BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime • Season 8 Trailer

Premiering Friday, June 18th at 3pm PT, Ryan and Shane are back for the new and final season of BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime!


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  1. DEVUL BOY ✨🌌

    DEVUL BOY ✨🌌

    15 minutes ago

    worth it and now this, bummer man

  2. sportman2536


    2 hours ago

    True Crime Season 8 Trailer : YESSS!! This is a Final season : NOOOOO!!!!

  3. Donut Click

    Donut Click

    3 hours ago

    Final Season? Noooooooo

  4. Nicole Atauchi

    Nicole Atauchi

    4 hours ago

    Can you do the hangan river case about the medical student?

  5. Ken Rangga

    Ken Rangga

    8 hours ago

    me seeing this pop up in my recommend: YESSSSSSSSSS me 3 seconds in: NOOOOOOOOO

  6. Fiza Bawa

    Fiza Bawa

    9 hours ago

    Nooo final season!!! Just when I thought 2021 couldn't get worse

  7. Fiza Bawa

    Fiza Bawa

    9 hours ago


  8. TBSpromotions


    9 hours ago

    The watcher is much better anyways lol. This series is great though

  9. Liam Sharman

    Liam Sharman

    9 hours ago

    Are they gonna do another super natural season or is there no more

  10. Jolly


    10 hours ago

    There is still gonna be more Buzzfeed: Unsolved Supernatural, guys

  11. Rowan Hawkes

    Rowan Hawkes

    11 hours ago

    I can't believe it's ending

  12. Theodor Christensen

    Theodor Christensen

    11 hours ago

    No more supernatural ?

  13. Mister Mercury Saturn

    Mister Mercury Saturn

    12 hours ago

    We better get the finale of The Hot Daga or I'm gonna do the job

  14. Nas Samad

    Nas Samad

    14 hours ago

    I'm confused, why is this the last season? :(

  15. Brown K.

    Brown K.

    14 hours ago

    final season?

  16. Keaghan Quenneville

    Keaghan Quenneville

    16 hours ago

    New season: YESSIR Last season: My disipointment is imessurable and my day is ruined

  17. Jen C.

    Jen C.

    16 hours ago

    I’m sad that it’s the last season but grateful for the closure 🤍

  18. caroweena


    16 hours ago

    i’m sad i love this series sm :((

  19. Dainara Melo

    Dainara Melo

    16 hours ago

    shut up im crying

  20. MXF Media Productions

    MXF Media Productions

    16 hours ago

    It would be interesting if they do El Paso couples disappearance in 1957 the Patterson’s. I only knew this because of Courage the Cowardly Dog that was inspired by this mysterious case.

  21. Blair Buchanan

    Blair Buchanan

    16 hours ago

    Final season????? Wtf!

  22. Evan TGM10

    Evan TGM10

    18 hours ago

    Think you could do the Woolfolk murders? I actually live near where the house was.

  23. Drexxツ


    18 hours ago

    "Season 8 Trailer for buzzfeed unsolved" YES YES YES YES! "Final Season" NO NO NO NO!

  24. Francisco Rico

    Francisco Rico

    19 hours ago

    Can you cover the unsolved disappearance of kremers and lisanne froon

  25. sophie c

    sophie c

    20 hours ago


  26. zanna  elle music

    zanna elle music

    21 hour ago


  27. Alberto Cardenas

    Alberto Cardenas

    21 hour ago


  28. just a stan

    just a stan

    21 hour ago


  29. Khayla


    22 hours ago


  30. Brianna Jackson

    Brianna Jackson

    23 hours ago

    Where is BU Supernatural??!

  31. SiniyRus


    Day ago

    if this series end im gonna scream

  32. vanessa joaquin

    vanessa joaquin

    Day ago

    Final season 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  33. Colored BANDAGES

    Colored BANDAGES

    Day ago

    Why tho

  34. Mikey Guadarrama

    Mikey Guadarrama

    Day ago


  35. AllThingsNerd


    Day ago

    The final season wow… whatever you guys do now hope it’s great… I’ve only be around since season 5 thank you for the hours of entertainment.

