Bone Marrow Steak REHYDRATION Experiment | Guga Foods

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I love bone marrow so today I tried to remove all moisture from a steaks and completely replace it with bone marrow, the results are insane and I was not expecting that!

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  1. Guga Foods

    Guga Foods

    2 months ago

    Head to to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment.

    • BagaSand


      20 days ago

      @suyong lee oh... I see, thanks :)

    • suyong lee

      suyong lee

      20 days ago

      @BagaSand membership

    • BagaSand


      20 days ago

      @suyong lee how tf did u add pictures

    • Bananakick


      Month ago

      Hi Biochemist here, with some oils you can make a (semi-) stable oil and water emulsion by mixing it really hard. So if the Oil droplets are small enough in the water they wont seperate out (as fast)

    • Noor Shaad Amin

      Noor Shaad Amin

      Month ago

      Where's your hair ? 🤣 Try it your self first & make another video.

  2. Sudipto Mondal

    Sudipto Mondal

    12 hours ago

    Can anybody tell the name of the music playing in the background?

  3. Will S.

    Will S.

    2 days ago

    Do it with beer or wine

  4. GingerAlde知


    2 days ago

    I wonder how would the PowerAde rehidratation would taste

  5. Jakub Humený

    Jakub Humený

    3 days ago

    Bone Broth + Butter could be amazing

  6. Emanuel Goossens

    Emanuel Goossens

    4 days ago

    Can I also wash plates with this sponge😆

  7. CorvetteStinger


    4 days ago

    I got a meater add with guga before a guga foods video

  8. Zion McEnerney

    Zion McEnerney

    4 days ago

    Gugas reactions kill me😂

  9. Boisson de Vin

    Boisson de Vin

    5 days ago

    Rehydrate with broth/stock.

  10. Ganesh Mumtaz

    Ganesh Mumtaz

    5 days ago

    Bring back your nephew... this guest not so cool.... :)

  11. Aris Sinclair

    Aris Sinclair

    6 days ago

    You should rehydrate it with chicken broth or beef or something.

  12. Saugat Manandhar

    Saugat Manandhar

    6 days ago

    It's not rehydration if you are using OIL, you have to use WATER lol. It's in the name.

  13. Sujit


    7 days ago

    Seeing all your videos. You earned a subscribers brother. God bless you.

  14. HARD2POP


    7 days ago

    Astronaut steak, or "irradiated steak" should be your next experiment!

  15. Joe Meow

    Joe Meow

    9 days ago

    Appreciate you identifying measurements in standard measurements in addition to metric.

  16. Neon God

    Neon God

    9 days ago

    My job now is to bring this thing back to life.................. So we are going to cook it medium rare and take it to the vet cuz this thing can still be saved.

  17. parasite unit

    parasite unit

    10 days ago

    Should have rehydrated with pure beef stock and maybe 10% bone marrow

  18. Cobalt Monkey

    Cobalt Monkey

    10 days ago

    crunchy oozing fat that doesn't even taste that good sounds like heaven :D

  19. SEEKER


    10 days ago

    So is it allowed to rehydrate with a marinate

  20. R K

    R K

    13 days ago

    I don’t see the point of freeze drying a ribeye, phucking blasphemy.

  21. Matthew Langlands

    Matthew Langlands

    13 days ago

    Guga foods can you do dry aged bone marrow?

  22. dyldoeshizzle


    14 days ago

    GUGA please do a dry age experiment with BOVRIL it’s just like marmite bug instead of yeast extract it’s beef extract !!!!!

  23. Aiden Adamiak

    Aiden Adamiak

    15 days ago

    “I’ve done an experiment and it makes a huge difference” guga is the best food channel😂💯

  24. Eldibs


    15 days ago

    Rehydrate it completely submerged in water.

  25. theBIGdiva Percy

    theBIGdiva Percy

    16 days ago

    Is it just me or does he sound exactly like the narrator from Jane the Virgin.. ???

  26. Turto Blade

    Turto Blade

    17 days ago

    Rehydrate it using Milk lol

  27. Ryuuun


    17 days ago

    0:10 and i like them big and i like them chunky

  28. Depressed_Piglet


    19 days ago

    Next video: Virgin’s Tears Steak REHYDRATION Experiment | Guga Foods

  29. rob robert

    rob robert

    19 days ago

    You should slice the dehydrated steak before rehydrating it. Also, try using chicken stock.

