Fortnite Season 7 Actually Added This..

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  1. lol_pewpew


    9 minutes ago

    GUGGIMON actually means GUGGI MONSTER. guggi is probably some kind of tribal scary thing

  2. sir38


    30 minutes ago

    nobody: dan: *W E A R E M I K E W A Z O W S K Y*

  3. Sema’j French

    Sema’j French

    Hour ago


  4. Mathew Martinez

    Mathew Martinez

    Hour ago

    The foundation

  5. Mable Flores

    Mable Flores

    Hour ago

    He don’t care aAbout Pose supposeTalk about the Battle pass

  6. Error Plays

    Error Plays

    2 hours ago

    Dan… get the free shadow ruby skin… it’s leaving in 2 days

  7. Morayo_ Draws stuff

    Morayo_ Draws stuff

    3 hours ago

    So am I only one who stayed up until 2am to watch the premiere

  8. Levi Mason Cameron

    Levi Mason Cameron

    3 hours ago

    I’m level 61

  9. Vr Michael

    Vr Michael

    4 hours ago

    It’s funny how no one knows who Guggimon and Janky are

  10. Fear is Edgy

    Fear is Edgy

    5 hours ago

    Wait a second technicaly Superman is an alien because he came from a different planet that exploded

  11. orgil odbayar

    orgil odbayar

    5 hours ago

    Look morty i am cranking friking 90's friking 90's morty

  12. Juraj Cvetko

    Juraj Cvetko

    5 hours ago

    makeshift guns still exist lol

  13. ap3x turtl3

    ap3x turtl3

    6 hours ago

    Dans so nice

  14. I Love DanTDM

    I Love DanTDM

    6 hours ago

    Do more gta

  15. Geo Joyman

    Geo Joyman

    7 hours ago

    6:30 Lyrics: "Aaalieeen, that's who I want to be"

  16. Perry Eaves

    Perry Eaves

    8 hours ago

    Can you add me

  17. OOF


    9 hours ago

    I also got the battle pass

  18. Raven Hector

    Raven Hector

    9 hours ago

    My Man Just Guccimon Instead of Guggimon

  19. Klapz Lazar

    Klapz Lazar

    9 hours ago

    This ain’t fortnite no more

  20. Nicole Blasquez

    Nicole Blasquez

    9 hours ago

    I'm 9 and love Rick and morty

  21. Nicole Blasquez

    Nicole Blasquez

    9 hours ago

    Congrats to alia for knowing the future lol

  22. Lost soul

    Lost soul

    10 hours ago

    I haven't playing since season seven god damn the game has changed

  23. MrMcBiscuit


    11 hours ago


  24. ThomasPlayzFortnitez Foreverz

    ThomasPlayzFortnitez Foreverz

    11 hours ago

    Dantdm: “Ali a predicted this 3 years ago” Me: “Dantdm watches Ali a”

  25. Sankar Ram Sankaranarayanan

    Sankar Ram Sankaranarayanan

    11 hours ago

    I like how he keeps saying dope

  26. Senan Kelleher

    Senan Kelleher

    11 hours ago

    Dan no even if you steal my skin

  27. Senan Kelleher

    Senan Kelleher

    11 hours ago

    Hay ya stole my skin

  28. Primal Youtuber

    Primal Youtuber

    11 hours ago

    Hes lost an eye Which is eye-ronic Because he has eyes all over him I'm lost😭😭

  29. Skhie & Claude's World

    Skhie & Claude's World

    12 hours ago

    Guggimon is killer murderer

  30. Brandon Jackman

    Brandon Jackman

    12 hours ago


  31. cudaz


    12 hours ago

    bro we're playing flippin stw but in br

  32. Finley Does fortnite and other games 2

    Finley Does fortnite and other games 2

    13 hours ago

    Doctor alone: but we have something they don't Me: RICK AND MORTY

  33. Maria Lowe

    Maria Lowe

    13 hours ago

    It's the foundation

  34. BoredBoyMMIII


    13 hours ago

    Man fortnite has changed like Alot now

  35. Fox28


    14 hours ago


  36. Casey Eshvin Tuan

    Casey Eshvin Tuan

    14 hours ago

    make a discord ._.

  37. Brayden Davis

    Brayden Davis

    14 hours ago

    Missed free shadow ruby pack in item shop

  38. xiomara LOBO

    xiomara LOBO

    15 hours ago

    The guy in the spiral is the foundation

  39. Trilotron Power

    Trilotron Power

    15 hours ago

    Kymeras got them chica toes

  40. Leo Gross

    Leo Gross

    15 hours ago

    Isn’t Superman an alien?

  41. JoB Angelo Benedicto

    JoB Angelo Benedicto

    16 hours ago

    Why is super man playing Fortnite as batman?

  42. Britton Horton

    Britton Horton

    16 hours ago

    It’s hard that to get battle stars

  43. Adam Shelor

    Adam Shelor

    17 hours ago

    we have something else… Rick Sanchez!

  44. hockeymaster 100

    hockeymaster 100

    17 hours ago

  45. Jean Bingham

    Jean Bingham

    18 hours ago

    there's a refrents to a move

  46. Bleserved


    18 hours ago

    Fish stick janky fav back bling

  47. Lee Ann Daniels

    Lee Ann Daniels

    19 hours ago

    Among us!

