Hamilton vs Verstappen: Who was to blame? | British GP | The F1 Breakdown

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Today's race had an incredible Lap 1 battle, which was sadly ended in an incident. It was at high speed, in a very tricky corner. So let me break down the incident and give you my thoughts, as someone who has raced similar cars around this incredible track!

It's not over until it's over! Watch how an enthralling race played out at sunny Silverstone with action right until the last lap!

Do let me know what you think, down in the comments!

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  1. Driver61


    9 days ago

    Do you agree? Also, what did you think to the penalty? Just keep it civil! Check out Fuel For Fans here! ➤ bit.ly/DR61XFFFGBR3 Use code DRIVER61 for 20% off non-sale items!

    • noobsatwar 1

      noobsatwar 1

      7 days ago

      Under f1 rules the car on the inside has the right to stay there so I'd say it was down to max they are the rules and both drivers know that . So I would put it down to max .

    • jun z8

      jun z8

      8 days ago

      There are no rules saying that a driver MUST hit the Apex of the corner, they do to get maximum exit speed. To me was that Max tried to clip the Apex from the outside while fully aware of the fact that Lewis was alongside him.

    • blakasmurf


      8 days ago

      @Gas Gas Gas He wasn't Lewis got all the way along side, and lifted once he realised Max was still turning in

    • blakasmurf


      8 days ago

      Disagree, Max compromised Lewis' line so much into Copse he didn't have much choice but to miss, make a late apex or back out. Max turns into the corner like normal disregarding that Lewis' can't suddenly disappear. Max expected Lewis' to back out. Live by the sword moment...

    • Razzle1964


      8 days ago

      @john doe Give it time, son. Give it time.

  2. Mac Woeffie

    Mac Woeffie

    Hour ago

    Look at Portugal 2020 Stroll VS Verstappen and listen to the comment of Horner....btw Verstappen turnen in twice..

  3. Ju Ju

    Ju Ju

    4 hours ago

    You failed to mention that Max knew full well Hamilton was there. His turn in to the corner was just as aggressive as Lewis's inside move.

  4. Paul Liversidge

    Paul Liversidge

    6 hours ago

    I think it was 50:50, Lewis was lucky to get a red flag to repair the damage. The penalty seemed to be in line with other similar incidents -- ignoring who it is, their position in their championship or the size of the resulting crash. Hamilton braked earlier than Verstappen, which is why they connected front wheel to rear wheel, as a second earlier Hamilton was only just a wheel's diameter behind. Verstappen also turned in, saw Hamilton was there, turned out, then turned in again. Hamilton never changed steering inputs, but did appear to understeer as the steering didn't seem to match the direction of the car. Hamilton was also ahead of Verstappen going into Brooklands, but not clear, so why was Verstappen allowed to take the inside line, but when Hamilton did the same 3 corners later, it wasn't allowed. Hamilton left plenty of space for Verstappen on the outside of Copse. Personally, I'd like to see more wheel-to-wheel racing so I'd hate to see anything come out of this that deters close racing. Max lost out this time, it may be Lewis next time. If Red Bull had the race pace, which they seemed to have, Verstappen should have just backed out and got him later or at the pit stop.

  5. juleslovesvideos


    10 hours ago

    Lewis's biggest mistake was backing out of the move ! For a split second he was virtually fully alongside on the entry but then backed out of it too late mid corner which caused the front left to rear right wheel contact. If he had not lifted off like he did he would have remained alongside & max would probably have opened the wheel again mid corner to give him the room he needed to get past cleanly (he had already opened the wheel once on the entry), there may possibly have been side of tyre to side of tyre contact because Lewis ran wide but that would have caused less of an issue. Lewis was desperate to get past to prove a point because Max overtook him at Copse in the Saturday Sprint which lost Lewis the pole for the Sunday race, in a weird way the Saturday sprint caused some of the problem.

  6. Deven Brown

    Deven Brown

    11 hours ago

    Step your game up, buddy. :usgone.info/award/video/i9FkfH2W3GzM1Z4

  7. stopato


    11 hours ago

    The time should fit the crime. Shunting a driver off the track at max high speeds is dealing the card of carnage. 10 seconds is wash, a 10 place penalty more appropriate as warning and disincentive.

  8. 26hebi26


    11 hours ago

    hamilton can't win this season with fairplay, he had to cheat to beat Verstappen

  9. KarlosH


    15 hours ago

    Most importantly, Max seems to be okay. I guess I'm wondering if RB are going to be allowed another £1.3 "meeeeleon" in their budget cap. Since that's what Christian Horner is claiming the crash has cost them. If it isn't Max's fault, then I can see this being one of the points I expect to be brought up in the Review RB have asked for.

