Bunker Branding Leveling Up BIG TIME!!!!

Thanks so much for all the love and support guys!!! Grab a shirt/hoodie/patch and join the Demolitia today!!! www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/demolition-ranch
I get lots of comments asking about my equipment, here is what I use to make my videos!
Main Camera amzn.to/3cTN8qf
Secondary Camera amzn.to/30qx5vb
Drones amzn.to/2Sf0oMF amzn.to/3kWYXyG


  1. Arkansas Jeff

    Arkansas Jeff

    13 days ago

    Party pooper is better 😂

  2. Dakota Collett

    Dakota Collett

    15 days ago

    He needs counts customs to do the trailer

  3. SteepXL


    16 days ago

    I walked by you and didn’t know it was you I was sad but we went and got a demolitia shirt and I was very happy

  4. Ree Ree

    Ree Ree

    16 days ago

    Yes! I’ve BEEN asking for an El Chromino shirt. What if I can’t come to the event, but still want a Chromino shirt??

  5. jupiter 48

    jupiter 48

    17 days ago

    If you kill a chicken...you're a party pooper....🤭🐶🐔

  6. Brent Chuck

    Brent Chuck

    17 days ago

    Love me a good epic edit!

  7. Eerik Bahovski

    Eerik Bahovski

    18 days ago

    you should buy an rv

  8. Virgo Pink

    Virgo Pink

    19 days ago

    “ May or may not have beat him with a dead chicken” like everyone does that every day amazing quote though

  9. Michael Cullum

    Michael Cullum

    19 days ago

    Epic edit for the win.

  10. Cedric Broussard

    Cedric Broussard

    21 day ago

    Nice trailer!!!

  11. G. Cowdrey7

    G. Cowdrey7

    22 days ago

    LUL "Your dog", gotta make 'em wear it around for the shame

  12. Charles Lynch

    Charles Lynch

    22 days ago

    Dang u just keep buying really kool stuff I love it Mere probably not so much but u can say this purchase was a business decision wich is true so she can't be mad about that I don't think

  13. Adrian Orona

    Adrian Orona

    22 days ago

    I’m with you I get really excited when we get a new trailer

  14. NursingTen0


    22 days ago

    Huh, looks like his trailer doubles as a boat trailer too!

  15. evelyn renz

    evelyn renz

    22 days ago

    We always raised our dogs with chicken and cats...

  16. FreedomCells org : PrepperNet com

    FreedomCells org : PrepperNet com

    23 days ago

    I have a feeling you're going to love that King Ranch truck too much & won't want the new Dodge truck when it comes out 😁. That's too bad Demo killed a chicken. Some people believe once a dog tastes blood from killing an animal the dog is never the same. Hopefully this doesn't become an ongoing problem with Demo. BRCC is NOT our friend 8m28s usgone.info/award/video/sLecd2a7pp20r8k

  17. Aaron Bean

    Aaron Bean

    23 days ago

    You don't need a tent, USE THE TRAILER!!!

  18. Corny Froesse

    Corny Froesse

    23 days ago

    Bye some new rims for your super duty

  19. Van


    23 days ago

    you should paint a massive demolition ranch logo on that trailer

  20. Gtagodgabe#1


    23 days ago

    omg i am the same about trailers when i see one i get to exited for a 12 year old

  21. Travis Studebaker

    Travis Studebaker

    23 days ago

    The chicken was at the barn do something shady, demo walks in. Chicken sees demo and grabs the hammer, no witnesses. A struggle ensues hence the chewed handle. Demo defended himself.

  22. Hotrod breck

    Hotrod breck

    23 days ago

    Man I wish I could go.

  23. Mr Smith and the Outdoors

    Mr Smith and the Outdoors

    24 days ago

    Will there be a meet and greet deal? I'll sell more feet pictures for a Vip deal man. Im not at all worried that they will LOVE these hairy toes... just saying. I just told the wife. Ive gotta find a way to get there. Definitely another easier then getting off work to go to Texas. Youre bringing the bunker and demolitia to us Hoosier. Shoot... I can't miss it.

