First YouTuber To Hit A Trickshot Wins $1000!

First USgoner To Hit A Trickshot Wins $1000... I Challanged Zisc to a rematch in a 4-stage trickshot course and it got intense...

Map Code: 4450-3677-8098
GG's @Zisc

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  1. SoaR Milo

    SoaR Milo

    Month ago


    • Gamer Boy

      Gamer Boy

      4 days ago


    • Ꝗ Qynz Sym0nn

      Ꝗ Qynz Sym0nn

      5 days ago

      really minecaft or minecraft jkjkjk

    • Yusuf Iyaz

      Yusuf Iyaz

      11 days ago


    • khaled hasan

      khaled hasan

      16 days ago

      @C ♥ALZ ascribed.lktukjhgmnmghjhmdffhgjvmfdshmgjsffdhmgjsfdhdffujkdrfkgjudgfj,keghjfddjg,hddfhkuddfusffyekghjfd

    • Austin Perlbachs

      Austin Perlbachs

      17 days ago


  2. Tobias Houstrup Münchow

    Tobias Houstrup Münchow

    10 hours ago

    if you look at top you can see that is not that play. its GHOULZ

  3. siu lun to

    siu lun to

    12 hours ago

    RIP zisc



    23 hours ago

    Your trash aho

  5. Dab


    Day ago

    Yu guys look exactly same

  6. Alking Dark

    Alking Dark

    Day ago

    4450-3677-8098 this code in and copy

  7. Turki Faisal Abdul Wahid Faqeeh

    Turki Faisal Abdul Wahid Faqeeh

    Day ago

    nice vid bro

  8. Me In

    Me In

    Day ago

    Whats the map Code Name

  9. Coo coo On mobile

    Coo coo On mobile

    Day ago

    Is it me or dose milo look like Noah beck?

  10. Jaeviohn Mendez

    Jaeviohn Mendez

    Day ago

    You and zisc look just like twins

  11. Sly doggo

    Sly doggo

    2 days ago

    Bangerrrr 🔥 🔥 🔥

  12. Tim McEachern

    Tim McEachern

    2 days ago


  13. Skye3 Yeet693

    Skye3 Yeet693

    3 days ago

    Use code milo

  14. dem0n


    3 days ago

    Whats the Code of the map

  15. Harley Graham

    Harley Graham

    3 days ago

    What's the code I wanna know pls

  16. Loziq


    3 days ago

    Love ur vids 😁

  17. Nabeel Egailat

    Nabeel Egailat

    3 days ago

    2:07 top middle is the code

  18. Louidy Jean

    Louidy Jean

    4 days ago

    How do you call Milo in the battle pass why are you still my favorite

  19. TURBRO


    4 days ago

    Use code milo

  20. Kazbar


    4 days ago

    Just don’t give him the money he doesn’t deserve it he also trolled ryft

    • banana milkshake

      banana milkshake

      3 days ago

      Yea tru

  21. Just skate

    Just skate

    5 days ago

    Am I the only one who realized that when he hit that last one it said 2000 damage

  22. Rayan Salim

    Rayan Salim

    6 days ago

    Milo your account is goulz

  23. Jennifer McIntyre

    Jennifer McIntyre

    6 days ago


  24. Youssef pro jo gamer

    Youssef pro jo gamer

    7 days ago

    Why is your name ghoulz

  25. m1lk


    7 days ago

    Milo stop impersonating me

  26. Lucas Papineau

    Lucas Papineau

    7 days ago

    Please add me on fortnight I am really good my user name is PWR Panda3807

  27. Syhlis Mally

    Syhlis Mally

    7 days ago

    U guys are twins

  28. Lukasaurus04


    8 days ago

    Why are you on Gould account

  29. Jazmin cervantes

    Jazmin cervantes

    8 days ago

    Milo and Zisc look alike

  30. namikf1gamehate


    9 days ago

    Do this in minecraft with a trident

  31. Nichole stokes

    Nichole stokes

    9 days ago

    Ha ha it is funy

  32. Nichole stokes

    Nichole stokes

    9 days ago

    It is nicely done ✅

  33. Marissa Phillips

    Marissa Phillips

    9 days ago

    Are they twins or something

  34. ✨Drizz on FN✨

    ✨Drizz on FN✨

    9 days ago

    My head hurts when ever a good player wants a trick shot bananas 🍌 lol

  35. Julia


    9 days ago

    I lost my pinky 😭



    10 days ago

    1578 angel number

  37. Vaea Kaufononga

    Vaea Kaufononga

    10 days ago

    what the number for the map pls

  38. julian marin

    julian marin

    10 days ago

    I think milo was using ghoulz acount h

  39. Ahmed Rafeek Aziz

    Ahmed Rafeek Aziz

    10 days ago

    I am sain aolso sain two gost

  40. Gjyla 20

    Gjyla 20

    10 days ago

    Fun fact he got @Ghoulz acc

  41. Shadi Ibrahim

    Shadi Ibrahim

    11 days ago

    I love your stream and video



    11 days ago

    Bruh he’s playing in ghoulz acc

  43. Daisy33


    11 days ago


  44. ZAB308


    11 days ago


  45. Chris Ward

    Chris Ward

    11 days ago

    did any one else relise that his name was ghoulz

  46. Sara Kerrigan

    Sara Kerrigan

    11 days ago

    Who had the treasure on the purple one he didn’t shoot you have to move on you silly goose egg and I’m clown I’m blind as well if you know I hope you noticed this when you written in the video I love you big fat I’m gonna like it subscribe and I’m I’m subscribed to by the way