  10. Robert Hendy

    Robert Hendy

    15 hours ago

    Put it simply, hamilton deliberately did this to make sure he won the 1st lap... he's smart to make the move looks like racing incident and lied that max turned in on him.. he always lied..

  11. zaq9339


    15 hours ago

    You should be hired by sky sports in Palmer's place.

  12. Stuart Crane

    Stuart Crane

    16 hours ago

    I totally agree unprofessional driving by Hamilton, so how is it so many commentators make excuses for Hamilton?? Max is ahead in championship so Hamilton took out Max! It’s clear….the penalty didn’t fit the crime…Hamilton is given a big congratulations by F1 only a 10 second penalty for trying to kill Max….ridiculous!

  13. Caging G

    Caging G

    16 hours ago

    usgone.info/award/video/p8J4i4Kr1IWswdU Same thing non race situation

  14. _Ice


    18 hours ago

    Günther Steiner about the penality. "I don’t care what stewards decide, as long as they’re consistent. If taking out a competitor results in a 10 second time penalty, it only costs a 190 seconds penalty to take ‘m all out. And with no one else left on the track, who fucking cares?"

  15. Fire Up

    Fire Up

    19 hours ago

    How can the driver on the inside make sure he's on the natural line into the corner when there is another car in the way? It's impossible. You can't expect driver's to take some 'natural line'. It's racing, the racing track is wide, especially at Silverstone. Does every overtake happen with the driver on the natural line - no...... probably a large % of the time they are not on some 'natural line'. On top of this - it's actually Max that speeds up on the corner, cuts in front of Lewis and therefore inevitably drives into Lewis' front left tyre. When 30+ points ahead in the driver's title you don't need to take risks getting this close to an overtaking driver especially when you have acres of room on the outside.

    • Keiya Davies

      Keiya Davies

      14 hours ago

      Lewis literally understeered into Max, Lewis drove into max my guy.

    • Keiya Davies

      Keiya Davies

      14 hours ago

      Watch the video again. Think you missed everything he said. Max didn't drive into Hamilton you numptey

  16. John Otvos

    John Otvos

    20 hours ago

    *DISAGREE* ...and most vehemently! Who held their line into Copse; who changed theirs? How many videos have surfaced showing Max sneaking up the inside and causing "racing incidents" from his past? How many onboard camera shots from this race show which driver turning into t'other?

  17. Chris Machabee

    Chris Machabee

    21 hour ago

    BS!! You show one photo and ssay Hamilton was at fault, that he under steered BS!. All you have done is offer one of the argument and act like you know driver strategy. I came here looking for proof one way or the other, but you're a salesman and you selling Hamilton was at fault. Why don't you cite the unwritten law where a driver has to robotically do everything you thing he should, like driving to the apex to give his enemy opponent the comfort of space. No, I'll keep my line and make harder for him to come and pass after the the turn, it's called strategy.

  18. Crespy710


    22 hours ago

    2022 gonna be wild when we see the best drivers in the world go wheel to wheel

  19. Cetin Basoz

    Cetin Basoz

    22 hours ago

    No, this is just your opinion. Watch it again and again. It was Max fault and Lewis was given a ridiculous penalty. It could help you if you watch a few corners back on the same lap, where the situation was same with the cars being reversed. There LH could do the same MV did and drive on to MV but he didn’t, he went wide and let MV pass.

  20. Santiago Ochoa

    Santiago Ochoa

    Day ago

    Why is it that nobody realizes that Hamilton was not going to understeer if it wasn't because he saw Verstappen closing in and had to slow down and turn right to try to avoid the crash. Everybody sees what happened and not what was going to happen if Hamilton didn't have to avoid the crash. Hamilton did not slow down to take the curve because he was going at the right speed, but ended up looking as if he made a mistake just because he was forced to slow down and turn right at the same time, which is very hard to do at that high speed without loosing grip. If Hamilton had not slowed down, the crash would've been front wheel to front wheel and with no understeering. Whose fault would it be in that case?

  21. Blackwatch


    Day ago

    Idk what your drivin laws are over there but in the states if this was a wreck and where both turnin right the and the person on the left hits you your at fault then cause a right turn and your on my left and you hit me then im gettin paid and your insurance is goin up

  22. Svend Erik Lynge

    Svend Erik Lynge

    Day ago

    As you mentioned, in the first corner, very brave of MV to take that first corner like that. MV should have anticipated that LH may understeer and slide, NOT expect that LH would take that corner with cold tires lots of fuel, bad air off from MV turbulence. MV to partly blame as well, this isn’t only on LH.