  24. Doug’s Home Shop

    Doug’s Home Shop

    24 days ago

    In case you don’t already have one...If your new trailer has a combined weight rating over 10k in Texas (it is if a car hauler) and in most but not all other states you will need a ‘type’ A driver’s license but not commercial license. Same tests as commercial but not the medical and electrical log requirements, weigh stations etc. If used for one if your businesses (logo on side) you or the driver will need an actual Type A Commercial license and that requirement is in every state. If stopped by a State police and not correctly licensed you may have them take it out of service which means be required to park it until you can get a properly licensed driver there.

  25. The Faceless Gamer

    The Faceless Gamer

    24 days ago

    And if you sell your merch you can sell it out of the trailer with that side door all you got to do is just put a table or something in the way right there too lock off from people getting up in there so you don't have to bring a adding or some kind of tent to put up to sell your merch

  26. king st du rich

    king st du rich

    25 days ago

    Lighting McQueen whooo?? And you should have the reaper come out and paint it for you

  27. Aaron Eftink

    Aaron Eftink

    25 days ago

    New tires on the ford

  28. Milo Starkjr

    Milo Starkjr

    25 days ago

    Who are these people disliking the video

  29. Bloop Bloop

    Bloop Bloop

    25 days ago

    5:14 I need one of these



    25 days ago

    if you don't want them to kill chickens you beat them with the dead chicken and then tie it to them- related story i country friend of mine did this and the dog started chasing their daughter who is deathly afraid of chickens and then at night in got into the house and started snuggling with the daughter who then freaked out.

  31. DailyGamer


    25 days ago

    Get a back seat mat for dogs to protect your seats

  32. Kadin Wiens

    Kadin Wiens

    25 days ago

    Don't worry Matt I also have a weird obsession for trailers and I don't know why because I have literally nothing to haul yet I still want one of each!

  33. Tim Parker

    Tim Parker

    25 days ago

    Need to get a full length awning for the trailer ... trust me you’ll be glad later that you did...

  34. Schwarttzy


    25 days ago

    Not a fan of six wheel trucks and jeeps

  35. TheBaconBrotato


    25 days ago

    For the trailer, I say you do a Bunker Branding/Demolitia logo on the sides and you riding a shark on the rear gate.

  36. herne777


    25 days ago

    nice trailer

  37. timothy naquin

    timothy naquin

    25 days ago

    "in over your head", isn't that how you normally operate?

  38. Claire Mahony

    Claire Mahony

    25 days ago

    You don't need to set up a tent to sell your merch ...... just sell it straight out of the trailer!!

  39. Allen Westland

    Allen Westland

    26 days ago

    Ok were is the wheels and tires for the new truck plus bumpers... Mount a winch on the inside of trailer...

  40. Patrick Wilson

    Patrick Wilson

    26 days ago


  41. Kaleb Vaughn

    Kaleb Vaughn

    26 days ago

    Right choice with the power stroke brotha! If it does happen to be one of the wonky ones that blows early have it replaced under factory warranty then tune and delete it

  42. kristiankj


    26 days ago

    Cletus loves bleachers Matt loves trailers 🤣🤣

  43. Avery Harris

    Avery Harris

    26 days ago

    I have the image of DemoMatt beating his dog with a chicken and every few seconds bust out laughing.

  44. MyBrick


    26 days ago

    Hey Matt, are you making another "Restoring the Demolisha Mansion" video soon????????????

  45. Paavo Nurmi

    Paavo Nurmi

    26 days ago

    Why didn’t i get a notification for this

  46. Robert Mcdonald

    Robert Mcdonald

    26 days ago

    You aren't making the new batmobile are you?

