Fun Jobs That Pay Well


  1. gℓσяу


    39 minutes ago


  2. Ghost Shadow

    Ghost Shadow

    3 hours ago

    I was like water slide tester i can finally go to a waterer part im 20 and never bin to one

  3. gmperotti


    3 hours ago

    Fun? Nah bro. Professional Traveler is basically you planning a whole ass trip for someone else. All you do is guide them along. It might be fun but meh. Also as a movie critic the money really depends. You need a LOT of reputation to be a respected movie critic and qctually make such a big amount. Really risky job

  4. Eri Chan

    Eri Chan

    3 hours ago

    8 wanna be movie critic

  5. Neon tooth

    Neon tooth

    3 hours ago

    Bed warmer: **alot of freaking money** My little bro: where money?

  6. Vaibhav Gusain

    Vaibhav Gusain

    4 hours ago

    Bed warmer 😴 imma look for this one

  7. The Asian Turtle

    The Asian Turtle

    5 hours ago

    I wanna be a bed warmer

  8. Mimi or kokomi

    Mimi or kokomi

    6 hours ago

    “41k yearly” And if Im dead by then? You still gon give me my money

  9. James Harris

    James Harris

    6 hours ago


  10. pro gamer

    pro gamer

    6 hours ago

    Mrbeast 1-2m dollar yearly

  11. Pkzin_


    7 hours ago

    dont forget that hypixel admins have 100k year

  12. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss

    8 hours ago

    Jobs that pay well: $55,000 Taxes: “I guess I don’t exist anymore”

  13. Nalani Yoshino

    Nalani Yoshino

    8 hours ago

    I feel bad for the people who actually think that being a panda nanny is a good job you have to take care of who knows how many pandas and it's super super time-consuming and stressful AF

  14. Jacob Starr

    Jacob Starr

    8 hours ago

    Half of those pay like shit

  15. Azuki


    8 hours ago

    The professional shopper pay is actually how much i spend a year shoppin🤑🤑🛍🛍🏪

  16. Kenzie Glasgow

    Kenzie Glasgow

    8 hours ago

    Dibs on panda nanny 🐼🐼🐼!!!

    • bilishu aliss

      bilishu aliss

      8 hours ago

      I didn’t know you can spend money to earn money 😭✋

  17. The Nut

    The Nut

    9 hours ago

    Water slide tester is probably the most uncomfortable job ever wtf

  18. THE Little Nate

    THE Little Nate

    10 hours ago

    "Yeah I'm Bentelectual, yeah I'm bense-"

  19. Roger Brewster

    Roger Brewster

    10 hours ago

    Bed warmer. This is made up. Brilliant, but at least you have to have your bed made to get the job & it probably helps if you’re a maid. That one I made up.

  20. CanIBeVincent


    12 hours ago

    Yeah i would rather not get decapitated on a waterslide prototype

  21. Daddy Meme Master

    Daddy Meme Master

    12 hours ago

    The fuck does a bed warmer even do, that just sound weird as hell

  22. Anaisha


    13 hours ago

    Traveler sounds so fun

  23. Ur Local Bakugou Simp🍒

    Ur Local Bakugou Simp🍒

    13 hours ago

    is there such thing as professional plushie collector?

  24. Piyush Raj

    Piyush Raj

    14 hours ago

    His vid ..skipped

  25. Ben Delaney

    Ben Delaney

    17 hours ago

    Water slide tester

  26. AllTime


    19 hours ago

    Why does my mom not get $999999999 dollars yearly? She shops like a monster and doesn’t come out the shop for like 72 hours

  27. Layla Murray

    Layla Murray

    Day ago

    If I could pick one out of them I would choose panda nanny cause their so cute

    • DerNutellaBoy


      8 hours ago

      Yes but it’s a stressful job and Pandas also eat meat. In nature if there’s an injured animal that can’t defend itself and is very slow they kill it and eat it.

  28. Fa1ryg0re


    Day ago

    I didn’t know you can spend money to earn money 😭✋

  29. Lea Midori

    Lea Midori

    Day ago

    I feel like the second one would cost ur life

  30. Amanda Panda

    Amanda Panda

    Day ago

    Mmm for the Panda Nanny I am just babysitting my kin.

  31. FAN_GIRL


    Day ago

    Pls do veterinary

  32. 卂爪乇ㄒ卄ㄚ丂ㄒ 丂.

