do you know what a demisexual is?


  1. HiAndBye


    Hour ago

    Imagine turning that into a sexuality. I’d be concerned if someone was seriously attracted to someone they didn’t have an emotional bond with.

  2. Pengunting Bulu Telur Afro

    Pengunting Bulu Telur Afro

    Hour ago

    i am a demigod

  3. Amcstonkhypeover


    Hour ago


  4. PJB


    2 hours ago

    If being self centered had a face, your picture would be in the dictionary



    3 hours ago

    yall act like hookups never existed 🥱

  6. Azalea Jr

    Azalea Jr

    4 hours ago


  7. Janawithluv


    4 hours ago

    Hmm , Its better to say "a person who doesn't judge a book by it's cover" yk it could confuse people in a way cause I've never heard of this.

  8. KR CR

    KR CR

    4 hours ago

    And I am dilayasnsjsuzional - it means umm idk just random shit.

  9. moesha taylor

    moesha taylor

    4 hours ago

    Why does everything have to have a name.

  10. Hiren Ahir

    Hiren Ahir

    4 hours ago

    So i think i am also 🤨

  11. Marcel Arcand

    Marcel Arcand

    4 hours ago

    Your a dude girl protect your donut

  12. Mariana Lira

    Mariana Lira

    4 hours ago

    So stupid they put names to feel unique or special when they talking about something completely normal 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  13. HITMAN


    5 hours ago

    Another stupidity .love is a love.

  14. P.W.C. Triforce

    P.W.C. Triforce

    5 hours ago

    This really doesn't need a name..

  15. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool

    5 hours ago

    It's another lable the generation that Hayes labels created for its self to feel special

  16. ROSES Gaming

    ROSES Gaming

    6 hours ago

    Ok. So this what I am. 🤔

  17. sam gd

    sam gd

    6 hours ago

    Hi I am A car

  18. Quite potter

    Quite potter

    6 hours ago

    man this world is doomed

  19. Bलक्षण


    6 hours ago

    same pinch

  20. Carmine Tancioni

    Carmine Tancioni

    7 hours ago

    You mean a responsible and respectable person?

  21. Lex G

    Lex G

    10 hours ago

    Can't wait for the day these no lives realize that they're not contributing anything to society and that nobody cares about their fantasy world with unicorn pronouns and shit. There's real fucking problems in this world.

  22. Marcos Carvalho

    Marcos Carvalho

    11 hours ago

    Soooo.... She is a Regular Bisexual Person? Fuck its getting tricky to define all this mumbo jumbo

  23. Ivan


    11 hours ago

    Demisexual people = people who want to stand out by not having any particularly different trait so they can feel part of something.

  24. Klip


    12 hours ago

    And im an attack helicopter

  25. Heidrosign


    14 hours ago

    "WE ARE PART OF SOCIETY, WE ARE NOT ANY DIFFERENT FROM ANY OF YOU" *Proceeds to create 50,000 labels for themselves*

  26. oreki


    14 hours ago

    It's called being in a normal relationship

  27. Truth Seeker

    Truth Seeker

    15 hours ago

    Well it's pretty much normal ...... no need to making up labels , the most important thing is being happy in a fukced up world ^^ Whether it's being single or not

  28. キセキ


    15 hours ago


  29. Kevin Giovanni

    Kevin Giovanni

    15 hours ago

    Ribet banget jancuk bilang aja jones...

  30. Duke Tango

    Duke Tango

    16 hours ago

    They call this type of person an attention seeking twat. Nothing more nothing less

  31. One minute a day(OMAD) - Diva

    One minute a day(OMAD) - Diva

    16 hours ago

    Congratulations 🎉 You are normal beautiful lady.

  32. J B

    J B

    16 hours ago

    That just sounds like having standards. I’m confused

  33. Sneha Maity

    Sneha Maity

    17 hours ago

    Me too

  34. G P mcintosh

    G P mcintosh

    17 hours ago

    Had cornflakes for breaky. Without any sugar on top . Didn't enjoy them .

