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Intro beat produced by Allen Davis
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Parody Beat Prod by Tommy On It
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  1. Dtay Known

    Dtay Known

    Month ago

    Thank you all for watching :), Comment below what type of video you all would like to see next!!!

    • Quay'Darion Dupree

      Quay'Darion Dupree

      21 hour ago

      Ddydrd 3 xwxftcf

    • Ri'chad Smith

      Ri'chad Smith

      Day ago


    • Ri'chad Smith

      Ri'chad Smith

      Day ago


    • Maria Elias

      Maria Elias

      Day ago

      Hh&uuuuu¿infligido jjj juego h oscuro bit ujjkkkjjjjjkjjjjjjj

    • Crushaun Dixon

      Crushaun Dixon

      Day ago

      @king von +111111q Q q

  2. Donna Bateman

    Donna Bateman

    15 minutes ago

    Did he say end this

  3. GrindStudios Inc

    GrindStudios Inc

    52 minutes ago

    FTC yyy

  4. Jar jar Binks

    Jar jar Binks

    2 hours ago

    That was fire

  5. Riley Guevara

    Riley Guevara

    3 hours ago

    Can you put your own custom pens in ur tik Tok bio plz again me and my sister are one of ur biggest supporters

  6. Hayden D

    Hayden D

    7 hours ago

    Play right foot crep up

  7. Princessleara Gillum

    Princessleara Gillum

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  8. Princessleara Gillum

    Princessleara Gillum

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  9. nhyeisha davis

    nhyeisha davis

    13 hours ago

    I love your videos

  10. kk gee

    kk gee

    15 hours ago

    your so funny

  11. Khalifa Timothy

    Khalifa Timothy

    16 hours ago

    Omg funny

  12. Deidre Catoe

    Deidre Catoe

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  13. Princess Allen

    Princess Allen

    18 hours ago

    I did it

  14. RJ’s PlayHouse

    RJ’s PlayHouse

    18 hours ago

    It’s your cousin RJ

  15. miamia _YT

    miamia _YT

    18 hours ago

    Remind you of

  16. miamia _YT

    miamia _YT

    18 hours ago

    Am I

  17. Ethan Johnson

    Ethan Johnson

    19 hours ago

    My fav part was when she was like shut up😂😂😂😂

  18. Ford Lee

    Ford Lee

    19 hours ago

    Ok cool guys my boys

  19. Darren Manson

    Darren Manson

    19 hours ago

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    19 hours ago

    Ultra instint

  21. calskar korla

    calskar korla

    19 hours ago

    What are yu doing mal

  22. Itz Jonny 🤣

    Itz Jonny 🤣

    20 hours ago

    Dtay is awesome let's get him 3 millions likes on this video think the next song she be track star and maybe my song called the Kay featuring Ace Badaz

  23. Sariah Williams

    Sariah Williams

    20 hours ago


  24. EasTheBeast


    21 hour ago

    Do Astronaut in the Ocean

  25. Damnthatlooklike Whatserrname

    Damnthatlooklike Whatserrname

    22 hours ago


  26. Damnthatlooklike Whatserrname

    Damnthatlooklike Whatserrname

    22 hours ago

    I love all he’s videos let’s get to 100mil guys

  27. Ruby Askins

    Ruby Askins

    22 hours ago

    Did when he said I'm asking you that I'll knock your head off and imma Stand tall made her Ben the spawn knock the tracks off

  28. wilda Joseph

    wilda Joseph

    Day ago

    belt pop prat 2

  29. Braylen Hawkins

    Braylen Hawkins

    Day ago

    Haha the way she got flung 400 septillion feet away and said that was uncalled for

  30. Official Ty Tv

    Official Ty Tv

    Day ago

    Been Watching Dtay . Know for 2 Years

  31. Jerry Cooper

    Jerry Cooper

    Day ago

    When you're going to make another one

  32. Deborah Magee

    Deborah Magee

    Day ago

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  33. Deborah Magee

    Deborah Magee

    Day ago

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  34. Jarmard Dorsey

    Jarmard Dorsey

    Day ago

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  35. KC - 03MJ 927359 Burnt Elm PS

    KC - 03MJ 927359 Burnt Elm PS

    Day ago

    Woah a girl picking on a boy lol

  36. Nela K.

    Nela K.

