Colts believe in Carson Wentz, he landed in the perfect spot - Shannon | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Carson Wentz is being dealt to the Indianapolis Colts where he will be reunited with Frank Reich who was his offensive coordinator in Philly for 2 seasons. The Philadelphia Eagles will receive a 3rd-round pick in this year’s draft and a conditional 2nd-round pick next year. The conditional pick could be a 1st if Wentz plays 75 percent of the Colts offensive snaps post trade. However, Jay Glazer reported that other teams, including the Bears never made offers for Wentz to the Eagles. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the trade.

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Colts believe in Carson Wentz, he landed in the perfect spot - Shannon | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    2 months ago

    What are your thoughts on Carson Wentz's trade to the Colts?

    • ImJustChillin 215

      ImJustChillin 215

      17 days ago

      Colts are going to be scary watch

    • Charles Stevens

      Charles Stevens

      Month ago

      Interesting. A "lets wait and see" type of stance.

    • Martavious Tisby

      Martavious Tisby

      Month ago

      @Telisa Hampton how about you shut up then

    • Telisa Hampton

      Telisa Hampton

      Month ago

      @Martavious Tisby nobody cares about you neither

    • Master Lee

      Master Lee

      Month ago

      He's in a situation with more pressure and more expectations than ever.



    Day ago

    Playing with a chip on your shoulder with something to prove makes you a dangerous individual. A new environment for Carson is like hitting the lottery. An O-Line, defense, run game.....playoff bound

  3. Jacob Freeman

    Jacob Freeman

    2 days ago

    Skip has some personal issues on the Colts. He has never given a positive take on the Colts. He's had positive things to say about Manning as a QB, but even when Manning played for the Colts his take on the Colts, whatever the topic may of been, it was always negative. You can always tell when his stance is expressed, if it comes from emotions he has. And he has some inner emotions when it comes to any topic concerning the Colts. He trashed Andrew Luck on the regular, he's bashed Jim Irsay several times, always pointed out flaws of Tony During and Bill Polian, picks against them in big regular season games and playoff games. And when he is made to mention and give them credit for something, you can tell he is trying to hide the cringe his face can't help but to make. Life will be ok Skip, even when you are honest with everyone and publicly acknowledge the Colts will contend in the AFC.

  4. Kenny B

    Kenny B

    12 days ago

    As a 49er fan Carson Wentz will thrive in Indy cause they got a great team offense and defense and most importantly a culture of winners will help him alot! So good luck he is not even 30 yet 💯

  5. Prince Ofpeacecorps

    Prince Ofpeacecorps

    22 days ago

    Skrap Brainless Dak Lover but Carson Hater. He will have major egg on his face in 2021

  6. steven lowe

    steven lowe

    Month ago

    Skip is 1million percent right....

  7. steven lowe

    steven lowe

    Month ago

    In a perfect world I would love for Andrew Luck to come out of retirement and battle Wentz. That would be epic....

  8. Prince Ofpeacecorps

    Prince Ofpeacecorps

    Month ago

    Skrap Brainless will be pulling his dyed hair out when Wentz goes nuclear and Dak fallls into obscurity. Will befun to watch.

  9. New Era

    New Era

    Month ago

    Carsonn gonna have a GREAT year in Indy! Eagles fan here, I hope everything works out well.

  10. Robert Kline

    Robert Kline

    Month ago

    The perfect spot for him to land is the Toilet! 💩

  11. SOAP KING 5


    Month ago

    Carson wentz sux, he's flat-footed, he's almost too big for a qb ....just watch him its weird ik. I watched him for 5 years every game he played in 17 he was a beast the rest he was bad to avg. He's lost his ability to have eyes in the back of u is head and continuously overthrows everyone! Very inaccurate and very damn proned to fumbling. Hes washed up and injured he's 29 now time to start fresh he burnt out way too early but he did help us win a sb.....he doesn't have the IT factor . He just doesn't have the ability to look off safeties and read coverages.

  12. marissa cruz

    marissa cruz

    Month ago

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  13. Morty Kutsch

    Morty Kutsch

    Month ago

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  14. mike brown

    mike brown

    Month ago

    I think Wentz landed in his most favorable position. Frank will get the best out of him. I think he will bounce back and have a decent season if he can stay healthy. 32 Tds and 4200 yards 14 ints

  15. Johnny Campana

    Johnny Campana

    Month ago

    Do you need to get Shannon hooked on phonics

  16. Rwp 0191

    Rwp 0191

    Month ago

    As a Pats Fan I'm glad we don't have Wentz. A team that is 64 million over the salary cap willingly ate 33.8 mill in dead Cap to get rid of him. That says a lot to me.