    卂爪乇ㄒ卄ㄚ丂ㄒ 丂.

    Day ago

    I’d live to be a panda nanny

  33. (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)im stupid

    (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)im stupid

    Day ago

    I'mma be panda nanny cus they're CUTEEEE!!!!!

  34. •Marage Hüsky•

    •Marage Hüsky•

    Day ago

    Water slide tester only pays so much because of the cost for a trip to the er you'd get if they broke

  35. someone physically kill me

    someone physically kill me

    Day ago

    So we get paid for the normal shit that we do everyday and they're jobs...

  36. Wannaseesomeart


    Day ago

    Thats disgusting thinking that in some hotels people warm your beds before you move in

  37. Surekha Shah

    Surekha Shah

    Day ago

    I am Goin to be a traveller

  38. {MichaelJackson2000s}


    Day ago

    I would be the bed warmer and professional traveler and professional shopper that’s just what I would pick

  39. •aromantic ashido•

    •aromantic ashido•

    Day ago


  40. Caash Kickflip

    Caash Kickflip

    Day ago

    ben and jerry’s factory is cool af

  41. Patterboys 853

    Patterboys 853

    Day ago

    Water slide tester sounds fun, but it actually dangerous. You don’t know what’s about to happen once you go down…

  42. Exhausted


    Day ago

    Pandas are cute. But they're bears.

  43. short games

    short games

    Day ago

    Im getting the waterslide tester

  44. Theoglegend1


    Day ago

    I wanna become a panda nanny

  45. Nick .A

    Nick .A

    Day ago

    But yet you still have to work lol

  46. cinnamonroll♥︎baby


    Day ago

    panda nanny isn't easy

  47. James GArcia

    James GArcia

    Day ago

    day two of saying he says the same thing every time

  48. Bobby C

    Bobby C

    Day ago


  49. Anil Nila

    Anil Nila

    Day ago

    Bed warmer 😏😏😏

  50. Bald vegeta I’m bald

    Bald vegeta I’m bald

    Day ago

    Forgot binge watching lol

  51. Travis Crumbey

    Travis Crumbey

    Day ago

    All fun until the water slide fails the test Edit: I typed this without looking at the rest of the comments, just realized that everyone else had the same idea

  52. kamarishh


    Day ago

    movie critic aint easy, u gotta know what makes a movie good n bad-

  53. heyo drink water !!

    heyo drink water !!

    Day ago

    ok where do i sign up 🧎‍♀️

  54. Tresina Guertin

    Tresina Guertin

    Day ago

    I'd like to be a bed warmer 👺🧴 it just sounds cool and pretty okay I'd like to do that 👈👁👅👁👉

  55. DroopTenZ


    Day ago

    Jobs that pay well: $55,000 Taxes: “I guess I don’t exist anymore”

  56. Jenna Feicht

    Jenna Feicht

    Day ago

    These are all fake lol

  57. crystal xdz

    crystal xdz

    Day ago

    "movie critic is so much easy and fun " Everyone gangsta untill they realize that movie is 1000000000000.0000x horror and isnt rated bcz he died heh😅

  58. Water puppy

    Water puppy

    Day ago

    I would be a great movie critic

  59. Llamacado Edits

    Llamacado Edits

    Day ago

    There's also a job where people get paid to try out new video games

  60. S D

    S D

    Day ago

    I love pandas😖😖😣they r damn cute🥺

  61. Katrina Sudnika

    Katrina Sudnika

    Day ago

    Bed warmer hhaha

  62. Jellyman4 Boom47

    Jellyman4 Boom47

    Day ago

    When risking your life earns you less than babysitting pandas and shopping (Look at the water slide tester compared to the others.)

  63. cat s

    cat s

    Day ago

    Me hears the one about Ben and Jerry's taste testing: are they hiring cause if so sign me up

  64. cat s

    cat s

    Day ago

    Ok but if you're testing water slides that means they aren't even 99% sure it's safe and that's why you need to test it

  65. nuggie


    Day ago

    i would do the first one

  66. ✨Maddie✨


    Day ago

    I’m signing for the panda one

  67. Adella B

    Adella B

    Day ago

    Imagine if the slide just collapses. 😭😭😭😂😂

  68. Koro .T. senai

    Koro .T. senai

    Day ago

    Trust me panda nany is the worst job cause panda's even tho they're cute. They're fricking stupid. And shit EVERYWHERE

