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  1. cole howerton

    cole howerton

    13 days ago

    Kenny love your truck man and your car !!!!!!!!11

  2. Backyard Racing

    Backyard Racing

    15 days ago

    Tank Desticles

  3. Justin Time

    Justin Time

    24 days ago

    Whenever you took out the cats did you just cut the o2 sensors and kept the engine light ?

  4. Dakota Adams

    Dakota Adams

    26 days ago

    I thought you were gonna put a 5.4 supercharged in your truck. Thats what I was hoping for anyways

  5. I suck at youtube kroupa

    I suck at youtube kroupa

    27 days ago

    Your breakfast used to be bacon biscuits gravy and TROPICILA

  6. Ryan Michel

    Ryan Michel

    29 days ago

    I love how you went from living in that old trailer to renovating a whole house

  7. TSE_Tohan_01


    29 days ago

    tank desticles

  8. Henry Walker

    Henry Walker

    Month ago

    Was that Adam o rear?!?!

  9. James Nobles

    James Nobles

    Month ago

    Tank Desticles

  10. ty mckan

    ty mckan

    Month ago

    Ill wash those dishes

  11. Mixer Man Bear.

    Mixer Man Bear.

    Month ago

    Bill Cosby in a can.🤣😂🤣

  12. Monic


    Month ago

    Tank desticles

  13. Sawyer


    Month ago

    You can get starlink now its Elon masks internet service

  14. PAYNE KILLER got deleted

    PAYNE KILLER got deleted

    Month ago

    If the roads were that slippery in Maine there'd be a straight up lawsuit, they want it July 13 months a year.



    Month ago

    Kendog get some straight cuts for the sploder

  16. thomas givens

    thomas givens

    Month ago

    Tank desticles

  17. Nate Webb

    Nate Webb

    Month ago

    “This shit is so fun man, why is it illegal?” 😂😂 because anything fun and harmless is illegal. 🤣

  18. Trevor Dane Daniels

    Trevor Dane Daniels

    Month ago


  19. Шаде Топью

    Шаде Топью

    Month ago

    I didn't really pay attention but I redid a house like you did, dooooo noooot put tile in, get that rubber stuff, with an older house the floor will never be completely flat and in a year or so you'll have tiles breaking left and right. Just save your self time now.

  20. Rippin’ daily

    Rippin’ daily

    Month ago

    Tank desticals

  21. Local Pothead

    Local Pothead

    Month ago

    Also, Tank Desticles!! I watch every vid bro love watching your pointless content

  22. Christopher Sorsby

    Christopher Sorsby

    Month ago

    I would like to see ya go mudding

  23. Itz Smokey

    Itz Smokey

    Month ago

    Was that earlington lake? Lol

  24. HemiFever07


    Month ago

    Tank desticles

  25. Tyler Hunt

    Tyler Hunt

    Month ago

    Tank Desticles 🤣

  26. Stone Wyatt

    Stone Wyatt

    Month ago

    Send her

  27. Jamison Lyons

    Jamison Lyons

    Month ago

    You need to get a rjwc exhaust for the wheeler

  28. You’re probably Stupid

    You’re probably Stupid

    Month ago

    When you were moving your hips to get the back tires to slide back and forth on the road. That’s exactly what I was doing on a wet road and rolled my four wheeler I flew about a foot away from a brick mailbox thank god I came out fine but if I was just a foot to the left more when I dove off of it I would have easily broke my arm if not both of them and my jaw cause I would have went head first into the mailbox trying to brace my self with my arms

  29. Bradon Zweng

    Bradon Zweng

    Month ago

    Tank Desticles

  30. Cameron Meyer

    Cameron Meyer

    Month ago

    Tank desticles

  31. Earburners 25

    Earburners 25

    Month ago

    I just started my own USgone channel

  32. EnchantedElm 420

    EnchantedElm 420

    Month ago

    i love your videos there funny as fuck and i wish you put more out every week

  33. Levi Bauer

    Levi Bauer

    Month ago

    Y’all what ever happened to rippin twinz

  34. William Sackett

    William Sackett

    Month ago

    Kendawg runs thru dogs like he does dip

  35. Zobex


    Month ago

    Tank Desticles

  36. Joshua Forrister

    Joshua Forrister

    Month ago

    Kenny I’m playing cold war on your team Killer0102c accept my friend request please

  37. Jacob Watson1221

    Jacob Watson1221

    Month ago

    ( . Y .)

