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This Bear Messed with the Wrong Chicken Coop | RingTV

When Hallie woke up in the middle of the night from multiple alerts from her Ring Floodlight Cam, she checked the Ring App and saw a bear trying to get into her chicken coop at her home. She immediately jumped to a window and scared it off from a safe distance.

“We are pleased to have found a trustworthy solution to monitor our chicken coop and help keep them safe,” Hallie says. “We can also tell what is causing our chickens issues at night without bolting outside and coming face-to-face with a bear!”
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  1. Antoine Martin

    Antoine Martin

    6 hours ago

    I will NEVER EVER live ANYWHERE that a freaking BEAR can end up in my back yard.....

  2. Lucky B

    Lucky B

    14 hours ago

    He came back the next day dressed as a chicken

  3. Kathryn Blair

    Kathryn Blair

    14 hours ago

    The title of the video made it sound like the chickens were going to go after the bear

  4. Rita McCartt-Kordon

    Rita McCartt-Kordon

    17 hours ago

    Had the scream NOT happened, he would have gotten in. They can tear car doors off.

  5. Jameel Far

    Jameel Far

    Day ago

    how to scare off a big beast like him sound like a viloceraptor mixed with ghost

  6. Charles Sneed

    Charles Sneed

    Day ago

    is anybody at home, because i am hungry!!!

  7. Fertile Dirt

    Fertile Dirt

    Day ago

    Make a loud noise huh?

  8. Jason Avers

    Jason Avers

    2 days ago

    All of that meat, just running away, what a waste.

  9. Big T

    Big T

    3 days ago

    I thought it was going to get shocked after seeing the electric cord going across the ground. I've seen a few videos of bears getting zapped, seems to work lol.

  10. Demetres Blakley

    Demetres Blakley

    3 days ago


  11. missy mae

    missy mae

    6 days ago

    Shew shew Raaaawwwrrrrrrrrr!!! 😆 Hahahahaha

  12. Galadima Lugs

    Galadima Lugs

    6 days ago

    Its dangerous 4 bears to come this close in home premises, especially this colossus. Forget about the chicken, if you don't fortify your surroundings, one day he could have a human for dinner.

  13. Alberto Vazquez

    Alberto Vazquez

    8 days ago

    My woman Run Run 😁😁😁

  14. Cliveuų King

    Cliveuų King

    10 days ago

    Just get a bigger fence.

  15. bubble {from Bfdi}

    bubble {from Bfdi}

    11 days ago

    0:42 when your girlfriend says her parent aren't home



    13 days ago

    That chicken nugget house might withstand a zombie apocalypse

  17. Titan the Cat

    Titan the Cat

    14 days ago

    He was just looking for some KFC.

  18. Quran reader

    Quran reader

    15 days ago


  19. mohdz tv

    mohdz tv

    15 days ago


  20. QBee240


    16 days ago

    That bear looks huge!

  21. Karl Liu

    Karl Liu

    17 days ago

    dog is bilingual。

  22. Linda 666

    Linda 666

    17 days ago

    Oh my god 😂😂😂😂

  23. Javier


    17 days ago

    He was like: that sounds like sasquach or the wildman, f%ck that.

  24. Brett Wendel

    Brett Wendel

    17 days ago


  25. Beesting


    17 days ago

    I can just imagine the bear saying : "Where’s my midnight snack.." "Where’s my secret stash" "W H E R E S M Y F O O D." *"GIB BEAR FOOD, ME ANGY"*

  26. Lando Beats

    Lando Beats

    17 days ago

    This is un”bear”able to watch without laughing til you cry 😂🤣😭

  27. Rivaneide Torres

    Rivaneide Torres

    17 days ago

    Trewqasd grandes recursos a Deus amém aleluia

  28. snowy the wolf

    snowy the wolf

    18 days ago

    Was that a dinosaur roaring at the end?😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Brown Recluse

    Brown Recluse

    18 days ago

    Don't understand what happened looked like he yelled & ran away for nothing like maybe a distress cry from it's cubs?

  30. Elij Bumatay

    Elij Bumatay

    18 days ago

    Wth was that noise er er ererrererafararra

  31. kan kali

    kan kali

    18 days ago

    Need to record dat scream in high volume..can b useful for hunters

  32. ZC


    19 days ago

    Plot twist: the chickens were armed with laser rifles and were ready to mess him up

  33. JDTX


    19 days ago

    Geez, they are huge and all muscle!

  34. Godzilla - Fan - 2003

    Godzilla - Fan - 2003

    19 days ago

    A bear in the back yard, What The Heck?