  23. Dsman


    Day ago

    No I don't agree with you. At those speeds, they were both at fault. He was squeezing Hamilton like in the 2021 Spanish Grand Prix. This time Hamilton refused to be bullied. SO Verstappen pays for his recklessness and bat habit of having what he wants when he wants like a spoilt Brat. You can not be close to the apex everytime. Centrifugal force. Has anyone driving on the circuit to critiseise Hamilton? Try Zandvoort or Spa, you are not always driving close to the Apex. Hamilton was not obliged to be bullied once again.It is psychological. You give in and He keeps bullying you so you NO so that next time he doesn't. He is not the only victim of Verstappen driving style. One day Verstappen may die of always bullying other drivers. You can verify most of his overtakes and see what I am talking about

  24. G Dog

    G Dog

    Day ago

    Wow you must be giving this opinion based on all your years of formula 1 driving 🤔 you're full of crap pal verstapen has had this coming for years.... You sound like a, salty fan boy 😂 verstapen showed his lack of experience by not backing out.... Won't be watching anymore of your videos given how biased you are!

    • Oliver Apex

      Oliver Apex

      Day ago

      Right on!

  25. Colin Brathwaite

    Colin Brathwaite

    Day ago

    What you call under steer is Hamilton’s left front tyre slowing rapidly after the touch and dragging him wide of the apex. His line didn’t change until then.

    • lou kush

      lou kush

      Day ago

      hopeless missle. full send

  26. nii danso

    nii danso

    Day ago

    Might I add, this is a competitive sports? And everyone does what they can to win? When Lewis pulls off, he's the gentleman, now he's actually racing... He's the bad guy... Fuck this hating. Next time max will think twice about his constant aggression on the track. He's a bully. Just got called that's all.

  27. G Tanz

    G Tanz

    Day ago

    Really, this whole incident is getting boring. I have seen worse from drivers like Schumacher, Senna, Prost etc. Fact of the matter - Max is a bully driver and thinks that everyone must give way to him. Hamilton took the inside line and Max took the outside. Max could have slowed down and gone wide but he thought Lewis was going to yet again give way. Lewis was also at risk of being bombed out of the race but wasnt. I am pleased Max is ok but now he will think twice before assuming.

  28. teamchancery


    Day ago

    I would love to hear how you view barcelona vs this move

  29. Marcel B.

    Marcel B.

    Day ago

    That's proper BS there, sorry. Not into F1, not a fan neither of Hamilton or Verstappen. In this incident however, Verstappen acted like there was no car besides him and moved into the corner. I also do not see any "strong" understeer by Hamilton, neither in his direction vector not on his steering behaviour. The extra room should have been given by Verstappen, not Hamilton -> but we all know, that will never happen.

    • Oliver Apex

      Oliver Apex

      Day ago

      Spot on.

  30. Pieter van der Meulen

    Pieter van der Meulen

    Day ago

    He made a mistake and should get appropriate punishment. Forgoing on the fact that he deliberately drove someone into the hospital. But he's English so he'll probably whistle trough other nations anthems, point lasers in their eyes, and fall to the ground acting like a crybaby all when an extra ball is on the track. Fairplay is hard to find in England.

  31. Martijn Mak

    Martijn Mak

    Day ago

    Eindelijk een Brit die objectief naar de situatie kijkt. Respect!!!

  32. Adetokunbo Ajala

    Adetokunbo Ajala

    Day ago

    Many pundits considered this a racing incident, I agree with them. Hamilton was in the same situation with 2 other drivers in the same race. He took the lead from Leclerc under very similar conditions. If events turned out different and Hamilton had also lost a front wheel or flipped his car and (God forbid) got injured. I wonder if some people would still unfairly lay the blame entirely on Hamilton. Having said that though, I think he should have put in a kind word for Max at the podium. Race drivers are known to be fiercely competitive though, and this particular rivalry may no longer be healthy.

  33. DaMoffman


    Day ago

    I think that’s everyone’s perception changes depending on the driver. Biased? Definitely. usgone.info/award/video/a7J-iXe40ZqvtK8

  34. Adam Rogers

    Adam Rogers

    2 days ago

    He only missed the apex by a tiny margin and I don’t think the penalty was fair as it’s a racing incident

  35. Nastov Marjan

    Nastov Marjan

    2 days ago


  36. iamtheredstrange


    2 days ago

    Completely wrong. Hamilton was exactly on his line. Verstappen tried to pass and miscalculated. Watch the tape again: HE moved into Hamilton’s car, not the opposite. Verstappen has done this before, and not that long ago.

