Ethereum SMASHING $5k By THIS DATE (Best ETH Analysis)

The price of Ethereum hit $2,884 and is poised to get over $3k by the end of the weekend. We’ve seen the easing of the futures contracts expiration and the downward selling pressure seems to be gone.

Today I will give you some Ethereum price targets and break down the latest ETH news. What is the current public perception of Ethereum? As Ethereum’s market cap approaches the market cap of some HUGE companies, where can it possibly go from here? Can Ethereum potentially take over as the number one coin in cryptocurrency?

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  1. Kino Mania

    Kino Mania

    15 days ago

    Hmm, worth thinking. Anyway, I’m in love with TheCryptoProphecies now. It’s a really interesting product with a variety of options. Never have seen anything like it.

  2. Alex Tran

    Alex Tran

    Month ago

    💎🙌 DOGE, ETC, LTC 🚀🌕

  3. Tyler Adams

    Tyler Adams

    Month ago


  4. Sikandar Begg

    Sikandar Begg

    Month ago

    love from India

  5. Kevin Baeyens

    Kevin Baeyens

    Month ago

    Buy now or not

  6. Zachary Pacos

    Zachary Pacos

    Month ago

    u were right, 3300 right now

  7. Cory Johnson

    Cory Johnson

    Month ago

    This guy knows what he’s talking about

  8. James Kuchek

    James Kuchek

    Month ago

    $5k by may 30th will be my 18th best bday ever!!!

  9. schwaner123


    Month ago

    Eth 🚀🚀🚀📈

  10. Fox Emerson

    Fox Emerson

    Month ago

    Major predicto today! :)

  11. Francisco Cambell

    Francisco Cambell

    Month ago


  12. Steven Young

    Steven Young

    Month ago

    Pulled this up on Monday morning 5/03, Eth $3167

  13. Prabal Choudhury Choudhury

    Prabal Choudhury Choudhury

    Month ago

    Great going. When will everything go bust?

  14. Joe


    Month ago


  15. Roz Lincoln

    Roz Lincoln

    Month ago

    We’re all gonna be rich

  16. dombower


    Month ago

    Don't care about price. Just buying more

  17. El Masri

    El Masri

    Month ago

    Dodge demon whine something else 😤

  18. Eugen Ambur

    Eugen Ambur

    Month ago

    ETH to 43k by march 2022

  19. Ryan The entrepreneur

    Ryan The entrepreneur

    Month ago

    It’s on fire 🔥 now

  20. Crypto Sh'Mead

    Crypto Sh'Mead

    Month ago

    That exhaust drone 🤤😒

  21. Duhbullb


    Month ago

    3200 last night, amazing

  22. Matthew Strupp

    Matthew Strupp

    Month ago

    Eth 3.2k hype!!!

  23. jorik.v


    Month ago

    eth 260k by Christmas

  24. leosk jakald

    leosk jakald

    Month ago

    Ya keep sleeping on safeMoon and dogecoin

  25. S100 Flo

    S100 Flo

    Month ago

    I wanna ride all the way up or down. ETH is the new internet!! Priceless!

  26. Ozzy Perez

    Ozzy Perez

    Month ago

    ETH to the Moon 🌝

  27. IA Gaming

    IA Gaming

    Month ago

    eth gang to the moon

  28. Riley Callery

    Riley Callery

    Month ago

    Eth 5k by end of month

    • Riley Callery

      Riley Callery

      25 days ago


  29. Julio Sanchez

    Julio Sanchez

    Month ago

    Why are all the coins NOT on Coinbase?

  30. siliyemoodislam


    Month ago

    I have 45000 Eth and 43 bitcoins

  31. RosePig Cooking

    RosePig Cooking

    Month ago

    Never be ashamed of a McGriddle!!!!!

  32. Jedi Crypto

    Jedi Crypto

    Month ago

    lovin that hat! ATL baby

  33. WhatchutalkinboutWillis


    Month ago

    Is it Tuesday?

  34. zyou8er


    Month ago

    $2996 6pm., California.

  35. Kyle Green

    Kyle Green

    Month ago

    1.5 ETH I'm not gonna get rich, but I'm in for the ride 🚀🛰🛸

  36. PoorKid Investing

    PoorKid Investing

    Month ago

    😂😂😂 he ain’t want that smoke lol

  37. KL Carson Propert Management LLC

    KL Carson Propert Management LLC

    Month ago

    Also... that guy in the truck.... those are guys like me. And yes we do want some. We love tears that come from Hell... #DIESELSLEEPERS !!!

  38. Rhett Wallace

    Rhett Wallace

    Month ago

    27k by Halloween

  39. Dillon cccxbx

    Dillon cccxbx

    Month ago

    Exaaaactly as predicted 😂

  40. Ron Hart

    Ron Hart

    Month ago

    jesus to moon

  41. TT TT

    TT TT

    Month ago

    That truck didn't want that smoke... Lol

  42. M D

    M D

    Month ago

    awesome analysis!

  43. Derek Moss

    Derek Moss

    Month ago

    Hellcat is back?

  44. beerrunbus


    Month ago


  45. mybrainismagiccity


    Month ago

    5k by June... 10k by August... 27k by October. 🚀🚀🚀 May we all be blessed this year with love, happiness, health and wealth 🙏

    • MidnightCowboy2021


      25 days ago

      It’s almost June.... ADA

    • Brodie


      Month ago


    • Day G

      Day G

      Month ago

      Agreed 👍

  46. buffalo


    Month ago

    That's realistic! I believe in that.