  35. Wawa Djabali

    Wawa Djabali

    19 days ago

    Allahouma sali wa Salim ala sayidouna Mohamed

  36. Small engines 101

    Small engines 101

    19 days ago

    Hahahahahahahahaha you just wake up to some huge bear In your back yard

    • Ailsa Ni

      Ailsa Ni

      19 days ago

      good some times bad, but glad that they're there

  37. Bineet Pradhan

    Bineet Pradhan

    20 days ago

    Bear, have some dignity. Stealing chicken is a tiny fox thing😎😂

    • Ailsa Ni

      Ailsa Ni

      19 days ago

      That rooster at the end tho 😂 stay the duck away from my hoes 🤣

  38. Alejandro Aguayo

    Alejandro Aguayo

    20 days ago


  39. my-uncooked-toast


    20 days ago

    I thought that was a man who screamed...

  40. Cave Miner

    Cave Miner

    20 days ago

    Bear like: “I’ll be back the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day....”

  41. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    20 days ago

    Dear Lort.....he thicc. 😳

    • eioshen boboi

      eioshen boboi

      19 days ago

      Too bad RING doesn't come with a 44Magnum accessory.

  42. silverio balbuena

    silverio balbuena

    21 day ago

    If your chicken coop is not bear proof then don’t even think about getting a chicken

    • eioshen boboi

      eioshen boboi

      19 days ago

      This is the only genuine video Ring has posted.. the rest are simple staged scenarios.

  43. west carter

    west carter

    21 day ago

    .. not trying to be'a brood picking a fight tonight' but i ain't lying i'm in the mood for Chicken Delight Tonight 👉🍗🐥🍗🐻👈

  44. Ice Rose

    Ice Rose

    21 day ago

    If a bear did this to me and my family My mom: hun there’s a bear Me: starts making the weirdest noise The bear: a demon run!

    • asioe kiou

      asioe kiou

      20 days ago

      We’re is our KFC mum. Sorry kids they were closed!!

  45. Jeny Bendil

    Jeny Bendil

    21 day ago

    Wow, it's very dangerous, greetings from Indonesia, my brother

  46. Me Too

    Me Too

    22 days ago

    Music was great here 😄

  47. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    22 days ago

    The big bear bum waddling over the fence in fear was just too funny...🇿🇦

  48. moxigen


    22 days ago

    one word: electricity!

  49. LES


    23 days ago

    I'm assuming that whoever was screaming had some sufficient backup.

  50. Emerald Jade

    Emerald Jade

    23 days ago

    That rooster at the end tho 😂 stay the duck away from my hoes 🤣

  51. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    23 days ago

    good some times bad, but glad that they're there

    • Ailsa Ni

      Ailsa Ni

      22 days ago

      Why can't Bigfoot videos be as clear as this?!

  52. Pano Mo Nasabe?456

    Pano Mo Nasabe?456

    23 days ago

    I would love a bear stew🤤🤤🤤

  53. Katie Demehri

    Katie Demehri

    23 days ago

    Time is running out and the church age is coming to an end, so please put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ now, before it's too late for your soul. Jesus Christ, who is God, purchased you and until you don't believe in His finished work on the cross of Calvary, the payment will not be put into your account. Today is the day of your Salvation, now is the accepted time because tomorrow is not promised. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, saves lost souls - Ephesians 1:13, saved and sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise.

  54. Amy Corrigan

    Amy Corrigan

    24 days ago

    I'd think serious barrage of paint balls would be a deterrent to some degree. They're supposed to smart. Even though the fur would lessen the impact, it might be enough to dissuade the pilfering. Maybe not, but you'd know who the culprit is, if seen again.

    • eioshen boboi

      eioshen boboi

      23 days ago

      I saw this video and first thing that popped into my head is that jingle? I want chicken tonight chicken tonight.

  55. Mister Taveras

    Mister Taveras

    24 days ago

    This is the only genuine video Ring has posted.. the rest are simple staged scenarios.

  56. sdnlawrence j

    sdnlawrence j

    24 days ago

    Too bad RING doesn't come with a 44Magnum accessory.

  57. April Batley

    April Batley

    24 days ago

    Smart person

  58. Justin Hopper

    Justin Hopper

    24 days ago

    Imagine being so hungry you start eating your favourite restaurant when it’s closed lol

  59. Paul Jamison

    Paul Jamison

    24 days ago

    We’re is our KFC mum. Sorry kids they were closed!!

  60. Sugarbrown37


    24 days ago

    The US need this bear on the Olympic track team the way it hurdled that fence 🤣

  61. Design Painter

    Design Painter

    24 days ago

    I'm glad the bear didn't try to break into the house. The kitchen would have more food bears love to eat!

  62. jeanne griffin

    jeanne griffin

    24 days ago

    It's a good chicken coop but given time, that bear will get in it.

  63. not_yet_nifter -

    not_yet_nifter -

    25 days ago

    Id say he picked the right coop..If he picked mine he would be a rug.

