Have You Ever Randomly Had Tooth Pain?! This Could Be Why

Have You Ever Had A Zing Of Tooth Pain?! This Could Be Why. Have you ever chewed on tin foil and had pain like this let me know!

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  1. Carlos Marone

    Carlos Marone

    10 days ago

    Everyone talking about the foil, but he just bit into that steaming hot potato and it was a crunchy potato-

    • Raymond quass

      Raymond quass

      8 hours ago

      @Idk what are you, Irish?

    • Carlos Marone

      Carlos Marone

      Day ago

      @Venom Oh, I guess that explains it- also hopefully you noticed the comment wasnt serious and obviously the eyes dont store heat, i just realizze how dumb that must have sounded

    • Venom


      2 days ago

      @Carlos Marone its actually a creepy things humans have with eye lense. we have like this night vision. when the flash is on, it causes our eyes to look red on pictures with flash on. Animals like dogs have it too. If you see Alligators in a lake at night... oh god...

    • Carlos Marone

      Carlos Marone

      2 days ago

      @Venom Im nost sure how to explain that- his eyes must be storing the heat from the foil and potato which he JUST got of the probably hot grill But seriously, I don't know-

    • Carlos Marone

      Carlos Marone

      2 days ago

      @Rizumu Meister Agreed, and pretty sure a raw potato wouldnt taste good in the slightest-

  2. Putri Ashrina

    Putri Ashrina

    2 hours ago

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  3. ClaireDanes_


    3 hours ago

    The guy: PaDA (bites into a crunchy potato)

  4. Joan Nazario

    Joan Nazario

    4 hours ago

    He look high

  5. Annika_gacha_love


    9 hours ago

    Hi so I wanted to know why in between my teeth and if any food gets in there it’s hurts badly so can you tell me why?

  6. Mason


    10 hours ago

    The Bentist is a bold man to say that it causes *some* pain when biting into foil with a filling in your tooth.

  7. ₳VɆⱤɎ


    10 hours ago


  8. Monopops


    11 hours ago

    i thought the metal tiny square on my tooth was a literal cavity ఠࡇఠ

  9. AnahNuggets


    11 hours ago

    What the boiling hot potato

  10. Lisa Lynn Baird

    Lisa Lynn Baird

    13 hours ago

    Is it safe to leave foil on your teeth for a long time like 6 or 9 hours?

  11. ✨Kana Kanjiro Kocho 🦋

    ✨Kana Kanjiro Kocho 🦋

    14 hours ago

    Why does look like a demon hungry for his prey?the tin foal is his prey probably

  12. Isla Hayhoe

    Isla Hayhoe

    16 hours ago

    I’m kinda sad but happy cuz I’m gonna have to get braces cuz my teeth have grown really high (my new ones that are coming throughout, I lost them late) so ima have to get braces to pull them down. I mean at least afterwards my teeth will look nice 😶

  13. Junkbot army !

    Junkbot army !

    17 hours ago

    Does any one care that foil was just on a fire burning it most be so hot 🥵

  14. gwynith _gemer

    gwynith _gemer

    Day ago

    Me when I'm hungry: not even boiling hot water noodle can save my teeth!

  15. Zian Miller

    Zian Miller

    Day ago

    Me when I get older

  16. TwinkleTwins


    Day ago

    i had 4 cavities



    Day ago

    My man looks high as hell

  18. dark matter

    dark matter

    Day ago

    Mine are gold, I’m old as dirt

  19. Чё по чём?

    Чё по чём?

    Day ago

    This is a dude from Russia. He fished out the hot water dumplings

  20. Golden Pheonix

    Golden Pheonix

    Day ago

    I have metal filling I have to wait a few years for them to fall out so I can have gum lol

  21. Kermit with a Mustache

    Kermit with a Mustache

    Day ago

    His eyes are red like the potato

  22. Ana Avina

    Ana Avina

    2 days ago

    The demonic eyes

  23. Bransen Kent's Alt

    Bransen Kent's Alt

    2 days ago

    You know what this reminds me of? My silver caps

  24. iPhOnE cOnSpIrAcYs💙💚

    iPhOnE cOnSpIrAcYs💙💚

    2 days ago

    He looks like your local crack head. 😃

  25. Peggy schyler aka k.K slider

    Peggy schyler aka k.K slider

    2 days ago

    That moment when it still happens even though you don’t have metal fillings/braces......

