Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I - Official Trailer

Delve into Part I of the Caves \u0026 Cliffs Update with fun mobs, blocks, and items! Team up with the axolotl, swim with the glow squid, and climb with the goats. Mine copper and use it to build structures that will age over time. The Caves \u0026 Cliffs Update: Part I launches on June 8, download Bedrock Edition on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Windows 10, and Java Edition update on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

AUDIO DESCRIPTION version is here:


  1. Ana Gana

    Ana Gana

    3 hours ago


  2. zxc_u3


    3 hours ago

    بدال ماتعرضون الأشياء الي جبتوها عرضتم تيس؟ 🙂

  3. NP SEE

    NP SEE

    3 hours ago

    Missed opportunity for the screaming goat at the end

  4. Cyb3rklev


    3 hours ago

    minecraft angery goat update

  5. Binamrata Udaya shrestha

    Binamrata Udaya shrestha

    3 hours ago

    The die by goats update

  6. Scientific Matthew

    Scientific Matthew

    3 hours ago

    80% Goats 9% Axolotls 1% Glow squid 0% Amethyst geodes 0% New blocks 0.9% Spyglass 1% Lightning rod

  7. Jeni


    3 hours ago

    si minecraft esta pasado en la era medieabal por que no ai soldados aldeanos

  8. Dedo Lolo

    Dedo Lolo

    3 hours ago

    Next: Minecraft PS5 Trailer

  9. Miguel Membrillo

    Miguel Membrillo

    3 hours ago

    Wow nays

  10. Port


    3 hours ago

    I think in the next snapshots 1.17 it is worth abbing the cracked ice mechanic, that is how is works, you put a block of is next to, under, from, the top, and you put it, lava, fire, torch, or a block of magma, and the ice cracks after 5 seconds, and after 20 seconds it completely turns into water.

  11. Harsha Shastri

    Harsha Shastri

    3 hours ago

    Why goat is so agresive

  12. Why are u reading my user name

    Why are u reading my user name

    3 hours ago

    Anyone miss the old trailers with the real gameplay and dialogue

  13. hurainuim


    3 hours ago

    Day 1 of asking Mojang to add Tinted Glass Panes to Minecraft

  14. WHITTY


    3 hours ago

    Dienisour uptade plz

  15. Abodi Abodi

    Abodi Abodi

    4 hours ago


  16. 강원도


    4 hours ago

    블루위키 기대할게요

  17. Kaneki Ken Deve

    Kaneki Ken Deve

    4 hours ago

    how can you call it "caves and cliffs update" when all you did is add goats?

  18. Nonot


    4 hours ago

    part 1 noooo

  19. Error!Sans


    4 hours ago

    Bruh all y’all showed were goats 😂

  20. gicu Gheorghe

    gicu Gheorghe

    4 hours ago

    Hey you want to ad the block of eternal in minecraft java and bedrock the command is give @p block_eternal

  21. Doraemon


    4 hours ago

    Superman goat

  22. cloudbyx


    4 hours ago

    please add red dragon in 1.19

  23. EsLInOw


    4 hours ago


  24. Alfir Gaming

    Alfir Gaming

    4 hours ago

    Goat Apocalypse Be Like:

  25. နန်း ဦး

    နန်း ဦး

    4 hours ago


  26. Un Edd piola

    Un Edd piola

    4 hours ago


  27. andrew pollard

    andrew pollard

    4 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the green axolotl?

  28. Muhammed Ali Sargın

    Muhammed Ali Sargın

    4 hours ago

    Finally, Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update! _without caves and cliffs changement_

  29. disc guy

    disc guy

    4 hours ago

    Bro so cool

  30. irfanboyYT😎


    4 hours ago

    Update rtx ray tracing for android and ios

  31. إنيساي كولا - EnissayCula

    إنيساي كولا - EnissayCula

    4 hours ago

    Funny hohoho

  32. Video Games Hahah

    Video Games Hahah

    4 hours ago

    In love with this editing.. 😍

  33. ashok babu

    ashok babu

    4 hours ago

    please release minecraft in india we want to play

  34. Gautam Hujuri

    Gautam Hujuri

    4 hours ago

    At night steve done his work and then he looked at the sky then 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 the goat😂😂😂😂