  48. karl Stokes

    karl Stokes

    20 hours ago

    It's actually called the foundation yeah the foundation

  49. COD_Radhames22


    21 hour ago

    you have the shadow pack in the item shop for $0(Free)

  50. Silvia St

    Silvia St

    21 hour ago

    The guy was in the zero point actually was called Foundation

  51. مطنوخ قيمر

    مطنوخ قيمر

    22 hours ago


  52. Philip Diers

    Philip Diers

    23 hours ago

    when i saw super man i was like wait the hulk lol

  53. DaBreakfastBandit


    23 hours ago

    They should of had "pickaxe rick"

  54. Jac davies

    Jac davies

    23 hours ago

    1 day before season 8

  55. Jac davies

    Jac davies

    23 hours ago

    my b-day is on september 11 2021

  56. Kurt Vande Rivière

    Kurt Vande Rivière

    23 hours ago

    Im 10 and i wath Rick and Morty and south park

  57. Matts Content

    Matts Content

    23 hours ago


  58. HoodieLover96


    23 hours ago

    This entire season is based off of the movie “Close encounters of the third kind”

  59. Freddie Barthram

    Freddie Barthram

    23 hours ago

    Dan laughs at anything and I love it 😂

  60. Nicola Ball

    Nicola Ball

    23 hours ago

    im 10 and i watch rick and morty it not that bad in some ways

  61. 23 hours ago

    When you see Superman looking at the TV look at his computer!!

  62. 23 hours ago

    I just saw a big Easter egg!!!

  63. R41D Ψ

    R41D Ψ

    23 hours ago

    "because of the.... crewmember" this is'nt among us DAN

  64. Blake Little

    Blake Little

    23 hours ago

    I saw rick and morty when I was little my mom turned the TV off I was staring to get into it lol 😆

  65. Ethan Osti

    Ethan Osti

    Day ago

    Dan you are the best have the USgone

  66. Drippy Mikan

    Drippy Mikan

    Day ago

    never speak a word from your mouth again

  67. Hudson Hoke

    Hudson Hoke

    Day ago

    Apple Watch mega sus

  68. Hudson Hoke

    Hudson Hoke

    Day ago


    • Caio Fante

      Caio Fante

      21 hour ago

      but its not.

  69. Hudson Hoke

    Hudson Hoke

    Day ago

    My mom said intill I’m 20 I can watch it and I’m nine so elven more years ;-:

  70. Nightmare


    Day ago

    dan i recommend geting the things the cost the less then the more expensive things

  71. Marcus Armani

    Marcus Armani

    Day ago

    Where is pickle rick

  72. Warren J Dodds

    Warren J Dodds

    Day ago

    only OGGs remember when he used to play minecraft 24/7

  73. Anshaal Ali chohan

    Anshaal Ali chohan

    Day ago

    Me ha cuddle master look like a pink ranger

  74. SkyeRyder


    Day ago

    I think Fortnite has gone too far with crossovers in chapter 2.

  75. Helen Goff

    Helen Goff

    Day ago

    Your audio cut in and out

  76. LezGoBraydoPlayzBoi


    Day ago

    me being a 9 year old seeing the first 5 minitues of rick and morty episode 1 me: AHHHHHH-

  77. epicgamezzzz


    Day ago

    Dan's looking *Chonky*

  78. Da'Shawn Warren

    Da'Shawn Warren

    Day ago

    I thought Guccimon was Max from Sam and Max

  79. Inclusive vlogs

    Inclusive vlogs

    Day ago

    I use your code in the item shop

  80. Donald Sedig

    Donald Sedig

    Day ago

    Caught staring at Rick's Bald Spot, he flips you off.

  81. jac06 boss gaming

    jac06 boss gaming

    Day ago

    I don't like fortnite but I do like Rick and morty

  82. Joenz francis Maballo

    Joenz francis Maballo

    Day ago

    Get the ufo but i don't know what they call it but you need to seven stars it's it's on the first one you can buy with stars whatever it is just where the alien is

  83. Elvis Dickson

    Elvis Dickson

    Day ago

    Dan:SO CUTE

  84. Joenz francis Maballo

    Joenz francis Maballo

    Day ago

    The superman scene superman was actually playing fortnite and she was playing as batman

  85. Sebastian Kiang

    Sebastian Kiang

    Day ago

    Woah I didn't know dat humans don't exist den I guess we're monkeys

  86. Miss Everything

    Miss Everything

    Day ago

    2:03 reminds me of the episode with the heads

  87. -Little Square-

    -Little Square-

    Day ago

    Honestly I don't care about Fortnite but Dan will forever make me smile 😁

  88. Cod Dubz

    Cod Dubz

    Day ago

    last time I played fn was season 8 not even chapter 1 or 2

  89. Potatman17


    Day ago

    0:56 yes, and he is playing as batman

  90. Faris Hussain

    Faris Hussain

    Day ago


  91. Sudarshan


    Day ago

    "tilwed towers" lmfao

  92. Dorito Player123

    Dorito Player123

    Day ago

    I like how everybody said is that superman

  93. The Beep

    The Beep

    Day ago

    Goku solos

  94. Colt McKeehan

    Colt McKeehan

    Day ago

    Whoa, this new Sam and max game looks ok 👍

  95. nichole hart jesuitas

    nichole hart jesuitas

    Day ago

    9:20 NO WAY

  96. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer

    Day ago

    John Doe from roblox?

  97. Sai Yuri

    Sai Yuri

    Day ago

    okay super man is playing fortnite as bat man

  98. StampsPlayz


    Day ago


  99. AshTwob Z

    AshTwob Z

    Day ago

    Butter robot could be better if the name is "Butterbot"

  100. Pickle Rangers

    Pickle Rangers

    Day ago

    Who else hates the bunny