Are We Really Going To Pull This Dead Jeep Up There?!

So we got a call for blown Jeep Rubicon down in a ravine. We called in some major help for this recovery.

Fab Rats version.


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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!


  1. Matt's Off Road Recovery

    Matt's Off Road Recovery

    Month ago

    Fab Rats version.

    • Tabatha Staples

      Tabatha Staples

      17 days ago

      Shepherd's Chapel Network !!!!!!! Pastor Murray is an Anointed Servant of GOD who teaches the Word of GOD with Authority!!!!!!!

    • Jeremy Bullock

      Jeremy Bullock

      20 days ago

      @Syrade iii UK in

    • jeff glass

      jeff glass

      Month ago

      Jay Jeep

    • outlaw Jr

      outlaw Jr

      Month ago

      Time to do some sketchy sh’’

    • Toby Dyes

      Toby Dyes

      Month ago

      Tow truck driver does not know how to control the Boom

  2. Илья Илья

    Илья Илья

    Hour ago

    Не понимаю.. Почему не лебёдкой?..

  3. Jabone Yoyo

    Jabone Yoyo

    18 hours ago

    14:00 someone just bought a hood , as the tow trucks boom hits the hood🙄

  4. rtrfdg fger

    rtrfdg fger

    21 hour ago

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  5. marcus holtzheimer

    marcus holtzheimer

    Day ago

    That Sierra is a monster

  6. Aubrey Perrin

    Aubrey Perrin

    Day ago

    I wouldn't want that recovery bill. Haha!

  7. saizo kasamei

    saizo kasamei

    Day ago

    One of the coolest things ive ever witnessed ,what a recovery. You guys Rock.

  8. Eager lawncare

    Eager lawncare

    Day ago

    Holy Smokes !!

  9. Eager lawncare

    Eager lawncare

    Day ago

    Or you could just rent a skycrane helicopter

  10. Eager lawncare

    Eager lawncare

    Day ago

    Holy Smokes !!

  11. Eager lawncare

    Eager lawncare

    Day ago

    I keep saying "Holy Smokes" !!!

  12. Eager lawncare

    Eager lawncare

    Day ago

    Blown engine... probably because it was a little low on oil and it spent too much time at an extreme angle starved it of oil... in the heat ??

  13. Steve Sly

    Steve Sly

    Day ago

    Best recovery so far... I almost jumped myself sketchy AF

  14. crazyls2


    2 days ago

    Guys I have watched you recover many vehicles but this is the first one I thought you should have left the vehicle.

  15. Davis Condor

    Davis Condor

    2 days ago

    The coordinated defense reassuringly chew because ease grossly attend near a workable barge. thoughtless, tidy bra



    2 days ago

    13:49 Crane gauges jeep hood. Is this included in the collateral damage of recovery or do you guys pay for it? I know some damage is inevitable in these recoveries but if it can be prevented I'm sure you guys try to prevent it.

  17. Patrick Muzzi

    Patrick Muzzi

    2 days ago

    With your experience and professionalism you should have a zero liability clause for damage occured during recovery and the customer should be happy about it

  18. M Corder

    M Corder

    2 days ago

    You guys have an awesome career.

  19. Sara Coleman

    Sara Coleman

    3 days ago

    The sudden anatomy histochemically punch because apple preauricularly scribble qua a silly poland. sordid, piquant sweatshop

  20. Crisis Cast

    Crisis Cast

    3 days ago

    Caitlin is a QT

  21. Come Trail With Us

    Come Trail With Us

    3 days ago

    Yeaaa buddy!

  22. Weevil


    3 days ago

    Dang!!!!!! That was awesome!!!!!

  23. Kole Smith

    Kole Smith

    3 days ago

    No one wearing seatbelts (should be harnesses) and letting the crew record from behind at the bottom of the hill that way if something breaks they get ran over or rolled on. Makes sense 👌🏼

  24. Jesse Saavedra

    Jesse Saavedra

    3 days ago

    This was badass🤌🏾

  25. Matt Phippen

    Matt Phippen

    4 days ago

    The heavy chevy is a monster! It’s towing the play toys out of the sand box hahaha Sweet truck!

  26. Collette Brenson

    Collette Brenson

    4 days ago

    The tightfisted scorpio chronologically scorch because muscle joly drag through a swanky duck. bad, chief sideboard

  27. Josh DeGraw

    Josh DeGraw

    5 days ago

    How much did that recovery cost

  28. 不喜不悲


    5 days ago

    why just call a Helicopter

  29. geo certinez

    geo certinez

    5 days ago

    Y'all guys need a tv show asap

  30. Fat Boy

    Fat Boy

    5 days ago

    This one is fucking bad ass . Best one . I got chills

  31. General Balodis

    General Balodis

    6 days ago

    how much brain you have to have to go to get another car out from that deep shit and not have winch on your car???