  30. Critical Alfredo

    Critical Alfredo

    19 days ago

    bone marrow: called the butter of the gods guga: cooked freeze dried steak with bone marrow the gods: "your understanding beyond our grace"

  31. ReeseThePoptart


    20 days ago

    Wait a second did I just watch and ad of his video inside of his video bruh I thought I clicked the wrong video

  32. deminybs


    20 days ago

    Got 2 bones in some salt water and excited to try the marrow tomorrow

  33. lim yong liang

    lim yong liang

    20 days ago

    No complains, looks good but I would have sous vide the steak to allow it to rehydrate better

  34. Yung Ddub Maniak

    Yung Ddub Maniak

    21 day ago


  35. Javier Mayorga

    Javier Mayorga

    21 day ago

    Hey Guga, you should do tacos de birria.

  36. coxxycabee


    21 day ago

    Is there a specific bone you'd recommend? Also does it matter what animal you get the marrow from? Would you recommend using lamb marrow with beef steak for instance? Lastly how do you go about getting the bones for marrow? Do you go to your butcher and ask for bones ect? Thank you. Love your videos Guga.

  37. Crunchy Cereal

    Crunchy Cereal

    22 days ago

    Anyway to get bone marrow without an oven or grill?

  38. Ladera Corp.

    Ladera Corp.

    23 days ago


  39. L o p e s z

    L o p e s z

    24 days ago


  40. crow werner

    crow werner

    24 days ago

    Pineapple juice

  41. mpowerewd22


    24 days ago

    I wonder if you can fry the freeze dried rehydrated steaks. Kind of like crispy steak jerky strips

  42. Maxymillian Dung

    Maxymillian Dung

    25 days ago

    Is freeze drying like dry ageing?

  43. Balázs Fábrik

    Balázs Fábrik

    26 days ago

    "unlike fat, it tastes good on bread" you just insulted my entire race. Hungarians, like me eat bread with duck fat, red onion and paprika

  44. Beedy KH

    Beedy KH

    26 days ago

    Unexpected result!

  45. Jay Di`nero

    Jay Di`nero

    27 days ago

    You could just use pure lecithin to emulsify

  46. Fritata Bean

    Fritata Bean

    27 days ago

    I feel like the seasoning should be called the guga

  47. ben


    27 days ago

    where is angel

  48. ben


    27 days ago

    meat = sponge

  49. jariroth


    27 days ago

    Rehydrate it by throwing it in a deep fryer

  50. Leafninjaz YT

    Leafninjaz YT

    27 days ago

    I don’t think fat can rehydrate it

  51. Matthew Weitz

    Matthew Weitz

    27 days ago

    Great video

  52. Jon Londrezos

    Jon Londrezos

    27 days ago

    This would work really well on a fillet or other lean cut maybe - but not on the ribeye which is full of fat as is.

  53. Kai Kobayashi

    Kai Kobayashi

    28 days ago

    Guga is experimenting to bring the SpaceX team gourmet steaks on mars!

  54. Minjae Kwon

    Minjae Kwon

    28 days ago

    The medical mask genomically fool because jaw nally trap excluding a ugliest stew. curly, lamentable conifer

  55. LetoZeth


    29 days ago

    What a way to ruin a perfectly good steak.

  56. crocetti


    29 days ago

    Why…why do I do this to myself? Why do I binge watch these videos without having some sort of meat to eat while watching! This is worse than torture!!!

  57. krombopulos rick

    krombopulos rick

    29 days ago

    I love guga and his family lol great personalities

  58. viniciusp


    29 days ago

    Do it with butter

  59. Timmie Palm

    Timmie Palm

    29 days ago

    Im not vegetarian, but this makes me want to vomit

  60. Mark Ch'n

    Mark Ch'n

    29 days ago

    why don't you try rehydrating with lecithin emulsifier and oil and salt water? the lecithin should be quite tasteless?

  61. silvin choren

    silvin choren

    29 days ago

    The left one looks like its gonna start running.

  62. Jacob


    29 days ago

    personally it would work better if you had put the steak in a vacume seal bag...then poured the marrow in in...vacume sealed it..and chilled for 24 hours giving the steak a chance to absorb the marrow

  63. ragnorock cookie

    ragnorock cookie

    29 days ago

    Also in a survival need you want the one with the most fat

  64. ragnorock cookie

    ragnorock cookie

    29 days ago

    The second one would be perfect for stew

  65. Luke Luoh

    Luke Luoh

    29 days ago

    Should’ve rehydrated under pressure

  66. the pizza delivery god

    the pizza delivery god

    Month ago

    You should rehydrate a steak with absinth

  67. Purp Jones

    Purp Jones

    Month ago

    You really went all in on this one!



    Month ago

    Why not try butter 🧈?

