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On this episode of "You Sang My Song," Billie Eilish watches fan covers on USgone Music of her songs "Lovely," “Ocean Eyes," "Bellyache," "When the Party's Over," idontwannabeyouanymore," and "you should see me in a crown." Fans react to Billie watching their music.

Watch the covers here:

Lovely: Aye! It's XAÉ - music.usgone.info/award/video/greZj5fGmoi4mZ4
Arianna Worthen - music.usgone.info/award/video/gbSBdou61o6ZqNE
Lynnea M. - music.usgone.info/award/video/aqmLmKiUpLLSrck
Ocean Eyes: Keara Graves and Alyssa Baker - music.usgone.info/award/video/q46ArKHQl4-3rK8
The Theorist - music.usgone.info/award/video/k62ilm_c1qKvzN0
Bellyache: Daisy Clark - music.usgone.info/award/video/pcWBf4i8t4fH0Lc
When the Party's Over: Abbey Glover - music.usgone.info/award/video/iJR1jZ6ulrHck68
idontwannabeyouanymore: Wei Nin - music.usgone.info/award/video/gbN3mYysq4HUm5Y
you should see me in a crown: Sophie Pecora - music.usgone.info/award/video/nbFlh3eZl6isuac
Social Repose - music.usgone.info/award/video/qqWJYq-Wqp6ksa8
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Billie Eilish Watches Fan Covers on USgone | Glamour


  1. Rochelle Wilson

    Rochelle Wilson

    34 minutes ago

    They're all amazing singers

  2. Beth_ uwu_xd

    Beth_ uwu_xd

    5 hours ago

    No sé inglés, pero aquí andamos xd

  3. Sheryl Rose Torrente

    Sheryl Rose Torrente

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  4. Windy Trejo

    Windy Trejo

    8 hours ago

    Yay yay yay yay

  5. Rylie Cameron

    Rylie Cameron

    12 hours ago

    Billie you are the best

  6. Rylie Cameron

    Rylie Cameron

    12 hours ago

    You are my idol

  7. Lily Land

    Lily Land

    13 hours ago

    I'm sorry she doesn't look 19

  8. Lorraine O'Donnell

    Lorraine O'Donnell

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    Estefano Arevalo

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  11. Asif Isayev

    Asif Isayev

    19 hours ago

    Billie eilish💞

  12. Asif Isayev

    Asif Isayev

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  13. Hxliey


    20 hours ago

    I love how she she paino is a difficult fuknken instrument I'm laughed the heck out of me

  14. Hxliey


    20 hours ago

    The next video is soft and makes me happy

  15. Lia Mendud

    Lia Mendud

    22 hours ago

    Subscribe for billie elish

  16. Amanda Tan

    Amanda Tan

    23 hours ago

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    electroplating Persian

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  18. glenn aguaviva

    glenn aguaviva

    Day ago

    Y do you have to say that

  19. Puppydogog Tailsfdfjhhhggh m.h tg

    Puppydogog Tailsfdfjhhhggh m.h tg

    Day ago

    I Love your videos

  20. Rosannieh dianahm

    Rosannieh dianahm

    Day ago

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  21. Tamara Racicot

    Tamara Racicot

    Day ago

    I can sing dab gie bad guy

  22. th3 heartbreak kid

    th3 heartbreak kid

    Day ago

    She said hearing these kids sing it😂😂but she's a kid herself

  23. th3 heartbreak kid

    th3 heartbreak kid

    Day ago

    Ok but the first girl, wow CHILLS I bet SA is proud

  24. bgsu05grad


    Day ago

    Omg I am your biggest fan

  25. Jungkook Army

    Jungkook Army

    Day ago


  26. Rick zijn wereld

    Rick zijn wereld

    Day ago

    Broooo this is the reaction to Justin not other!!

  27. Rick zijn wereld

    Rick zijn wereld

    Day ago

    Wtf this is really how she reaction on Justin

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  29. Anil Patil Khairnar

    Anil Patil Khairnar

    Day ago

    She is soo sweettt!!!!

  30. Hina Ali

    Hina Ali

    Day ago

    Billie ellish is the most beautiful celebrity ever

  31. hali mustafi

    hali mustafi

    Day ago

    Ferien für Single

  32. hali mustafi

    hali mustafi

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  33. Sugathakumar P

    Sugathakumar P

    Day ago

    If she reactes to justin Me : the moment i waited

  34. ···Polar Nita Is Tired···

    ···Polar Nita Is Tired···

    Day ago

    Its so cute I cant really explain But its cute

  35. Nia Agaba

    Nia Agaba

    2 days ago

    I like the third song

  36. Gargee Kondilkar

    Gargee Kondilkar

    2 days ago

    My first time singing a song on USgone.. Hope you all like it ..Pls listen to the song , like ,comment and share it 🎤🎤🎵🎵😊😊 usgone.info/award/video/fa59imexr425l9U



    2 days ago

    0:55 only billie can have these goosebumps 😂😂😂😂.....

  38. Happy Sandwich

    Happy Sandwich

    2 days ago

    Bille is a queen so slay

  39. seema surendran

    seema surendran

    2 days ago

    Billie.......I LOVE YOUUUU I am a Huge Fan of youuu....... You are the Best!!

  40. pro fortnite player

    pro fortnite player

    2 days ago


  41. grace


    2 days ago

    everyone sorta sees billie as shady but she really does have a good heart

  42. Isabella Solorzano

    Isabella Solorzano

    2 days ago

    That is so cool I wish I can do that but I Am only 9 years old 😎😀

  43. Random Facts with GamerGirl

    Random Facts with GamerGirl

    2 days ago

    The first woman really looks like the older version of Kulture(Cardi B and Offsets daughter)

  44. Varte Uradse

    Varte Uradse

    2 days ago

    Ur my favorite fan Ur number 1.

