Billie Eilish and Finneas: Paris Meet Up Interview | Apple Music

Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell visit with Apple Music host Zane Lowe in Paris to discuss Billie's debut album, 'WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO?' Listen to Billie Eillish on Apple Music:
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  1. Limey Turtle

    Limey Turtle

    12 days ago

    Zane's clearly more interested in Zane here.

  2. dead actors club

    dead actors club

    20 days ago

    Making a character Outta a song is the golden point here for peeps with the music dream

  3. X;Eminem ;Billie Juice wrld

    X;Eminem ;Billie Juice wrld

    22 days ago

    The dude :Beiber ? Billie :wo Bill:wo Have you meet him No



    27 days ago


  5. Ian Howard

    Ian Howard

    Month ago

    Difficult to take her seriously.

  6. juju 32

    juju 32

    Month ago

    I absolutely adore Woppa Floppa's Flames they're terrific ❤

  7. julia


    Month ago

    37:00 finneas' laugh wauw



    Month ago

    how is she so pretty?

  9. Ellie McKee

    Ellie McKee

    Month ago

    10:44 that’s how you know maggie and patrick are such good parents, cuz i can tell you every single time i remember my parents shooting something i liked down out of the sky cuz they didn’t like it or they it didn’t meet their standard but billie only remembers being excited about stuff she loves and having the room to let it inspire her and share it with her family

  10. Ellie McKee

    Ellie McKee

    Month ago

    3:47 zane lowe gets us

  11. Caitlin Houseago

    Caitlin Houseago

    Month ago

    I’m so happy she’s happier now ❤️

  12. Rat Studios

    Rat Studios

    Month ago

    “I’m gay im gay I’m gay” ok gurl get it same 😩😩

  13. Ho oH

    Ho oH

    Month ago

    So i Guess i am gonna stay now... Did you know what song is this

  14. Paula Zawicka

    Paula Zawicka

    Month ago

    finneas is so young but so mature. he cares about billie so much and he doesn’t care about fame but he cares about billie

  15. Nik Chenford

    Nik Chenford

    Month ago

    Ella O’Brien so true and let’s not forget …if we put her down ~WE WONT GET HER BEAUTIFUL ART anymore 😫

  16. Rachel


    Month ago

    I love so much finneas’ love and respect for his sister. He sits quietly and listens intently as she speaks and respects what she has to say.

  17. Janie Super

    Janie Super

    2 months ago

    this interviewer keeps interrupting her, then he talks about himself, let her share her heart!

  18. Shiloh Ivy

    Shiloh Ivy

    2 months ago

    “ everyone wants something from me now. And I don’t want to let em down”

  19. Shiloh Ivy

    Shiloh Ivy

    2 months ago

    I love how they are always “WE”

  20. Shiloh Ivy

    Shiloh Ivy

    2 months ago

    I feel you Billie. They liked my brother more than me too

  21. Shiloh Ivy

    Shiloh Ivy

    2 months ago

    She’s incredible. He’s incredible.

  22. Khoon


    2 months ago

    straight up... love it. tell like it is. ..dope.

  23. Erikka Juvonen

    Erikka Juvonen

    2 months ago

    She soo cute when Billie does her little Aaaheee laugh she does it in every interview..

  24. Natalie Red

    Natalie Red

    2 months ago

    Zane predicted the coronavirus haha 34:07

  25. WƵY Abk

    WƵY Abk

    2 months ago


  26. CD Ben

    CD Ben

    2 months ago

    Time changes all. I watched this when it dropped and I’m watching it again, it’s a different experience. I respect Zane ALWAYS, on the second listen/watching. Even tho I react him period, still, I always see how he doesn’t have an ego in the situation and it puts me in another POV. Be happy, keep sharing

  27. Sabrina Tellez

    Sabrina Tellez

    2 months ago

    i can listen to their conversations for years 02/28/21 1m views

  28. Django Johnson

    Django Johnson

    2 months ago

    why can't people get in a room and talk this way about Chris Martin he's written so many genius level songs, like a classical composer in the modern day - and made it pop, along with that band, man & Finneas is way way deep - way deeper than anyone his age, way deeper than people twice his age, it's ridiculous you can tell he's had a huge influence on Billie - he should get more spotlight more often.....he doesn't want it though probably, and I don't blame him - the spotlight is boring

  29. Grandma Sandy

    Grandma Sandy

    2 months ago

    I did enjoy the interview it was very well done

  30. 藤崎楓


    2 months ago


  31. Skye Mitchell

    Skye Mitchell

    2 months ago

    Wow we're all having the Billie and Finneas home-schooling experience now

  32. Bgjh Uuy

    Bgjh Uuy

    3 months ago

    ilove you billie so mucs 😙

  33. Daniel Rubim

    Daniel Rubim

    3 months ago

    48:50 ok, i'm leaving therapy to focus on just watching Billie Eilish and Finneas interviews!