  35. Cheryl T

    Cheryl T

    18 hours ago

    Seems like we gotto have a label for everything normal now lol

  36. Darthkiko


    19 hours ago

    Get life

  37. Sagar Sawant

    Sagar Sawant

    19 hours ago

    What the duck??

  38. Abhishek Chaudhary

    Abhishek Chaudhary

    20 hours ago

    Jabardasti ka gender.

  39. Triggered Snowflakes

    Triggered Snowflakes

    20 hours ago

    It is another made up bullshit

  40. konijnenkop


    22 hours ago

    I once met a moneysexual and an attentionsexual...

  41. Arshiya Sultana

    Arshiya Sultana

    23 hours ago

    Perfectly defined....I was tired of being called wid different names...this is perfect

  42. neng_atcha


    23 hours ago

    People do love complicate things by naming everything.. Even for something that doesn't need an extra terminology

  43. scheraq hassim

    scheraq hassim

    23 hours ago

    It's called being classy

  44. Carlos Diaz

    Carlos Diaz

    23 hours ago

    So you’re a girl?

  45. Hugh Mungus

    Hugh Mungus

    Day ago

    It's called being normal, sheesh what's up with these made up names these days 🤦

  46. Dinain Chandupa

    Dinain Chandupa

    Day ago

    I thought it was like a demigod or smthing😂

  47. GotThat Yea

    GotThat Yea

    Day ago

    I’m tired of your stupid videos people don’t care about you

  48. Guhui Khan

    Guhui Khan

    Day ago

    Me too

  49. shane kk

    shane kk

    Day ago

    Such a show off

  50. Kamal Khairi

    Kamal Khairi

    Day ago

    He is the type of person who thinks grade E stands for "Excellent"

    • Funny clown guy

      Funny clown guy

      Day ago


  51. kousseye155


    Day ago


  52. Icey Ricey

    Icey Ricey

    Day ago

    Mfs these days act like You can’t be attracted to someone by their looks at first tho🤨 I can’t get to know you if there’s nothing to draw me in the first place. Ain’t nothing wrong with wanting someone with good looks.

  53. Fritz Jackson

    Fritz Jackson

    Day ago

    I am here for you just buzz me up

  54. Adriatic Scarecrow

    Adriatic Scarecrow

    Day ago


  55. Aluna Sharma

    Aluna Sharma

    Day ago

    “Fell out of place “

  56. omni king zeno

    omni king zeno

    Day ago

    This shouldn't be a fucking sexuality

  57. Nick Jeffrey

    Nick Jeffrey

    Day ago

    Wow I can't believe this ballshit

  58. Aria Whanga

    Aria Whanga

    Day ago

    And I am a red headed cat.

  59. Benz Works

    Benz Works

    Day ago


  60. Krish Kasturirangan

    Krish Kasturirangan

    Day ago

    Do I care NO Do wudever u want as long as u don't hurt anyone

  61. Lila Divine

    Lila Divine

    Day ago


  62. Mija Dreams

    Mija Dreams

    Day ago

    so normal.

  63. Subliminal


    Day ago

    You’re not interesting

  64. Future witness

    Future witness

    Day ago

    Even Alabama might not cut it for this one

  65. Niszok _

    Niszok _

    Day ago

    Im hdoe0kspaowjek3posokexual

  66. Chandan Sinha

    Chandan Sinha

    Day ago

    Isn't that kinda normal

  67. Falguni Hridaynath B

    Falguni Hridaynath B

    Day ago

    It’s normal love relationship ❤️

  68. Jeremiah Jude

    Jeremiah Jude

    Day ago

    Stop sexualising every normal things 👏

  69. Jason B.

    Jason B.

    Day ago

    You’re a guy.

  70. Shiva Sanatan

    Shiva Sanatan

    Day ago

    Go get a man in his 35+ ...

