Chaos and Creatures | Ep. 22 | Minecraft X Life SMP

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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  1. JackSucksAtLife


    2 months ago

    Thank you for honouring my wishes

    • ItsLegendMC


      7 hours ago

      Hello Jack!

    • blueberry_ starcake

      blueberry_ starcake

      16 hours ago

      Why don’t u make more videos

    • Yadira Salazar

      Yadira Salazar

      Day ago

      Lizzi what append

    • Avacado in the nature

      Avacado in the nature

      2 days ago


    • Katharine Fonseca

      Katharine Fonseca

      3 days ago

      @Utood_Kitten I subbed to u I liked ur vids

  2. Vanessa Enriquez

    Vanessa Enriquez

    8 minutes ago

    i just wanna say that lizze made may childhhood and i accept that she quit youtube

  3. rubylyn lozano

    rubylyn lozano

    24 minutes ago

    Why is she not uploading

  4. Amanda Ferris

    Amanda Ferris

    45 minutes ago


  5. Jessica Geib

    Jessica Geib

    Hour ago

    Where's Lizzie? I miss her.

  6. Izzy Cookie

    Izzy Cookie

    Hour ago

    I hope Lizzie posts soon! I’m so sadddddd

  7. amanda goldich

    amanda goldich

    2 hours ago

    Maybe Lizzie should try a dragon fight to finish off the series.

  8. Lowrider4726


    2 hours ago


  9. Keira Marsh

    Keira Marsh

    2 hours ago

    You have not posted in forever

  10. Keira Marsh

    Keira Marsh

    2 hours ago

    Hey are you ok

  11. Jersey Brandt

    Jersey Brandt

    2 hours ago

    Are you okay😢😰 you havent posted in a while... :,{

  12. Irina Vichirko

    Irina Vichirko

    3 hours ago

    Don't laugh I am texting you on my moms account so : I have a question for you before I tell you it I want to tell you if you do I am only starting to watch you so my question :do you have a boyfriend?

    • ixzeoxi


      Hour ago

      yeah.. she's married lol

  13. Tea_ Time

    Tea_ Time

    3 hours ago

    We’re is episode 23 it’s been 2 months?

  14. Mÿštîčäł Wölfîë

    Mÿštîčäł Wölfîë

    4 hours ago

    That is lots of... things with bone he says slashthat’s what she said😂✌🏽

  15. Ashton Brown

    Ashton Brown

    4 hours ago

    Lizzie are you dead or or what

    • Beccas Sounds

      Beccas Sounds

      3 hours ago

      Mental health prob

  16. Muhammad Nawaz

    Muhammad Nawaz

    5 hours ago

    Plz tell me what kind of app u download

  17. O⃠L̸p̸s̸ C̸h̸o̸c̸o̸l̸a̸t̸e̸ M̸i̸l̸k̸O⃠

    O⃠L̸p̸s̸ C̸h̸o̸c̸o̸l̸a̸t̸e̸ M̸i̸l̸k̸O⃠

    5 hours ago

    Lizzy where are you? This is ur newest vid on my iPad

  18. kayti_ _demko

    kayti_ _demko

    5 hours ago

  19. LemonCube xx

    LemonCube xx

    6 hours ago


  20. Kiara Kondiah

    Kiara Kondiah

    6 hours ago

    Ld we are missing u

  21. Ivanka Dykema

    Ivanka Dykema

    6 hours ago

    Hey LDshadowlady when are you posting again

  22. ItsLegendMC


    7 hours ago

    Please upload!

  23. ItsLegendMC


    7 hours ago

    When are you uploading?

  24. Yadira Salazar

    Yadira Salazar

    7 hours ago

    Guys I Hate to do this but Lizzie is dead I’m sorry I’m sad too 😔🥺😭😢

    • ava the frog

      ava the frog

      5 hours ago

      @hi '-' ikr she’s fine

    • hi '-'

      hi '-'

      6 hours ago

      Why are you saying she's dead?

