Goblin Drill broke Clash Royale

The only card capable of 3 crowning players in the Top 300. Seriously though, how does Goblin Drill have almost a 60% usage rate!?

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  1. Viraj Shah

    Viraj Shah

    Month ago

    Clicked faster than miner gets deployed.

    • God


      21 day ago


    • SpeedyBasket 5

      SpeedyBasket 5

      Month ago

      @B-rad go Lin drill, the wanna-be miner.

    • Kyle Nussbaumer

      Kyle Nussbaumer

      Month ago

      Did you know that goblin drill isn’t like an actual building you and play them right on top of each onther Edit: ya know how u can’t play two goblin huts in the same space u can do that with drill

    • Ryan Hershberger

      Ryan Hershberger

      Month ago

      @B-rad nice fake laugh btw.

    • Yuvraj !

      Yuvraj !

      Month ago

      It’s sirtags deck

  2. peakapower


    15 minutes ago

    (2:25) am I the only one who is confused of the mirror neff. Also the mirror effect remove in the previous season was a bug.

  3. portspewley


    Hour ago

    Not undefeated, you lost one, still good job

  4. Aaron d

    Aaron d

    6 hours ago

    "Goblin drill broke!" *literally several counters to drill* Broken? You keep using that word... I do not think it means what you think it means. ;)

  5. metro we trust

    metro we trust

    Day ago

    Just play speedy baloon in rage, it will be insane

  6. blamblamboomboom


    7 days ago

    Imagine overwhelming a bridge spam player when a bridge spam player was supposed to overwhelm you Brad with his stupid goblin drill decks: Sometimes my genius is frightening

  7. Iamnobodyimportant


    11 days ago

    Supercell money grab scam rinse and repeat

  8. Bo Wen

    Bo Wen

    12 days ago


  9. 4z14nb01


    13 days ago

    0:14 and 13:25 he is playing the same guy???!!!

  10. LE0


    15 days ago

    Cooper is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. Quinn Giordano

    Quinn Giordano

    16 days ago


  12. bruh slurp

    bruh slurp

    22 days ago

    missed opportunity at 1:14 to say existendrill crisis

  13. Kiblord


    23 days ago

    Keep track of that pekka that was placed at 8:51 and see how far it travels

  14. WstblueSun C

    WstblueSun C

    24 days ago

    Hey man I like your content, started watch you 3 days ago. YOURE AWESOME❕AWESOME SAUCE 😎

  15. Guilherme LDS

    Guilherme LDS

    24 days ago

    Drill is not broken, it is working perfectly

  16. SymmetricalGaming


    25 days ago

    B-rad: I predict it’s going to be e-wizard Me: I can do that. Also me: I predict it’s going to be wizard. In reality it is a prince 😑😶‍🌫️

  17. Shahar jarbi

    Shahar jarbi

    26 days ago

    The end was so cute

  18. xdzaster


    28 days ago

    Only PHSOPATHS use mother witch

  19. Android İOS Mobile Gaming

    Android İOS Mobile Gaming

    29 days ago


  20. Madax Gaming

    Madax Gaming

    Month ago

    How to win any challenge: Buy the pass

  21. Arttu Pohjola

    Arttu Pohjola

    Month ago

    I got 9 wins in a row with the drill

  22. giannabas


    Month ago

    can i buy cooper

  23. The Friggin DEVIL

    The Friggin DEVIL

    Month ago

    Bomber left lane. 10 elixir right lane GO!

  24. The Friggin DEVIL

    The Friggin DEVIL

    Month ago

    I need that gold! Lol

  25. Slav Guy

    Slav Guy

    Month ago

    "Goblin Drill broke Clash Royale" - my friend, what was already broken years ago can't be broken again.

  26. Léo


    Month ago

    drill dog

  27. Wayne The Troll

    Wayne The Troll

    Month ago

    2:45 HAHAHA

  28. Wayne The Troll

    Wayne The Troll

    Month ago

    LOL I need that Gold XD

  29. Tan Keyuan

    Tan Keyuan

    Month ago

    your acc is the worst

  30. Tyler K

    Tyler K

    Month ago

    this is why i quit the game

  31. smelly fanny

    smelly fanny

    Month ago

    See you all in 2 years when this card is as relevant as miner

  32. I love jesus

    I love jesus

    Month ago

    only phycopaths have mother witch *youtubers*, spend 1000 dollars to get mother witch