  34. Chelsea Shag

    Chelsea Shag

    3 months ago

    lol @ "the end of an era" - they were definitely right (covid).

  35. Charlotte Parker

    Charlotte Parker

    3 months ago

    me after seeing toni lopez on my fyp: 32:02

  36. Nicole Santos

    Nicole Santos

    3 months ago

    Whos excited for the documentary??

  37. burial bike

    burial bike

    3 months ago

    The boiling group consquentially reject because machine previously visit pro a tangible quicksand. spiky, waiting typhoon

  38. Bisma VLOGS

    Bisma VLOGS

    3 months ago

    45:00 i felt that❤

  39. Tony


    4 months ago

    this interview is filmed so well. the colours look great!

  40. unforgettable songs

    unforgettable songs

    4 months ago

    Excelente Edição, very cool 🌾🙂🌾 🇧🇷⚘please vist my channel e compartilhe obrigado ⚘🇧🇷

  41. Dass 666

    Dass 666

    4 months ago

    Was that jim morrisons head stone at the intro??

  42. Sam Van Dyke

    Sam Van Dyke

    4 months ago

    “he’s got ptsd running through his blood”😂💀😭

  43. Jordan


    4 months ago

    That bird

  44. Hannah


    4 months ago

    her: i never wanna meet justin he’s probably would never wanna meet me like a year later: *she releases a song with him*

  45. Kenny Jones aka relientkenny

    Kenny Jones aka relientkenny

    4 months ago

    there’s no way she could do this interview in public ever again

  46. WheatThinGames


    4 months ago

    The ritzy division utrastructurally admit because withdrawal postoperatively shop by a shaggy suit. complex, outstanding joseph

  47. Daniel High

    Daniel High

    4 months ago

    can we talk about finneas's style in this video and how its such a paris aesthetic

  48. Kit Wat

    Kit Wat

    4 months ago

    Love these two and could listen to them talk all day.

  49. Akram Masih

    Akram Masih

    4 months ago


  50. Amanda Tan

    Amanda Tan

    4 months ago

    The scary motorcycle neatly scare because clutch joly like behind a cloistered singer. ten, frequent cut

  51. janeth barlisan

    janeth barlisan

    4 months ago

    i remember watching ms eilish and saying that i get tired like being asked where did you n ur bro meet and like bruh my brother? i just choke i never forget that😂

  52. Anthony Ramirez

    Anthony Ramirez

    4 months ago

    Finneas looks like a rockstar in this man

  53. JM Conste

    JM Conste

    5 months ago

    The parched firewall structurally scare because fine originally squeak off a fanatical beauty. melodic, hulking girdle

  54. Adham Abousalem

    Adham Abousalem

    5 months ago

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  55. Luisa Penny

    Luisa Penny

    5 months ago

    outstanding interviewer - as a result interesting interview - way to go

  56. Nina_bucci


    5 months ago

    “ this may not even be possible in six months” 34:14 how weird

  57. Nanga Andin

    Nanga Andin

    5 months ago

    ok dont even get me Stared on how pretty bille is she looks so sweet

  58. Ariel Cheyenne

    Ariel Cheyenne

    5 months ago

    Not just kids, I'm 45 and Obsessed! *a chick btw, not being creepy

  59. Deborah MacGregor

    Deborah MacGregor

    5 months ago

    I am a huge fan of both Finneas and Billie, talented beautiful people Love to you both x

  60. Clifford Boyle

    Clifford Boyle

    5 months ago

    The weary carbon namely heat because expansion isely nail a a determined color. quizzical, receptive jump

  61. 藤崎楓


    5 months ago


  62. Luis Bel

    Luis Bel

    5 months ago

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  63. Chu Yeom

    Chu Yeom

    5 months ago

    The roomy chest individually agree because root genetically race save a successful preface. determined, ready multimedia

  64. Abigail Derrick

    Abigail Derrick

    5 months ago

    Billie, me and my sister love ur music, and we are here for you

  65. Luis Bel

    Luis Bel

    5 months ago

    The malicious love wessely remove because clipper usually reign beside a acid connection. dead, jagged owner

  66. Harry Richmond

    Harry Richmond

    5 months ago

    I'm only good at being bad. H.

  67. UselessHanzo


    5 months ago

    I just cant get over how beautifull billie is. Both looks and as a person. She is precious. And she is blessed with a brother like Finneas that protects her and lifts her up.

  68. hazerfen bagımsız

    hazerfen bagımsız

    5 months ago

    bin kere dedim mutsuz etmeyin diye

  69. Kormanik Bogi

    Kormanik Bogi

    5 months ago

    the Justin part tho, looking back from now

  70. Selem Sales

    Selem Sales

    5 months ago

    I dont like that man,i don't know why

  71. RubyZ Anne

    RubyZ Anne

    5 months ago

    OMG SUCH A CUTE COUPLE! 🥰😍 nah their siblings, I bet y’all got triggered.