  37. Marion Elwell

    Marion Elwell

    2 days ago

    For those who wish to share this, here's the link: www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/f1/12112470/horner-on-max-stroll-crash This clip is just for Horner’s comments Not the fact it was FP2 Funny how Horner sees an incident differently when Max’s car is on the inside, and states Had that had happened in a race it would have been deemed to have been Max’s line, there’s no rule in the rule book to say you have to hit the apex, it all depends on what line you take, had you have watched Lewis all weekend he never hit that apex, Max knew he was there he turned to the right, corrected his wheel and then turned to the right again, the on board telemetry has now been released it’s worth a view ……..

  38. Jerry Herrmann

    Jerry Herrmann

    2 days ago

    You have lost a great deal of credibility with this video.

  39. John Quirke

    John Quirke

    2 days ago

    Douche! This is why you're on youtube and not racing. Max choose to turn in.........

  40. Gary L

    Gary L

    2 days ago

    2:50 This is incorrect. Hamilton knew that going around the outside wasn't going to work at Copse because he tried that in the sprint race and it didn't work - he even mentions that in an interview somewhere, so he went for the inside. His car didn't understeer, and Max was going even faster at that point round the outside (like ALbon last year), so Lewis wasn't going in too fast for it to oversteer - this is quite clear on both the in car and external video footage. Lewis only suffered understeer when Max hit his front wheel, so it was a result of the collision, not the speed. RBs tyres aren't fully up to temp in the early part of lap one, and this is clear by the fact Lewis can easily keep up with him in the first part of the lap (like he did in the sprint race) but not after (he falls back due to dirty air in the bends after Copse), and the same would have happened here as it did in the sprint race. Then Max's tyres would have been fully in their window and Lewis was unlikely to have caught back up. Lewis hadn't been hugging the apex and keeping off the kerb there all weekend and only took it a little wider on this occasion - probably to keep Max a bit wider. Either way, max turned sharply in to the right after making a correcting after seeing Lewis alongside him and they collided. Lewis could have given a bit more room, but Max certainly had more on the outside to give too, but instead chose to squeeze Lewis with the inevitable collision - Max had been squeezing Lewis since the start with some slight contact even before Copse, and that is in my opinion why the collision happened. The stewards used Lewis's distance from the apex as the primary cause, with no mention of understeer etc, so not even the stewards agree with this account of events. Sky's Karun Chandhok has a good in depth video analysis and so does Jolian Palmer: usgone.info/award/video/n9hmp2iPnIW6rLc usgone.info/award/video/i9FkfH2W3GzM1Z4 Definitely more of a racing incident, and the penalty was harsh.

  41. Not Me

    Not Me

    2 days ago

    Seems the word "mistake" is being used a lot. While mistakes can happen in this sport, this wasn't one. A calculated maneuver made by one of the world's top drivers. Was it done on purpose? Of course. Was it done with malicious intent? Now that can be debated. These are top athletes at the top of their game. They are doing what it takes to win. Sportsmanship is the only thing in question here. And at the end of the day, thats out the window as well. Winning is what matters in sports, not feelings. Edit: Jast wanted to add, great video btw :)

  42. Jan deutz

    Jan deutz

    2 days ago

    100% hamiltons fault. and hamilton is not man enough to admit his mistake. he is stealing point and don't appologize. he wins the race but as a person the biggest loser!!!!!

  43. Gijs van de Bruinhorst

    Gijs van de Bruinhorst

    2 days ago


  44. Jason


    2 days ago

    From Leclercs onboard you can clearly see that Lewis did it on purpose and he should be DQ from the season.

  45. Thomas Skinner

    Thomas Skinner

    2 days ago

    I was biased because I hate max verstappen but I think you're right on this one. But still max is a buttmunch so I was glad to see him loose.

  46. Steve S

    Steve S

    2 days ago

    Verstappen should have gave more room simple he had run off yes it's a balsey move but if Hamilton doesn't go for tht move he's no longer a racer... yes lewis missed the apex but thts prob due bit understeer which is common place round Silverstone aggressive move yes penalty NO!!!JUST RACING INCEDENT NOTHING MORE....so I disagree....

  47. Jayden


    2 days ago

    So freaking right man! This was spot on!

