Every way to COOK A STEAK! (25 Methods) | GugaFoods

Join me on as I attempt to cook RIBEYE Steaks in almost every possible way. This video has brought alot of knowledge to myself and family and I hope you enjoy this steak journey. Now, good cook a steak!

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  1. Wraith CODM

    Wraith CODM

    3 hours ago

    Moral of the video: always give a steak a crust and char it nicely, otherwise it tastes like raw potatoes

  2. Michael Oppegard

    Michael Oppegard

    15 hours ago

    Guga: if I blindfolded you and gave you this steak you would say it was a souis vide steak Me who has never had a souis vide steak: 😑

  3. Dan Lizard

    Dan Lizard

    17 hours ago




    21 hour ago

    # save the butter

  5. Brad Ley

    Brad Ley

    Day ago

    I love how he just can't cook a bad steak. He always throws the bad steaks in the pan with some butter and ties up his loose ends.

  6. Gucci Jay

    Gucci Jay

    Day ago

    put in the under of lava and there you have it lava steak

  7. OhStylerr Beats

    OhStylerr Beats

    Day ago

    Guga what do you think about well done steaks

  8. Judge Tiki

    Judge Tiki

    Day ago

    Dad my boyfriend cheated on me Guga: so i got my flamethrower and put it to work

  9. Lee B

    Lee B

    Day ago

    Trump loves boiled steak welldone with ketchup.

  10. Ecan


    Day ago

    I like you accent

  11. Daniel W

    Daniel W

    2 days ago

    Bruh, I got an ad with him in it lol

  12. stratsboneless


    2 days ago


  13. LanceTheKing


    2 days ago

    Boiled steak feels more normal than I expected, I didn't expect the Americans or Europeans to see ig as weird lol

  14. Jim M

    Jim M

    2 days ago

    Damn it I wish I was your cousin or your neighbor !!

  15. Amber Dean

    Amber Dean

    3 days ago

    The past gold apparently rock because eyeliner baly hang towards a unnatural voyage. yielding, abandoned word

  16. JacksucksAtlife


    3 days ago

    Alumin foil ?

  17. paul kayz

    paul kayz

    4 days ago

    I love the way he's explaining

  18. Daniel cain

    Daniel cain

    4 days ago

    This should be titled how to make gourdan ramsay angry

  19. Russell


    5 days ago

    How does butter basting not wash out the flavor like just cooking it in butter does? It seems like the same thing to me.

    • M424


      3 days ago

      @Russell Not necessarily. Butter is only around 80% fat and 5% milk protein, the rest is water left behind from the butter-making process. Because the butter can only get so hot before the milk protein begins to burn (hence the low heat setting), “frying” a steak in butter forces you to basically boil it in a mixture of fat and water. Frying oil is different in that it can get hot enough to efficiently jumpstart the browning process, or Maillard Reaction (at least 400 degrees).

    • Russell


      3 days ago

      @M424 But why does frying not remove flavor then? Butter is basically pure fat just like oil.

    • M424


      3 days ago

      The difference is time and the cooking method being used. In the case of the seared steak being basted with butter, the flavor of the steak was already developed through browning long before the butter was added to the pan. The butter also separated into butterfat and caramelized milk proteins from the higher temperature of the pan, adding more flavor to the steak than it can possibly take away.

  20. Nolly Roblox

    Nolly Roblox

    5 days ago

    Batman’s chef because he always records at night xd

  21. Adrian 10

    Adrian 10

    5 days ago

    I watched this video like 14 times and I just realized that there is a little picture and the name of the method in the bottom left

  22. gvipwjhiopjhf02098408fmn


    5 days ago

    why cant you use a thermometer for the salt crust steak? i see no reason to have to guess with this. i see no issue with breaking the crust, but if you dont want to you can put in one of those fancy thermometers you use that stay in the meat while it cooks also for the iron, wrap the steak in foil to avoid ruining the iron

  23. Niels Hunniche

    Niels Hunniche

    5 days ago

    GUGA, you are the KING :-) Greatings from Tommerup Denmark

  24. Terry Davis

    Terry Davis

    6 days ago

    Dishwasher steaks baby

  25. Spaceship Operations

    Spaceship Operations

    6 days ago

    I thought the car engine one in the thumbnail was just clickbait... Let's appreciate the fact that he actually did it. 😂

  26. Dany _the_penguin

    Dany _the_penguin

    6 days ago

    It's interesting how the iron was so much more efficient than other more conventional methods of cooking

  27. Boinc


    6 days ago

    Everyone from kosovo will know what the boiled stake tastes like and man we hate it , we try to convince our families to cook a proper stake but nah thats how we do it fck