    Month ago

    How will i get miner.in shop or where

  34. michael


    Month ago

    Why do you have a desk that lays on its side? Lol

  35. Steve Austin

    Steve Austin

    Month ago

    12:08 listen carefully

  36. Shaun Gryffis

    Shaun Gryffis

    Month ago

    You should do a fans deck where we vote for your cards, you could end up with a great deck or could end up with 2 elixir deck, either way you would have to make do

  37. Utkarsh chatterjee

    Utkarsh chatterjee

    Month ago

    1:08 let the good boi sleep 😔

  38. TMan7


    Month ago

    I'm sorry to say, but clash royale has been so infuriating to me lately, I'm gonna have to unsubscribe and delete the game. About 4 years of playing, and I've never made up for in fun with the stress I've had. #buffminer and take care though!

  39. Brandon Powell

    Brandon Powell

    Month ago


  40. Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk

    Month ago

    Bowler and valk 😉

  41. Bad!


    Month ago

    remember when drill egiant had a 75 percent win rate that was a thing

  42. Mete Yılmaz

    Mete Yılmaz

    Month ago

    Play miner 3.0 but with goblin drill(cuz miner is trash)

  43. S1D Gamer

    S1D Gamer

    Month ago

    Note: Best part of the video is the end

  44. -ゴンザロ


    Month ago

    I truly thought i almost heard b-rad curse was gonna say hes b-bad in this episode

  45. skizzler 123

    skizzler 123

    Month ago

    Fun fact: if the drill is in the path of the card. Depending on the card and timing of deployment you can push the card forward giving it some momentum.

  46. skizzler 123

    skizzler 123

    Month ago

    I made a drill cycle with drill, electric spirit, Valkery, clone, rage, arrows, inferno dragon, and firecrackers do you guys think this is a good deck? On occasions I win in solo depending on enemies deck

  47. JFK jupiter

    JFK jupiter

    Month ago

    I use a similar deck with goblin barrel and miner on top of goblin drill mirror and rage

  48. Celestialplayzyt


    Month ago

    Video idea: for each card you play you have to use its corresponding emote

  49. AS6 Channel

    AS6 Channel

    Month ago


  50. Dragon Demon

    Dragon Demon

    Month ago

    Goblin drill like miner - needs a nerf ....

  51. Odis 6

    Odis 6

    Month ago

    Drill must be debuffed, change my mind

  52. Anarchy


    Month ago

    B-rad with miner but goblin

  53. spectify


    Month ago

    Is there anyone who has goblin drill and wants to trade it

  54. Ge Melon

    Ge Melon

    Month ago

    Looking for clan active clan

  55. SomeoneWhoWantedToBeAHero


    Month ago

    Brad: makes video on any card Supercell: I am about to nerf this man's entire deck

  56. Mr Teddy

    Mr Teddy

    Month ago

    Mirror is actually good now!!

  57. g5p 123

    g5p 123

    Month ago

  58. Randy Orne

    Randy Orne

    Month ago

    Games already broke if you can't pay for cards and havent been playing 5 years since you'll be stopped by people with higher cards the second you reach a certain level cuz youre a level 9 in master 2

  59. Jason YJS_xoxo

    Jason YJS_xoxo

    Month ago

    Do u hv "The log"? I hv "The log"...^^ I'm stuck at arena 12 and I hv 4 legendary cards^^

  60. Juggernat


    Month ago

    Good video

  61. Potata


    Month ago

    Do you have any tips on how I can attract more people to join a clan? My friend has wanted a clan with many people to compete in clan wars but all of them are gone now because of a mistake that I made. I really feel like I disappointed my friend and I want to try and help his clan recover...

  62. Iceace


    Month ago

    New meta just spam and you win and it actually works

  63. John


    Month ago

    9:00 Ayo hol up, that defens though, play of the game

  64. Clayton Latone

    Clayton Latone

    Month ago

    Imagine Goblin Barrel, Goblin Drill, Miner, Graveyard, Rage. Other three cards are defense.

  65. Glenn Egger

    Glenn Egger

    Month ago

    play miner 3.0 with goblin drill instead

  66. MZ Mc

    MZ Mc

    Month ago

    Anybody getting ptsd from the Goblin drill and can’t properly counter the Miner?