  48. Carlo B

    Carlo B

    2 days ago

    The penalty should have been served separately from a pitstop

  49. Mali Dan

    Mali Dan

    3 days ago

    Totally disagree, replays showed Verstapen looked in his mirrors so he knew exactly where Hamilton was. He thought he could turn In and Hamilton would yield to avoid an accident again for thr 4th time this season, He was wrong and paid the price for his mistake. He was clearly driving for the apex and not leaving any room for the car along side, a 3D model of the accident has shown this.

  50. Brian Scidmore

    Brian Scidmore

    3 days ago

    I think if Verstappen would have stayed on the racing line down the straight where lewis and he were closest Max wouldn't have been able to take the racing line he was able to take. basically because he drifted to the outside of the corner he was able to cut the corner off. Lewis was 5 feet from the white line in my opinion he has the right to remain 5 feet from the white line around the corner and if Max enters the corner 5 feet from lewis then he has to maintain that distance. There is no I'm expecting Lewis to take this racing line. you said it's the inside driver's responsibility but I disagree it's the outsider driver, Max could have defended the inside line, yes lewis could have taken the outside line but Max would be allowed to drive his race as lewis is allowed to race his. also the point you said that these drivers are top class and should know that full fuel and cold tires they should be able to calculate. wouldn't that be the same for Verstappen lewis's car was never going to be able to hit the same apex Max's car was. so the question is did Max Verstappen turn into Lewis Hamilton? yes and Red Bull also said so. they said Halmilton would have hit Verstappen anyways or maybe Lewis wouldn't been able to avoid the accident, because he was going the fastest into that corner that any other time. the point is red bull is saying look it doesn't matter who's fault it is because Halmilton would have been at fault.

  51. da900smoove1 Aka Sam Houston

    da900smoove1 Aka Sam Houston

    3 days ago

    Uuummmm it's called Racing.....Formula 1 at that.... 1st Lap Crashing is Normal Any Series....I'm my feeble opinion both drivers made decisions at a critical point that had bad results for 1 team....but Hamilton served the Penalty and Came Back and Won In Dramatic Fashion from the driver who had Lead for 50 Laps....That's What We Watch Racing For....

  52. Miguel Gutierrez

    Miguel Gutierrez

    3 days ago

    Bro i already explained what happened.... Max turned into Lewis overtake so he wouldn't lose his huge Advantage. Lewis just took it like a champ. Now just Max stop acting dumb. You are at fault. Look at your car. Do you wang to try this again.

  53. Sara Moore

    Sara Moore

    3 days ago

    THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE CAMXNAKE.UNO USgone: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' USgone: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков ..u #垃圾垃圾

    • Kb gamin'

      Kb gamin'

      2 days ago


  54. hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosa

    3 days ago

    7:57 as long as he gets the same penalty and not a harder one for basically the same outcome

  55. John Roberts

    John Roberts

    3 days ago

    TL;DR Hamilton ran wide of the apex - ergo his fault. Quite why it took you over 8 minutes of waffle to get to that baffles me.

    • hoiy vinosa

      hoiy vinosa

      3 days ago

      which could have resulted in either, both or neither cars going off the track or losing body parts, this scenario has been played out several time and only ever favours the driver

  56. EA Morrison

    EA Morrison

    3 days ago

    I'll have to disagree, because it's 2 fold. Per the actual rule book. If a driver in the inside is alongside of another car then you have to give that driver room, which Max did not. He tried to squeeze Hamilton. Secondly through video/images Max tried to cut Lewis off. Ultimately it was Max aggressive driving that caused his demise. Not to mention there was several drivers that passed at that same corner without issue. CL tried to do the same as Max but couldn't hold the line and went wide, which cost him the lead. Lewis just held his ground, he yielded to many times to Max, playing it safe. Lewis just got tired of it and stood his ground. Lastly Max did the same thing in the sprint race and Lewis backed off.

  57. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford

    3 days ago

    From day one, it looked obvious to me that Hamilton drove unnecessarily wider than the normal inside racing line. And Verstapen was giving enough space, but needed to turn in a little, and maybe expected Hamilton to not hog all the space.

  58. Darren Simon

    Darren Simon

    3 days ago

    It's interesting how Jolyon Palmer, recent form F1 driver, using frame-by-frame analysis comes into a completely different conclusion. Who's opinion to trust?! A former F1 driver, or some guy looking to make a raise flogging hats? usgone.info/award/video/i9FkfH2W3GzM1Z4

  59. Dennis Verhaaff

    Dennis Verhaaff

    3 days ago

    I always loved how Lewis never gives up, but this was a little desperate and reckless, not that he'll care, but he lost a bunch of respect from me. You could argue that both drivers had some fault, but in the end, only one of them ended up in the wall and the other with all the points.