  17. Amtonio LaVerto

    Amtonio LaVerto

    Month ago

    Do you know how many times Skip has been wrong talking out of his a** I think the coke is starting to get to him.....

  18. Eric Conner

    Eric Conner

    Month ago

    But not enough 💍

  19. Alison Theiss

    Alison Theiss

    Month ago

    Colts will make it to the superbowl

  20. Gregory Kosins

    Gregory Kosins

    Month ago

    September can't get here soon enough.

  21. X X

    X X

    Month ago

    Carson will be a star eagles wanted him to him to stop trying hard

  22. Spencer McCreery

    Spencer McCreery

    Month ago

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’m assuming that skip says the colts aren’t contenders and Wentz is mediocre at best. Am I close?

  23. rob Gookin

    rob Gookin

    Month ago

    Rivers could outrun skip jeez

  24. phillyfan182


    Month ago

    As an eagles fan this trade needed to happen. He will be successful with the colts and he won’t have to look over his shoulder anymore. He will regain his 2017 form.

  25. K J

    K J

    Month ago

    Carson Wentz had ONE good season and this dude gets all these chances.

  26. Travis Mannix

    Travis Mannix

    Month ago

    Maybe Wentz just need to get out Philly

  27. Lucy


    Month ago

    And their parents probably sold their house for it.

  28. Lucy


    Month ago


  29. Maliek


    Month ago

    Carson wentz's career is starting to mirror the likes of Sam Bradford in terms of potential vs on-field performance output. He has all the tools except for the mental toughness to lead and compete between the ears.

  30. Kenneth Houston

    Kenneth Houston

    Month ago

    So I presume Shannon's name for Carson Wentz (Walk it to him) is now in the rear view mirror.

  31. Bradley Phillips

    Bradley Phillips

    Month ago

    Loved Wentz in Philly, but I feel like this move was needed, for both the Eagles and Wentz, I hope he does well in indy

    • CWGearHead


      Month ago

      Sadly might end up with Same situation with hurts an them wanting to bring in competition with him its like great Howie we just went through this when you drafted hurts an it blew up in our face instead of wanting to get hurts help you gonna do this whole dance again do I think hurts is the guy for Philly idk but give him a year get him some help in the ol the wr an help the defense an see but Howie wants competition wich tells me they are already thinking they messed up an don't believe in him

  32. Mike Evans

    Mike Evans

    Month ago

    I'll never understand why teams don't take care of their quarterback of the future it's Andrew luck syndrome it's stupid. Aaron Rodgers wasted years of his career with McCarthy jeez man come on. 🤔🤬

  33. Charmaine Ford

    Charmaine Ford

    Month ago

    Wentz could have stayed...he didn't want to deal with Howie from too many broken promises...

    • CWGearHead


      Month ago

      Why do you think ertz wants out as well the front office in philly sucks an Im a eagles fan

  34. John Nolan

    John Nolan

    Month ago

    Fire Howie PLEASE

  35. Ethn


    Month ago

    im pretty sure it was more of wentz losing faith in the eagles not the other way around. As a birds fans a lot of the reports for a while were all about trying to focus on wentz and i truly think that was the plan, they just didnt expect for him to still not wanna be there

  36. Cameron McMaster

    Cameron McMaster

    Month ago

    Wentz needs to stop making stupid decisions like he did last year

  37. Cameron McMaster

    Cameron McMaster

    Month ago

    This is Wentz is last shot if he fails here he is done

  38. Tyler Lo

    Tyler Lo

    Month ago

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  39. Brian Appleton

    Brian Appleton

    Month ago

    psychologically the foles and doug peterson statue outside the stadium is another reason carson was done in philly

  40. Joey Jr

    Joey Jr

    Month ago

    He sucks

  41. Leaf Wiggins

    Leaf Wiggins

    Month ago

    Im tight

  42. Black Ops 4

    Black Ops 4

    Month ago

    Watch him go off then he say I was wrong about this kid

  43. d Ledge

    d Ledge

    Month ago

    Wentz will be fine. Hes high IQ too. Philly is gonna look like a bunch of fools. Mark my words.

  44. Sky Blaze

    Sky Blaze

    Month ago

    As a skins fan I think it's a great fit and a steal for the colts.

    • ConScott


      Month ago

      football team 🥶😈😘💀

  45. Andy Kim

    Andy Kim

    Month ago

    Eagles 2021 1-15. 1st pick. Howie gets fired. Jalen gets traded. No player wants to play for Eagles. Guarantee! Carson Wentz 13-3. 32 tds 7 int 4000+ yds playoff! F Eagles F Howie F Lurie F Jalen Bangwagoning dummies.