  35. Haniel Muyco

    Haniel Muyco

    5 hours ago

    Minecraft : headbutt update

  36. Jakub Grono

    Jakub Grono

    5 hours ago

    *goat simulator minecraft verison confirmed*

  37. 오늘만산다


    5 hours ago

    So sad goats doesnt attak vary often

  38. voloi gaming vlog and animation

    voloi gaming vlog and animation

    5 hours ago

    Part 2 you add warden right i forget that monster name



    5 hours ago

    Add drinking water to the game

  40. Erik Larsen

    Erik Larsen

    5 hours ago


  41. TowerOverlord


    5 hours ago

    now make it so you can mount spyglasses on crossbows

  42. Afiq Nur Aiman

    Afiq Nur Aiman

    5 hours ago

    Mojang can you pls make minecraft java on console or continue console/legacy edition?

  43. Nurul Nabilah

    Nurul Nabilah

    5 hours ago

    Do friday night funkin mod

  44. Master killerdaki

    Master killerdaki

    5 hours ago

    Blood for the blood goat

  45. Harsh Abhvani

    Harsh Abhvani

    5 hours ago

    Enderman be like : I won't fall for your tactics, Goat.😤

  46. quetzalcous


    5 hours ago

    Expectation: New caves and cliffs Reality: GOAT

  47. Corporal Anonymous

    Corporal Anonymous

    5 hours ago

    Therapist: Don't worry the goats that will push you into a lava pool aren't real, they can't hurt you Goats that can push me anywhere:

  48. Aiman RiZQin

    Aiman RiZQin

    5 hours ago

    1 Video,Lots of goats pushing things

  49. Mezcon


    5 hours ago

    Part 1: Meh…. Part 2: can’t wait!

  50. GamerProYT


    5 hours ago

    Will there be off hand for mobile

    • Justintro


      5 hours ago

      no cuz how can use the item in ur offhand??

  51. NØVA


    5 hours ago

    When will the Part II. come ?

  52. дияр плей геймс

    дияр плей геймс

    5 hours ago




    5 hours ago

    Pota um dia de graça

  54. Кирилл Сметаненко

    Кирилл Сметаненко

    6 hours ago


  55. Rosalio Ambasan

    Rosalio Ambasan

    6 hours ago

    i like this update

  56. Enhbileg G

    Enhbileg G

    6 hours ago

    Do not play version 1.17 😔😔

  57. pieceofaberry


    6 hours ago

    when I was playing mc on my tablet I got yeeted by many goats and I died then I killed all the goats, :D

  58. Ravi Gowda

    Ravi Gowda

    6 hours ago

    Plz add an swipe sword attack in Minecraft beta Mojango edition plz

    • Asashi


      6 hours ago

      Not beta it’s bedrock

  59. Mary Joy Catacutan

    Mary Joy Catacutan

    6 hours ago

    What this it man? Update year Minecraft what this it goat? Now infinite update to the first time okay now infinite free update okay.

  60. Saikira


    6 hours ago

    I won't be surprised if they make a minecraft movie

  61. Riezo / رايزو

    Riezo / رايزو

    6 hours ago

    ليش خربتو الدايموند جان شكله حلو 🙂

  62. WOOLU


    6 hours ago

    This video should be called Goats & More Goats Update: Part I - Official Trailer

  63. Shoaib burair

    Shoaib burair

    6 hours ago

    Cliffs are made to get pushed of by a goat and caves are made for getting rekt by the warden😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

  64. lee nanthan

    lee nanthan

    6 hours ago

    Why goats kick everyone in the trailer?

  65. RockyJones [GD]

    RockyJones [GD]

    6 hours ago

    I cant wait to try it! My PC: No...

  66. studio Pocket

    studio Pocket

    7 hours ago

    Update best new character cute ( ^ω^ )

  67. Rerauto


    7 hours ago


  68. Axel Perez

    Axel Perez

    7 hours ago

    Soy yo o alex grita 0:31

  69. Дмитрий Чэнь

    Дмитрий Чэнь

    7 hours ago

    Update: CAVES AND CLIFFS Trailer: Goats

  70. TV닝닝이


    7 hours ago

    신 공포영화 염소

  71. bahati


    7 hours ago

    Why i need to buy minecraft 😭😭😢😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  72. A L I C E

    A L I C E

    7 hours ago

    Minecraft: goats and goats update!