  25. Racheal Ennis

    Racheal Ennis

    7 hours ago

    Hi Lizzie I’m really missing you posting hopefully your ok please post soon because I love your videos I really love you. Love Flo xx

  26. freshAlien2020


    8 hours ago

    Who else took a break from watching her but then came back to hear her voice

  27. Jaianni Gairca

    Jaianni Gairca

    9 hours ago

    Are you dead please upload!! 🥺

  28. crystal parrot

    crystal parrot

    9 hours ago


  29. Caitlin Aroura Smith

    Caitlin Aroura Smith

    9 hours ago

    Hey Lizzie me and my little sister want to know when are you gonna make your next video because we want to watch some more of your vids pls reply

  30. meng lei

    meng lei

    10 hours ago


  31. Its me Cassie

    Its me Cassie

    11 hours ago

    Ive been gone for a month and now she has 7 hearts

  32. Dania Rahmani

    Dania Rahmani

    11 hours ago

    Me: * waits for lizzie to upload a video... The video: * 1 million years later *

  33. Wolf gaming

    Wolf gaming

    12 hours ago

    when you going uploud

  34. Raymund Villanoy

    Raymund Villanoy

    14 hours ago

    Lizzy pls come back☹️

  35. ladochka


    14 hours ago

    Lizzieeee where are u 2 months are already past we miss you🥲🥲🥲

  36. Copyright Free Custom Sounds

    Copyright Free Custom Sounds

    14 hours ago

    2 months dat it why does it feels like everyone is fakin dyeing

  37. Faiza Murad

    Faiza Murad

    15 hours ago

    Lizzie,the new map in among iz iz here!plz play it now

    • Anna Babus

      Anna Babus

      9 hours ago

      She has on her twitch! Check it out

  38. saniya thanvi saniya

    saniya thanvi saniya

    16 hours ago

    hi lizzie

  39. blueberry_ starcake

    blueberry_ starcake

    16 hours ago

    Why don’t u make more videos Lizzie

  40. BunTheBunny


    17 hours ago

    Girl where are you it's been two months

  41. Nothxttie


    18 hours ago

    Lizzy I swear ur dead or sm u haven’t posted in years

    • yungbludxaes


      16 hours ago

      She has been in Smallishbeans videos

  42. Prouda Ego

    Prouda Ego

    18 hours ago

    Why haven't u been uploading resantly

  43. Bonnie Newcomb

    Bonnie Newcomb

    19 hours ago

    I hope she posts soon it’s been 2 months 🥲

  44. Pebble-Star’s Family Tree

    Pebble-Star’s Family Tree

    20 hours ago

    𝕀𝕤 𝕃𝕚𝕫𝕫𝕚𝕖 𝕕𝕖𝕒𝕕?

  45. Lawrence San Juan

    Lawrence San Juan

    21 hour ago

    alternate title: Ldshadowlady insults and adopts orphans

  46. Old Newzz

    Old Newzz

    21 hour ago

    Some of u guys say, "Are U Alive?" Do U Guys Think She's Literally Dead?

    • drame boy

      drame boy

      14 hours ago

      No idea bro because im coming today

  47. Wren Whitley

    Wren Whitley

    22 hours ago

    Lizzie. I just came out to my parents. Could u help me come out to the rest of my parents.... Maybe....