  46. Dexter Cyber

    Dexter Cyber

    Month ago

    Noah fant is better then Shannon sharp

  47. steven 182

    steven 182

    2 months ago

    Dan Marino was a great quarterback but never got THE RING.

  48. Big Bird nap44

    Big Bird nap44

    2 months ago

    Pretty sure nick foles had a great early season then went down hill then outta no where won a SB

  49. Eva Makarski

    Eva Makarski

    2 months ago

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  50. Prince Ofpeacecorps

    Prince Ofpeacecorps

    2 months ago

    Skrap Brainless has no clue. Dak will be only 50 pct of his best year. Why? Injuries show QBs down.

  51. Dave Holen

    Dave Holen

    2 months ago

    Skip has always been a Wentz hater. Why can't he be fair. Always so negative.

  52. Antonio Scott

    Antonio Scott

    2 months ago

    Wentz will have a huge bounce back season in 2021 now that he has an actual full roster of playmakers, Mark my words

  53. brasmussen81


    2 months ago

    Thought that was Jeff George for a second

  54. IAM Atrax

    IAM Atrax

    2 months ago

    These two are awesome. I love this show more than any other

  55. M. Kelly

    M. Kelly

    2 months ago

    I love Shannon on this show



    2 months ago

    Carson Wentz is overrated. He's done.

  57. L-e-gendary


    2 months ago

    James Winston is better than Carson wentz. He is 16 TD 15 Int and he ain't even slinging the rock that much to be honest.

  58. Steven Slater

    Steven Slater

    2 months ago

    Shannon controlling the narrative again if Wentz plays well he’ll gloat that he was right if Wentz stinks it’s the Eagles fault for breaking him mentally.

  59. Sebastian Floyd

    Sebastian Floyd

    2 months ago

    Bet colts lose more games then last year

  60. AJ Smith

    AJ Smith

    2 months ago

    I’ll be back here after the season when Wentz proves you wrong

  61. keith Cheee

    keith Cheee

    2 months ago

    lol i love all this dumb positive thinking of carson wentz his problem isnt talent his problem is attitude and work ethic not the team not the fans not the coaches watch him get benched by week 6

  62. Stealth Ownz

    Stealth Ownz

    2 months ago

    Wentz going to have a career year. Colts will get Wentz another weapon and replace left tackle or guard if they slide one over to left. He has 2 RBs behind him. He has promising young WRs with more than likely either Hilton back or replacement in FA for a legit #1. Man, keep doubting this kid cuz he going to make you eat crow. This isn't Philadelphia, the culture is different and the respect between the coach and QB. Wentz and colts players already in good spirits. Wentz will shut the haters up.

  63. Lara Smith

    Lara Smith

    2 months ago

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  64. Lubomir Sykora

    Lubomir Sykora

    2 months ago

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  65. Texas Sports TV

    Texas Sports TV

    2 months ago

    Wentz was a great Top Tear QB. Then the Eagles broke him by giving him no support. Can Wentz get back to his old form? The Colts are a huge upgrade. Good Oline, good receivers, good D. This could be a win.

  66. T O

    T O

    2 months ago

    “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.”

  67. Pauljanet Cantrell

    Pauljanet Cantrell

    2 months ago

    Skip is an idiot! Rivers was sacked only 19 times with indys o-line and he moves like he has concrete in his shoes! Wentz will do better with that oline.

  68. JuicedUp13


    2 months ago

    Can’t wait to see Wentz suit up next season!

  69. sk8orhate55


    2 months ago


  70. Fresh eXperience

    Fresh eXperience

    2 months ago

    Damn! Jacoby Brissett is getting the stepchild treatment. 🤣💀 not cool

  71. Maddcapper


    2 months ago

    Wentz is garbage

  72. Kevin Covino

    Kevin Covino

    2 months ago

    Wentz balled out in 2019. Don’t forget that

  73. Ninjachickenfingers


    2 months ago

    Skip doing sprints in the studio... watch out Carson, ole Drip is comin for ya

  74. The Shogun’s Assassin

    The Shogun’s Assassin

    2 months ago

    The disrespect to brissett is unreal!

  75. Benji 2logX

    Benji 2logX

    2 months ago

    I agree with Skip

  76. Courtney Bryant

    Courtney Bryant

    2 months ago

    They are steadily slapping Jacoby Brissett in the face... I love the Colts but they have REALLY lost my respect!!!