  47. Willber Ramos

    Willber Ramos

    12 days ago

    only ogs remembers the old one of this with keys

  48. Affan Khizer

    Affan Khizer

    12 days ago

    ‘. L lol . .ok uugsddgffmom daasaqaaaaardvvasdfevg133456677888873332222222

  49. gaming whith fortnite pro

    gaming whith fortnite pro

    12 days ago

    Let's talk about milos name

  50. Barron Hall

    Barron Hall

    12 days ago

    They look like twins

  51. Tasha Milian

    Tasha Milian

    12 days ago

    your name is golze

  52. Nas wash

    Nas wash

    12 days ago

    bro we aint gonna talk about how they look so much like twins and that Milo said "LeTs Go L13d"

  53. Hector Deleon

    Hector Deleon

    12 days ago

    Why u on ghoulz acc 😂

  54. Wendy Knodel-Smith

    Wendy Knodel-Smith

    12 days ago


  55. Elana Brickman

    Elana Brickman

    12 days ago


  56. Taha Yaqoob

    Taha Yaqoob

    13 days ago

    yo i have your map

  57. Istanbul


    13 days ago


  58. Sebastian embury

    Sebastian embury

    13 days ago

    He's on goals account

  59. Lori Clark

    Lori Clark

    13 days ago

    Why he on ghoulzes account

  60. Joy Osborne

    Joy Osborne

    13 days ago

    Milo u make my day every day I watch u use code milo in the fortnite item shop

  61. Jelly Mono

    Jelly Mono

    13 days ago


  62. Raleigh Lund

    Raleigh Lund

    13 days ago

    Milo: me and zisc made a map like this and I lost Me: good

  63. Sohan Saka

    Sohan Saka

    13 days ago

    Did anyone of you guys relive that Soar milos username was GHOULZ.?

  64. Pp


    13 days ago

    I lost it on but

  65. Slime Squad

    Slime Squad

    14 days ago

    Why are you on ghoulz,s account

  66. Dwarsco78


    14 days ago

    Why are you using ghouls account

  67. HZ Productions

    HZ Productions

    14 days ago

    You should do shotgun trick shots

  68. Atticus Himli

    Atticus Himli

    15 days ago

    I hate soar milo zinc next time

  69. xd Mansour-Gaming

    xd Mansour-Gaming

    15 days ago

    Everyone SoaR milo fans it's zisc

  70. Susan Atkison

    Susan Atkison

    15 days ago


  71. ironic yt

    ironic yt

    15 days ago


  72. Steve Widmer

    Steve Widmer

    15 days ago


  73. KrodyBnox


    15 days ago

    Zisc said pissed

  74. Kyson Ketchum

    Kyson Ketchum

    15 days ago

    Milo 1v1 me bot dog water

  75. Punita Borkhataria

    Punita Borkhataria

    16 days ago

    LOL 0:52

  76. Daniel Bro

    Daniel Bro

    16 days ago

    Add me in for now we can one V1

  77. ramla delil

    ramla delil

    16 days ago

    I want Milo to be the most Sweateaesed person in fortnite history

  78. Trugamerz


    16 days ago

    What is the code for this map so I can try it and always use code milo

  79. Bradley Innes

    Bradley Innes

    17 days ago

    You S head for rift

  80. Blexy Crank

    Blexy Crank

    17 days ago

    Why are you on ghoulz’s account

  81. Gamer Boy

    Gamer Boy

    17 days ago

    Why str you om gholz acounnt

  82. Socksfor1 Fan

    Socksfor1 Fan

    17 days ago

    milo has to cheat just to win how sad

  83. Galaxy Wolf

    Galaxy Wolf

    18 days ago

    4450 3677 8098

  84. Galaxy Wolf

    Galaxy Wolf

    18 days ago

    it was 57 seconds in the video

  85. Galaxy Wolf

    Galaxy Wolf

    18 days ago

    445036778098 lol hide it dawg

  86. Galaxy Wolf

    Galaxy Wolf

    18 days ago

    its this

  87. Galaxy Wolf

    Galaxy Wolf

    18 days ago

    I know the code u stupid

  88. uncl3ar1 247

    uncl3ar1 247

    18 days ago

    Why u on golz acount

  89. Melvin Garita

    Melvin Garita

    18 days ago

    Why is milos name GHOULZ

  90. James Chadwell

    James Chadwell

    18 days ago

    You gay 1:38

  91. James Chadwell

    James Chadwell

    18 days ago


  92. 1%EYAD


    18 days ago

    He is busin busin and handsome 😱😍😍

  93. Smiles


    18 days ago

    6:17 GHOULZ?

  94. Mavis Noble

    Mavis Noble

    18 days ago

    Come on win

  95. kr1gosツ


    19 days ago

    You killed a greek pro player a long time ago but ok his name is Alekkun

  96. UnKnoWn CRR

    UnKnoWn CRR

    19 days ago


  97. Benito Delgado

    Benito Delgado

    19 days ago

    Ok splezvr

  98. Spidez


    19 days ago

    You are amazing milo

  99. Spidez


    19 days ago

    I’m about to subscribe to milo’s second channel after this vid

  100. CD Loki

    CD Loki

    20 days ago

    Why where you on ghouls account?