Building a HOMEMADE DIY Bass Boat for My BACKYARD POND!!!

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  1. David Zellers

    David Zellers

    9 hours ago

    French drain? U may want to google what as French drain is! Not a French drain lol

  2. will Chirichello

    will Chirichello

    9 hours ago

    The tuffing turd

  3. Jonah McKnight

    Jonah McKnight

    2 days ago

    I love your video ideas especially the hunting but I think you just waffle for to long please get to the point because that’s what viewers enjoy the action part.

  4. Ryan Kmiec

    Ryan Kmiec

    3 days ago

    13:20 flair comes over with two mallets and starts goin to town on the wood was hilarious

  5. jacob hornback

    jacob hornback

    3 days ago

    The boat should be called "Surf Turf"

  6. Kyle Smith

    Kyle Smith

    3 days ago

    So Cool, Follow lax_and_fish on instagram would mean a lot

  7. Jackson Pierce

    Jackson Pierce

    5 days ago

    Flair my friend, I don’t think that’s classified as a French drain

  8. Tye Griffiths

    Tye Griffiths

    6 days ago

    Love ya flair

  9. Royce Blackmon

    Royce Blackmon

    7 days ago

    Rip to the fifth goose

  10. Pineapple MTB

    Pineapple MTB

    7 days ago

    It should be called “Mother fisha”

  11. Toxic Gaming

    Toxic Gaming

    8 days ago

    so how much would this project cost buying a boat to and would u recommend a bigger john

  12. Anthony Forest

    Anthony Forest

    9 days ago

    Surf n’ turf should be the boats name

  13. Cameron Rogowski

    Cameron Rogowski

    9 days ago

    Hey guys y’all should go check out this channel called outdoor dynasty he only has (at the moment) 39 subscribers He does stuff like flair (fishing, hunting, catch clean cooks) he’s a new USgoner but pretty smart and just like a younger flair So go show him a little love and make his day Thanks!👋 Bye

  14. Rande Raumaker

    Rande Raumaker

    10 days ago

    I think you should name the new boat “ The Grassy Dangle”.

  15. Frank Gunderson

    Frank Gunderson

    12 days ago


  16. Jill Silvia

    Jill Silvia

    12 days ago

    You should call the boat the turf catcher 3000

  17. norwoodlk2002


    14 days ago

    Turf dangle

  18. Kaden Haarstad

    Kaden Haarstad

    15 days ago

    You should make a pvc pipe slide to the cabin pond from the other one to send fish down when you catch stunted ones

  19. Stranglehold Outdoors

    Stranglehold Outdoors

    15 days ago

    Don't buy this guys merchandise you're only helping his wallet

  20. Jason Sauls

    Jason Sauls

    15 days ago

    Question about ur garage/shop u built ur boat in. How much did that cost to have it built?

  21. The Everything kid

    The Everything kid

    15 days ago

    You should call the boat the turf torture

  22. Robbie Speakes

    Robbie Speakes

    16 days ago

    Hey I know I’m a week late but blue side out for not sick, white side out for sick.

  23. Christian Rico

    Christian Rico

    16 days ago

    What kind of boat is that

    • Christian Rico

      Christian Rico

      16 days ago

      Anyone know ??

  24. Gabriel Camarillo

    Gabriel Camarillo

    17 days ago

    Lumber prices are rising and might not go down for 2 years

  25. cmsieberhagen


    17 days ago

    The. New boat name:The surf

    • cmsieberhagen


      17 days ago

      Good idea

  26. Barrett Parker

    Barrett Parker

    17 days ago

    I have a great name for it the surf and turf

  27. JKCATL


    17 days ago

    Call it the surf and turf

  28. Lorenzo Puentes

    Lorenzo Puentes

    17 days ago

    Turf and surf for the name 🤘🏼

  29. unclassified


    17 days ago

    This was a hack job lol.

