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  1. jordyn kirkman

    jordyn kirkman

    37 minutes ago

    Toy Bonnie after fnaf 2 4:36

  2. dream_ lolbit

    dream_ lolbit

    2 hours ago

    Im praying whit you dawko 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. dream_ lolbit

    dream_ lolbit

    2 hours ago

    ✨ I cant burn ✨ (i layed in the Sun so mutch and im still not burning :()

  4. ♥︎Meadow Afton♥︎

    ♥︎Meadow Afton♥︎

    6 hours ago


  5. Bunny


    6 hours ago

    “William afton is toy Chica” -dawko

  6. David Eshagh

    David Eshagh

    7 hours ago

    7:41 OMG DANY FOX :D

  7. Edmilson Goncalves

    Edmilson Goncalves

    7 hours ago


  8. Shadow1150zz


    8 hours ago

    8:30 Freddy the Fastbear

  9. Horselover


    9 hours ago

    5:20 Bite of 87 be like

  10. LadsumiOfficial('nt)


    14 hours ago

    Meme reviews always bring a smile to my face, and an even bigger smile when it comes from Dawko.

  11. 2B or not 2B

    2B or not 2B

    14 hours ago

    ok but an eternally living flesh-fursuit for 40 dollars? what a bargain.

  12. ㅑ9476ㅕ


    15 hours ago


  13. Sarah Benyon

    Sarah Benyon

    15 hours ago


  14. ColinCartoons


    15 hours ago

    0:40 don’t take this out of context please

  15. Glowing tiger

    Glowing tiger

    16 hours ago

    Damn spring trap would be better than corpse

  16. Auditor


    16 hours ago


  17. -Lvnchb0x-


    17 hours ago

    7:05 thank you for speaking the truth

  18. Lo Lets go

    Lo Lets go

    21 hour ago

    *STICKY BALLS* - Dawko July 2021

  19. Bárt Brokovník

    Bárt Brokovník

    22 hours ago

    your multiverse theory is correct

  20. Piggy fan 3550

    Piggy fan 3550

    23 hours ago

    Into the pot I must admit I come a coooook

  21. Piggy fan 3550

    Piggy fan 3550

    23 hours ago

    Buff helpy has been topped off his throne by toy bonnie mucbang

  22. Customfaces123


    Day ago

    17:27 To answer your question dawko it’s anime that is Jojo’s bizarre adventures part three and glam rock Freddy is star platinum, Jotaro cuhjo’s stand and is the first time stands are introduced.

  23. Customfaces123


    Day ago

    Sus means sustainable look it up 12:45

  24. Betty Stewart

    Betty Stewart

    Day ago

    The high-pitched airplane unexplainably camp because trade successively question since a energetic interactive. flagrant, vivacious manicure

  25. Booper Dooper

    Booper Dooper

    Day ago

    Simp for buff helpy

  26. WhiteIron237


    Day ago

    So good to be back

  27. LilQ the gacha tuber

    LilQ the gacha tuber

    Day ago

    Toy chica is William afton(lie)

  28. haha


    Day ago

    6:55 dream wants to join the fnaf community

  29. clifford sinclair

    clifford sinclair

    Day ago

    I drink tea too

    • clifford sinclair

      clifford sinclair

      Day ago

      Tea is good

  30. Mr. Mewphio

    Mr. Mewphio

    Day ago

    [minecraft player] bruh you playing minecraft Helpy. I like your cut g (2 seconds later) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  31. Catmanmilk FNaF Horner

    Catmanmilk FNaF Horner

    Day ago

    Yeet da vanny

  32. Count The Ways Karim

    Count The Ways Karim

    Day ago

    How did you create count the ways

  33. Rehan ._.

    Rehan ._.

    Day ago

    "Drink Tea"

  34. Alexandrea Johnston

    Alexandrea Johnston

    Day ago

    I love this

  35. Glitch Emerald

    Glitch Emerald

    Day ago

    Springy was never scary I was always fnaf 4

  36. shxrk


    Day ago


  37. Lucas Rangel Foscaches

    Lucas Rangel Foscaches

    Day ago

    But freedy is a kid

  38. Chat


    Day ago

    "I actually liked dream's song" everyone disliked that.

  39. Celia Negron

    Celia Negron

    Day ago

    dawko: springtrap is a meme now me: not to me he's my fav charecter like funtime foxy and lolbit

  40. WOLFYFLEE second channel

    WOLFYFLEE second channel

    Day ago

    you sound like tubbo

  41. Sub zero’s Fortnite gaming 559

    Sub zero’s Fortnite gaming 559

    Day ago

    Sussy Baka is sussy idiot

  42. TheDunsparceGames


    Day ago

    dawko being so confused at the jojo reference is the funniest thing in this video

  43. Patty Kipping

    Patty Kipping

    Day ago

    B a l l s

  44. MAFU xD

    MAFU xD

    Day ago


  45. AliManDeh


    Day ago

    🙏🙏🙏We need more shelf from hell plssdds give ux 🙏🙏🙏

  46. Judith Hannemann

    Judith Hannemann

    Day ago

    Love the new logo change

  47. jacob ryall

    jacob ryall

    Day ago

    Sunburn is the most dangerous thing to super pale people

  48. springbonniefazbear74


    Day ago

    now we need buff bonbon

  49. Water Shark

    Water Shark

    Day ago

    You made my day! xD

  50. J boy 100

    J boy 100

    Day ago

    During the heatwave I had a sports day Worst week of my life 😀

  51. Koko Afton

    Koko Afton

    Day ago

    "And sticky balls" I can't wait for the cliff ant the end of the river..

  52. Jojo490


    2 days ago

    12:25 if you're on mobile, pause and gently shake your screen

  53. EnterMeme .

    EnterMeme .