  71. Xtrems


    Day ago

    Ppl are misunderstanding this, and I think it's partly because the author is full of sh*t, and full of herself. Here's why I think that: I'm a demisexual. Demisexuality is on an asexual spectrum - meaning a spectrum of non-sexuality. Demisexuality means that you can't be sexually attracted to someone you don't have a strong emotional connection with. In simpler words: you couldn't possibly get a boner from a stranger, even if you wanted to. You could still have one night stands - but only if you feel emotionally connected with someone - so for example with friends. Demisexuality just means that strangers aren't hot. Good against marketing - cause this big booby model advertising this fancy new car does absolutely nothing for you. And I absolutely don't understand why the author of this video mentioned kissing - of course you can kiss strangers. Who hasn't kissed some randos on a rave even tho they weren't attracted to them, just for fun? I know countless straight women who kiss other women on parties just for fun, it's the same. I think the author of this vid is just a closet conservative who feels superior to, as they called it, "this generation"

  72. Dan Dillinger

    Dan Dillinger

    Day ago


  73. ashwa kedage

    ashwa kedage

    Day ago

    she has sweetest smile

  74. Wild Scarlet Flames

    Wild Scarlet Flames

    Day ago

    I think people are ignoring the "sexual" part in demisexual like???? She clearly said she's demisexual not demiromantic. "Oh that means a normal romantic relationship" lol no? Many people can have one night stands and can kiss random strangers but we can't do that? A simple concept of having sex with strangers is not something we can do? Please educate yourself before speaking on this sexuality

  75. Wild Scarlet Flames

    Wild Scarlet Flames

    Day ago

    The comment section is so ugly. This is why we need education on sexuality

  76. Diab Lurd

    Diab Lurd

    Day ago

    Well im a xenosexual

  77. A W

    A W

    Day ago

    Another girls trying to be original and unique

  78. Yudhaning satrio

    Yudhaning satrio

    Day ago

    Im a trisexual, i attracted to tree

  79. Hayden Fisher

    Hayden Fisher

    Day ago

    That is normal, welcome to the club, drop that stupid demi shit in the trash can on your way in

  80. Pedro Bautista

    Pedro Bautista

    Day ago

    I was hoping she was into demons

  81. Zosima


    Day ago

    You're valid

  82. Jimin_ 04

    Jimin_ 04

    Day ago

    Just made up terms

  83. Ashwini Vishnu

    Ashwini Vishnu

    Day ago

    Which is what I am

  84. Victor Moya

    Victor Moya

    Day ago

    Really, I think that's demidum

  85. Minnie loves you

    Minnie loves you

    Day ago

    YOU'RE VALID !! YOU ARE SO VALID !! only uneducated fools won't understand the sexualties

  86. poornima muthu

    poornima muthu

    Day ago

    I can't be in relationship like other ppl do ,I don't know y ,many try to manipulate me and also think I am kind of new creature,then recently only I know I am a demisexual person 😌.kind a proud of it but also fear that I will end being alone ,I can't create bond with person that easily😅,😊 anyway proud of ur sexuality, everything is natural not to be ashame of it.❤️❤️

  87. Dave Smythe

    Dave Smythe

    2 days ago

    "Im a u know what that is?".......

  88. Chonky Temmie

    Chonky Temmie

    2 days ago

    Sounds like me, and every other healthy relationship

  89. mon69day


    2 days ago

    Sooo ur a female…

  90. Tobinss


    2 days ago

    If you identify as a demisexual, I'm telling you... you are fvcking cool and valid!! The comments saying "normal relationship" don't even know what demisexuality is so ignore them!! Sending love and hugs to ya'll 💙

  91. WildestDreams


    2 days ago

    Stop trying to make yourself sound special with these IDENTITIES. This applies to everyone regardless of their desired sex label

  92. 4YourselfOnlyAndNoOther


    2 days ago

    I'm so fucking confused rn. Is this real?

  93. mayu


    2 days ago

    people in comments, yes, there might be 1000000 labels in this world, which are made so that people feel comfortable in their identity and it is a step closer to accepting your identity as a whole. I bet y'all are the same people who invalidate the whole ace and aro spectrum saying that "it is what everyone is like" and say that it's not a part of lgbt spectrum as well. demisexuality exists, asexual and aromatic spectrum exists stop fcking ignoring it, split attraction model exists look it up and then speak and stop questioning & invalidating labels, rather start accepting them.

  94. Philip Register

    Philip Register

    2 days ago

    Haha wtf...more labels...this is how society should be