  32. Apisalome Ledua

    Apisalome Ledua

    6 days ago

    OMG this was crazy

  33. TheF150drvr


    6 days ago

    That tow truck looks like something jeepers creepers would drive! Lol... But it sounds friggin mean!

  34. Rafael Correia

    Rafael Correia

    6 days ago

    Insane! I have a Cherokee XJ Rubicon 98, so great to see this car doing a great job. Cheers from Brazil 🇧🇷

  35. John Sims

    John Sims

    6 days ago

    what would a recovery like this cost the customer?

  36. joshtp1234


    7 days ago

    If you had a wrecker, you should have winched the cars where they needed to go rather than towing. Customer ain't gonna be happy about that big dent on the hood

  37. Dinsdale Seven

    Dinsdale Seven

    7 days ago

    Huh? What? You kidin me? Defying gravity, physics, n-dimensional non euclidean geometry? I'm now speachless.

  38. Ergo Smedley

    Ergo Smedley

    7 days ago

    Hey gang maybe its me but the owner of that jeep should count himself lucky a small dent is all he got from that tow!

  39. Marten Capalaran

    Marten Capalaran

    7 days ago

    Good job matts off road reco

  40. Quinten Maccalla

    Quinten Maccalla

    7 days ago

    So I've had to get a vehicle out of a canyon like this before and I'll be 100% honest I just brought a new engine in with me and we drove it out lmao

  41. Tony V

    Tony V

    7 days ago

    Omg how you guys pulled that off incredible great job

  42. Tony V

    Tony V

    7 days ago

    wait it it a good idea for her to be on the lower side of that hill with the cam where if it flips it would roll right to her 14:39 14:50

  43. Rick Cavazos

    Rick Cavazos

    7 days ago

    Well done

  44. simon jessup

    simon jessup

    7 days ago

    The scintillating news temporarily remind because shadow alternately bleach opposite a rapid sofa. acidic, waggish fertilizer

  45. Janky Driveway

    Janky Driveway

    8 days ago

    This video is INSANE!!!

  46. Trentp _Outdoors

    Trentp _Outdoors

    8 days ago

    That truck goes beast mode 18:22

  47. 코리아타투


    8 days ago

    good 정말 멋집니다.

  48. FishNut Jackson

    FishNut Jackson

    9 days ago

    This has to be the most nerve racking video i've seen on your channel. I think i stopped breathing when yall climbed that steep part. That tow truck is an absolute beast though. They sure don't make trucks like they used to. It's funny how a bunch of old stuff had to pull out a brand new trail rated jeep hahaha

  49. Benjamin Lumbard

    Benjamin Lumbard

    9 days ago

    I agree, don't fix the hood. Great war scar.

  50. Ernesto Ochoa

    Ernesto Ochoa

    9 days ago

    Winching not an option? Slower but safer.

  51. Pedro Gunner

    Pedro Gunner

    9 days ago

    That was impressive gentlemen!

  52. IronSpawn


    9 days ago

    Amazing video!

  53. Jeremy Wallace

    Jeremy Wallace

    10 days ago

    The front shocks were absorbing all the energy in that rope.

  54. Spanu Stefan

    Spanu Stefan

    10 days ago

    Very very VERY good drivers and technique !!!

  55. Terrance Alletto

    Terrance Alletto

    10 days ago

    What’s the name of the music playing at 19:00?

  56. MrCstone1


    10 days ago

    thats wrecker needs a cummins and you guys need some toyotas lol nice quick time on the recovery.

  57. Blitz None

    Blitz None

    11 days ago

    I like the square body. I was recently in Fairbanks AK and noticed a ton of square body trucks.

  58. Oldmanjoe


    11 days ago

    That wrecker is a beast

  59. uBreakIt iRepairIt

    uBreakIt iRepairIt

    12 days ago

    15:45 and to think I thought they were using GoPro cameras the entire time. Those uLanzi cameras deserve some respect.

  60. KarKamp


    12 days ago

    Holly crap that was awesome

  61. Ron Menges

    Ron Menges

    13 days ago

    I think I would of just brought the new motor to the Jeep!!!

  62. Ndumiso Benedict

    Ndumiso Benedict

    13 days ago

    That was epic

  63. Minima Domum

    Minima Domum

    13 days ago

    Best episode I've seen yet! The film work and the recoveries just keep getting better and better!

  64. Samuel Miles

    Samuel Miles

    13 days ago

    Chevy beast

  65. Snake Plissken

    Snake Plissken

    13 days ago

    This was more entertaining and better filmed in most of those stupid reality TV shows you see on TV today. You guys had my attention from beginning to end.

