Ethan & Trisha Do An Athletics Competition - Frenemies #22

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  1. Sarah Ichi

    Sarah Ichi

    Hour ago

    1:20:57 Trish even mmm’d after Ethan talked

  2. Steven Glansberg

    Steven Glansberg

    2 hours ago

    Trisha had 3 drinks open at the same time...

  3. kaitlin white

    kaitlin white

    4 hours ago

    Moses's outtro was so sick cause he knows they wont stop talking so he just fades them out XD

  4. Ellie Wilson

    Ellie Wilson

    6 hours ago

    Ethan is that kid at the park that always tries to outdo the other kids. 😂😂

  5. Cynthia Garcia

    Cynthia Garcia

    7 hours ago

    Ethan got SOO triggered about Adam Sandler getting Adam Levine for his daughter.

  6. Olive Brown

    Olive Brown

    7 hours ago

    fashionova is made in downtown LA..... by immigrants they exploit and pay half the minimum wage

  7. Celeste Verdin

    Celeste Verdin

    9 hours ago

    1:25:38 why does it look like ethans wearing a diaper 😭



    19 hours ago

    Okay but Is nobody going to ask where Trisha got that CUTE ASS pink rhinestone workout set? The sports bra & leggings is everything!!! 💖 someone help a girl out dm me at @CAKEFACEBRIT

  9. maya potter

    maya potter

    21 hour ago

    I don’t think she gets how bad the pollution can be from fast fashion

  10. maya potter

    maya potter

    21 hour ago

    I’m so glad Ethan’s off keto that shit sounds so bad

  11. apeace90


    Day ago

    the whole last chunk with them working out and then chilling in their rolls together was genuinely so heartwarming

  12. Seo Haebom

    Seo Haebom

    Day ago

    "When you see an Asian go up to them and ask if they need a break" Stranger: ArE YoU oKaY aSiAn gIrL? Me going into my Japanese accent: *BAKA WA KARERA NO AJIA HITO O HIKIOKOSU DAKE NO MISHIRANU HITO NI TAZUNENAIDE KUDASAI* Translation: "idiot don't ask a stranger that just cause their Asian" I say that cause I don't want some random stranger to come up to me asking if I'm okay since I think its kind of rude thinking I can't help myself

  13. lizzie w

    lizzie w

    Day ago

    ive literally been tryna figure out how trish did her hair like that for like 2 days,,,, i can french braid but i cant do that for some reason... why is it so fucking hard wtf my arm is dead

  14. Lorena Ramirez

    Lorena Ramirez

    Day ago

    2:33 deserves more attention *LMAOOO!!

  15. Sylvers Orasco

    Sylvers Orasco

    2 days ago

    Ethan: “you’re in my fuckin space dude gtfo out of my personal space!”

  16. Savannah L

    Savannah L

    2 days ago

    I cannot believe this content is free

  17. Trent Burbish

    Trent Burbish

    2 days ago

    I would bet money that Ethan has low testosterone.

  18. Tracey Berkowitz

    Tracey Berkowitz

    2 days ago

    Best friend goals Buy matching Royces. 😂

  19. Anselmo Martinez

    Anselmo Martinez

    2 days ago

    The bad thing about listening to y'all is I have to hear all this horrible assult stuff about guys I don't know about lol

  20. sillymissylissy


    2 days ago

    I really want Trisha outfit, but I hate pink 😂😂

  21. Chelsea Hensley

    Chelsea Hensley

    2 days ago

    bet y’all won’t do a giveaway

  22. Chelsea Hensley

    Chelsea Hensley

    2 days ago

    OMG I LOVE YALL, Ethan : alright just give me the fucking patty 🤣🤣

  23. kylee hokenson

    kylee hokenson

    2 days ago

    Trisha in her head calculating if she can stretch that extra 250 for Adam Sandler 😭😭😭

  24. Chelsea Hensley

    Chelsea Hensley

    2 days ago

    THIS WAS FUCKING GREAT, trish acting like no obstacle phases her 💅🏼

  25. diem_official


    2 days ago

    Bro when I tell you this podcast makes me so happy IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY



    2 days ago

    The vast majority of the people perpetrating anti Asian hate are black people, not white Trump supporters.

