Cristiano Ronaldo scores TWICE as Portugal beats Hungary at Euro 2020 | Highlights | ESPN FC


  1. Dell Clouds

    Dell Clouds

    15 days ago

    Both teams played nice, and Ronaldo out here setting another record. Nice looking Portugal team

  2. ivory johnson

    ivory johnson

    15 days ago


  3. Toph MelonLord

    Toph MelonLord

    22 days ago

    Is anyone else triggered that jota didn't pass to ronaldo on that fourth minute? Haters gotta hate, I guess...

  4. Hi-standard62


    22 days ago

    Ronaldo was off side on his 2nd goal, but ref didn't catch it. A bad break for Hungary.

  5. bigbro05


    23 days ago

    6:06-6:08 The highlight of this match

  6. A C

    A C

    26 days ago

    what is her name at 6:07?

  7. Plata ori Plumbu'

    Plata ori Plumbu'

    28 days ago

    Romanian here, well done Portugal, Latin brothers!! Stick it to them!!

  8. Private Private

    Private Private

    29 days ago

    Hungry may have gotten robbed from that 1st goal, and it could have been a quite different game dynamic. If you watch carefully, the side line referee does NOT rise his flag until goal is scored.. also, with the angle presented here it could NOT be 100% conclusive offside - poor editorial choice by ESPN producers.

  9. Johnny darosa

    Johnny darosa

    29 days ago

    Bring back Luis Nani 2022 world cup

  10. wayu readingthis

    wayu readingthis

    Month ago

    broh 720p in 2021? kmonnn

  11. Aarav Reddy

    Aarav Reddy

    Month ago

    This game was cr7's last euro's win with portugal.

  12. Elegy Beast

    Elegy Beast

    Month ago

    Jesus is the truth.

  13. 9X Ninety-X

    9X Ninety-X

    Month ago

    1:45 lmfao you can't drop kick someone in soccer

  14. Hoàng Linh

    Hoàng Linh

    Month ago

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  15. Smoothieking


    Month ago

    Ayoo who was that girl at 6:08

  16. Frances Bailey

    Frances Bailey

    Month ago

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  17. Master


    Month ago

    Hungary is a very decent team

  18. Hector Lopez

    Hector Lopez

    Month ago

    Ronaldo still has it. Two goals in this.

  19. Hector Lopez

    Hector Lopez

    Month ago

    Ronaldo hates coca-cola, and prefers something else.

  20. Niloufar Nemanie

    Niloufar Nemanie

    Month ago


  21. Miguel Recto

    Miguel Recto

    Month ago


  22. ChungWei Wang

    ChungWei Wang

    Month ago

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  23. Prince Samuels

    Prince Samuels

    Month ago

    Thought ronaldo caught a Charlie horse 😂 he wanted the goal 1st play

  24. phamvamtuan nguyenganga

    phamvamtuan nguyenganga

    Month ago

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  25. JL Peng

    JL Peng

    Month ago

    hungary goal keeper is actually decent tho. unfortunately the defense line was giving up.

  26. joe smath

    joe smath

    Month ago

    ronaldo going crazy for the garbage time penalty kick goal

  27. sobiesky Jimenez

    sobiesky Jimenez

    Month ago

    JESUS i know you love me , please give me the opportunity to love you back. 🎈💜

  28. Sergio Saenz-Rivera

    Sergio Saenz-Rivera

    Month ago

    Master! Master CR!

  29. Goose Shid

    Goose Shid

    Month ago

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  30. Heidy Calderon

    Heidy Calderon

    Month ago

    First Portugal goal miss was personal against ronaldo

  31. Tooley Brian

    Tooley Brian

    Month ago

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  32. иван лебедев

    иван лебедев

    Month ago

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  33. Thetequilashooter1


    Month ago

    I am just impressed that Hungary went 80+ minutes holding Portugal in check. What an effort.

  34. Don Az

    Don Az

    Month ago

    Wait we are in 2021 right?

