Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Northstar”

Valkyrie's been pulling smuggling jobs for years, but she didn't take this one for the money. Still, someone's got to pay...
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  1. Ezra Deal

    Ezra Deal

    Hour ago

    All these thumbs down are from ppl who dont know how to defend themselves

  2. Nameless Stranger

    Nameless Stranger

    Hour ago

    She's barely connected to Viper. What a let down.

  3. RaVoK.


    2 hours ago

    Better than 1.5 hour movies

  4. RAHUL R S


    2 hours ago

    now i feel bad for clapping viper

  5. Victor Wu

    Victor Wu

    2 hours ago

    New Siege operator looks amazing.

  6. sokah


    2 hours ago

    We 👏 need 👏 mirage 👏

  7. manbehind murder

    manbehind murder

    3 hours ago

    little viper go brrr

  8. DynXWraith


    6 hours ago

    Why didn't she just jump out everyone knows you don't take fall damage in apex

  9. Crusadr _

    Crusadr _

    8 hours ago

    Ngl can't wait if we're ever gonna get Jack as an op

  10. Liam P

    Liam P

    9 hours ago

    I hope there is a titanfall 3 coming out soon, maybe they Will announce it in E3 doubt it but hopefully

  11. Stim pilot

    Stim pilot

    10 hours ago

    this has been bugging me for a long time, how can she operate a titan without a neural link

    • Isaiah Saddick

      Isaiah Saddick

      8 hours ago

      @Stim pilot People kept saying he was so I just went with it but thanks for the conformation.

    • Stim pilot

      Stim pilot

      8 hours ago

      @Isaiah Saddick viper was never a stimulacrum

    • Isaiah Saddick

      Isaiah Saddick

      9 hours ago

      And wasn’t Viper a simulacrum? My mind is confused

  12. Clayton


    12 hours ago

    We now know who viper...... Was

  13. karigrandi7


    14 hours ago

    i think i need titanfall 3 or im going to die

  14. Gabriel Santana

    Gabriel Santana

    15 hours ago

    now i feel guilty for vibe checking viper

  15. Plazmafighter


    15 hours ago

    Vipers got me in the feels, five by five.

  16. Je'Anni N. Wallace

    Je'Anni N. Wallace

    16 hours ago

    I wonder who killed him... *cough cough* Go Play Titanfall2

  17. Dennis Amelo

    Dennis Amelo

    16 hours ago

    Her neck is weird

  18. Narrowshelf994


    17 hours ago

    Imagine if she dies from Cooper form titan fall 2

  19. Andrew Manns

    Andrew Manns

    18 hours ago

    Bro apex stop just please stop we want titanfall three not a copy of it :(:(:(:(

  20. Lightningwolf


    19 hours ago

    4:23 Protocol 3

  21. Monarch main -

    Monarch main -

    20 hours ago

    Cooper: blisk sus Valkyrie: votes blisk out

  22. themotogarage


    21 hour ago

    This makes me feel bad for killing viper

  23. vivhidd


    23 hours ago

    We need more Titanfall references bois

  24. Felix-_-


    Day ago

    Still waiting for mirage backstory

  25. DiscordPotatoBerry


    Day ago

    Every Northstar main (myself included): Look how they massacared my boy ;-;

  26. Pizza Gaming

    Pizza Gaming

    Day ago

    Anyone else feel bad that played the Viper boss fight.....?

  27. DarthCat 5555

    DarthCat 5555

    Day ago

    I just want titanfall 3 already

  28. Leopoldo Lowry

    Leopoldo Lowry

    Day ago

    Their definitely bring Titans back no way they don’t

  29. BasicallyIamAwesome 7

    BasicallyIamAwesome 7

    Day ago

    Viper was such a cool pilot I’m glad we got to see more of him

  30. hk gaming

    hk gaming

    Day ago

    1:02 karens be like

  31. BoomeN


    Day ago

    Good ol viper is back

  32. Senpai •

    Senpai •

    Day ago

    I’m gonna lose it if I see jack bro



    Day ago

    Viper is an 80s dad

  34. Roy D. House

    Roy D. House

    Day ago

    1:02 can i speak to your manager?