  73. Im Coal

    Im Coal

    7 hours ago


  74. melon


    7 hours ago

    They're really MILKING this whole goat thing

  75. Mohammad Ahmed

    Mohammad Ahmed

    7 hours ago

    Goats are overpowered

  76. Praveen Tomar

    Praveen Tomar

    7 hours ago

    Goat is the best in this trailer

  77. SlyctonBits


    7 hours ago

    More like "Push & Beat Update: Part I"

  78. Romi the lego boy

    Romi the lego boy

    8 hours ago

    Probably the best trailer of minecraft

    • Shadow Hawk24

      Shadow Hawk24

      5 hours ago

      I dunno, I'd say the Nether Update trailer is best in my opinion.

  79. minecraft omega

    minecraft omega

    8 hours ago

    I love minecraft

  80. Kevin Limpin

    Kevin Limpin

    8 hours ago

    Wow, the goats' ram ability is so immersive that it pushed the real Caves and Cliffs update to 1.8. Amazing!

  81. D-D-D-DAVE!!! 2

    D-D-D-DAVE!!! 2

    8 hours ago

    When the axolotl headbutted the glow squid, I smiled and got a evil laugh ಠ◡ಠ

  82. Frost Emelard

    Frost Emelard

    8 hours ago

    Plise add warden

    • Cheeselad2401


      7 hours ago

      They’re adding it in 1.18 it’s ok

  83. Hamid Ferhat

    Hamid Ferhat

    8 hours ago

    do you know why they added goats in cliff and cave update cuz a mountain has cliffs and edgy spots they need to add goats cuz in real life goats on edgy cliffs........ uhhh I have messed up so I cant continue what i was trying to say TWT

  84. D-D-D-DAVE!!! 2

    D-D-D-DAVE!!! 2

    8 hours ago

    Thankfully the goats in the real game isn't as violent as the goats in the trailer lol

    • Shadow Hawk24

      Shadow Hawk24

      5 hours ago

      I think they based goats off of Goat Simulator.

  85. D-D-D-DAVE!!! 2

    D-D-D-DAVE!!! 2

    8 hours ago

    *I don't fear anything but this mob scares me!* *some epic music* *_The Goat_*

  86. hiy hb virk

    hiy hb virk

    8 hours ago

    It should be called 1.17 Minecraft:Caves And Cliffs And Goats Update

  87. ken ken

    ken ken

    8 hours ago

    the Goat is a Boss

  88. KickPunchArtist


    8 hours ago

    Warning every single goat is a complete a whole

  89. D-D-D-DAVE!!! 2

    D-D-D-DAVE!!! 2

    8 hours ago

    They should just rename this to the _"Yeeeeeet Update"_

    • Cyb3rklev


      3 hours ago

      no, they should rename this to "angery goat update"

  90. UltETAnt


    8 hours ago

    Maybe make amethyst armour craft able by surrounding netherite armour (or tools) in amethyst goods buds and/or shards

  91. • Bxby Gurl • ヅ

    • Bxby Gurl • ヅ

    8 hours ago

    i have it already and the update so cool

  92. Overse


    8 hours ago

    Its not that they wanted it to be quality, its that all their effort and time went into this trailer, cuz this trailer is flippin amazing

  93. Mariella Eng

    Mariella Eng

    8 hours ago

    Wait its warden mob will be part 2?

    • Cheeselad2401


      7 hours ago

      Warden will be in part 2 yes

  94. Craziness with Ahmed Ali

    Craziness with Ahmed Ali

    8 hours ago

    mojang you have your own books its amazing

  95. Bubli poonam

    Bubli poonam

    8 hours ago


  96. Garcia urbano

    Garcia urbano

    8 hours ago


  97. Satya Ranjan singh

    Satya Ranjan singh

    8 hours ago

    Minecraft 2022 update cave and cliffs part 2

    • Cheeselad2401


      7 hours ago

      Part 2 is coming at Christmas time this year

  98. Can I get 1k without any vids?

    Can I get 1k without any vids?

    8 hours ago

    The goat and goat update

  99. Shungu family

    Shungu family

    9 hours ago

    Minecraft has become goat simulator

  100. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando

    9 hours ago

    Trailer ter rusuh yg gw pernah liat