  27. Kythryn Willows

    Kythryn Willows

    2 days ago

    Ethan looking like an angry pelican at 1:26:16 is sending me

  28. Mae Mae

    Mae Mae

    3 days ago

    Ethan you need to listen not talk about something that dosnt affect you

  29. Mae Mae

    Mae Mae

    3 days ago

    Yes trish STOP ASIAN HATE

  30. jenny blank space

    jenny blank space

    3 days ago


  31. jenny blank space

    jenny blank space

    3 days ago

    it’s kinda annoying watching them watch bryson’s videos lmao

  32. mark s

    mark s

    3 days ago

    sometimes when im sad i just come back to the first two minutes of this vid..

  33. Julia Williams

    Julia Williams

    3 days ago

    "They go to Hebrew school they have a tough life" XD

  34. Liv Pirone

    Liv Pirone

    3 days ago

    Trish definitely won

  35. Ume No Hana

    Ume No Hana

    3 days ago

    They are like brother and sister. I love it.

  36. Krystina Darfus

    Krystina Darfus

    3 days ago

    you can see how much their friendship benefits both of them, Trisha is way more comfortable confident and self aware. ethan is more open, aware of triggering them as well as being the best brother to them I love how you can tell when moses laughs at the end hes so happy his fiance and family are bonding so well. they all have so much joy you can see it shining through all of them also love how honest and genuine they are, from the laughs to their honest opinions even if they dont agree they allow a safe space to express and discuss their points of view. they bring out the best parts of each other and are helping each other bring their walls down that other friends of Trishs never even attempted to do, imo.

  37. Mads Miraflor

    Mads Miraflor

    3 days ago

    This is literally my fave frenemies episode. thanks to Trisha’s new falafel date video for bringing me back here lol

  38. Andi Taylor

    Andi Taylor

    3 days ago

    Who else ended up watching this again after Trisha sent you here 🤣

    • Mads Miraflor

      Mads Miraflor

      3 days ago

      me haha but this is literally my fave frenemies episode

  39. Nicole Austin

    Nicole Austin

    3 days ago

    Biden can't even walk up steps LMAO

  40. Jessica Messica

    Jessica Messica

    3 days ago

    The burger moment was so cute 🥰 🥬 🍅 🧅 🍔 🙏

  41. Jessica Messica

    Jessica Messica

    3 days ago

    The arm wrestling was everything I never knew I needed ✌🏼💗🖤

  42. Zuly C

    Zuly C

    3 days ago

    The phrase “boob technology” killed me

  43. Madison E.

    Madison E.

    3 days ago

    Moses walking away at the end and the music playing as the conversation was ending was everything

  44. Gabby C

    Gabby C

    3 days ago

    Ethan wearin a diaper

  45. Tianna Elizalde

    Tianna Elizalde

    4 days ago

    You know I didn't even know until right now that there was a stop Asian hate trying to go in on and I'm Asian...😞 Shows you how much I pay attention although I don't look it, that could be why, luckily I've never experienced any of that for my whole life and I really am thankful for it and very disappointed that this is happening to my people. I don't know when people will learn that everyone just needs to be treated kindly and not to worry about the color of someone's skin but rather how that person could very well benefit from your help. Hope anyone you see! Hold the door open for someone, help someone to their car, help someone cross the street, grab an umbrella. Say please and thank you just remember that you have no idea how much that person is suffering inside, just as much as you if not more.

  46. benjamin k033

    benjamin k033

    4 days ago

    i swear they just punched him for clout i bet his friends agree to that

  47. Ann Marie

    Ann Marie

    4 days ago

    I love how Trisha was trying to bring awareness. What a beautiful person.

  48. Neila L.

    Neila L.

    4 days ago

    why is no one talking about how steady Moses’ hands are? it’s impressive

  49. Christie Duncan

    Christie Duncan

    4 days ago

    Hearing Ethan’s grunts up close in the mic while he’s doing sit ups sent me to another universe 🤣 this is my new favorite podcast. Omfg

  50. Nail Bae KB

    Nail Bae KB

    4 days ago

    they are actually best friend goals lol

  51. ezzy


    4 days ago

    trish is nonbinary?