  35. Monkey Bandit

    Monkey Bandit

    Day ago

    3:10 sorry but that’s not how a niero link works, she needs the helmet🤦‍♂️. Come on EA get your old respawn buds to do this right.

  36. あおだいしょう


    Day ago


  37. JORGUL


    Day ago

    Im so confused



    Day ago

    I confused why do they call Viper Viper if he fly

  39. Scinaxx


    Day ago

    every time Respawn you test me to see if i should like blisk

    • Scinaxx


      Day ago


  40. bArNiE 420

    bArNiE 420

    Day ago

    Her dad was literally dogwater dude

  41. Aimbotmain Vz

    Aimbotmain Vz

    Day ago

    Hopefully we grt a Titanfall 3 without all the alternate universe stuff we got because of Wraith.

  42. Aimbotmain Vz

    Aimbotmain Vz

    Day ago

    Blisk: He knew what he was fighting for. MONEY

  43. Rando TruckLover

    Rando TruckLover

    Day ago

    Smoking that viper pack 🚬🗿

  44. Maggs Stuckey

    Maggs Stuckey

    Day ago


  45. Hiếu Nguyễn Hoàng Gia

    Hiếu Nguyễn Hoàng Gia

    Day ago


  46. MemesAndTherapy


    Day ago

    Yo, they bringing in Titanfall lore!

  47. DesktopCrayon57


    Day ago

    Jack: who are u? Valk: u killed my father Jack: do u know how little that narrows it down

  48. Rahovski


    Day ago

    I think this video is a gross violation of history titanfall 2. I have one question after that: How a little girl without training can pilot complexity machine? Who knows a lore of titanfall have remember, that a few candidate can pilot a titan and they pass a hard training before a piloting.

    • Rahovski


      Day ago

      And we need to remember about protocol 1 - link to pilot, when machine create neural link with pilot...

  49. Jason Gibson

    Jason Gibson

    Day ago

    Remember Northstar? Valkyrie remembers.

  50. Quinu The dragon person

    Quinu The dragon person

    Day ago

    Rip viper 😭

  51. Courier Z

    Courier Z

    Day ago

    For the awhile i kept thinking the viper voice in titan fall 2 did not match with "daddy viper" here. Either in sound or even possibly the voice not really matching the person. But i think i was mostly remember how he sounds in the coms when she first rides it. I feel some strange relief that it very much matches

  52. RigeL


    2 days ago

    Ik that Viper was that annoying boss dodging my missiles and was sniping you but who knew he was such a badass pilot

  53. Yolobro67


    2 days ago

    4:25 *Y O U H E A R T H A T R I N G I N G I N Y O U R E A RS*

  54. Yoboibroccoli of course

    Yoboibroccoli of course

    2 days ago

    I just want to put this music in my playlist

  55. Dill Dowd

    Dill Dowd

    2 days ago


    • T-Hawk Media

      T-Hawk Media

      Day ago

      just play titanfall.

  56. Lenny Summers

    Lenny Summers

    2 days ago

    Smoking that viper pack 🚬🗿

  57. Alexandre Riviere

    Alexandre Riviere

    2 days ago

    Please make an apex film 🎥🍿🍿

  58. Rising Breezy

    Rising Breezy

    2 days ago

    Viper jumped out because there is no fall damage

  59. Céfiro De Winter

    Céfiro De Winter

    2 days ago

    Better "revenge bad" story than the whole game of The Last Of Us II

  60. Uriel Romanillos

    Uriel Romanillos

    2 days ago

    the only reason it took her long to shoot was because she was figuring out her call sign

  61. Tabbycat 421

    Tabbycat 421

    2 days ago

    I knew it from the stat that she was the daughter of viper

  62. Your FBI Agent

    Your FBI Agent

    2 days ago

    How did Viper die because of Blisk??? Like... He died in battle simply... by the main character though!