  60. Robert Brown

    Robert Brown

    3 days ago

    I agree with the analysis apart from one part - how hard Hamilton was really trying to stay on the apex. Hamilton has form for this. He would push Rosberg of the track with such regularity it was a meme. The fact he didn't do it with Button when they were side-by-side because there'd have been a public backlash in the UK shows he knows exactly what he's doing. He'll go in so fast on the inside that he's guaranteed to either come out in front or take the other driver out.

  61. Utkarsh K.

    Utkarsh K.

    3 days ago

    This is how you put your opinion out, holding someone accountable but not blaming them completely.

  62. Charles Beckner

    Charles Beckner

    3 days ago

    Look let’s not get so technical. Hamilton was too hot braking and under steered and took Max out.. That was a desperate move and he was rewarded and Max has a destroyed car and a trip to the hospital.NASCAR move.

  63. 56LPgoldtop


    3 days ago

    Lewis got along side Max on the inside leading up to the corner turn in. Max gets off the brakes a bit earlier and leaps about 3/4 of a car length ahead then turns in. He knew Lewis was on the inside and he knew Lewis was carrying lots of speed but not so much that he’d never make it work. Max should have yielded the corner knowing two cars would never get through there together. Here’s a perfect example where Hamilton on the outside concedes the corner to Raikkonen on the inside and they both race on. usgone.info/award/video/cM-epniSqmmQw6s (20 seconds into the video)

  64. Mark Freeman

    Mark Freeman

    3 days ago

    I can understand why ppl think it is 100% ham at fault, and that he should have backed out, however, max, knew that being positioned around the outside at copse is a very vulnerable position to be in, yet he stuck with it, instead of backing out. This is why it is a 50-50 more than you might think, since they could both have averted crash had they backed out and conceded. Finally, what took max out, was his tyre coming off the rim, which is a really odd thing to see. Had the tyre stayed on, he would have probably had quite a bit more braking force.

  65. Iss Rah

    Iss Rah

    3 days ago

    Rumour says that Horner still saying 51g crash at home

  66. Accutronitis The 2nd

    Accutronitis The 2nd

    3 days ago

    If you can beat him take him out! Hamilton should be disqualified!

  67. Ant


    3 days ago

    Verstappen “expected”.. That was the mistake right there. Expectation. When I am driving a 11.5tonne vehicle along the road.. if I ‘EXPECT’ a pedestrian not to walk out of the bank; just having sorted the student loan out.. who now is now very happy that they can get some clothes, and get smashed on the weekend; but first has to go to the main library and sort out those two assignments.. and is listening to music on the tell tale white earpods.. Who has just walked straight out of the bank, straight across the pavement, and has one foot transitioning from paving stone to tarmac.. who has NOT looked in my Direction.. ..then in their perception of the world, I do not exist; but in reality I DO!! Common sense expectation now has that person lying cold on a morgue slab. But in reality, my experience planning, pre-emptive driving skills and reactions; allows that person to live and see another day. (Also I should reasonably be able to expect an apology acknowledgement, or a bit of humble gratitude for accommodating and avoiding THEIR mistake.. but in reality for the TWELVE PLUS times I have saved people from their own stupidity.. I get a defensive snarl and self stupidity denying look like... WHAT ARE YOU DOING... ON A ROAD... IN A VEHICLE... I AM WALKING HERE! A motorcyclist should be able to ‘expect’ that other vehicle users will look at two different points up the road before they pull out.. thereby eliminating the blind spot in the human eyeball... yet 1000’s of motorcyclists are pulled out in front of; and then become tarmac gymnasts or morgue slab statues. Expectation Reality ...you see... Not always the same thing. If Verstappen ‘Expected’ Hamilton not to be where he WAS, because he could not see.. then it was Verstappens OWN fault.. They are rivals too lets not forget. If Hamilton was 1 or 2 feet from the apex deliberately.. I remember a F1 Legend stating that he would put a rival in a position whether or not to have a collision; and leave them with the choice... You have deliberately left the clip out.. But I did not see Hamilton hit Verstappens car.. I SAW Verstappens car hit Hamiltons... and his car came off worse.. so.. bad choice Verstappen. I have no idea why you would defend Verstappens driving.. which is clearly and evidently LESS than Lewis Hamiltons, and at fault. But.. everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    • Ant


      3 days ago

      @A C Coping!