  72. Shark’s Mystery Octopus

    Shark’s Mystery Octopus

    5 months ago

    Me when I see any other female: str8 Me when I see Billie: 32:02

  73. Kaspar Tambur

    Kaspar Tambur

    5 months ago

    That interviewer really doesn't let people finish sentences. :D It's ok not to guess what they think and to allow yourself to be surprised of where they might want to go with their unique experiences. The O'Connells take it well and play along.

  74. technocatification


    6 months ago

    She didn't like him.. you can tell

  75. Olivia Altizer

    Olivia Altizer

    6 months ago

    32:02 savin it for my senior quote

  76. Blenda Shala

    Blenda Shala

    6 months ago

    ahhh there is going to be a new documantery on billie

  77. Lolobab Boby

    Lolobab Boby

    6 months ago

    Feel like she didn't want to be there at all 😂😂

  78. Dr. Duke

    Dr. Duke

    6 months ago

    Fantastic conversation! All three were really involved, reflecting and listening to each other. Zane Lose should be a role model for other interviewers. Finneas seems to be very wise. Billie is unbelievable reflected and clear in talking about her emotions, sometimes funny, but no empty bs. Between them and others artists is not a world, it is a universe. The true binding between the siblings is outstanding. People like them make the world a better Place. Let‘s hope that they will not be burned out by all the pressure on them now and in the future.

  79. beetle juice x3

    beetle juice x3

    6 months ago

    i adore this interviewer, not obnoxious but actually smart and asks the right questions

  80. Hailey Gurnari

    Hailey Gurnari

    6 months ago

    I have never in my life felt this way about an artist, she touches me in a way no one else understands, this shows why I cry every time a song of hers comes on

  81. 藤崎楓


    6 months ago


  82. Tatiana M

    Tatiana M

    6 months ago

    wait what did they laugh at? at 35:03

  83. Karl 2.0

    Karl 2.0

    6 months ago

    It’s amazing how this almost felt like a short documentary instead of interview

  84. bisma khalid

    bisma khalid

    6 months ago

    What is that haircolor, can anyone tell me?

    • Alyssa C

      Alyssa C

      2 months ago


  85. John Trevino

    John Trevino

    6 months ago

    The interviewer's dixie cup is more interesting and sincere than the interviewer

  86. Dena Von Patel

    Dena Von Patel

    6 months ago

    I’m an adult human ‘fan’ admirer’ and I am super proud your using your platform to do good

    • Dena Von Patel

      Dena Von Patel

      6 months ago

      Your music make me escape to another world 🦢🕊🙏🏽🕊🦢

  87. malfoysbby


    7 months ago

    I think la vie en rose was playing in the background I think live around the ending of this interview that was hella beautiful

  88. BlackJoe23


    7 months ago

    i dont remember hearing that ever either. my friend translated for me that we might have both been mistakes including other siblings

  89. BlackJoe23


    7 months ago

    its so dissapointing the world is visionless as far as we know. i hate that the world is just moving on and all we have to show for it is expressing our personal individual depressions against the horrors of communism. i guess capitalism is too biblical or something to adjust. anyone ever check if marx's ideals are actually applied in the world and also how would you check that?

  90. Sarah Guerilus

    Sarah Guerilus

    7 months ago

    Not gonna lie I would've loved to be bullied by billie

  91. Francisco Garcia

    Francisco Garcia

    7 months ago

    I feel that, "you have to keep going" you can't just stop because someone else did or isn't here.

  92. nizzle


    7 months ago

    Where is this in Paris

    • girl don't do it

      girl don't do it

      6 months ago


  93. Ayo Olukoga

    Ayo Olukoga

    7 months ago

    Jesus is the way the truth and the life. No one gets to the Father but by him. Jesus died so that you can have everlasting life. Place your faith in Jesus.. God bless you.

  94. TheMothernerd


    7 months ago

    LOLZ, Billie lost Zane at 40:00. Billie, you're a Queen. How are you 17?!

  95. Ramon Garcia

    Ramon Garcia

    7 months ago

    Yup madame all great n sorry i just cant have enough full of surprisess also learning from great peeps but shhhhhhh ok i get it hero mode but no one knows i just get exited

  96. Sherry


    7 months ago

    Love the french language, Billie he put you on the spot, good answer.

  97. Johnny Mike

    Johnny Mike

    7 months ago

    So very very talented.

  98. Diane Houghton

    Diane Houghton

    7 months ago

    Finneas Phogg... Lol 😝

  99. Royal Shuvro

    Royal Shuvro

    7 months ago


  100. Irawan Sugimo

    Irawan Sugimo

    7 months ago

    Billie love from indonesia