Country Rap Facts REMIX by Who TF is Justin Time? feat. Brabo Gator (Official Audio) (Response Diss)

Country Rap Facts Remix by Who TF is Justin Time? Ft. Brabo Gator
(Intro: Who TF is Justin Time?)
Check One
Um excuse me Sir fuck your bitch is still on hold
(Chorus: Who TF is Justin Time?)
Been a real cracker from the jump
I ain’t never had to live no lies
Always working hard for the bucks
I don’t like to really waste no time
Stay with the smoke like a Dutch
Keep a torch don’t need no light
Arm out the window with a what
I ain’t even gotta say that line
(Verse 1: Who TF is Justin Time?)
Listen up Backstreet
You ain’t ready for the beef
With ya food stamp flow
But you never gonna eat.
Been about week
& I ain’t still heard peep
But Shitstain Shane auto-tuning on a beat
Mad you ain’t got it like you use to
Why ya goatee looking like a Shih Tzu
Why ya cover go harder than ya diss do
Ya took 4 shots but ya missed 2
Katie Noel ain’t raising no helll
You sound like a whale that’s rapping in brail
Born with a pussy but act like a male
Savannah showed up and she took all your sales
Now Hosier wanna act hard
Cuz her songs on Nascar
Makes sense when I think about it
Cuz y’all don’t even know who your fans are
Po big mad what a surprise
Won’t make a diss track but ya Facebook live
Falling on the stage instead of falling in line
Ol bingo hall rapper can I get a b-9
Topping the charts I done made me some paper
Just talking my shit but we’ll get back to that later
Cuz this is the remix for all of my haters
I done went to the swamp and I got me a gator
(Chorus: Who TF is Justin Time?)
Been a real cracker from the jump
I ain’t never had to live no lies
Always working hard for the bucks
I don’t like to really waste no time
Stay with the smoke like a Dutch
Keep a torch don’t need no light
Arm out the window with a what
I ain’t even gotta say that line
(Verse 2: Brabo Gator)
Short bus Shane trying to play tough,
Bitch got the IQ of a hairbrush
Faggot ass had to photo shop me with make up
Welcome to the swamp, bitch you bout to get ate up
When you factor irrelevance, with a lisp, and a lack of intelligence
I get you, bitch you Raps wouldn’t hold weight if they showed up on the back of elephant
And Shit ain’t fittna be ok,
Bitch you bout to get bagged like a Fritos lay,
On behalf of the motha fucking genre, we no longer wanna see yo face
Now tell me What’s a nerf gun to 308
Your little slow ass couldn’t spell DOA
A Bunch slow jokes how I pick on shane
If he read the dictionary get he would quit on A
Before you talk shit get your money right
You remind me of a bell on huffy bike
We all know you ain’t fittna fight, bow legged ass wouldn’t spring on a summer night
Suck a dick for another like, you got the body type of a thunder dike
Always staying in some shit like a plumber, but this sissy ass bitch wouldn’t run a light
You ain’t shotgun bitch you a bubba knife, slow ass couldn’t even stutter right
You the the type of dude that stands in your living room , with helmet on trying to fly a rubber kite
Look at what your mouth got you into,
Hoping that your numbers spike
Bitch you got the mouth of a shihtzu, I’m talking bout your underbite
Target on lock bitch, find yourself in my scope you get lit up
You Built your career around a truck song, but your numbers didn’t pick up
can’t believe I’m spitting bars at a groupie
Only radio that you’ll ever make it on, is part 2 of the movie
Ceilings in my house 28 foot, my television needed headroom
Your record sales couldn’t fill up my pantry, you still record in your bedroom
I’m the truth no lie, all you do is hit the booth and try
Stupid ass can’t spell for shit, bet you eat alphabet soup and cry
You are not a tough guy bitch, if the purge was real you’d prolly steal a mop
Ole slow ass teddy bear Taurus, doesn’t know how many wheels a 4 wheeler got
Stupid ass fuck, go hunt you a 2 legged deer
And if anybody else wants smoke, you can get the smoke right here
(Chorus: Who TF is Justin Time?)
Been a real cracker from the jump
I ain’t never had to live no lies
Always working hard for the bucks
I don’t like to really waste no time
Stay with the smoke like a Dutch
Keep a torch don’t need no light
Arm out the window with a what
I ain’t even gotta say that line
#countryrapfacts #redneckrave #whotfisjustintime


  1. Bethany’s Daily Life

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    🎤🤙🏼🔥I ain’t even gotta say that line💥📣💯

  2. Prison4HillaryC


    2 days ago

    Savannah line was one of the truest lines for sure... America needs more Gator right now...