    • A C

      A C

      3 days ago


  68. Stevie G Guitar

    Stevie G Guitar

    3 days ago

    Racing incident. 50/50. They both could have driven differently.

  69. Charlie Schriner

    Charlie Schriner

    3 days ago

    In any type of racing! It's the responsibility of the following car to give up the line!!!! Should have pulled Hamilton's points and podium! I firmly believe that they should let these teams race aggressively but this was rookie mistake by a world champion.

  70. Simon van Ophem

    Simon van Ophem

    4 days ago

    It's always the car in front in the corner who has the advantage there was room for lewis

  71. Dogued


    4 days ago

    The only comment I would make on this video is that Hamilton's apex was NEVER the "natural line" over the entire weekend. He avoided the curb from FP1 to the final lap, so why would you think that he was aiming or wanting to get on the curb? As a racer yourself, you know that some drivers have their own line because it suits their style or car requirements, especially when battling with a rival.

  72. TOTV13


    4 days ago

    People suggesting that somehow Max has been crashed off the track on purpose, how does that happen? The result of a touch like this could see many different scenarios which could have resulted in either, both or neither cars going off the track or losing body parts, this scenario has been played out several time and only ever favours the driver leading the championship, never the chasing driver, were it the last race of the season with Hamilton needing to finish in front of Max then perhaps, but there's no way Hamilton could have afforded to risk ramming Max, there's no contact that will guarantee one car staying on and the other going off.

  73. Grace Akatch

    Grace Akatch

    4 days ago

    No mistake by Hamilton. Can't believe this analysis. There is no obligation to hit the apex. Even after contact Lewis made the corner. The trouble here is you assuming Lewis should have used a certain line.

  74. Strider


    4 days ago

    Since when does any driver expect his competitors to be on a 'perfect line'. Its racing for F sake. Next you'll be advocating for bumpers around the cars or those little curb finders of the cars of the '50. In reality, it was a racing incident. RB is making a mountain out a mole hill. Ridicules. And I don't want to play the race card but, had it not been Hamilton would all this rhetoric be flying around. I think not. Let's face it, it's a white mans sport.

  75. f c

    f c

    4 days ago

    Total BS, mate. Clearly Hamilton's car did not go towards the outside of the curve before the collision. The car that produced the collision was definitely Verstappen's. His back wheel came both from behind and from left to right towards Lewis's car. Being the inside drivers does not mean you have to get out of the way of an exterior car bumping into you.

  76. Steinus


    4 days ago

    Your taking the physiology of Verstapen out of the equation, he’s a very aggressive driver be it attack or defence. He had the choice of lift and lose the place or turn in and crash! I’m sick of comments claiming he should have done this or that, but if you want to see F1 progress into a future then you can’t take racing incidents like this too seriously! No one will overtake and the sport will die! It’s already on it’s last legs!

  77. Patrick J

    Patrick J

    4 days ago

    Well sir I watch the race also noticed that Hamilton went into the corner the same way just about every lap I think it was just a racing incident they’re both racecar drivers and they’re going to be aggressive if you’re not going to be aggressive you don’t need to be there

  78. Darryl Joyner

    Darryl Joyner

    4 days ago

    Lewis's front axle was beyond the middle of Max's car. Is that not substantially alongside? Check the FIA regulations.

  79. Johno Queensland

    Johno Queensland

    4 days ago

    Racing incident .. there was a gap .. it’s called racing.

  80. Damin Daling

    Damin Daling

    4 days ago

    As a new F1 fan I don't pretend to know the overtake rules. My take is that Lewis should not have tried the inside considering the understeer he had two corners previous. However, it was Max who made the biggest, most costly error. The agressiveness of both drivers validates how important the clean air at the front is. And, Leclerc leading 50 laps was fantastic. I pray that Max does not have any lingering health issues from the high G impact. Right now he has the better car and is driving it supurbly.

    • Damin Daling

      Damin Daling

      4 days ago

      BTW, as a new fan, why is there still a GP in Morocco? So boring.

  81. A W

    A W

    4 days ago

    I disagree with your analysis...its too subjective.

  82. mission772


    4 days ago

    Lewis dive bombed Max like you see in iracing.

    • Mark Freeman

      Mark Freeman

      3 days ago

      no, when you dive bomb somebody, you both end up DNF. Max crashed because his tyre ripped off the rim. It was wheel to wheel contact.