  67. CarCar75


    Month ago

    Is your dog a sheltie? We’re getting a sheltie soon and want to know what to expect

  68. Mihael Mikulić

    Mihael Mikulić

    Month ago

    6:51 a lil spit hehe

  69. I don't know what to name myself

    I don't know what to name myself

    Month ago

    12:09 brad almost said the nono word

  70. Csaba H

    Csaba H

    Month ago

    Have you tried miner 3.0 replaced with drill (miner - drill) its 3.1 and it’s quite nice

  71. Matched Player

    Matched Player

    Month ago

    13:30 when a tornado happens

  72. Clash with Ram

    Clash with Ram

    Month ago


  73. Vince del Rosario

    Vince del Rosario

    Month ago

    Where are the memes? :--(

  74. Clown


    Month ago

    Ngl I forgot u existed

  75. Langeper


    Month ago

    We need cooper cam

  76. Sirius


    Month ago

    SethEverman : Im the bald guy USgone : Im the ad guy Brad : Im the b-rad guy

  77. Floaty Seagull

    Floaty Seagull

    Month ago

    3.0 miner except with goblin drill. Make it happen

  78. Sage is Sane

    Sage is Sane

    Month ago

    Brad i got 7K undefeated Literally previous game : loss

  79. Shivansh Gohil

    Shivansh Gohil

    Month ago

    It is bad when your opponent has all splashers

  80. Eswaran M

    Eswaran M

    Month ago

    Can anyone please tell what is mean broken in this game

  81. meme shelter

    meme shelter

    Month ago

    Play miner control + goblin drill

  82. zakaria shaale

    zakaria shaale

    Month ago

    Please join my clan it’s called “the gangsters” black bamboo stick with 6 members the bio speaks for itself I would really appreciate it

  83. Matevz Jakop

    Matevz Jakop

    Month ago

    i have the same dog hehe

  84. Sarwar Hossain Shuvo

    Sarwar Hossain Shuvo

    Month ago

    B-RAD Brother I want You to Be Top In The Ladder

  85. eqilix-


    Month ago

    Odd question but what kind of dog do you have?

  86. Jerico Eduardo

    Jerico Eduardo

    Month ago

    no more xd

  87. Ejdjdkckfk


    Month ago

    Got banned this is the only way i can play clash royale now

  88. Gideon Price

    Gideon Price

    Month ago

    If I send you my two favorite decks would u be willing to try them? One is a 1.8 bandit bomber cycle and I’ve actually done fairly good with it recently

  89. Rijk Scheffers

    Rijk Scheffers

    Month ago

    it should only spawn 2 gobs

  90. Alexander Elderhorst

    Alexander Elderhorst

    Month ago

    Cooper's like "you woke me from my nap... for this? Oh dear lord have mercy on me, let me sleep" And then in the outro he's like "shake it off, shake it off"

  91. Not a merc btw

    Not a merc btw

    Month ago

    Honestly, I thought Drill was 7 elixir. Laughed when I saw it was 4.

    • Pemburu Pemula

      Pemburu Pemula

      Month ago

      man it'd be so expensive and no one is gonna use it

  92. Petr Tomšej

    Petr Tomšej

    Month ago

    Omgg it is broken😃😂

  93. Kato


    Month ago

    "Help my stepsister is stuck under the bed!" B-rad's response: 1:36

  94. Abc


    Month ago

    I can see the X bow players No more defending

  95. Masternoob Junior

    Masternoob Junior

    Month ago


  96. Peanut called You

    Peanut called You

    Month ago

    Goblin drill: Gets released Mid ladder players: *So anyway I started spamming*

  97. thr flix

    thr flix

    Month ago

    miner is OP in your hand

  98. dhairya trivedi

    dhairya trivedi

    Month ago

    Has anyone told u that u look like Sheldon from big bang theory 😂😂

  99. marshmallow cool

    marshmallow cool

    Month ago

    miner+goblin barrel+goblin drill spam plz

  100. Alexander Redmile

    Alexander Redmile

    Month ago

    Hey B-rad, i know you probably wont see this but I love your content and you always make my day. I just wanted to ask if you could help me with something. I was recently banned on cr for phishing attempts. I tried to recover my friend's lost account but I put in the wrong details. Subsequently, my account was banned. I just wanted to know if you could help me get in contact with Supercell because i need the book of cards at the end of the pass to max my hog rider. And no, i don't use xbow so you can trust me. Anyway, have a nice day, keep up the great content