  3. Norris Combatives

    Norris Combatives

    3 days ago

    Justin said, I done got me a gator.........Gator.......chill bro. This was hard as shit. That was insane. 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Randy Spinelli

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  5. Robert Jamison

    Robert Jamison

    4 days ago

    Poor ole Katie she made 1 F'D up move got check mated and she's still flipping like a fish

  6. Joe mama

    Joe mama

    5 days ago

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  7. Jessie Crider

    Jessie Crider

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    Justin King

    11 days ago

    Justin kills it. Gator ruined it. Facts

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    14 days ago

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  16. Amy Corey

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  17. Thomas Wotton

    Thomas Wotton

    15 days ago

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  18. Thomas Wotton

    Thomas Wotton

    15 days ago

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  19. Chris Buchanan A.K.A Money

    Chris Buchanan A.K.A Money

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    RedEyed Patriot

    16 days ago

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  22. Markus Williams

    Markus Williams

    17 days ago

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  23. Jojo Jojo

    Jojo Jojo

    17 days ago

    straight garbage , in my east side 615 cwb, and my ashland city, middle tn voice.... i got a 2 hour free style, eat that up, but you both know deep in your hearts , that you dont want this smoke, cause not only will i smoke the both out of you on a free style or a mic in the studio, but ill really pull up on you all the way from michigan, or kentucky or 615, or florida, so keep doin what you do, in all do time karma gonna come back n bite you in your @ss

  24. ChoirBoyz Cutlery

    ChoirBoyz Cutlery

    17 days ago

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    chris collins

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    Sean Dobson

    22 days ago

    Ok I’m a new fan. I learned about you through ACal it’s fire. I’m gonna sound stupid but can someone let me know the beefs in the song?

  29. Cody Bailey

    Cody Bailey

    22 days ago

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  30. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith

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  31. Ajax Wargod

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  33. John Jennings

    John Jennings

    23 days ago

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  34. Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Johnson

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  35. Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Johnson

    23 days ago

    Not paid for yet, but in the works, might have landed big murph and bubba sparxx for 2 separate features...

  36. Brandi West

    Brandi West

    23 days ago

    Know yall we'll see why I have from the jump called Justin #TruthSpeaker and Adam #FactSpeaker .i knew after watching 1st video that they was my type of folks. Real from the jump folks!!!!

  37. Devo The Ambivert

    Devo The Ambivert

    23 days ago

    This deserves at least 100k views

  38. Chase Money Banks

    Chase Money Banks

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  39. Amir Demiri

    Amir Demiri

    24 days ago

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    25 days ago

    "Only radio you'll ever make it on is part 2 of a movie". Anyone else catch this bar. Think about it for a sec. FIRE!!

  41. Michael Collins

    Michael Collins

    25 days ago

    Yo gator goes hard af sorry pellet gun pete but you ain't coming back from that, we all know your come back to Justin sucked anyways do t even try on this one save your self the embarrassment

  42. Kim Wilkinson

    Kim Wilkinson

    25 days ago

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  45. John Russell

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  47. ☠️petejoanzofficial☠️


    25 days ago

    Lmao “I went to the swamp and got me a gator” funny shit. Glad to see he’s still got it for sure

  48. grizzlydipper


    25 days ago

    This was fire took him and spit him out after digging him up from hes grave when church and Adam buried him u and gator killed this shit man much respect to u🙏💪💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥🤘🤙🤙🤙🤙

  49. Timothy Christian

    Timothy Christian

    25 days ago

    I didnt think it could get better but her it is this song's off the charts. Its FIRE man.

  50. Daniel Cooper

    Daniel Cooper

    25 days ago

    Man already a remix what a banger track.

  51. Meagan Harvell

    Meagan Harvell

    25 days ago

    Shot gun shane's "remix" was basically him dissing handicapped people. 😔 Wtf is wrong with him.

  52. Mag & Jim Barker

    Mag & Jim Barker

    25 days ago

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  53. Tonya Breeden

    Tonya Breeden

    25 days ago

    Hell yeah and I'd rather never see that crazy commentary shi. We know what you is fucking saying. 😂 Savannah came to f'ing win. Like going into battle with Goliath she was never scared because she knows God's got her,as do all of us!😍✌🏼💚💨🌸✝

  54. Anna Klein

    Anna Klein

    25 days ago

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    26 days ago

    Falling on the stage instead of falling in line,thats fcken hard.i know they felt that.

  56. FarmerLankyReacts


    26 days ago

    Every country rapper is basically dissing Shitstain Shane lol. Good remix ya'll!

    • Fireman 17

      Fireman 17

      22 days ago

      Nerf Gun Ellen

  57. Veronica Benton

    Veronica Benton

    26 days ago

    Not usually into rap but actually got into this. Now my 16 yr old making fun of me lol intelligence of a hairbrush

  58. mark shankle

    mark shankle

    26 days ago

    I like both songs lol i think all 3 of yall should make one togeather country rap facts remix remix that would be fire justin Brambo and adam

  59. Nicholas Walls

    Nicholas Walls

    26 days ago

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  60. chris martin

    chris martin

    26 days ago

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  61. MC Nemesis

    MC Nemesis

    26 days ago

    This sucks, Shane’s better

    • Fireman 17

      Fireman 17

      26 days ago

      Go back underground Nemesis!

  62. Rachel Foreman

    Rachel Foreman

    26 days ago

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  64. marcus brodman

    marcus brodman

    27 days ago

    Yo, y'all need to call him by his real name.... Short bus Shane, your welcome

  65. Ana Broadway

    Ana Broadway

    27 days ago

    D.E.A.D 😂💀 Going after everyone! "Got the IQ of a hairbrush"

  66. ThatJames Guy

    ThatJames Guy

    27 days ago

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  67. Justin Beard

    Justin Beard

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  71. Rebel Soulga

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    All day everyday 👌🏻👌🏻

  92. Jellybea thenewone

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  97. frank buckey

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