  48. Jonathan Waldner

    Jonathan Waldner

    22 hours ago

    you shod play daycare story it is on roblox

  49. Robert you should you should make horse shop Crofts

    Robert you should you should make horse shop Crofts

    23 hours ago

    Sorry to just amit it but I've been watching you since mod quest

  50. *•* Coffee Bean *•*

    *•* Coffee Bean *•*

    23 hours ago

    Pls upload

  51. Viking 77

    Viking 77

    23 hours ago

    Umm hay you should play the call of duty Cold War

  52. Kevin Brock

    Kevin Brock

    23 hours ago

    Can you do part 23 plz I’m bagging you plzzzzz

  53. Thegy65


    23 hours ago

    Tthis vid bad

  54. Annabelle Viteka

    Annabelle Viteka

    Day ago

    MAKE AN EPISODE 23 PLEASE also i am a HUGE fan

  55. HalaX


    Day ago

    Who has Java and is down to start a smp

  56. owl lovers gamer

    owl lovers gamer

    Day ago

    YoUr aTiOnS HaVe CoNcIcUnCiS

  57. Braff Brothers

    Braff Brothers

    Day ago

    where is the new vid

  58. Monica Choi

    Monica Choi

    Day ago

    Are you going to post a vid

  59. Alison Lye

    Alison Lye

    Day ago

    When are you gonna post again!

  60. Bean


    Day ago

    Thought this channel died. One og my childhood mc channels honestly glad to see its still kicking

  61. Dragon draws

    Dragon draws

    Day ago

    I wach one of your vids =D Relise you havent posted in two months D=

  62. Miricle_xXx


    Day ago

    you should play genshin impact!! i think you would really like it

    • mikorou :3

      mikorou :3

      Day ago


  63. Genessis Martinez

    Genessis Martinez

    Day ago


  64. Nikki Joad

    Nikki Joad

    Day ago


  65. dearbhla nevin

    dearbhla nevin

    Day ago

    i wish u would post more ) :

  66. Γιωργος Κοσμας

    Γιωργος Κοσμας

    Day ago

    Why are you not posting videos

  67. Hayden Gumm

    Hayden Gumm

    Day ago

    Why you not posting it been 2 months

  68. Yadira Salazar

    Yadira Salazar

    Day ago

    Lizzi i still am positive that you will post again

  69. Yadira Salazar

    Yadira Salazar

    Day ago

    Ldshadowlady is DEAD

  70. Emma Walsh

    Emma Walsh

    Day ago

    I'm I the only one who realise that it's been too months since Lizzie posted 😥😥😥😥😧

  71. James Thompson

    James Thompson

    Day ago

    I noticed its been awhile since you posted are you ok? :D

  72. konnichiwaohayo


    Day ago

    I miss you

  73. Lyla Meow

    Lyla Meow

    Day ago

    Hi Lizzie! I am a very impatient person, but I am trying to be patient and I know you need time to get inspired. So I will try to give you some ideas. I know you probably wont do another X-life vid bc everyone else has already finished X-life, but maybe you could do a finale?? But I saw Joel was doing a series called 3rd life and I think that would be fun! I think Scott is also doing it. Just some suggestions, but I thought you could use some inspiration!

  74. Melissa Hubmer

    Melissa Hubmer

    Day ago

    When are you gonna post again? I miss you!

  75. It’s Drea

    It’s Drea

    Day ago

    i have not watched one of your videos in years i started crying right now just seeing that you still post you are my childhood the first video i watched when i was little was one life and after watching one video of yours you had me hooked to playing Minecraft i still love your videos till this day thank you so much for always making me happy when i was little you still are my favorite youtuber :)

  76. Ellie Star

    Ellie Star

    Day ago

    Where’s Lizzie??

  77. Thomas Flynn

    Thomas Flynn

    Day ago

    is she okay? she hasnt posted in months

  78. JK Timan

    JK Timan

    Day ago

    I want everyone to copy and pasted this until lizzie posts another vid... When are you gonna posted we have been waiting forever please please please just post something