  77. iGalaxis


    2 months ago

    I’m okay with this. Wentz > Eason > Brissett

  78. Bat man

    Bat man

    2 months ago

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  79. Aube Reitema

    Aube Reitema

    2 months ago

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  80. Simon Evans

    Simon Evans

    2 months ago

    If Wentz looks bad with one of the most complete rosters in the NFL then he needs to retire. Excellent oline, excellent defense, very good wide receivers, very good running game, good special teams; what else would he need? This year is his last chance

  81. Jedi Knight

    Jedi Knight

    2 months ago

    This guy cannot talk without having Tom Brady in his mouth.

    • Jedi Knight

      Jedi Knight

      Month ago

      @Ted Maudlin Differs depending on the day. I think its his toe today.

    • Ted Maudlin

      Ted Maudlin

      Month ago

      Wait, what part of Tom Brady is in his mouth?

  82. david kelly

    david kelly

    2 months ago

    Skip always hating on my Colts.

  83. C.L. Smooth

    C.L. Smooth

    2 months ago

    Not even a Colts fan, but they will be a serious contender next season. Putting $500 on the Vegas odds for them to come out in 1st in the AFC south.



      Day ago

      @State of Panic They’re nothing special homie

    • State of Panic

      State of Panic

      Month ago

      So you just forgot about the King Henry & the Tennessee Titans huh?

  84. Yakov


    2 months ago

    Everyone is giving up on Carson after one bad year with a completely awful team and head coach. Can’t wait for the comeback

  85. Honest Abe

    Honest Abe

    2 months ago

    Carson Wentz is a weak minded garbage. Who cares about that almost MVP seaon !!! He didn't win it. Yet, you trash Cam Newton when he had an actual MVP season. Wentz is horrible.

  86. Mute Drums Daddy!!

    Mute Drums Daddy!!

    2 months ago

    Phil Rivers is a far tougher person than Carson. That dude is made from grit and hard work, from a slightly tougher time.

    • RagingNebula217


      2 months ago

      Agreed. Compared to how Ben and Drew dropped off at the end of this season and in the playoffs, Philip played well all the way. Gotta hand it to him

  87. Chris Wise

    Chris Wise

    2 months ago

    Wentz will be a backup in 2 yrs

  88. Stanley Ezen

    Stanley Ezen

    2 months ago

    Wentz goes 9-7 with colts and they make the playoffs 7th seed, but lose to either Ravens, Chiefs or Raiders. Wentz leaves and signs with Bears in 2022

    • Robert Smith

      Robert Smith

      2 months ago

      Colts are the last stop on the line for Wentz.

  89. Uncle Biz

    Uncle Biz

    2 months ago

    Why does Skip look he just came from the club.

  90. Andrew Alvarez

    Andrew Alvarez

    2 months ago

    Not a wentz fan but he’ll definitely be a lot better in indy.

  91. Ronell Mitchell Jr.

    Ronell Mitchell Jr.

    2 months ago

    One thing about Carson no one points out, he gets injured every year besides this past year. He just can't stay healthy tbh

    • Migil


      2 months ago

      He's only been injured twice in His NFL Career. His rookie year and the ACL tear suffered the next year which unfortunately carried into the next season. He's been healthy the last two years

  92. David Dreyer

    David Dreyer

    2 months ago

    Shannon is great analyst! The Eagles played with a old offensive line and did not protect him enough. Skip is out to lunch!

    • Joey Jr

      Joey Jr

      Month ago

      He's a horrible this is the guy that said Tom Brady has been dead for years. 😂😂😂

  93. Willy Henshaw

    Willy Henshaw

    2 months ago

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  94. Shahin G

    Shahin G

    2 months ago

    The Colts don’t need another Peyton or Luck to be contenders. We just need a top 15 QB. That’s it.

  95. David Vader

    David Vader

    2 months ago

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  96. Omar Beltran

    Omar Beltran

    2 months ago

    The problem with a head case like Wentz is the colts probably had to factor in his “feelings” with the trade. Give the extra pick so he’s not “embarrassed” lol

  97. Learn more

    Learn more

    2 months ago

    Switching team won't help him. He will be done and gone from the NFL by 2022.

  98. Boyd Cord

    Boyd Cord

    2 months ago

    for the first time ever Skip Bayless comment about Carson "deer in headlights look" startled me. That I never noticed I did with Sam Bradford.

  99. BigGates


    2 months ago

    When you draft a QB your suppose to surround him with a team.. the Eagles did that one year 2017.. and now they’re going to pay the price and I hope the Colts win win

    • FALCONS Rising

      FALCONS Rising

      2 months ago

      I agree

  100. Butter Mellow

    Butter Mellow

    2 months ago

    Dude eagles fans are such big cry babies you just won a super bowl 3 years ago