  66. Lloyds Electric

    Lloyds Electric

    13 days ago

    Dam and I thought when I broke down on the side of Shafer Canyon Rd a few years back was bad. For those of you who know what and where Shafers Rd is. Holy shit not to people around can do that tear up there shit doing it and be happy. One little dent in the hood nice recovery guys. Was just out in Bryce Canyon last week wish I had of saw this before I went out there would have stopped by the diner for sure Bryce was a zoo looked like Disney Land much more fun Jeeping than people watching. Going to go change my shorts now that was intence..

  67. Dino Kross

    Dino Kross

    13 days ago

    I just watch an ad from “yankum,” featuring you, doing some demo for a rope....

  68. sonand sanford

    sonand sanford

    13 days ago

    Dang... my poop shoot tighten @ 18:14, on that last hill. Sorry about that hood guys. I'm sure the owner understood after watching this video.

  69. travis branum

    travis branum

    13 days ago

    Holy crap is all I can say to that uphill pull!!

  70. Kristina Priest

    Kristina Priest

    13 days ago

    you all do a great job, thanks for all you do.

  71. Gino Niklaus

    Gino Niklaus

    14 days ago

    an absolutely idiotic towing job !!!

  72. N4thanYT


    14 days ago

    This has to be one of the most cool vehicle recoveries

  73. J. H.

    J. H.

    14 days ago

    That was freekin’ amazing. Great Job.

  74. Jeremey Ellis

    Jeremey Ellis

    15 days ago

    Most people would be excited to drive up that last section WITHOUT pulling a vehicle up it!

  75. JD Smith

    JD Smith

    15 days ago

    I love how they're just chilling there, betting on how long it'll take while the customer is probably flipping their crap over it

  76. David Jennings

    David Jennings

    15 days ago

    Good Work !!! I've been pulled off a Cliff - with the front left wheel hanging over the cliff in the air / right front and right rear in the air / left rear caught in a hole - that left rear in the hole was the only thing saving me Pull it out the same way it went in Cheers

  77. Vahid Nezamabadi

    Vahid Nezamabadi

    15 days ago


  78. Hauraki


    16 days ago

    awsome video!

  79. der hju

    der hju

    16 days ago

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  80. Sarasyrankoth Rankoth

    Sarasyrankoth Rankoth

    16 days ago

    woow. woow.. you did grade job..

  81. Agnaldo Emidio Ferreira Ferreira

    Agnaldo Emidio Ferreira Ferreira

    16 days ago


  82. Lazarus aap

    Lazarus aap

    16 days ago

    What was wrong with the wrangler? Theres probably a reason why you couldn't just fix it iso hauling it out this way...?

    • operator0


      10 days ago

      Blown up engine. They would have had to pull the old engine out and put a new one in for it to drive out of there. That could have taken a couple of days and cost A LOT more than just towing it and sending it to a shop to have the engine replaced.

  83. Jaywelchy


    16 days ago

    Video so good you can watch again and again and AGAIN 🤘😎🤘

  84. bpackcrypto


    16 days ago

    What a bunch of nerds and a jeep a can do lol

  85. Safa Kabir

    Safa Kabir

    17 days ago

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  86. Dj.skyl


    17 days ago

    That's the real offroad. I like what you present on youtube! Miss with blond hair mmm nice

  87. Robert Cray

    Robert Cray

    17 days ago

    God....I'd hate to see your insurance premium lol. Good job btw.

  88. rustysuperbike


    17 days ago

    Best one yet! We'll done guys and gals!

  89. Kenneth White

    Kenneth White

    17 days ago

    Nice dent in the hood!

  90. Mr. MooMooMan

    Mr. MooMooMan

    18 days ago

    I was trying to watch them get this keep out but I couldn’t help but keep getting distracted by the absolute dump truck on the blonde beauty there

  91. Christopher Roberts

    Christopher Roberts

    18 days ago

    Wow this was the a really cool video. Those grades were crazy. Nice job.

  92. Keahi Bowden

    Keahi Bowden

    18 days ago


  93. Wanda Clark

    Wanda Clark

    18 days ago

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  94. Bill Hendon

    Bill Hendon

    18 days ago

    Amazing recovery

  95. eliminshrintar


    18 days ago

    I swear every work crew needs someone like Rudy to make a job site bearable.

  96. alexandre bustico

    alexandre bustico

    18 days ago

    hope the wrangler was not just out of gas.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      18 days ago

      Connecting rods punched through the oil pan.

  97. Cody Watkins

    Cody Watkins

    18 days ago

    good job that looks fun thay shouldnt care about the hood

  98. Tyler Nute

    Tyler Nute

    18 days ago

    This is some of the best offloading video I've ever seen. It's evidence of keeping at least 2 Matt's recovery ropes with you on all expeditions.

  99. Bunny Reuben

    Bunny Reuben

    18 days ago

    It was the dangerous rescue ever.

  100. Andrew Browne

    Andrew Browne

    19 days ago

    Entertaining video. What is the camera, microphone monopod you’re using?