  47. Leonard Bixler

    Leonard Bixler

    26 days ago

    Lmao funniest video in a while. Put the mural that was in bunker 1 on the trailer. It'd stand out at shows for sure.

  48. Dedshot66 Sahib

    Dedshot66 Sahib

    26 days ago

    Hey Matt lift your ford put better tiers

  49. Landon Falatok

    Landon Falatok

    26 days ago

    What happened to other dog

  50. Bj Fulford

    Bj Fulford

    26 days ago

    Stoked to meet you at cleetus and cars indy!!!

  51. Stephen Lubey

    Stephen Lubey

    26 days ago

    our prime minister made black rifle coffee company a restricted weapon here

  52. Danny Schneible

    Danny Schneible

    26 days ago

    You can also sell merch from the side hatch.

  53. Jaden Perez

    Jaden Perez

    26 days ago

    The inside trailer lights will turn on when the trucks running lights are on

  54. spf1218


    26 days ago

    C4s aren't ugly, especially the '90s versions, but even more so the ZR1.

  55. aaah tex

    aaah tex

    26 days ago

    **2 Spares hung on the walls - 1 spare on each side wall = Your tandem axle minimum spare tire requirement!!!**

  56. Lily Rizo

    Lily Rizo

    26 days ago

    Will you buy my heifer??😊🐄 she’s bred

  57. aaah tex

    aaah tex

    26 days ago

    Dozer never killed any chickens, or, did he??? BAD DEMO!!! God Bless your chickens!

  58. FarmBoyGamer


    26 days ago

    Matt I can’t believe you didn’t call that a party pooper

  59. Marc Stone

    Marc Stone

    26 days ago

    Hey, you should west coast customs that trailer. It would make a sick video and they would do an amazing job i bet.

  60. Chev_man _13

    Chev_man _13

    26 days ago

    Watch as a dodge guy buys a Ford and is only exited about about the tow mirrors

  61. Timmy G

    Timmy G

    26 days ago

    Yout inside trailer lights will work when you are plugged into your truck...😒

  62. Travis Hartley

    Travis Hartley

    26 days ago


  63. L Boswell

    L Boswell

    26 days ago

    i like trailers to matt don't worry

  64. redneck life

    redneck life

    26 days ago

    Why didn't you go to the tenth annual yeeyee day for granger

  65. Indiana Dipper

    Indiana Dipper

    26 days ago

    I’m thinking you run the barracuda in the contest as the burrnacuda.

  66. Dr Herb

    Dr Herb

    26 days ago

    ‘I may or may not have beaten him with a dead chicken’🤣🤣🤣🤣

  67. DatguyCAK


    26 days ago

    I've only been watching your channels for a few months now. I've watched most everything on Demo Ranch and a lot on here. You guys are great people, a great family, and fun to watch. I just want to say thank you for making quality, wholesome and fun content. BTW I just went back out of curiosity and eneded up watching the "babies first steps" video and Mere has not aged..at all. Matt, you're a lucky man.

  68. Gannon Dougherty

    Gannon Dougherty

    26 days ago

    Wrap the trailer chrome

  69. Dalton Smith

    Dalton Smith

    26 days ago

    Your dog isn’t a dog unless it’s killed a chicken 😭😭

  70. Noobthatisman


    26 days ago

    My Birthday is in 5 Days!!!

  71. Tyler West

    Tyler West

    26 days ago

    Haha living in Indianapolis finally has its perks

  72. Tyler Thomas

    Tyler Thomas

    26 days ago

    I just saw the El Chromino on a trailer headed south on I-275 in St Petersburg just north of I-375. I wonder why it's headed south...

  73. Loving The Real World

    Loving The Real World

    26 days ago

    Pets are a handful thanks for the videos from usgone.info

  74. wi11y1960


    26 days ago

    Not rich enough to make the journey. Otherwise I would go.