  26. Midoriya Izuku

    Midoriya Izuku

    2 days ago

    is no one gonntalk about how hes high like a kite

  27. Karla Rojo

    Karla Rojo

    2 days ago

    What if you have that in your teeth but you need to get braces. Will I hurt

  28. Artemis Ameretsu

    Artemis Ameretsu

    2 days ago

    *blinks* I didnt have fillings at 8 when I ate the tinfoil tho..

  29. Audrina :3

    Audrina :3

    3 days ago


  30. Hammy_man3


    3 days ago

    I remember when I had braces I bit the Cadbury egg wrapper and I was so confused

  31. Vanessa Fourmanoit

    Vanessa Fourmanoit

    3 days ago

    That's a crunchy potato

  32. Astrid Wilsson

    Astrid Wilsson

    3 days ago


  33. Astrid Wilsson

    Astrid Wilsson

    3 days ago


  34. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu

    3 days ago

    For me it’s not pain, it’s me questioning if I could bite someone and they’ll get shocked

  35. Mikey figz

    Mikey figz

    3 days ago

    The "PPPPAAHHHHH" gets me everytime 😂

  36. GemsOfLilyheart-WSP


    4 days ago

    I have a story with foil oh boy lol I had just gotten a tooth taken out (a very VERY late baby canine tooth, both on top had to be taken out) and my oma makes the best ever stained glass cookies (chocolate with marshmallows and powdered sugar!). She always wraps them in foil, and I went to get one one night. Guess I wasn't careful enough and the smallest bit of foil got into the socket that currently was empty and had just stopped bleeding the day prior. Took around 20 minutes to stop again :D

    • oiuet souiu

      oiuet souiu

      3 days ago

      Scratched his head on his boyfriends zipper

  37. Just Chillin

    Just Chillin

    4 days ago

    Poor guy prob hit his head and forgot how to ✨ human ✨ He clearly has two bandages on his head

  38. Samson Jalloh

    Samson Jalloh

    4 days ago

    He looks like you both your tired

  39. Ray Nealy

    Ray Nealy

    4 days ago

    It's maybe weird or not but it's satisfying when he took a bit of the hot potato

  40. EclipsisYT


    4 days ago

    You should at his eyes

  41. •Cookie• •Coffee•

    •Cookie• •Coffee•

    4 days ago

    What happened to his head-

  42. Supreme  playz

    Supreme playz

    4 days ago

    That dudes eyes were red .-.

  43. TwinnedGecko121


    4 days ago

    This why whenever I drink cold water and it hits my teeth it's excruciating

  44. David Reynolds

    David Reynolds

    4 days ago

    So my dad said do not do you want foil because you have cavities I’m like why and then he said it will shock you so I learned this before never chew on foil while you have cavities

  45. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith

    4 days ago

    I’ll never forget that feeling

  46. Ravekitty Powerwoof

    Ravekitty Powerwoof

    4 days ago

    Yall put foil in your mouth 👁👄👁 like yall chew that

  47. Alpha Trends70

    Alpha Trends70

    4 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what the guy eating the potato was saying

  48. James Ian Bastasa

    James Ian Bastasa

    4 days ago


  49. Eddie Brown

    Eddie Brown

    4 days ago

    Scratched his head on his boyfriends zipper

  50. 𝙻𝚡3𝚒𝚒𝚊~𝙵𝚕𝚡𝚠𝚜


    5 days ago

    Pretty sure it was a roasted avocado seed sense it crunched 👁👄👁☝

  51. M BRUH

    M BRUH

    5 days ago

    I already expected the bentist popping up saying BUHHH or PUHHHH



    5 days ago

    That guy was super stoned 😂

  53. Casey Oliver

    Casey Oliver

    5 days ago

    I've accidently chewed on a tiny piece of tin foil and it hurt so bad

  54. Cløver


    5 days ago

    Oh so that’s why my tooth feels weird when I drink from a soda can

  55. Natalia Cutie

    Natalia Cutie

    5 days ago

    No wonder it hurts and I cringe looking at foil and stuff 😅

  56. Susan Heffron

    Susan Heffron

    5 days ago

    What if you have braces?