  69. deku freak 202

    deku freak 202

    Day ago

    Panda nanny. Well I'm going to a job interview bye😋

  70. jagorosaries


    Day ago

    I wanna be a panda nanny

  71. •Lem0n•


    Day ago

    I wanna be a bed warmer just so I can lay in bed til I have to leave

  72. Angry Baby

    Angry Baby

    Day ago

    Id go with something easy like bed warmer

  73. lama. •

    lama. •

    Day ago

    You can actually get harmed from waterslide tester job thingy

  74. MittensDaCat


    Day ago

    I would be a terrible movie critic, literally all of my reviews would go something like : "I didn't exactly get the plot with all of the time travel bullshit and the main character had little to no personality but at least it was mildly funny and because of the cool explosions that they put in every scene, I have to give it a 10/10

    • Method


      9 hours ago

      I think mattpat(film theory guy) would be good at being a movie critic

  75. alida flus

    alida flus

    Day ago

    I will gladly become a professional traveler

  76. Tokkii_maiii


    2 days ago

    Bed warmer?.. GET ME THIS JOB >:)

  77. Vikram kumar jha

    Vikram kumar jha

    2 days ago

    Bed warmer☺☺

  78. Snipy


    2 days ago

    Per year is nothing

  79. ShadeBlade 27

    ShadeBlade 27

    2 days ago

    Bed warmer sounds like another name for prostitutes

  80. Erin Haase

    Erin Haase

    2 days ago

    Bed warmers do exist, I just don't think you know what they actually do, cause it's not PG

    • alida flus

      alida flus

      Day ago

      Looks like im gonna be a movie critic.

  81. luis meza

    luis meza

    2 days ago

    My dad gets 100k a year and hes on uber😳

  82. Booop (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

    Booop (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

    2 days ago

    Y'all don't realize how dangerous waterslide testing can be. Like y'all are used to the regular already tested waterslide. With these ones you're testing you never know what'll happen.

  83. DaddyGayKermit


    2 days ago

    Considering you’re testing water slides that could potentially harm your life, I’d say that the pay is well deserved

  84. rene cabuhan

    rene cabuhan

    2 days ago

    Bed warmer = hooker

  85. Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi

    Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi

    2 days ago

    Why does this seem fake He always has the same reactions in every vide9

  86. Kai Lorenz

    Kai Lorenz

    2 days ago

    Paying a Film Critic is one of the biggest waste of money. I mean I get reviewing in YT but if they getting a salary then that’s fucked. I don’t look at critics score to see a movie. I just look at what MAJORITY of audience are saying. You could be paying people that actually contribute to society instead these mfs

  87. Bobux man

    Bobux man

    2 days ago

    Bed warmer sounds something like PH hub would be doing

  88. Muhammad Rahman hakim

    Muhammad Rahman hakim

    2 days ago

    Looks like im gonna be a movie critic.

  89. Laila


    2 days ago

    This is being payed well ? Kinda average imo

  90. Jeremy Velez

    Jeremy Velez

    2 days ago

    My uncle owns 22 companies and makes 250k a month

  91. potsofham


    2 days ago

    TimeBucks said “pandas may be cute, but they’re dangerous.” Lemme continue it for you. Professional traveling gives you jet lag, you don’t really get a lot of sleep, and your always waking up early or late or taking red eyes which takes a toll on your health, professional shopping will just waste all your money so you basically make no money because you have to spend your paycheck, and why would bed warming be a thing. That’s fake

  92. Potatoe


    2 days ago

    Yearly but Monthly?

  93. Hadija Fall

    Hadija Fall

    2 days ago

    Dylan is in trouble watching this video:👁👄👁

  94. Aman Khurana

    Aman Khurana

    2 days ago


  95. Izuku midoriya

    Izuku midoriya

    2 days ago

    I’m done being a hero, imma be criticizing movies and watch over pandas now

  96. valmen


    2 days ago

    Aight boys, its been a good run taking care of cat girls. But im changing sides, Im taking care of pandas now. I hope you dont see this as a betrayal. Once a man of culture, always a man of culture, - Your fellow weeb

  97. Dominique Mclaughlin

    Dominique Mclaughlin

    2 days ago

    Bed warmer lmao

  98. Andrew Whittick

    Andrew Whittick

    2 days ago

    Since when is 50, 000$ a year even considered "well paying" thats like still really bad



    2 days ago

    How can i be one of these?