  69. mnljh711986


    Month ago

    Just my opinion here, but for the love of God to do not put garlic powder on your steak! Just salt and black pepper, that's all.

  70. Blueskin Kitchen

    Blueskin Kitchen

    Month ago

    You actually fried the meat in fat.

  71. BC M

    BC M

    Month ago

    Dang it. Now I’m hungry again

  72. Shiroyasha


    Month ago

    “ survival situation and I haven’t eaten steak in a… month” 😭 not saying steak for a month is that big of a deal?? I’ve only hate steak once or twice my whole life

    • Alexz


      Month ago

      Im so sorry for you

  73. Leafy


    Month ago

    Anyone else get an add for meater that feature guga foods and thought it was part of the video or is that just me?

  74. Miguel lopez

    Miguel lopez

    Month ago

    Damn that marrow is clean!

  75. Thomas Gray

    Thomas Gray

    Month ago

    Hmm rehydrate with beef broth? Wonder how that would turn out. Love the vids!!! Keep up the good work!

  76. madestmadhatter


    Month ago

    Well... Now you have to rehydrate a stake with poweraid.

  77. ludantika smith

    ludantika smith

    Month ago

    it's not really rehydration. bone marrow= 100% fat is assumed from what's stated in the video. hydration require water. if no water is present/absorbed then it isn't being hydrated

  78. lolz80407


    Month ago

    too much meat intake is not good for your body. you better go health screening. too much meat can cause cancers, especially colorectal cancers. not to forget type 2 diabetes

    • lolz80407


      Month ago

      + the carbon build up from cooking the steak on fire directly. carbon build up causes cancer cells to become active.

  79. prank cing

    prank cing

    Month ago

    imagine chicken/beef stock

    • prank cing

      prank cing

      Month ago

      chicken flavoured steak

  80. KingKuri


    Month ago

    What would happen if u tried rehydrating with water and blood or just straight blood (cow blood)

  81. Irukandji


    Month ago

    I love seeing people laugh that hard! great vid

  82. Munkz


    Month ago

    The most pointless steak video ever

  83. Munkz


    Month ago

    Who the F has a freezer like that

  84. Stephen colney Colney

    Stephen colney Colney

    Month ago

    Ladies and gentlemen welcome are new (Drumrole) new Mr meat

  85. Zorua Gaming

    Zorua Gaming

    Month ago

    12:55 r/ihadastroke

  86. Philer


    Month ago

    I feel like this would have been a better candidate for SVE

  87. Winston Durham

    Winston Durham

    Month ago

    This channel is a vegans nightmare

  88. Nachtmahr


    Month ago

    I wonder what would happen if you used a really good homemade beef bone broth to rehydrate. I think the pure fat might have been too thick to absorb into the meat fibers properly

  89. guillermolangle


    Month ago

    Maybe rehydrating the steaks in a vacuum bag will make the liquid to penetrate better



    Month ago

    I got a meater ad with the guy talking

  91. Bill Slone

    Bill Slone

    Month ago

    If you remove 200 grams of water from the steak you should use 150 grams of water and 50 grams of bone marrow and then rehydrate it in a vacuum sealed bag but only freeze dry it for 12 hours not 24. Because you want to retain some of that flavor.. try that Guga!!!

  92. RasTaa Limbu

    RasTaa Limbu

    Month ago

    This video made me hit that subscribe button

  93. Chulhyun Ahn

    Chulhyun Ahn

    Month ago

    Nice experiment. re-"hydrate" means that you soak it in "water". you don't "rehydrate" anything with anything other than H2O.

  94. Brenden Phillips

    Brenden Phillips

    Month ago

    Dry age a freeze dried steak with mayonnaise then rehydrate it with pineapple juice.

  95. geeky sunny

    geeky sunny

    Month ago

    Dr stone season 2

  96. BRYTE Kru

    BRYTE Kru

    Month ago

    How can you have a fatty lean steak?

  97. Aaron Coronel Galeano

    Aaron Coronel Galeano

    Month ago


  98. Juston Smalls

    Juston Smalls

    Month ago

    The cow that got killed for this experiment: “oh he is using my bones- I don’t wanna do this n o m o 😞”

  99. Brian Mogle

    Brian Mogle

    Month ago

    This is good, but have you tried using Wagyu Beef Tallow to rehydrate it before cooking and then put some on top after searing it while it rests? Totally epic!!! Especially on regular seared steaks and any beef brisket when you wrap it and put it back on the smoker.

  100. Slushy


    Month ago

    take out the water from stake so i can put water back on them , nice logic