  38. Archer Pennello

    Archer Pennello

    Month ago

    i literally found your channel from your comment from "when your pizza rolls are done" vine hahaha

  39. Redneck lover

    Redneck lover

    Month ago

    You just went by my house and i started frecking out i notice your truck by mudjug on the back of it

  40. Sean Artman

    Sean Artman

    Month ago

    Tank desticules

  41. parker chase

    parker chase

    Month ago

    do you know ryan upchurch?

  42. Reed Faria

    Reed Faria

    Month ago

    7:26 Peter griffin

  43. sawyer robinson

    sawyer robinson

    Month ago

    I miss the old Ken dog

  44. Colin Stone

    Colin Stone

    Month ago

    Tank desticles

  45. redneck Wyman

    redneck Wyman

    Month ago

    You got me to try the biscuits, hands down the best biscuits by far

  46. Baehler Tv

    Baehler Tv

    Month ago

    I didn’t even recognize miker he got skinny again

  47. Logan Rodgers

    Logan Rodgers

    Month ago

    happy b day

  48. Daniel Hernanadez

    Daniel Hernanadez

    Month ago

    U should get a 80mm throttle body and port the intake manifold, and buy a pulley kit, light weight crankshaft pulley and water pump pulley as well. Will all result in much better throttle response and power to the wheel with even as little as a feather tap on the gas

  49. Whiterun Guard

    Whiterun Guard

    Month ago

    The new house is gonna look 🔥

  50. Yung Bitta

    Yung Bitta

    Month ago

    Glad you actually uploaded a video in a min we would watch the stupid shit too if you felt up to just uploading and not edit everything lol I’d just edit a weekly upload and just roll the rest and just cut out something if you don’t want it in there

  51. Marcus P

    Marcus P

    Month ago

    Chef KEN DOG

  52. Maples ZLee

    Maples ZLee

    Month ago


  53. Maples ZLee

    Maples ZLee

    Month ago

    You should get a pimp mobile

    • Maples ZLee

      Maples ZLee

      Month ago


  54. Mickey Ascue

    Mickey Ascue

    Month ago

    Where is the dipping videos what happened did you quit dipping and if you did how did you do it keep the awesome videos coming

  55. Caden York

    Caden York

    Month ago

    Dude! At 3:14 it goes like this I know that truck I ain’t no stranger I know that truck that’s a Ford fucking ranger

  56. kent mason

    kent mason

    Month ago

    Tank Desticles if you made it this far

  57. tyler jackson

    tyler jackson

    Month ago

    Tank Desticles lol seems like im one of the few or only one that watches to the end 4th time and dont see nobody else comment what it says at the end

  58. Maddy Hoover

    Maddy Hoover

    Month ago

    Just use a uitite knife to cut the sheetsrock

  59. honda hollar

    honda hollar

    Month ago

    kendawg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Clinton spiers

    Clinton spiers

    Month ago

    You need to put a turbo on your truck

  61. outdoor life

    outdoor life

    Month ago

    Tank testicals

  62. Charlie Taulbee

    Charlie Taulbee

    Month ago

    Run either 4:11 or 4:88

  63. Charlie Taulbee

    Charlie Taulbee

    Month ago

    Sounds Clapped AF

  64. Chloe Ballered

    Chloe Ballered

    Month ago

    Kenny have you seen this clown “mincy outdoors” he’s copying you.