  30. Wyatt Wells

    Wyatt Wells

    18 days ago

    You should call the boat reaper slipper

  31. A Dawson

    A Dawson

    18 days ago

    the turfinator

  32. Sheldon Morgan

    Sheldon Morgan

    18 days ago

    Turn subtitles on at 5:23

  33. Audrey Kiestler

    Audrey Kiestler

    18 days ago

    Turf dinger slinger

  34. Kole Sitley

    Kole Sitley

    18 days ago

    I think the turf gripper

  35. D.mushroom Hunter

    D.mushroom Hunter

    19 days ago

    Home turf dangle dinghy!

  36. Dustan DeWeese

    Dustan DeWeese

    19 days ago

    Tirfin torpit

  37. James Harper Evans

    James Harper Evans

    19 days ago

    they make marine carpet that is made for boat decks.

  38. Arsen Diaz

    Arsen Diaz

    19 days ago

    Farm version adin ross

  39. Jana Scherschel

    Jana Scherschel

    19 days ago

    Dangle barge

  40. radefisherman 17

    radefisherman 17

    19 days ago

    Nice job man! You can make a battery box, cut a square piece by the trolling motor in the front and place a battery in there and make a lid with hinges and then you don’t have to worry about getting the battery wet or thrown off the deck. Hopefully these tips will help. Thanks

  41. Brock Sprecco

    Brock Sprecco

    20 days ago

    You should name it the green machine💚like so flair can see

  42. A vines

    A vines

    20 days ago

    I want a boat just like that so bad

  43. Creston Weaver

    Creston Weaver

    20 days ago

    Flair u should cut out a square in the front and put a handle on it like a door where u can open and close it and maybe make a bait tank or a place where the battery can go it be pretty cool keep up the good work really enjoy the videos.

  44. Mandy Moldenhauer

    Mandy Moldenhauer

    20 days ago

    surf and turf😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  45. Michael Godwin

    Michael Godwin

    20 days ago

    Perfect name

  46. Michael Godwin

    Michael Godwin

    20 days ago

    The surf and turf

  47. Medic Mike adventures

    Medic Mike adventures

    20 days ago

    name it par 3

  48. Johnson Family Project Johnson

    Johnson Family Project Johnson

    20 days ago

    The Turfinator

  49. Le_mustardman43


    20 days ago

    what hapend to the farm pond

  50. Kaden Weaver

    Kaden Weaver

    20 days ago

    Turf demo or turf dingy

  51. Austin Atkinson

    Austin Atkinson

    20 days ago

    Little late watching the vid...but heres a name: The water mower

  52. Deharpart02


    20 days ago

    The Googan Greengo

  53. Jake Pomeroy

    Jake Pomeroy

    20 days ago

    Trucking turf

  54. Rocky Assap

    Rocky Assap

    21 day ago

    Flair the coolest dude

  55. Travis 1216

    Travis 1216

    21 day ago

    Missing geese ?

  56. Lucas Donnelly

    Lucas Donnelly

    21 day ago

    a cool name for the boat will be best sailection.

  57. Rob


    21 day ago

    Putter is good

  58. Kaister


    21 day ago

    FFL Flair Front Lawn

  59. Fraser Croft

    Fraser Croft

    21 day ago

    i like the go pro

  60. Bc D

    Bc D

    21 day ago

    You need to get a solar panel battery charger for the boat so you can just leave the battery on it.

  61. Carsen Wood

    Carsen Wood

    21 day ago

    call it turfin

  62. Tiny Boat Nation

    Tiny Boat Nation

    21 day ago

    That green carpet is dope!!! Nice boat.

  63. Pt Allen

    Pt Allen

    21 day ago

    Name the boat grass turf 😀

  64. Fishing With Charlie

    Fishing With Charlie

    21 day ago

    I like banjo he different, changing the mask game

  65. Cameron Mackenzie

    Cameron Mackenzie

    22 days ago

    The turf tinny. In Australia an aluminium boat is called a tinny. A can of beer is a tinny. Aluminium can -> aluminium boat -> tinny.