    Day ago

    Wow imagine seeing this guy filming ib public, I'd be like ayo what the hell is he doin

  37. bacon man

    bacon man

    Day ago

    it’s funny how her dad didn’t help

  38. Kaylin Neal

    Kaylin Neal

    Day ago

    This is 🔥

  39. Shydia Terrell

    Shydia Terrell

    Day ago

    To my sister and my sister in law’s house and my mom is here at my house I have a lot to go over here for a couple days lol I yu wait for her birthday and I love her so happy birthday and my sister and my mom love and miss y’all so too so bad I hope you so so happy for thanksgiving thank mommy love mommy

  40. Lakesha Beavers

    Lakesha Beavers

    Day ago

    I'm pretty sure you made this video already butt whooping everyday

  41. Rilet Gates

    Rilet Gates

    Day ago

    Bruh he whoop like hes slaping

  42. Laryn Pratt

    Laryn Pratt

    Day ago

    All the"girls" have a MUSTACHE

    • Laryn Pratt

      Laryn Pratt

      Day ago


  43. I am that. I am Motivator

    I am that. I am Motivator

    Day ago

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  44. UltiGamerVerse


    Day ago

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    Masen gaming

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    Day ago

    imagine if your crush had a beard😂😭🔥

  47. Tiktok  club purr

    Tiktok club purr

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  48. Big Goat

    Big Goat

    Day ago

    0:53 that’s why u don’t tell ur parents nothing😅😅😅

  49. Grey Wolf Gaming

    Grey Wolf Gaming

    2 days ago

    i know what song ima be listening to all afternoon on loop

  50. Attelia willis

    Attelia willis

    2 days ago

    Im a huuuuuuuge fan of you are the best d

  51. Marquis Mack

    Marquis Mack

    2 days ago

    Letsts get the botty numb xD

  52. Jessica Magras

    Jessica Magras

    2 days ago

    When you going to make a new vid

  53. ggh Paul

    ggh Paul

    2 days ago

    that is messed up

  54. Persept AXI

    Persept AXI

    2 days ago

    This song is fire .

  55. Coin Shower

    Coin Shower

    2 days ago

    Why they dancing like they’re drunk

  56. Jake Brown

    Jake Brown

    2 days ago

    Y'all should do track star

  57. Palm-top-Tiger In the mood

    Palm-top-Tiger In the mood

    2 days ago

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  58. Princess Mimi

    Princess Mimi

    2 days ago

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    Sandy Barnett

    2 days ago

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  60. Amir Bryant

    Amir Bryant

    2 days ago

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  61. baby dex

    baby dex

    2 days ago

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  62. Tony stark

    Tony stark

    2 days ago

    I wish I had a mom like that

  63. Durkiooworld🌍🥵


    2 days ago

    BELT POP🥵🔥

  64. Lion king aka dope guccie boy Robinson

    Lion king aka dope guccie boy Robinson

    2 days ago

    By polo g

  65. Lion king aka dope guccie boy Robinson

    Lion king aka dope guccie boy Robinson

    2 days ago

    Can you do rapstare

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    chila jackson

    2 days ago


  67. DJ YungSiraj

    DJ YungSiraj

    2 days ago

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  68. DJ YungSiraj

    DJ YungSiraj

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  69. LaKeshia Robinson

    LaKeshia Robinson

    2 days ago

    Dis so funny

  70. MELINDA Craig

    MELINDA Craig

    2 days ago


  71. MELINDA Craig

    MELINDA Craig

    2 days ago

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  72. JaiBryn Lampkins

    JaiBryn Lampkins

    2 days ago

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  73. °Your_weird._.potao• Lexi

    °Your_weird._.potao• Lexi

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    Calvin Verdier

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    Myles Banks

    2 days ago

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  76. Terrific Tucker Productions

    Terrific Tucker Productions

    2 days ago

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  77. Yvelda Dean

    Yvelda Dean

    2 days ago

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  78. Tom 0n Mxrz

    Tom 0n Mxrz

    2 days ago

    My fav part was when the girl was flying

  79. kendra stephens

    kendra stephens

    2 days ago

    Big gangster

  80. king thomas

    king thomas

    2 days ago

    My favorite part was when she popped a girl it was so funny

  81. Jalen Jenkins

    Jalen Jenkins

    2 days ago

    Mama trunks beatin up your crush and bully

  82. Xavier little

    Xavier little

    2 days ago

    The way she flew lol

  83. Isabella Rodriguez

    Isabella Rodriguez

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    Stevette Thomas

    3 days ago

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    Reid Baumhardt

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    Itz JakeRBLXGaming

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    yvonne silva

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    Your Dad

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    Zhai- Da-goat

    3 days ago

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  95. Evelyn


    3 days ago

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  96. Ginder an cater Jermaine Mcclure joshua

    Ginder an cater Jermaine Mcclure joshua

    3 days ago

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  97. Victoria Allen

    Victoria Allen

    3 days ago

    1:08 got me dead laguhting

  98. DJ YungSiraj

    DJ YungSiraj

    3 days ago

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  99. Anng1620


    3 days ago

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      3 days ago


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    malisa world

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