  28. i cant decide a name

    i cant decide a name

    8 days ago

    17:50 Yo was he on crack or something look at his shaky az hand

  29. Mirza Baig

    Mirza Baig

    8 days ago

    I am sorry if anyone is offended but it’s fuckin RAW

  30. Anime King

    Anime King

    8 days ago

    No one: explosion Polive: *arrives* we heard an explosion what happened Guga:my car ate my steak

  31. Gavinn Harden

    Gavinn Harden

    8 days ago

    This is a vegans worst nightmare

  32. Reda Chraibi

    Reda Chraibi

    9 days ago

    Hey Guga, you should rank the methods from worst to best

  33. Zaric Santo

    Zaric Santo

    10 days ago

    Much better than bon appetit video

  34. Francesco Bonu

    Francesco Bonu

    10 days ago

    Is really sad how I still can't have a crust cuz my gas is not high enough

  35. Muczkapl


    10 days ago

    The people in the comments that say that the steaks are raw are the same people that eat their steaks well done and with ketchup

  36. Bluwuu


    10 days ago

    Well,I usually smoke my steak for a nice crust then finish it down to medium rare by pasting it with butter and rosemary,it's such a classic and it's a mouthful of happiness! Edit : The reason why I smoke it first it's cause I'm such a sucker for the diamond marks 😂.

  37. Danny Veno

    Danny Veno

    11 days ago

    He forgot the July Sidewalk Steak and the Blow-dryer Steak... I feel so cheated..

  38. Suguru daisho

    Suguru daisho

    11 days ago

    Thatveganteacher: 👁👄👁

  39. Ghosty XDL

    Ghosty XDL

    11 days ago

    Feel like you could use that smoked steak to make an absolutely beautiful sandwich

  40. Wall NANO

    Wall NANO

    11 days ago

    8k dislike from vegan

  41. John Weak

    John Weak

    12 days ago

    When car exhaust steak?

  42. Mr Minaj

    Mr Minaj

    12 days ago

    deep fried anything🔥❤🔥❤❤🔥

  43. Tom Cruz

    Tom Cruz

    12 days ago

    This nigga made a V Tec steak 😂😂😂

  44. Silver Noire

    Silver Noire

    12 days ago

    4:37 what the dog doin

  45. Bloodsplatter Gaming

    Bloodsplatter Gaming

    13 days ago

    I find it more impressive that for every differant steak guga cuts it with a differant knife

  46. Dayne Hey

    Dayne Hey

    14 days ago

    The chicken fried stake is called in Australia crumbed stake and all Aussie love it

  47. Murdered 94

    Murdered 94

    14 days ago

    I legit saw all my ex girlfriends in every steak 🤣🤣

  48. axel tousignant

    axel tousignant

    14 days ago

    Juga I would have loved so much to have you as a father! hahahah :P

  49. Ziqo


    14 days ago

    Why does the juices look so red like blood?

    • mr.legobama


      11 days ago

      There's never any blood in a steak, the blood is drained by the butcher the red juice is called myoglobin

    • NotAPro


      11 days ago

      It’s not

  50. Connor Kimball

    Connor Kimball

    15 days ago

    My parents like to broil the steak cause to them its easier, after i found your channel i started pan searing them lol

  51. A.I.


    16 days ago

    I wanna feed Gordon Ramsay a dishwasher steak

  52. dj ender 58

    dj ender 58

    16 days ago

    12:38 thats cotoletta

  53. Sporty_ Barrel

    Sporty_ Barrel

    16 days ago

    Alternate title: Guys makes steak different ways and then sears them.

  54. BlobbiGuy


    17 days ago

    as some kid who just cooked a filet mignon over a fire on a cast iron, I can say I approve of the pan seared method which works incredibly

  55. D R

    D R

    17 days ago

    In Arizona leave steak outside the sun will do the work

  56. Some Guy

    Some Guy

    17 days ago

    "I can fix that" guga with a flame thrower 2021

  57. PundaMasta


    17 days ago

    "lets try the toaster oven steak" GUGA NOOOOOOOOOO

  58. go away

    go away

    17 days ago

    As you can see my wife is not good enough in bed.. *so I got my flamethrower*

  59. Gabriel Cross

    Gabriel Cross

    17 days ago

    I am 100% serious when I say that I'm gonna try that dishwasher method

  60. ThyBamBoozler


    18 days ago

    What type of knife is Guga using at 17:48?

  61. Ricardo Colon

    Ricardo Colon

    18 days ago

    What about milk steak?

