First Egg Hatching to Chicks Fledging - 21 days in 21 mins - BlueTit nest box camera highlights 2021

Things used to make these videos:

In box Camera - Green Feathers wired IP camera - Use discount code USgone10 for 10% off non-discounted Green Feathers products across their website

Nest box - Garden Nature side view box

Streaming software - OBS
FREE to download at

Editing software - Davinci Resolve 17
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External Camera - Sony A6400 with 18 -105mm F4 lens
Streaming hardware - Apple MacBook Pro 15" 2012 and 2018

Here's the follow-up montage video from the BlueTit nest box located in Loughborough, UK. It takes us from the first egg hatching to the chicks fledging and leaving the nest.

There is a 'PG-13' edit of this video showing what happens to the chicks that didn't make it. You can find that here:

If you haven't seen the Empty Nest to First Egg video you can find it here:

As you'll see, several of the chicks didn't survive to fledging. There was a cold snap during the nesting period which could have had a bearing on the matter. Rest assured that the bird feeders were (and still are) well stocked. Like minded people with bluetit nest boxes in the UK left comments saying many of their chicks also hadn't survived through to fledging this year either.
The chicks hatched over a four day period, usually this would only be a two day affair. The final chick to hatch on day 4 didn't stand much of a chance compared to its siblings which were already much larger after 2 or 3 days of being fed.

The sharper eyed amongst you might have noticed that there isn't a day 15 or 19 in the video. This was due to a recording failure and a computer meltdown. The camera and computer had been streaming 24/7 for two and a half months and started to fight back!

The parents continue to feed the chicks in and around the garden and the chicks have not returned to the nest box. This is absolutely normal.
The white fluff in the nest is Sheep's wool.

If you would like to see more then there are individual daily highlights available! Please look through this playlist -

Thanks lots for watching - hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Live Nest Box Camera 2021 - Loughborough, UK

    Live Nest Box Camera 2021 - Loughborough, UK

    Month ago

    This video is part 2. Part one of the nest building can be found here -

    • nima


      2 days ago

      @John Wick if you watch their latest video, it is them removing the dead chicks, and i think that is what it is.

    • nima


      2 days ago

      @John Wick could possibly be a dead fledgling that the mother or father removed to make space

    • Cj Jenkins

      Cj Jenkins

      3 days ago

      What we go thru to get puzzy lol he made a home and got some

    • Live Nest Box Camera 2021 - Loughborough, UK

      Live Nest Box Camera 2021 - Loughborough, UK

      4 days ago

      @Joe PortaThere's so many comments on here I can't find yours to view in context. You might have seen that this video has had over 12,000 comments. There isn't the time in the day to read and interact with all of them. Yours has popped up as an email notification as it was a reply to one of my comments. The majority of questions are answered in the description which no-one seems to check. Another of the videos has 24,000 comments so that's 36,000 across just two of the 80 videos on the channel. I realise that this might not satisfy you but it's the plain truth.

    • Joe Porta

      Joe Porta

      4 days ago

      There is nothing as annoying as a person who puts up videos on USgone and then doesn’t answer questions from Viewers - if you don’t want to get involved with Viewers then turn off Comments!

  2. keanan pather

    keanan pather

    35 minutes ago

    Think those eggs are tasty?

  3. Aashit Agrawal

    Aashit Agrawal

    39 minutes ago

    Got many realisations while watching the video Please keep uploading ❤️

  4. Deisan


    52 minutes ago

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  5. Deisan


    57 minutes ago

    8:16 RAVEN?!?!??!

    • Live Nest Box Camera 2021 - Loughborough, UK

      Live Nest Box Camera 2021 - Loughborough, UK

      47 minutes ago


  6. Aashit Agrawal

    Aashit Agrawal

    Hour ago

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    Aditya Kant Kushwaha

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  8. Aditya Kant Kushwaha

    Aditya Kant Kushwaha

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  9. YUウ


    Hour ago

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  10. Arlyn Serrano

    Arlyn Serrano

    Hour ago

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  11. DBZ fan!!!

    DBZ fan!!!

    Hour ago

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    2 hours ago

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  13. Mr. Sub-Optimal

    Mr. Sub-Optimal

    2 hours ago

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    Олександр Здорик

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    7 hours ago

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  23. Sanket Walunj

    Sanket Walunj

    7 hours ago

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  24. gtAndr3sGT


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  28. Sebastian


    8 hours ago

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    Prod by Deity

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    Kira Yoshikage

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  47. Celestial_Kitten0


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    Jonathan Godoy

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    victor castillo

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  81. Casio Pistachio

    Casio Pistachio

    Day ago

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  82. apsiya s.r

    apsiya s.r

    Day ago

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    Emily Rose

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    Тот самый русский комментарий)

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    Amaniya Aneesha

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