  35. ItzTjstickz _

    ItzTjstickz _

    Month ago

    6:07 i think I found the love of my life 😳😍

  36. Marlon DeTorres

    Marlon DeTorres

    Month ago

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  37. Prabin Gautam

    Prabin Gautam

    Month ago

    People have to really stop regarding Portugal the underdogs every time. They have a star studded line up now. Ronaldo, Silva, Fernandes, Semedo. Not one bad player

  38. Liliano Brito

    Liliano Brito

    Month ago

    That's perfect that's beautiful that's ronaldo😂

  39. Anna Martin

    Anna Martin

    Month ago

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  40. Techie Time With GD Three

    Techie Time With GD Three

    Month ago

    I mean he scored when the match was basically over anyway

  41. Saiye Rugara

    Saiye Rugara

    Month ago


  42. Li Koji

    Li Koji

    Month ago

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  43. ToddthaGod


    Month ago

    I still say Jota should’ve passed him the ball at the beginning of the game

  44. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel Hernandez

    Month ago

    first portugal goal was straight up luck !! then it was over from there

  45. David Do

    David Do

    Month ago

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  46. chief 1 redwolf

    chief 1 redwolf

    Month ago

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  47. Walter Arevalo

    Walter Arevalo

    Month ago


  48. km273


    Month ago

    @7:17 NOT offside.

  49. Rahima Khatun

    Rahima Khatun

    Month ago

    Ronald the GOAT

  50. 거지말쟁이


    Month ago

    Portugal's uniform is just wrong

  51. kaz9781


    Month ago

    Looks like Portugal was Hungary for goals

  52. Rigo Montesino

    Rigo Montesino

    Month ago

    Ronaldo doesn’t like jota at all

  53. Trigger xX

    Trigger xX

    Month ago

    Jota being greedy pssshhh

  54. Talak Babu

    Talak Babu

    Month ago

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  55. Ashley Kasahara

    Ashley Kasahara

    Month ago

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  56. William Darko

    William Darko

    Month ago

    Glad to see Wolverhampton has been promoted to international duties...

  57. Michael


    Month ago

    Hungary goalie is an 85 in FIFA, he’s definitely best player on that team, great keeper too

  58. NatiReviews


    Month ago

    The girl at 5:51 ❤ Lady with the hat at 6:08 tries to be pretty when she sees her self on he big screen

  59. Ashley Kasahara

    Ashley Kasahara

    Month ago

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  60. Daniel Marquez

    Daniel Marquez

    Month ago

    Why did it take the sideline ref so long to call the offsides? I wouldn't be surprised if this match was fixed.

  61. Pro


    Month ago


  62. Toten Blume

    Toten Blume

    Month ago

    Did Romania set up Hungary's schedule or what?

  63. Mark Leo

    Mark Leo

    Month ago


  64. League Pro Replays

    League Pro Replays

    Month ago

    Not even 20 seconds into the video and a player flops and fakes an injury lol. That’s futbol!

  65. Aliceg Gallif

    Aliceg Gallif

    Month ago

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  66. Ludvig Wittgenstein

    Ludvig Wittgenstein

    Month ago

    Ronaldo is the GOAT. If Messi had scored that second goal with such an incredible symphony of passes, one-touch dexterity and coordination, slicing right through the heart of the Hungary defense with deftness and precision, the commentators would be slurping him up and down calling him a magician. Ronaldo is a wizard. That was an amazing goal by Ronaldo and I'd take him over Messi, both great but Ronaldo is the most complete attacker ever. He led Juve in dribbles this past season over Cheisa and Dybala but the haters say he doesnt dribble. He out dribbled Chiesa statistically who's 15 years younger than him and led Serie A in goals while playing less games than any player in the top 10 goal scoring chart (sans Berardi). Football genius. Portugal can win the whole thing as long as they have #7.

  67. Lorelai Mia

    Lorelai Mia

    Month ago

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  68. Jak Wright

    Jak Wright

    Month ago

    This is heartbreaking for the Hungarians. They played well, the keeper for sure and to have it go in such an unlucky way for the first goal. Probably broke their spirit

  69. Benardo Lopez

    Benardo Lopez

    Month ago

    Pepe is playing really good, especially for his age, he doesn’t move like he’s almost 40 which is crazy!

  70. Bernard TheOfficial Drummer

    Bernard TheOfficial Drummer

    Month ago


  71. natasha luchy

    natasha luchy

    Month ago

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  72. 𝖟𝖍𝖑𝖒𝟓𝟏


    Month ago

    Cristiano and Messi the only ones keeping football real and interesting to watch these days.😏



    Month ago

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  74. Dixin C.