  64. oGPoLa


    25 days ago

    New Title: Marge Simpson scares a bear.

  65. Edwin J

    Edwin J

    25 days ago

    Why can't Bigfoot videos be as clear as this?!

  66. Vieux Acadian

    Vieux Acadian

    25 days ago

    C'est grand ours noir . Bonjour de Louisiane .

  67. Samantha M

    Samantha M

    25 days ago

    Not beary successful that time. 😊

  68. c0l1n_M4


    25 days ago

    At first glance in the thumbnail it looked like a giant bear attacking a two story house

  69. Nancy Deis

    Nancy Deis

    25 days ago

    I saw this video and first thing that popped into my head is that jingle? I want chicken tonight chicken tonight.

  70. Dr. Petrovski

    Dr. Petrovski

    25 days ago

    Chicken 🐔 tonight

  71. ImaMonaKnight


    25 days ago


  72. scott matthew

    scott matthew

    25 days ago

    Chicken coops nicer than .my house

  73. Jim Morgan

    Jim Morgan

    25 days ago

    I have nothing against bears, but we both live on the same planet and if they want to eat our food, well then, it's time for a reckoning.

  74. Juan Gallardo

    Juan Gallardo

    25 days ago

    That's a big golden retriever.

  75. Shirley Murphy

    Shirley Murphy

    25 days ago

    He will return . If you have a rooster get rid of him . He let's everyone know you have chickens .

  76. BitterCyder •

    BitterCyder •

    25 days ago

    He’s just proving he’s not chicken!

  77. Ebony Rivers

    Ebony Rivers

    25 days ago

    When you have nighttime craving for some wings!

  78. Travis


    26 days ago

    Meanwhile the chickens inside the coop: 😳😳😳

  79. Timber Wolf

    Timber Wolf

    26 days ago

    okay but the way he sits down in the beggining with his hind legs stretched out 🥺

  80. Pranjal VW

    Pranjal VW

    26 days ago

    You Choose the wrong house fool

  81. Aaron Tate

    Aaron Tate

    26 days ago

    Bears have a cute way about them that funny as heck they’re pretty much an overgrown raccoon with no tail and has the strength to tear you apart at any given moment if they’re agitated. Sometimes you can intimidate them just by shouting and sometimes there ain’t nothin you can do but pull a trigger if you have no other choice and if you’re lucky enough.

  82. Curtis Stickler

    Curtis Stickler

    26 days ago

    Pretty sure if he would of been in my back yard trying to get my chickens he would of been leaking while he ran away. Bows make little noise and good broad heads leave a big hole.

  83. 0megacron


    26 days ago

    I once had a similar experience while attempting to open a bucket of KFC I'd brought home after work. However, in that case, the blood-curdling screech was from my wife telling me to move.

  84. Mary-Ruth Flores

    Mary-Ruth Flores

    26 days ago

    Whoever built that coop has a great add right there!!!

  85. Bill Norris

    Bill Norris

    26 days ago

    Bear proof chicken coop! Someone needs to be building homes! I am unworthy!

  86. Jackie Watson

    Jackie Watson

    26 days ago

    I was hoping the chickens are going to attack the bear, not the owner

  87. g wagon

    g wagon

    26 days ago

    😄😄😄😄😂😂😂😂 I guess that sound really scared him....

  88. Henry Bisono gallos

    Henry Bisono gallos

    26 days ago

    That gallo is a hero 😆

  89. Liz


    26 days ago

    Nice try😂

  90. S K

    S K

    26 days ago

    I bet if T.rex was still alive, they would act the same way-run away if you yelled at them.

  91. Judi L

    Judi L

    26 days ago

    After reading the other dreadful news this evening, seeing this and enjoying the comments really helped restore my sanity.

  92. J A HOUSER


    26 days ago


  93. water2wine1


    26 days ago

    He’s not chicken 🐓 oh wait maybe he is. 😆

  94. Space Cryptid

    Space Cryptid

    26 days ago

    Im thinking its a chicken cult that lives in that lil place.

  95. Terry Coombs

    Terry Coombs

    26 days ago

    I strand of electrified wire atop the fence and Mr. Bear will decide that he has other places to be . Works well for my bee yard ...

  96. Pepper M

    Pepper M

    26 days ago

    He should go to Chick-fil-A.

  97. Random OtakuArmy

    Random OtakuArmy

    26 days ago

    This is an ad for the material thos coop is made up of

  98. Burnt Gerbil

    Burnt Gerbil

    26 days ago

    Hey bear..... HEY BEAR. 😆

  99. Jordan Thomas

    Jordan Thomas

    26 days ago

    We need mission impossible music

  100. rude rood

    rude rood

    26 days ago

    just wanna picnic basket boo boo.