  36. Jayb Ministros

    Jayb Ministros

    Day ago

    How about the Supernatural? 😱👹👽

  37. Aaditya Vaid

    Aaditya Vaid

    Day ago

    Wait is there just not gonna be a supernatural season then?

  38. Alex_2089


    Day ago

    REMEMBER THEY HAVE THEIR OWN USgone NOW!!! usgone.infowatcher

  39. Dann carlo Reformado

    Dann carlo Reformado

    Day ago

    Wheres the supernatural?!?!

  40. AmyLynn Puckett

    AmyLynn Puckett

    Day ago

    This makes me so sad

  41. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    Day ago

    Ryan finally ran out of adjectives for titles, that's why they're ending the show. Final got to the bottom on the thesaurus

  42. Iceman


    Day ago

    Final season? Damn literally the only good part of buzzfeed is ending

  43. natalie


    Day ago


  44. lexywexi


    Day ago

    the freakin' mannequin is back aaaaaah!!!!!!!

  45. Wayne Garrett

    Wayne Garrett

    Day ago

    we want more of Shane and Ryan!!!!!

  46. Simon Oab

    Simon Oab

    Day ago

    I hope that this final season for BUN meant they're bringing the series to Watcher. One could only hope 😩

    • eioshen boboi

      eioshen boboi

      Day ago

      ryan and shane

  47. Daniel Hamburger

    Daniel Hamburger

    Day ago

    Noooo the this is my favorite show and it makes you a lot of money and it is good content

  48. Rox Ane

    Rox Ane

    Day ago

    What about supernatural???? The one demonic investigate per season?

  49. eyeless jack

    eyeless jack

    Day ago

    When this show end so does buzzfeed

  50. suny :]

    suny :]

    Day ago


  51. John Tyler

    John Tyler

    Day ago

    Setegawa Murders



    Day ago

    I'm unsubbing once I watch the whole final season because this channel has nothing good to offer other than Ryan, Shane, and the unsolved crime

  53. Dark


    Day ago

    True Crime? Again? Why?

  54. Angel Najera

    Angel Najera

    Day ago

    I won’t watch buzzfeed after they leave 😩 they are the only reason I tuned in at all 💯 happy they are moving on with their careers.. but sad I won’t see “buzzfeed unsolved new season” 😞😪

  55. Val :]

    Val :]

    Day ago

    i’m not crying😄😂😊

  56. Tranquil Phoenix

    Tranquil Phoenix

    Day ago

    Why the final season though 😭

  57. Araceli Rivera

    Araceli Rivera

    Day ago

    You should visit the Conjuring House!

  58. Ephram Nitz

    Ephram Nitz

    Day ago

    Why is it ending just don’t end it!!!!!!!!

  59. Gabriela Castillo

    Gabriela Castillo

    Day ago

    wait, final season of true crime... but what about supernatural?

  60. Mohamed Nagooradumai

    Mohamed Nagooradumai

    Day ago

    ryan and shane

  61. Mohamed Nagooradumai

    Mohamed Nagooradumai

    Day ago

  62. Mohamed Nagooradumai

    Mohamed Nagooradumai

    Day ago


  63. Mohamed Nagooradumai

    Mohamed Nagooradumai

    Day ago

    i hate this no this not the the final plss

  64. Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan

    Day ago

    Can you do a video on the Yorkshire ripper please

  65. Salient Solution

    Salient Solution

    Day ago

    Please continue some version of this and supernatural over on the watcher channel

  66. hellper198


    Day ago

    Final Season, 2021 was supposed to better not worse.

  67. tradlach


    Day ago

    the real true crime here is, that it's the last season!

  68. Allen Biju

    Allen Biju

    Day ago

    Oh man final season ?😩😩

  69. Animegirl1823 J

    Animegirl1823 J

    Day ago

    Why does it have to enddd whyyyyyyyyy

  70. WolfLight Moon

    WolfLight Moon

    2 days ago

    What about supernatural

  71. WolfLight Moon

    WolfLight Moon

    2 days ago

    No I don't agree with this why is the final season

  72. Rock girl

    Rock girl

    2 days ago

    Final Season?! This is the only good thing Buzzfeed has ever made!

