miro

    Antonio Miro

    13 days ago

    look at chris 39:05 XD

  56. Antonio Miro

    Antonio Miro

    13 days ago

    31:50 me every day

  57. Jayypausiin


    13 days ago

    If yall think abt it davis actually did ok, still wouldn’t let him cut my hair tho💀

  58. Yaquan Myles

    Yaquan Myles

    13 days ago

    How to cut white people hair got me dead

  59. Carlos Nieves

    Carlos Nieves

    13 days ago

    Imagine Agent setting up appointments lol ... "You wanna make an appointment on Tuesday? Lemme see here. Oh she's not available on Tuesdays" lmao 🤣

  60. Xprtgamer5 _

    Xprtgamer5 _

    13 days ago

    Kai carry the video no cap

  61. Kekzs-


    13 days ago

    6:39 was the best part 😂💀😂

  62. Ceyhun Ozel

    Ceyhun Ozel

    13 days ago

    The guy chris was cutting was so red the whole time I thought he was suffocating.

  63. Kaedenhitsdingers


    13 days ago

    Chris dude looked like he was dying deep down inside

  64. Dakota T

    Dakota T

    13 days ago

    This shit funny asf when you kno how to cut🤣

  65. ItzBB3xx


    13 days ago

    Bro the dude that Kai cut they had to be payin him

  66. Duwayne


    13 days ago

    Young boy got the George Washington fade😭💀

  67. Thatboydavid


    13 days ago

    28:30 kai dont care

  68. Xx_Dark_Angel_xX


    13 days ago

    How Kyi’s client have a bald spot when he’s bald

  69. Spartacus Mccoy

    Spartacus Mccoy

    13 days ago

    Fanum is always calm

  70. Clay Soggyfries

    Clay Soggyfries

    14 days ago

    17:36 As soon as he rested his arm on his head, that dude instantly thought about unsubscribing from Kai Cenat and AMP 😂

  71. Kill EverythingWalkin

    Kill EverythingWalkin

    14 days ago

    Lmao. When Kai put his arm on that man head I lost it dawg. Poor fella

  72. Kill EverythingWalkin

    Kill EverythingWalkin

    14 days ago

    Fanum look like he nice. Look like he work at a shop foreal lols

  73. gissiah carattini

    gissiah carattini

    14 days ago


  74. HMF Hazard

    HMF Hazard

    15 days ago

  75. HMF Hazard

    HMF Hazard

    15 days ago

    Peep my badge

  76. ericblowwstackss


    15 days ago

    chris dude took blm out his bio

  77. Jeremy Holmes

    Jeremy Holmes

    15 days ago

    12:00 he holding back tears 😂😂😂

    • DaBooba


      15 days ago


  78. UnknownnT


    15 days ago

    Nigga cut a gman 😂

  79. Marcelo Menor

    Marcelo Menor

    15 days ago

    Duke most def cut hair before

  80. Nawitsgabe


    15 days ago

    Ain’t gunna lie, good buddy girl kinda bad no kap

  81. Joancarlo Bonilla

    Joancarlo Bonilla

    15 days ago

    agents parts blew mine

  82. Jucied up!

    Jucied up!

    15 days ago

    I hope some of this shit scripted dammm

  83. Basketball Mixtapes

    Basketball Mixtapes

    15 days ago

    GOD bless💕🙏🏾

  84. TALLT


    16 days ago

    I would love to do this type of stuff with my boys



    16 days ago

    They tried to give a white man a hair line

  86. Exotic Tripシ

    Exotic Tripシ

    16 days ago

    Kai Cenat doing that man wrong🤣

  87. Reem2Litt


    17 days ago

    That is unprofessional😂😂😂🔥🔥

  88. Snm Yunginz

    Snm Yunginz

    17 days ago

    Kai had me dead the whole video

  89. Jerome Baltimore

    Jerome Baltimore

    17 days ago

    Bald dude that Kai cut don’t even look bad lmaooo

  90. lil2kk


    17 days ago


  91. Jishon Croom

    Jishon Croom

    17 days ago

    Dude low key look better bald

  92. Hxnry_2k


    18 days ago

    Bruhhh duke is using a comb to brush the clippers 😭😭😭

  93. da don

    da don

    18 days ago

    agent a L he been a L this wasmt funny agent tbh u dont belong inna amp group

  94. Aaron Chatmon

    Aaron Chatmon

    18 days ago

    The end literally had me in tears bro said hold up I left my wallet in the car stay right there 😂🤣



    18 days ago

    dis nigga kai🤣🤣🤣🤣WEREYAMOMAT

  96. Jay


    19 days ago

    Lemmeeee find out dukeee know how to cut hair 👁👁👀👀???

  97. IE & Rah

    IE & Rah

    19 days ago

    I love ky client he cool ash

  98. Brownmatt Films

    Brownmatt Films

    19 days ago

    This was low-key one of the best videos they have ever made. Only videos they made that I watch twice right away was this one and the silent library one.

  99. Dribble-_- SZN

    Dribble-_- SZN

    19 days ago

    Duke ⚡️

  100. King Dior

    King Dior

    20 days ago

    7:09 jon jones lookin ass 😂