  66. pokex plays

    pokex plays

    22 days ago

    boat name surfnturf

  67. william henkels

    william henkels

    22 days ago

    The Put Put

  68. Zz ROGO zZ

    Zz ROGO zZ

    22 days ago

    Dont do my girl Bailey like that

  69. ツAdictionz


    22 days ago

    Flair water sits on turf

  70. Jaden Brooks

    Jaden Brooks

    22 days ago

    The bout name should be the grass tracker

  71. nTOMnia


    22 days ago

    The chunkies probably have eggs.

  72. MW OutDoors

    MW OutDoors

    22 days ago

    Call the boat the surf and turf

  73. Rippinlips Tv

    Rippinlips Tv

    22 days ago

    The dinkfield cuz the grass

  74. Denvil Game’s

    Denvil Game’s

    22 days ago

    Call it jerk and turf

  75. TheBackYardBoys


    22 days ago

    dink dingy

  76. David Messersmith

    David Messersmith

    22 days ago

    Turf turd. Best I got so far

  77. TheBigBrutes


    22 days ago

    marine grade used waterproof glue. The chemicals in marine grade would still need to be sealed.

  78. Keenen Grant

    Keenen Grant

    22 days ago

    I’d like to see some vids of you running the dogs. You got heaps of toys to ride while they chase you, cmon!

  79. Andrew Snyder

    Andrew Snyder

    22 days ago

    The new boat should be called the terf temanator

  80. colby sheppard

    colby sheppard

    22 days ago

    the boats name should be angel lol

  81. Steven Ochoa

    Steven Ochoa

    22 days ago


  82. zeroboy711


    22 days ago

    the boat name bass n grass or surf n turf

  83. Sawyer J

    Sawyer J

    22 days ago

    Music do bangin in this video 😂

  84. isaiah vibes_too

    isaiah vibes_too

    22 days ago

    The turf troller 9000 lol

  85. Dustin Perry

    Dustin Perry

    22 days ago

    call it the Turfinator

  86. Zach Lindquist

    Zach Lindquist

    22 days ago

    For carpet use 3M carpet glue it’s a lot easier

  87. Terry Mcmillen

    Terry Mcmillen

    22 days ago

    Name the boat the lochness

  88. sandra paul

    sandra paul

    22 days ago

    Turf turd

  89. Trent Schumaker

    Trent Schumaker

    22 days ago

    googan green /name for boat

  90. Tyler Harrell

    Tyler Harrell

    22 days ago

    You should name the boat the green cuz like golfing on the green all the boat is green also

  91. Kenneth Gaines

    Kenneth Gaines

    22 days ago

    The turfish

  92. Schemil 42

    Schemil 42

    22 days ago

    the socboat bevause SoCcEr

  93. Jason McDaniel

    Jason McDaniel

    22 days ago

    Call the boat the Astro Glider!

  94. Jason McDaniel

    Jason McDaniel

    22 days ago

    26:11 Hmmm?

  95. PCJ Fishing

    PCJ Fishing

    22 days ago

    Should call this boat the Surff and Turff

  96. Seth Wells

    Seth Wells

    22 days ago

    Lumber prices will continue to rise some more, big corporations realize ok people are building like crazy, let's up the price cause they will buy it either way, gain a huge profit and it wont drop till this house market bursts. 3 months, 6 months, a year, whenever it will be, than they will flood the lumber market since they stockpiled. For instance, Menards will stockpile, drop price first causing everyone to buy from them at that point, competition will be forced to drop prices to compete and itll be back to a lower price. Itll take time, never will be back to normal but itll drop.

  97. Gavin Bixler

    Gavin Bixler

    22 days ago

    1 year ago a sheet of ply wood (osb) was 8 bucks in Tennessee now it’s 80 bucks

  98. Fish On

    Fish On

    22 days ago

    Sub to fish on

  99. Stampede


    23 days ago

    The new boat name Surf and Turf



      22 days ago .

  100. Adam Choukri

    Adam Choukri

    23 days ago

    There was 5 ges when he released dem and now only 4



      22 days ago .