  63. L0S7S0UL


    2 days ago

    4:25 ya gota love and fear that sound

  64. TTV kasra YT

    TTV kasra YT

    2 days ago

    Like when Valkrie says can I speak to your manager it sounds like she’s a Caring to me

  65. Rex74t


    2 days ago

    Viper with a mustache is weird

  66. springbon


    2 days ago


  67. E-MAN


    2 days ago

    dang bro valk is a karen

  68. Human Male

    Human Male

    2 days ago

    Every day is one closer to when they stop teasing us with titanfall 3 and just give it to us

  69. Unkown Grinch

    Unkown Grinch

    2 days ago

    „Titanfall is comming“;)

  70. Unkown Grinch

    Unkown Grinch

    2 days ago


  71. Wather


    2 days ago

    give me jack in apex

  72. Nick Green

    Nick Green

    3 days ago


  73. YOUNDER_XXX _69


    3 days ago

    Why blame koobin

  74. YOUNDER_XXX _69


    3 days ago


  75. Soumyajit Podder

    Soumyajit Podder

    3 days ago

    Cooper's gonna get killed by Valkyrie in Titanfall 3.

  76. Flump


    3 days ago

    This is such an interesting ret-con for Titanfall 2, and as an OG Titanfall player, I'm totally fine with it.

  77. Blake Nicolia

    Blake Nicolia

    3 days ago

    People keep making the same "jack cooper boutta end a bloodline because of what viper did to bt" joke over and over again but like... viper wasn't even the one to destroy bt... it was blisk and sloane... and then bt got a new chasis...

  78. Chaos Insurgency

    Chaos Insurgency

    3 days ago

    I want you to remember that there's a 98% fatality rate for pilot training

  79. Doctor Jones

    Doctor Jones

    3 days ago

    Remind me again why so many people like apex legends when it's literally just Titanfall but with gayer characters and half of the game removed?

  80. Leandro Mr

    Leandro Mr

    3 days ago

    Apex movie plz?

  81. Ravon Box

    Ravon Box

    3 days ago

    ...Killing Viper will always be heartbreaking now...

  82. Abtahi Khan

    Abtahi Khan

    3 days ago

    Who else loves this sound of the Titan ? 4:26

  83. Nicholas James

    Nicholas James

    3 days ago

    “Voodoo 1, Viper's on station. Your journey ends here, Pilot. The skies belong to me. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.”

  84. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross

    3 days ago

    All this and she still has no mech as an ultimate

  85. Zenon


    3 days ago

    4:11 in the middle of a litteral war

  86. lol tubbie

    lol tubbie

    3 days ago

    Viper got u in the pipe 5 by 5

  87. Josef L.

    Josef L.

    3 days ago

    everyone else feeling guilty for killing viper me, knowing that he signed up for that

  88. Just sayin

    Just sayin

    3 days ago

    *Cough* *Cough* Yeah! you killed her father!

  89. Dark Jester

    Dark Jester

    3 days ago

    original voice actor check..... original concept art and sound of North Star class Titan check.... u done it again apex

  90. Sami Gibbons

    Sami Gibbons

    3 days ago

    If these trailers don't end up showing Jack Cooper and BT, we riot

  91. Bubbles


    3 days ago

    Really couldnt chose a better character to base it off of

  92. Domek TV

    Domek TV

    3 days ago

    cooper will be introduced

  93. Erwin the Dodo

    Erwin the Dodo

    4 days ago

    The fact that this shows Blisk as a person who actually cared and paid attention to his squad is nice

  94. Axis Reed

    Axis Reed

    4 days ago

    i can see rampart’s bubblegum

  95. TheGamingScope Live

    TheGamingScope Live

    4 days ago

    Vipers face looks very different from what I expected him to look like

  96. Zander Trujillo

    Zander Trujillo

    4 days ago

    Remember when I shot down viper after he did nothing but spam missiles. You can tell it’s his kid based on how annoying she is.

  97. Dry Soup

    Dry Soup

    4 days ago

    "Can I speak to your manager?"

    • Afif Rahimi

      Afif Rahimi

      4 days ago

      every karen ever

  98. Koskov Horizon

    Koskov Horizon

    4 days ago

    Watch as Jack Cooper's kid bodies her like he did to her father. It would be hilarious.

  99. Valkyrie Apex

    Valkyrie Apex

    4 days ago

    Dear ea when am I getting ramen I’m hungry for ramen I’m so hungry for it I want to build a ramen 🍜 shop with rampart just put ramen somewhere.