  75. Dylan Baxter

    Dylan Baxter

    26 days ago

    This video didn’t pop up in my subscription page

  76. Richard Wicker

    Richard Wicker

    26 days ago

    Hey Matt, sorry about the chicken, but anyway you are gonna have a big DEMOLITION Ranch sticker made for the new trailer? Just a thought. Good luck on the move to the mansion.

  77. David Greenwood

    David Greenwood

    26 days ago

    Put a couple of locks on it, it may just roll away.

  78. Henry 44 mag.

    Henry 44 mag.

    26 days ago

    Actually brother that's what you're supposed to do with the dog after they done that and then hang it around their neck for a while.

  79. Simjedi


    26 days ago

    If you want some good very strong portable DiY tables check out the Ron Paulk channel. He made his for wood working but they can be adapted to anything. Also be sure to insulate so anyone working for extended periods of time in it won't feel like they are in an oven. Also paint the roof white.

  80. Bubba's Property Maintenance

    Bubba's Property Maintenance

    26 days ago

    Me to bro i love trailers I have 2 inclosed trailers and a dump trailer you should see my wife face when I come home with one priceless

  81. Shazbot277


    26 days ago

    use your Arnold voice when you say "This is the party popper"

  82. Joseph Allen

    Joseph Allen

    26 days ago

    Would love to go to Indianapolis , but they have a mandatory face mask at the track . No face diaper for me and I really wanted to go .

  83. Ed Wolfram

    Ed Wolfram

    26 days ago

    Why get a tent? Wrap it and use it a a sales trailer put a table/counter in that hatch and hock merch out of it.

  84. James Nichols

    James Nichols

    26 days ago

    "Party Pooper" Is the million dollar name. Lol

  85. ElementXtra


    26 days ago

    I'm sorry matt but you are simply wrong. you DO in act need a Grand sport and a ZR1

  86. Drew PeaCock

    Drew PeaCock

    26 days ago

    U and cletus have to do a collaboration shirt **************""

  87. CC- 5052

    CC- 5052

    26 days ago

    Please remake the come and take it toilet paper shirt!! Mine has a bunch of holes and stains. I will buy 2 if you bring it back

  88. Brad Whelan

    Brad Whelan

    26 days ago

    Demo's head is filling out. Good looking dog

  89. Vincent Juliano

    Vincent Juliano

    26 days ago

    matt love your channel my dream is to come to texas to meet you and to see your whole arsenal btw is the f150 still alive since u gave it to whislindiesel i think you should buy a 1969 dodge charger if you have a 5 ton trailer lmtv mansion 3500 hummer bronco amc rebel and a ell camino o and the corvette please get a 1969 dodge charger

  90. David Leet

    David Leet

    26 days ago

    When i first saw the preview i thought maybe Bunker Branding was going to start serving Black Rifle coffe - another store front for BRC

  91. Simon Ross

    Simon Ross

    26 days ago

    Paint the old Bunker mural on the side!



    26 days ago


  93. inktownbitch21


    27 days ago

    6x6 strad 😈👀

  94. ecidemon


    27 days ago

    who knew, guys who like guns sometimes also like cars

  95. Days of Pain and Victory

    Days of Pain and Victory

    27 days ago

    Hopefully the el chromino exhaust fits, is it too wide?

    • Days of Pain and Victory

      Days of Pain and Victory

      27 days ago

      haha i made this comment before I saw the trailer or heard the width, it'll fit

  96. Duck


    27 days ago

    Anyone know what dog breed demo is?

  97. Thomas Moss

    Thomas Moss

    27 days ago

    Do a wrap on trailer dedicated to your brother that past.

  98. Thomas Moss

    Thomas Moss

    27 days ago

    It's in there DNA..

  99. Ethan Perez

    Ethan Perez

    27 days ago

    Hey Matt I dislocated my knee cap it hurts

  100. Jim Pumphrey

    Jim Pumphrey

    27 days ago

    You could set up a table just inside that side awning and sell the merch from there. And have easy access to the remaining inventory.