    2 days ago

    That addon was made by dany fox

  54. DecayingRatCorpse


    2 days ago

    Im surprised no one is making memes of mukbang toy bonnie now

  55. F&N BolGotronic

    F&N BolGotronic

    2 days ago

    Even though I haven't played fnaf until like 2020 I remember hearing it in 2014 and whenever I listen to the fnaf 3 music it takes me back 😞

  56. Alekzander Malechikos

    Alekzander Malechikos

    2 days ago

    so uh, whats with the jiggle at 17:56?

  57. The rebble

    The rebble

    2 days ago

    That was bader tanada now try sandwichingground

  58. crippiled leaf

    crippiled leaf

    2 days ago

    17:48 j i g g l e e f f e c t s

  59. Faith David

    Faith David

    2 days ago

    Man, I've missed these. My favorites: SpongeBob with the Dawko plush and the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 one

  60. •//Mike Afton Venezolano\\•

    •//Mike Afton Venezolano\\•

    2 days ago

    Todo bien pero, desde cuando se inglés?

  61. Crusty Mongrel

    Crusty Mongrel

    2 days ago

    7:05 I love you Dawko but that wiped the smile off my face

  62. FNaF Movies More

    FNaF Movies More

    2 days ago

    Mukbang toy bonnie

  63. Randi Warner

    Randi Warner

    2 days ago


  64. 4saintsemail


    2 days ago

    team tea

  65. 5 elements5

    5 elements5

    2 days ago

    Everyone’s gangster until he drinks more tea than coffee and the balance is broken

  66. VaderTrap


    2 days ago

    13:28 Time traveler: *moves a chair* The timeline:

  67. Desdæmona D

    Desdæmona D

    2 days ago

    2:50 y

  68. K1tty


    2 days ago

    I remember seeing a FNaF meme where it was just the Old Chica model but excessive amounts of water was pouring out of the eyes while His Theme played in the background and I’ve been trying to find it to no avail please help

  69. Zetto


    2 days ago

    I need a video where Dawko only drinks tea

  70. Trevor thomas

    Trevor thomas

    2 days ago

    Hopefully your next meme review does not take 2 more years

  71. ivan brito

    ivan brito

    2 days ago

    Into the pot is spring bonnie and mineta flavored.

  72. animator cindy :3

    animator cindy :3

    2 days ago

    5:10 fredbear when eating the crying child:

  73. Whray


    2 days ago

    Dawko: ''all i do is drink tee.'' me: BRI'ISH (im sorry-)

  74. Szabó Levente

    Szabó Levente

    2 days ago

    10:40 Random = funny (if its well executed)

  75. Elizabeth Cone

    Elizabeth Cone

    2 days ago

    5:50 : DanTDM did that in his VR video on Repairing the Animatronics.

  76. Golden man

    Golden man

    2 days ago

    That Minecraft is my Dany fox

  77. happy noob

    happy noob

    2 days ago

    i have covid-19 and i am not kidding lol

  78. lutie 2000

    lutie 2000

    2 days ago

    guys why is this fully grown man screaming and squeeling like a crazy man, seriously, this video would've been 10 times funnier without his commentary.

  79. Edmilson Manoel Gonçalves

    Edmilson Manoel Gonçalves

    2 days ago


  80. SolidOJ


    2 days ago

    I don't say this much when I comment but my profile picture is actually not my profile picture it's just my dad And I'm a 9 year-old so and also I'm a big fan at the fnaf meme Review

  81. F&N BolGotronic

    F&N BolGotronic

    2 days ago

    I also sun burn quite easily

  82. manny hernandez

    manny hernandez

    2 days ago

    is no one gonna talk about 17:57 (specifically vanny)

  83. dog lover

    dog lover

    2 days ago

    Yes queen yaaaas

  84. Zenitsu Agatsuma

    Zenitsu Agatsuma

    2 days ago

    Amongoos lol

    • Zenitsu Agatsuma

      Zenitsu Agatsuma

      2 days ago

      Oi m8 ya wanna cuppa t innit

  85. MinePanda


    3 days ago

    toy chica is willam afton -Dawko out of contex

  86. Spring Bonnie

    Spring Bonnie

    3 days ago

    7:58 the nightmare has begin

  87. Sykz


    3 days ago

    i need to catch up with this series

  88. marsson


    3 days ago

    man, that aint no moogle. thats a laggle

  89. Killesword


    3 days ago

    11:55 I was dying when I put this at 2x speed.

  90. Mad Druss

    Mad Druss

    3 days ago

    16:53 is a anime reference dawko

  91. Cranky Cathy

    Cranky Cathy

    3 days ago

    I missed you!

  92. Lachlan adair

    Lachlan adair

    3 days ago

    dream speedruns fnaf beats 50 20 mode first try

  93. Alexandra Roman

    Alexandra Roman

    3 days ago

    7:48 the best buff helpy in minecraft

  94. Imagined Memes

    Imagined Memes

    3 days ago

    Dawko: Overcomes buff helpy with mukbang bonnie me: I felt that.

  95. Rust Lord

    Rust Lord

    3 days ago


  96. Rogue Arts

    Rogue Arts

    3 days ago

    7:44 Dawko has spent so much time being afraid of Buff Helpy, but he should’ve been calculating what percentage of power Buff Helpy is at..but it’s ok..I think I’ve calculated it fully.... ...He’s stronger than Shaggy.

  97. Deano Van Dijk

    Deano Van Dijk

    3 days ago

    THE GONGOOZLER but then on land

  98. OneFanDan YT

    OneFanDan YT

    3 days ago

    Sooo nobody’s about buff helpy in Minecraft

  99. LofiMarble


    3 days ago

    *The Freddy Fazbear driving meme has to be the most creative meme I've ever seen lol*