    • ezzy


      4 seconds ago

      @Rachel Thomas i saw their video - i’m so proud of trish

    • Rachel Thomas

      Rachel Thomas

      4 hours ago


  52. TheLeya1993


    4 days ago

    I know they want to lose weight but I want them to stay at their weight cuz the bond they have over calling eachother fat is so fucking pure

  53. natalie lingren

    natalie lingren

    4 days ago

    if ethan cuts off trisha one more time

  54. Bay Bay

    Bay Bay

    5 days ago

    Trisha always looks so beautiful

  55. Ashlea McKeown

    Ashlea McKeown

    5 days ago

    Ethan had me screaming, but not as much as he was screaming 😂

  56. Doodle Jumper

    Doodle Jumper

    5 days ago

    This video is my motivation to work out

  57. Jessica Ortiz

    Jessica Ortiz

    5 days ago

    I just cant wait to see her wedding!!! I hope she posts! cause I would love to see it!!!

  58. lakshima


    6 days ago

    I love Thrisha: actually me training ...we NEED FOOD

  59. PrinceAli


    6 days ago

    lol bryce shoulda beat his ass

  60. Stacey Johnson

    Stacey Johnson

    6 days ago

    I live for episodes like this, so entertaining

  61. Frances M

    Frances M

    6 days ago

    OMG this ending is everything!

  62. Kristen


    6 days ago

    The meditation music behind the balancing scene sent me

  63. Ela


    6 days ago

    Yea when I saw the fashionnova post I swear I thought it was a imvu character 💀💀

  64. Arianne Sharifi

    Arianne Sharifi

    6 days ago

    the ending is such vibes

  65. Otakusanichi T

    Otakusanichi T

    6 days ago

    Best thing about this podcast is seeing people acting genuine with open, and supportive minds. Love Ethans and Trishas chemistry

  66. Kayla M

    Kayla M

    7 days ago

    The rolls royce was so out of the blue and unplanned i love it 😂

  67. Cami Collins

    Cami Collins

    7 days ago

    am I the only one who thought the ben Shapiro impersonator sounded exactly like Jason ????

  68. Ash Ray

    Ash Ray

    7 days ago

    I don't understand why Trisha would always conclude that Ethan has personal issue or trauma whenever Ethan expressed his dislike about something. Girl, that's just his opinion. Everyone can dislike something without it being related to personal issue or trauma.

  69. Jax Maberry

    Jax Maberry

    7 days ago

    I love how anytime Trisha asks if some A-list celebrity will come on the show, Ethan’s always immediately like “yeah he’d for sure come on the show, absolutely.” I want that kind of support in my dreams

  70. Cee.xo


    8 days ago

    Sorry but it was really cute when Trisha got Ethan that snack even though it wasn’t keto

  71. Muted Alpha Behavior

    Muted Alpha Behavior

    8 days ago

    It freaks me out a little bit that all they’re talking about are proteins with chicken and meat and eggs when keto only let you lose weight when you’ve got 80% fat going into your system. That’s the macros that they have to achieve, women I have a limit of about 25 to 30 g of carbs And men can go up to 50. Like if you guys aren’t eating mainly avocados and sour cream you’re not gonna lose weight. I lost a whole 30 after only three months of full on keto no calorie restriction just 80% fats and 20% proteins - And I’m a pescatarian so my proteins came from mainly fish

  72. Jay


    8 days ago

    no bc i’m obsessed w them and I love their friendship...

  73. Muted Alpha Behavior

    Muted Alpha Behavior

    8 days ago

    It’s pretty disgusting that this Bryce (whatever the fuck) is who these kids obsess over and make famous 🤮

  74. Julia Ackerman

    Julia Ackerman

    8 days ago


  75. stan min yoongi

    stan min yoongi

    8 days ago

    thanks for making me laugh as much as I have while watching Frenemies

  76. Claire McDaniels

    Claire McDaniels

    8 days ago

    Facts don’t care about your feelings. The fact is that the virus DID come from China and it is becoming more and more apparent that it was created in a lab. Having said that, there is no reason to hate and beat up Asians here in America. But DON’T blame Trump/Trump supporters for that!😂 That is the personal choice of someone who is evil regardless of their political affiliations. I’m a Trump supporter and don’t believe Trump instigated any hate towards Asian Americans, that is ridiculous 😂 That being said, I love watching y’all’s podcast, minus all the political bullshit!