  73. Yeema Wheaver

    Yeema Wheaver

    2 days ago

    Hopefully we can get one last season of supernatural too

  74. Lynorran Eldritch

    Lynorran Eldritch

    2 days ago

    I am equally excited and disappointed.

  75. Cristina Dobanda

    Cristina Dobanda

    2 days ago


  76. MBnova


    2 days ago

    So much for the ‘Buzzfeed Unsolved Network’, guess they’re gonna have to come up with a new name. I really hope this decision wasn’t just made so Ryan could just host his own show about aliens and the supernatural 😂 (I like the supernatural series as well, but nowhere as much as true crime)

    • Rock girl

      Rock girl

      2 days ago

      I'll miss you ghouls boys!!!

  77. Vinna Navarra

    Vinna Navarra

    2 days ago


  78. No Mercy

    No Mercy

    2 days ago

    Final Season? Scatch that! Boys i missed you! Just Nope! absolutly NOPE! Or to say it in German: Nein verdammt nochmal nein das geht nicht! das dürft ihr nicht! Das geht so nicht! (guys, you 2 are like my Bud Spencer and terence Hill of this Time) Like ... i keep watching the recent unsolved stuff wanting more. PLZ ty and get more than one season out of this

  79. EthanWood1205


    2 days ago

    Final season? They gotta do Madeline McCann

  80. Tapas Sharma

    Tapas Sharma

    2 days ago

    final? wtf why why why whyyyyyyyyy we want moreeeeeeeeeeee

  81. Ems Vergara

    Ems Vergara

    2 days ago

    FINAL SEASON?? 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  82. Sofi R

    Sofi R

    2 days ago


  83. Amber Abad

    Amber Abad

    2 days ago

    I hope they could cover unsolved cases they tackled upon that had been finally solved if there ever was.

  84. rd gamas

    rd gamas

    2 days ago

    Final season?! But why?! 😓

  85. Julian Rome

    Julian Rome

    2 days ago

    Last??? Whyyyy boiiii whyyyy nooooooo Matee why last season boiiii noooo whyyy ehhhh ahhhh nyaaaaa...just whyyyy this is Ara Ara~~~ whyyy Mah men why please why last like you can make more just don't say last😭😭😭

  86. Hey what’s up?

    Hey what’s up?

    2 days ago

    Final season? Nooo

  87. I Love Paper Cups

    I Love Paper Cups

    2 days ago


  88. Tarunya Siva Kumar

    Tarunya Siva Kumar

    2 days ago


  89. Stephanie Brown

    Stephanie Brown

    2 days ago

    What? Why?

  90. LookingSomewhere


    2 days ago

    I'll miss you ghouls boys!!!

  91. Lukey and ryry 2k17

    Lukey and ryry 2k17

    2 days ago

    A one else binging the other seasons before the premiere?!

  92. Gpaderx


    2 days ago

    Everyone talking about this series ending and Ghoul bois are gone, while I'm here asking myself if Unsolved True Crime Series having it's final season, what about Unsolved Supernatural?????? Just wait for itt guuuyyss

  93. I’ll do my work tomorrow.

    I’ll do my work tomorrow.

    2 days ago

    Final season 🥺

  94. Savreah _Ko

    Savreah _Ko

    2 days ago

    If this is the final season I’m going to cry because I didn’t missed them to hear this 😭😭

    • Savreah _Ko

      Savreah _Ko

      2 days ago


  95. Bard Loe

    Bard Loe

    2 days ago

    This show kept me insane this lockdown and i cant believe it's finally ending😭😭

    • pro life? all i know is pro wrestling

      pro life? all i know is pro wrestling

      Day ago

      me too girl unless you mean sane lol

  96. Pransiya Olor

    Pransiya Olor

    2 days ago


  97. Chaitaly Das

    Chaitaly Das

    2 days ago

    Me : I wander why everything is going too smooth for 3 says in a row My destiny : you don't say *final season*

  98. Slayer 076

    Slayer 076

    2 days ago

    Say that this is a joke....i can't live without the Ghoul boys

  99. Ursula Flores

    Ursula Flores

    2 days ago

    final season??????

  100. Miguel Gomez

    Miguel Gomez

    2 days ago

    Wait did they solved something?