    Dixin C.

    Month ago

    This was sloppy from Portugal they are way better than this though it did look like they found their chemistry in the end.

  75. ceteris paribus

    ceteris paribus

    Month ago

    I want to congratulate portugale...!! carajo!!! LOL... but honestly - I think hungary deserved to lose because they did not attack enough and when they attacked they did not really follow the rules. They were a little bit too erratic and not so organized in the attack.. they should have scored that goal . The 1-0 .. That would have killed Portugale!!! carajo! LOL .. (with all due respect). However - they were just to unorganized in the attack. And Portugal attacked more but were inaccurate. I think both teams were a little disorganized up front but Portugal had a lot more heart and they have crisitiano ronaldo. Who IMO should be included in almost every play - because those other forwards do not have the skill or the experience ronaldo has. They want to score so badly and they have very good shots on net. But the keepers usually have more professional ability to stop almost everything. So honestly - if portugal want to win this Euro they need to step up the attack and include Ronaldo way way more. .. otherwise they will waste a lot of shots when Crisitiano can basically score with a higher percentage ratio. Furthemore the midfield of Portugal needs to improve , they are good team but the midfielders need to make spaces to allow a pass to ronaldo... that number 16 made all of the difference.... in the penalty even with that half crappy run that resembled Marcelo from Brasil playing forward midfield for real madrid. Too erratic and disorganized and happy go lucky. I think Portugal will advance and make it through a bit far but they need to get more organized and they will be very lucky to beat way more organized squad like France , Holland or Belgium. They are good but they need more structure in the attack. I AM NOT IRAQUI

  76. Luis Valdez

    Luis Valdez

    Month ago

    Renato Sanchez making a comeback. He’s been in great form.

  77. John cena :0

    John cena :0

    Month ago


  78. willms Rozanne

    willms Rozanne

    Month ago

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  79. Cornelius G

    Cornelius G

    Month ago

    Sucks when your goalie is your best player lol

  80. Ming Chang

    Ming Chang

    Month ago

    Ronaldo the best in he’s craft

  81. YaBOi-DC


    Month ago

    Y’all hear the stadium i miss that

  82. Luis Fausto

    Luis Fausto

    Month ago

    Bro, Euro sidelines refs have been calling offsides so late! Why allow the play to go on? Pull the flag as soon as you see the offsides!

  83. ruth juday

    ruth juday

    Month ago

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  84. Messi TheKing

    Messi TheKing

    Month ago

    More goals against weaker sides, CR7 at his best..

  85. Disciple 1

    Disciple 1

    Month ago

    Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who died for your sins, so you would not perish but have eternal life!

  86. Truth Facts

    Truth Facts

    Month ago

    Ronaldo is the Lebron of soccer!

  87. Andrew Chebyrek

    Andrew Chebyrek

    Month ago

    Hungary played very good Respect for the team

  88. Aurumax


    Month ago

    This type of playing by Portugal gives them no chance against teams like France

  89. misty6089


    Month ago

    If it is off side, why doesn't the lineman raise the flag right at the moment when the player gets the ball instead of waiting until he scores?

  90. P Jean

    P Jean

    Month ago

    People want to say who is the greatest of all time messi or Cristiano other than just saying that just appreciate greatness the way it is who cares who is the greatest these boys show up when it matters. Theyre both one of the greatest players to EVER lace them up.

  91. Mathurin Andre

    Mathurin Andre

    Month ago

    I almost not continue watching the video the way it begins with that much fan. I was like this is old match plus the tittle say euro20 I was like this definitely old match than when I start reading the comments I realize it’s not old match lol 😂😅😅😅 who else got confused 😐

  92. Henri Ardon

    Henri Ardon

    Month ago

    One word: goat

  93. UEFA EURO 2021

    UEFA EURO 2021

    Month ago

    Congrats Cr7 for the record🐐 haters eat your hearts out

  94. Book EBlade

    Book EBlade

    Month ago

    No masks?

  95. George


    Month ago


  96. Carla95 Beach74

    Carla95 Beach74

    Month ago

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  97. rebel without a cause!

    rebel without a cause!

    Month ago

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  98. 4LitreJeeper


    Month ago

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  99. Eric


    Month ago

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  100. Azar Azar

    Azar Azar

    Month ago

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