  77. Kobolt


    8 days ago

    This is the best episode of frenemies hands down

  78. Shelley McLaughlin

    Shelley McLaughlin

    8 days ago

    I want Trishas outfit in the Athletics competition lmao! Ethan was killing me!!

  79. Katy Woo

    Katy Woo

    9 days ago

    that pink outfit with the balancing definitely confirmed that the day i meet trisha is the day she becomes my muse //hj

  80. klemens duffe

    klemens duffe

    9 days ago


  81. Elizabeth Bentley

    Elizabeth Bentley

    9 days ago

    she coordinated her look with the hostess cake !!

  82. Josh Smith

    Josh Smith

    9 days ago

    In N Out is literally the worst thing to eat in a new Rolls!! It’s soo messy!

  83. J


    9 days ago

    trisha arm wrestling with acryllics kind of legendaric

  84. Haileymay help

    Haileymay help

    9 days ago

    5:45 lmaoooooo ethan “you can’t fix dumb” felt

  85. Kayla D. Nieto

    Kayla D. Nieto

    9 days ago

    I just started watching this podcast like 3weeks ago N I'm literally in love wth this channel, i love you both lol I know fuckng cringe but fr 😂this is all I watch my family is tired of me at this point but "peace&love"😂😂💗🖤

  86. Skosha VanNostrand

    Skosha VanNostrand

    9 days ago

    I can’t look at Ethan in a jock strap with a straight face.

  87. Kayla McNichols

    Kayla McNichols

    10 days ago

    Is there frenemies merch ?

  88. Ashley Wilks

    Ashley Wilks

    10 days ago

    Fashion nova is trash. They don’t let you return anything which I didn’t realize so I bought 500$ worth of clothes. I wear a size medium and ordered a size large everything was severely tight, and rompers I got weren’t stitched correctly so there was one pant leg. I never wore a single thing.

    • Ashley Wilks

      Ashley Wilks

      10 days ago

      And the first time I wore something it tore the seams Bc it’s cheap

  89. Katie Johnson

    Katie Johnson

    10 days ago

    Omg I’ve never seen any of Bryce hall’s videos nor what he looked like but that video was so fricken embarrassing it was SOOO cringe 😬😬😬 trying to get the other kid to fight him. They all look young and immature but the other kid wasn’t as bad as Bryce in that video just omg. He was totally drink beer me not apple juice, that for pointing that out

  90. Katie Johnson

    Katie Johnson

    10 days ago

    Keto doesn’t work for everyone. Trisha should try carb cycling and workout with Moses on high carb days. Btw Trisha def unitedly won that exercising competition

  91. horse2503


    10 days ago

    its about opal lol

    • horse2503


      10 days ago

      apple juice? definitely was alcohol

  92. Ashley Crowley

    Ashley Crowley

    10 days ago

    1:22:10 Trisha's ankles are so flexible wtf?? They must be double jointed or something

  93. C Villarroel

    C Villarroel

    10 days ago

    Trish definitely won 😭

  94. Erika Rodriguez-Vazquez

    Erika Rodriguez-Vazquez

    10 days ago

    TALKING OUT OF CONTEXT the bryce assaulting zach was like 3 years ago i think in 2017-2018 .

  95. Rafael Flores

    Rafael Flores

    10 days ago

    “Thank yaw”

  96. Its_Simply_Tru


    10 days ago

    Thank you Trisha for bringing awareness to the Anti-Asian Hate. It's been really hard for us right now. The media doesn't talk about it until there was a shooting massacre.

  97. spooks


    10 days ago

    I love them. Ethan hypes her up sometimes and she's so nice to him. This friendship I didn't expect but I love it. Its so real and pure and honest.

  98. spooks


    10 days ago

    I know Trisha won't see this but I just want her to know she's one of my heroes for being so real and showing her mistakes so openly but still having a good soul. :)

  99. Di-Meliora


    10 days ago

    Trisha’s genuine laugh when she’s doing the competition (especially the parachute one) is so contagious and wholesome.

  100. Maelin Sorrell

    Maelin Sorrell

    11 days ago

    I loved this whole thing.