  79. Emilie Khury

    Emilie Khury

    Day ago

    Lizzie should write a will next episode

  80. Monnatts Gaming

    Monnatts Gaming

    Day ago

    Where are you ☹️☹️☹️

  81. Roslin Little

    Roslin Little

    Day ago

    where'd you go, lizzie? :((

  82. Banana Brawl stars

    Banana Brawl stars

    Day ago

    You haven’t been uploading :(



    Day ago

    what is the mod you used

  84. Lillian Mathews

    Lillian Mathews

    Day ago

    Where have you been

  85. Anne-Fleur Hooglander

    Anne-Fleur Hooglander

    Day ago

    Whyare you not posting

  86. Xuan Chng

    Xuan Chng

    Day ago

    Hi Lizzie is this the last video? 🙁

  87. Athena K

    Athena K

    Day ago

    plz post more vid's

  88. qii Mea

    qii Mea

    Day ago

    We’re growing up to fast tbh Build vs was a year/ 2 years ago. 1 life was 4 years ago. kingdom craft was 1/2 years ago. Crazy craft was 5/4 years ago. She hit 5 million a year ago. Her first vid was a decade ago. Lizzy I am a fan and have stayed for 5 years already and will never leave loving you!

  89. todoroki


    Day ago

    Lizzie did u die why haven't u been posting?

    • Gacha Ash

      Gacha Ash

      23 hours ago

      @todoroki ohh okay but you didn't really say in game so I thought you said she died irl

    • todoroki


      Day ago

      @Gacha Ash ahem let me re say that did she "die" in the game if she did she wouldn't post anymore of it

    • Gacha Ash

      Gacha Ash

      Day ago

      Of course not if she died smallishbean wont be posting too

    • ꧁Ӽɨȶʐ ɮʀօառɨʐɛӼ꧂

      ꧁Ӽɨȶʐ ɮʀօառɨʐɛӼ꧂

      Day ago


  90. gana zereni

    gana zereni

    Day ago

    Lizzie is everything arlight?!! I am starting to worry it's been 2 months now💔💔

    • gana zereni

      gana zereni

      3 hours ago

      @haya I don't have twitter🤡💔

    • haya


      11 hours ago

      look at her twitter

  91. Melissa Maclean

    Melissa Maclean

    Day ago

    Are you alive

  92. CrystalUwU Wolfiez Animates

    CrystalUwU Wolfiez Animates

    Day ago

    Do more Lizzie,PLEASE!We miss you!Post a new vid if ur alive!Lizzie and also,I TOLD U TO BURN THE BOOK WAS I RIGHT?!YES!

  93. ïňøť_ßüßßłë ťëä ßøßā

    ïňøť_ßüßßłë ťëä ßøßā

    Day ago

    Lizzie are u okay???

  94. Queen Livly

    Queen Livly

    Day ago

    You made such nice houses for jakes pets. Your so sweet 🧁💗

  95. ItzSunnyBee


    Day ago

    Poor polinie 😂🤣

  96. Noribori _357

    Noribori _357

    Day ago

    Lizzie plsplspls upload a new video I think we can all agree that we miss u

  97. Marta Kazmierczak

    Marta Kazmierczak

    Day ago


  98. Marta Kazmierczak

    Marta Kazmierczak

    Day ago


  99. XxSophie_PeachesXx


    Day ago

    Are you ok you havent posted in ages!?

    • • MɪʟᴋʏBᴏᴏ •

      • MɪʟᴋʏBᴏᴏ •

      Day ago

      @XxSophie_PeachesXx no she doesnt really play alot of minecraft there, her twitch name is Ldshadowlady, she streams among us rn

    • XxSophie_PeachesXx


      Day ago

      dose she post minecraft?

    • XxSophie_PeachesXx


      Day ago

      @• MɪʟᴋʏBᴏᴏ • oh Whats her twitch?

    • • MɪʟᴋʏBᴏᴏ •

      • MɪʟᴋʏBᴏᴏ •

      Day ago

      She is posting on twitch, she said she might not upload for awhile

  100. Haileyrose Shoop

    Haileyrose Shoop

    Day ago

    Hey Lizzie I'm a big fan Im so sorry for not liking your videos I always forget but I really miss all your videos keep doing what you do love you Lizzie😌😅🍧🐸🐀🐼🐶🐱