  83. Kiting K1tty

    Kiting K1tty

    4 days ago

    Almost 4k dislikes lmao

  84. Shammer 007

    Shammer 007

    4 days ago

    Just a racing incident

  85. Curt Cour de Lion

    Curt Cour de Lion

    4 days ago

    Lewis Hamilton - one of the most humble, sympathetic, self-reflecting, loved, fair, intelligent and racist racing drivers of all time.

  86. Dave T

    Dave T

    4 days ago

    I fully agree with your analysis of the accident, and it probably aligns pretty well with how the race stewards looked at it. However, I think the stewards were soft on Lewis: The level of risk/personal jeopardy is extreme in high speed corners like Copse. This accident could have killed someone and obviously it trashed the RedBull. (Over $1M in damage) A 10 second stop/go in the pits with no ability for Mercedes to service Hamilton's car would have been more appropriate given the level of jeopardy and the fact that Lewis came in so hot he had absolutely no hope of hitting the apex.

  87. Stig10001


    4 days ago

    I'm sorry but just no. To say that Verstappen turned to put the car imagining Hamilton to be on the apex is in itself disproved by the view from Verstappens on board. He started to turn, Hamilton pulls alonhgside, Verstappen backs out from the turn and straightens, and then he chops right over to the right. The trajectory that his car would have gone would have been exactly on the apex - *he would have been exactly where Hamilton would have been had Hamilton hit the apex.* In other words, there would still have been an accident - Verstappen would have hit Hamilton. In other words, he'd doing the same as he's always done - either barges the other driver off, or sends out the message "either you back off, or there's going to be a big accident" This has been coming for years with the way Verstappn drives. Both at fault, therefore racing incident.

  88. Paul Incao

    Paul Incao

    4 days ago

    Excellent Analysis

  89. Keith Wilmot

    Keith Wilmot

    4 days ago

    I wonder would all the far left snow ❄️ protect and defend Hamilton if he wasent.british no

  90. BangtidyVideos


    4 days ago

    I think Max may give Hamilton some accidental payback sometime later this season since you only get 10 second penalty for ending a title contenders race.

  91. Dohc SMR

    Dohc SMR

    4 days ago

    This entire episode is typical F1 drama and hypocrisy. If there is a wreck in F1 why must there be “who is at fault? Driving the most advance racing cars at insane speeds with 2 peacocks wanting to impose there will upon each other and someone gets wrecked. Overtaking has almost been entirely eliminated by aerodynamic engineering making most of there concern after down force is to disrupt the air behind the car. Max had the pass. Louis did not lift and dump him. No damage to Louis car. He received a 10 second penalty. Simple. B.S. call. Otherwise remove all aero and put the racing back into the drivers hands. Let the spectators see who the best driver is not who has the most money, cleverest engineers and who is in favor of the marshals. This is a sport not a game. You take the danger out of wrecking an opponent this will only encourage this type of ignorant move. Insanity definition is doing the same thing continuously and expecting a different result.

  92. Thias Johannesen

    Thias Johannesen

    4 days ago

    All the crying lol Jesus. Hamilton is Senna and Schumacher class. Max is still nobby.

  93. Henrik Stedt

    Henrik Stedt

    4 days ago

    My personal opinion is that it was close to race incident but maybe Lewis should have realized what was going to happen. I guess it was a bit of payback too. Anyway Lewis got his penalty and now Verstappen will know that Lewis is not always be the nice guy.

  94. Bourbon Young

    Bourbon Young

    4 days ago

    Lewis. 100%

  95. Ádám Ozsváth

    Ádám Ozsváth

    4 days ago

    It's good to hear it from a driver. I thought Hamilton was to brave to this turn. After the replay I said, Max was in front of Hamilton enough to have the corner. I think it's totally Hamilton's mistake. Let's be honest, the penalty wasn't correct enough because of the WC and danger. We saw the impact and the damage. I'm glad the car just slided and not flew in the air.

  96. Jon Lilja

    Jon Lilja

    4 days ago


  97. Clive Kewley

    Clive Kewley

    4 days ago

    They showed you Maxes steering wheel movements seconds before impact why not Hamiltons ??

  98. Edgar Wee

    Edgar Wee

    4 days ago

    well said !

  99. Wes Davis

    Wes Davis

    4 days ago

    No, Lewis isn't to blame. Max is a psychopath, and I hope it rang his bell, and taught him a lesson. I'm tired of bullying being misconstrued as talent.

  100. hardi setyono

    hardi setyono

    4 days ago

    brutal race in history f1