  62. Yanjun Hwang

    Yanjun Hwang

    19 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥well, its fixed....

  63. Danny Boa

    Danny Boa

    19 days ago

    Have you tried Bison or Elk steak??? Please try

  64. Danny Boa

    Danny Boa

    19 days ago

    Air Fryer steak is okay but did you salt it???

  65. Kaleb Boggs

    Kaleb Boggs

    19 days ago

    Everything looked good but he was cutting the pieces way too thin😂

  66. Jack Rous

    Jack Rous

    19 days ago

    Ohh I m mouth watering so much 3:59

  67. Da gru

    Da gru

    20 days ago

    So now I need a steak iron, good to know :D

  68. Vinny acosta

    Vinny acosta

    20 days ago

    The air fried steak is so good, if you spray it very lightly with oil, it gets a nice crust, but to be fair my air fried is a high class and also goes up to 250°C.

  69. Zawer Frost

    Zawer Frost

    20 days ago

    I just got a guga ad on a guga video

  70. Austin Currie

    Austin Currie

    20 days ago

    I've never heard of anyone trying to say that flipping a pan seared steak multiple times is right..

  71. Yung Ddub Maniak

    Yung Ddub Maniak

    21 day ago


  72. cool minecraft 5 gameplays

    cool minecraft 5 gameplays

    21 day ago

    not every way. i like to use the hot water from the sink to cook mine

  73. yichen chen

    yichen chen

    21 day ago

    If the saying you are what you eat than Guga and his entire family and friends would turn into either a cow or just steak.

  74. Fernando Martinez

    Fernando Martinez

    21 day ago

    Send this to that vegan teacher

  75. Demo Banana

    Demo Banana

    22 days ago

    Change title to: How to change every steak made by anyway to a seared steak

  76. McCheese


    22 days ago

    Well done isn’t overcooked bruh

  77. Pavan


    23 days ago

    It is "juicy","very juicy"

  78. Pepsi Isdead

    Pepsi Isdead

    23 days ago

    Cook it over lava, slapping it, breathing on it, or put it inside the front of your car by a window

  79. Iqbal Taufiqurrahman

    Iqbal Taufiqurrahman

    23 days ago

    u forgot to cook a steak on an old amd processor

  80. Boyce Ma

    Boyce Ma

    24 days ago

    Imagine cooking steak with the sun

  81. PKf1ndus


    25 days ago

    are you vegan ?

    • Mulakk


      18 days ago

      Bruh he isnt

  82. Juri Kraft

    Juri Kraft

    25 days ago

    7:03 then season the water a little bit?

  83. Ariel Hernandez

    Ariel Hernandez

    25 days ago

    Please don’t cook your steaks in a dishwasher. Such a waste of water

  84. Dustido


    25 days ago

    Title should be most of the ways to waste beef.

  85. Der Mode Don'

    Der Mode Don'

    25 days ago

    Never salt before!!!

  86. ph4nn0m


    25 days ago


  87. butter BUG

    butter BUG

    25 days ago

    Talks about his steak supplier like his drug dealer

  88. OvErPowerD


    26 days ago

    Watching this even though i am vegetarian 🤣

  89. Michael Kats

    Michael Kats

    26 days ago

    I know i´m late, but I still want to ask, if you only lower the heat in a normal pan after the desired crust is there, wouldn´t the residiual heat that´s already in the pan, darken the steak further and make it to dark?

  90. Dany _the_penguin

    Dany _the_penguin

    26 days ago

    You know I've always heard the term muddy grey in reference to poor steaks, but never understood what it meant until watching Guga boil a steak.

  91. Dany _the_penguin

    Dany _the_penguin

    26 days ago

    Local Florida man Sous Vide a steak using dishwasher

  92. Mion Henning

    Mion Henning

    27 days ago

    It sounds like he says and today we are experimenting every way to guga steak

  93. chill bakugo

    chill bakugo

    28 days ago

    Now i know my guy didn't just put the steak on his engine

  94. ?!J.S.!?


    29 days ago

    you should be in master chef

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    Prashurya Goswami

    29 days ago

    Le cancer- am i a joke to you

  96. XxProGamer911XxOMGWTF ISoCool

    XxProGamer911XxOMGWTF ISoCool

    29 days ago

    11:18 perfectly seasoned steak

  97. audaudin


    29 days ago

    Boiled steak is good with soup. Well not exactly steak. More like chunks

  98. King Woochi

    King Woochi

    Month ago

    So in other words... flame throw everything

  99. MrRedshots


    Month ago

    U sound like Peter griffin😂😂😂

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    Jon Latifi

    Month ago

    This man really has a steak dealer