  65. Jacob Crockett

    Jacob Crockett

    Month ago

    420k subs nice lol

  66. MidWestern Mountain

    MidWestern Mountain

    Month ago

    Have you tried ice fishing?

  67. Tyler Stump

    Tyler Stump

    Month ago

    The dude in the van was crazy asf "i seen him twice"

  68. austin2 mcpherson2

    austin2 mcpherson2

    Month ago

    i love how he just has wd40 chilling on his counter. Love you man

  69. Nailgut101


    Month ago

    Bigfoot best be careful, there’s a Kenny Goodloe out there 😂

  70. Devin Burtz

    Devin Burtz

    Month ago

    Did anyone else notice how much fucking salt he used on those eggs

  71. Metalhead Murr aka Aidan Murray

    Metalhead Murr aka Aidan Murray

    Month ago

    I used to do this until I broke my pelvis in an overturn now I am forbidden to drift my four wheeler

  72. mav ̮̈

    mav ̮̈

    Month ago

    420k subs 😎

  73. Giants For life

    Giants For life

    Month ago

    Tank desticals

  74. Drew Tierney

    Drew Tierney

    Month ago

    Literally the best videos on USgone

  75. Jay Gonzales

    Jay Gonzales

    Month ago

    Tank Desticles

  76. Mobile Gaming

    Mobile Gaming

    Month ago

    How can 39 people dislike😑

  77. Dustin Tyner

    Dustin Tyner

    Month ago


  78. Avery Walters

    Avery Walters

    Month ago

    These edits make me so happy

  79. Andy Cliett

    Andy Cliett

    Month ago

    If you angle the tips towards the pavement that truck would fucking smack my buddy had one just like it with straights.

  80. Christopher Tate

    Christopher Tate

    Month ago

    Who else got excited when he brought out the Tropicana and then went to post nut mode after he didn’t say it 😢😔

  81. Christopher Tate

    Christopher Tate

    Month ago

    Why does Kendall get a new dog every video 😂

  82. Preston Jochims

    Preston Jochims

    Month ago

    Tank desticles

  83. Coast Outdoors

    Coast Outdoors

    Month ago

    420k subscribers haha

  84. Jake Miller

    Jake Miller

    Month ago

    420k subs....nice

  85. Youtube Crazyness

    Youtube Crazyness

    Month ago

    Keep up the great content 🤙🤙

  86. Henna Yauger

    Henna Yauger

    Month ago

    You're at 420k lol

  87. Scott Powless

    Scott Powless

    Month ago

    Tank desticles love the videos brother been watching a long ass time keep em coming

  88. topher froehlich

    topher froehlich

    Month ago

    Tank desticles

  89. SoggyWaffle


    Month ago

    420k subs 420😅🥶

  90. Lane Barber

    Lane Barber

    Month ago

    Put an exhaust on the outlander plz it sounds like a vacuum cleaner

  91. qt_ZACH


    Month ago

    “aside from whippin’ up bullsh*t”

  92. Everett Smith

    Everett Smith

    Month ago

    I'll gladly come over and do your dirty dishes

  93. Everett Smith

    Everett Smith

    Month ago

    What happened to asking to pack one with you?

  94. 450r King

    450r King

    Month ago

    420 subs

  95. Bode Walker

    Bode Walker

    Month ago

    Did you just cut the drywall with a dermal??? Bruh just score it with a knife like 2 time the it’ll snap then cut the rest of the paper. 😂😂

  96. Dirt Racing Addiction

    Dirt Racing Addiction

    Month ago

    Tank desticles

  97. TTV JCRuler36

    TTV JCRuler36

    Month ago

    holy hell that crack head saw big foot. TWICE!

  98. Easton Burkentine

    Easton Burkentine

    Month ago

    Are you going to upload more often soon

  99. Trenton Hamilton

    Trenton Hamilton

    Month ago

    Put a pipe on that outlander it would sound so good put the same one on it that Brandon price has

  100. H Q

    H Q

    Month ago

    Finally..been a minute