  47. James Ricciardi

    James Ricciardi

    Month ago

    McGridkes are fire 🔥

  48. Stephen Dooley

    Stephen Dooley

    Month ago

    Eth already $3820 in Australia - to the Moon 🌛

  49. BTC Forever

    BTC Forever

    Month ago

    Did the red seat belt come with the car or did u change it 🤔

  50. The best of the goddam right guy

    The best of the goddam right guy

    Month ago

    As always..... great vid. Exactly as predicted 🤙💪

  51. LabVectors


    Month ago

    McGriddles were the best part about living in the USA :)

  52. rydermETHod


    Month ago

    7.5k by end of July.

    • Tylhoz


      Month ago


  53. Omar Almutairi

    Omar Almutairi

    Month ago

    $10K ETH end Of year

  54. Terrance Griffin

    Terrance Griffin

    Month ago

    Safemoon 🚀

  55. Pilot Raymond

    Pilot Raymond

    Month ago

    Hi get fgy6

  56. Randall Dance

    Randall Dance

    Month ago

    Please explain taking profits

  57. D L

    D L

    Month ago

    DOGE SHIB AKITA SHIH - SHIH being the best risk to reward

  58. Dave Delgado

    Dave Delgado

    Month ago

    2918 now!

  59. Kevin Lutsokert Vlogs

    Kevin Lutsokert Vlogs

    Month ago


  60. Lawrence Britt

    Lawrence Britt

    Month ago

    I love it.

  61. Lawrence Britt

    Lawrence Britt

    Month ago

    Eth gang baby🚀🚀🚀🌜

  62. Haryoseno Hanindito

    Haryoseno Hanindito

    Month ago

    HAHA I like it when everybody using "Exactly as I predicted". It becomes common on people whose trading crypto, thanks to The Moon XD

  63. dees86


    Month ago

    i like Mcgriddles too

  64. Critic X

    Critic X

    Month ago

    Way to jynx it, Ben!

  65. We're Our Souls

    We're Our Souls

    Month ago

    Is it a bad thing that i have memorized bitboys intro?

  66. Joey Herman

    Joey Herman

    Month ago

    Bitboy - McGriddle gross!

  67. Coleen Manjares

    Coleen Manjares

    Month ago

    $WHIRL ✨💯

  68. Freetheweedz


    Month ago

    Ethereum already at 3900

  69. Matt K

    Matt K

    Month ago

    Eth Gang!

  70. abc 123

    abc 123

    Month ago

    Ethereum = NEW WORLD ORDER .

  71. D McV

    D McV

    Month ago

    27k ??? wow October will be my favorite mounth!! 😎🪄

  72. No Commentary Gameplay

    No Commentary Gameplay

    Month ago

    What about them Ethereum "killers"?

  73. No Commentary Gameplay

    No Commentary Gameplay

    Month ago

    By Father Day...I'm going to be The EthFather

  74. monkey2bize


    Month ago

    EXACTLY as I predicted!.... LOL

  75. WT


    Month ago

    cake and bake and don't forget the upcoming SundaeSwap (ada)

  76. OG Vlad

    OG Vlad

    Month ago

    Etherum booming 10k by the sndp the year watch

  77. mbesic1990


    Month ago

    Peppermint 🚀🚀🚀

  78. Bob Garrison

    Bob Garrison

    Month ago

    McGriddle is awesome.

  79. ChaoticDestiny


    Month ago

    Elon Musk on Saturday Night Live tonight. If he mentions Doge in his know whats going to happen

  80. Andrew Babb

    Andrew Babb

    Month ago

    ETH Gang!!!!

  81. Scott Silva

    Scott Silva

    Month ago

    Thxs buddy boyz

  82. Rajinder Singh

    Rajinder Singh

    Month ago

    By next January it will be hugeeee

  83. LeeseMedia


    Month ago

    By valentines ?

  84. Eric Kz

    Eric Kz

    Month ago

    why nobody talkin bout bch? shit been poppin off lately

  85. Eugen Ambur

    Eugen Ambur

    Month ago


  86. zach olson

    zach olson

    Month ago

    Gonna hit 5k on may 5th

  87. brandon vezina

    brandon vezina

    Month ago

    Eth gang

  88. BullyTheBears


    Month ago


  89. Pickel Rick

    Pickel Rick

    Month ago

    Dodge Demon?

  90. J EA

    J EA

    Month ago


  91. Miguel Robb

    Miguel Robb

    Month ago

    I no wish I bought into this while it was still around $500 last year. I managed to buy in at $2200 and I feel totally ripped off lol. Oh well. I’m in now. I’m just buying the shit out of ethereum classic right now while it’s still under $100

    • Braxton Aaron

      Braxton Aaron

      Month ago


  92. Vince


    Month ago

    To The Edge Of The Solar System

  93. shadowblack10


    Month ago


  94. Kehinde Kenny

    Kehinde Kenny

    Month ago

    I just love eth 🔥🔥🔥 can’t wait to see it at 20k wow 🤩

  95. MrDeuceALMIGHTY


    Month ago

    Eth to 10k by august!!

  96. Mike Hurrell

    Mike Hurrell

    Month ago

    Check out LABS project, bitboy! Huge stuff.

  97. Debra May

    Debra May

    Month ago

    ETH 10K by July 4th 🌟🔥🌛

  98. Carl Sagan

    Carl Sagan

    Month ago

    ETH. Hitting 3K today!

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    Tony Rappa

    Month ago

    What happened to all the cardano is King statements I used to see

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