  45. Dànì3125


    2 days ago

    Alguien que hable Español :(?

  46. Sandy Martin

    Sandy Martin

    2 days ago

    So clean

  47. Kdkdjdjdd jdjfkdjdjjdndn

    Kdkdjdjdd jdjfkdjdjjdndn

    2 days ago


  48. Natasha Mazhar

    Natasha Mazhar

    2 days ago

    Omg I am your biggest fan Billie ilesh.

  49. Flawlost


    3 days ago

    I love celebrities that are really nice and make you feel you feel like your special

  50. Miss møøn

    Miss møøn

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  51. Dean Mav

    Dean Mav

    3 days ago

    She say Man Dude All is dudes?

  52. Atari Gangster

    Atari Gangster

    3 days ago

    No cap… I had to stop watching cause each of them kept getting me all up in my feelings. Much Love! ❤️

  53. Aɴᴜʙʜᴀʙ Mᴀᴊɪ

    Aɴᴜʙʜᴀʙ Mᴀᴊɪ

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  54. Miss Angelica

    Miss Angelica

    3 days ago

    I didn't know that Billie swears XD

  55. •♡Richelle_Doyle•♡


    3 days ago


  56. Charlie Carmichael

    Charlie Carmichael

    3 days ago

    Ur my idol

  57. ელენიკო tv

    ელენიკო tv

    3 days ago


  58. Teddi :P

    Teddi :P

    3 days ago

    billie when can i hug u that would make my life you're my favorite and i would give my life for you ^^

  59. Fake Faker

    Fake Faker

    3 days ago

    Tim pixel!

  60. Tahir Abass

    Tahir Abass

    3 days ago

    Beauty and the beast

  61. Khadijah Mohammadi

    Khadijah Mohammadi

    3 days ago

    I love Billie ❤️🇹🇷

  62. Simona Chesa

    Simona Chesa

    3 days ago

    wow billie

  63. Lyrix Love

    Lyrix Love

    4 days ago

    I want her reaction to seek and Lara and justn

  64. Sapna Singh

    Sapna Singh

    4 days ago

    Billie: Did you hear that? . Yes, 154 million people did.

  65. Genalyn Ledda

    Genalyn Ledda

    4 days ago

    I love u billie and its my idol



    4 days ago

    My top favorite artist

  67. Henrik Klock

    Henrik Klock

    4 days ago

    The first girl that sang is so good🥰🎶

  68. Aişe Ceferli

    Aişe Ceferli

    4 days ago

    Kız kafasınl vurdu bille elish uçtu

  69. Emma Mendoza

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    Omar Ramirez

    4 days ago

    Omg 😊😍🥰💖💕

  71. Kevin O'Neil

    Kevin O'Neil

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  72. oof indeed

    oof indeed

    4 days ago

    Billie would look like this if I ever did a cover of her song 🥴

  73. Brajn Yzeiraj

    Brajn Yzeiraj

    4 days ago


  74. unkowonldn unkowonidn

    unkowonldn unkowonidn

    4 days ago

    hate it when celebrities get famous and conspiracy theorist say you “sold your soul” them haters

  75. MaD Leonard

    MaD Leonard

    4 days ago

    6:57 NaPoM Beatbox

  76. SS


    4 days ago

    Hats off to ur fake edits! 😂lol

  77. Leona archer

    Leona archer

    4 days ago

    Is tat really billy😮😮😮😮

  78. moe girl

    moe girl

    4 days ago


  79. Neža Valenčič

    Neža Valenčič

    4 days ago

    You are rich



    4 days ago

    I kinda like Billie but she's freeky

  81. Neža Valenčič

    Neža Valenčič

    4 days ago

    I never bi you Billie Eilish.

  82. Angie Sylvan

    Angie Sylvan

    4 days ago

    5:15 best moment.

  83. Vicenzzo Souza

    Vicenzzo Souza

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  84. Quicy Flinn

    Quicy Flinn

    4 days ago

    Um I got black ice so

  85. Kawaii Ai

    Kawaii Ai

    4 days ago

    What the f? She has exactly same reaction in two videos in a row. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? I can't tell which one is false. Cause I'm in love with this song.

  86. Aya Saleem

    Aya Saleem

    4 days ago

    "Girl:singing." "Billie:KHkhnnnnNnnNnNNNNnK

  87. Jennifer


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  88. Kemeka Dann

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  89. Andres Gallegos

    Andres Gallegos

    5 days ago

    What 64k people would dislike like this. This deserves likes not dislikes

  90. Dog Forever

    Dog Forever

    5 days ago

    Seriously there could be kids watching this and you didn’t even bleep out the swear words 😡😤

    • Melvin Ellenwood

      Melvin Ellenwood

      4 days ago

      Yeah like me😂

  91. Ticiany Beatriz

    Ticiany Beatriz

    5 days ago

    I love Billie ♥ ️

  92. Ticiany Beatriz

    Ticiany Beatriz

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  93. Flora Barchmann

    Flora Barchmann

    5 days ago

    Stellt euch vor sie reagiert auf euer Video😂

  94. Celebrity Nation

    Celebrity Nation

    5 days ago

    Don't Change Billie. I love the way you are.

  95. Hani Hassan

    Hani Hassan

    5 days ago

    Keara and Alyssa are like Lucy Hale, Rachel Bilson, Olivia Rodrigo rolled into one. I guess it's just me. I mean they are pretty 😅

  96. Maria Coco

    Maria Coco

    5 days ago

    Cara maipe

  97. Ahgabird


    5 days ago


  98. Bruhmisto Gee

    Bruhmisto Gee

    5 days ago

    I can't stop staring at billies eyes man there so pretty I'm drawn to em