  57. justgrayson


    5 days ago

    I have had a zing in my tooth and I got worried but now I feel better about it 😅

  58. Carly Barnett

    Carly Barnett

    5 days ago

    Me who has had the pain but has never had any metal filling or metal in their mouth

  59. Alexis Mendoza

    Alexis Mendoza

    5 days ago

    😭😂😭😂😭😫EAT IT THEN

  60. Kennedy Ann

    Kennedy Ann

    5 days ago

    I’m at orthodontist myself

  61. Pokémax10


    5 days ago

    Lol ive never had a galvanic shock because ive never needed fillings

  62. Sheldon Decker

    Sheldon Decker

    5 days ago

    For me it’s not pain, it’s me questioning if I could bite someone and they’ll get shocked

  63. J Berg

    J Berg

    5 days ago

    How is that potato so crunchy tho????

  64. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    5 days ago

    I asked my mom why this dude bit into the foil and she just said "He may be a crackhead" i was like "True"

  65. RayGe - Flex

    RayGe - Flex

    5 days ago

    I have no metal fillings

  66. Vanessa Adamsa

    Vanessa Adamsa

    6 days ago

    Proof demons can have human form: Man got glowing red eyes and eating foil I HAVE PROOF

    • Vanessa Adamsa

      Vanessa Adamsa

      5 days ago

      @eioshen boboi T o e. T a l l. L e e

    • eioshen boboi

      eioshen boboi

      5 days ago

      He dosent have a shock He is drunk as hell

  67. Nicholas Reams

    Nicholas Reams

    6 days ago

    Why I refuse to chew extra gum

  68. Joshua Corona

    Joshua Corona

    6 days ago

    I have a spacer and i put some foil in my mouth and i felt a little viberation

  69. Braelyn Bachman

    Braelyn Bachman

    6 days ago

    But you still shouldn’t chew on foil or gum wrappers

  70. Metro6000


    6 days ago

    Everyone knows the terrible feeling of eating with a fork and you accidentally bite the fork.

  71. Black Steel Raven

    Black Steel Raven

    6 days ago

    Whatever he hit his hea on, those pain meds are working overtime.

  72. z02x


    6 days ago

    I licked the metal piece located on the bottom of wiimote

  73. Ruby Hernandez

    Ruby Hernandez

    6 days ago

    The puhhhh gets me every time😀

  74. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    6 days ago

    This my as stoned as a god damn side walk

  75. Corey Whitlock

    Corey Whitlock

    6 days ago

    EWWW what is that thing

  76. pidgeon


    6 days ago

    usgone.infoQLkvm3I8AM0?feature=share PUHH

  77. Tay Bieber

    Tay Bieber

    6 days ago

    He cut his gum

  78. FluffyxUnicorn


    6 days ago

    I have to get my teeth fillings in a couple days im scared😭😭😭

  79. G Sully

    G Sully

    6 days ago

    Why is my filling dark grey? Is it quicksilver?

  80. idonthaveacharger


    6 days ago

    My fillings are metal

    • idonthaveacharger


      6 days ago

      It hurts

  81. lukas burkert

    lukas burkert

    6 days ago

    He dosent have a shock He is drunk as hell

  82. Cloudy_Izuku _

    Cloudy_Izuku _

    6 days ago

    I’m more concerned about that man-

  83. •Rae Aziawa• (Aziawas Daughter)

    •Rae Aziawa• (Aziawas Daughter)

    6 days ago

    I asked my mom why this dude bit into the foil and she just said "He may be a crackhead" i was like "True"

  84. Lailah Anderson

    Lailah Anderson

    6 days ago

    Am I the only one that thought this was oddly satisfying?

  85. Emmanuel Marianne

    Emmanuel Marianne

    6 days ago

    mans hye

  86. Berta Vega

    Berta Vega

    6 days ago

    Finally I have a explain for why it hurts when I bite on foil

  87. LL Gaming

    LL Gaming

    6 days ago

    I thought I was the only one! It happens to me when I eat or drink cold. when I drink anything cold the inside is kinda hearting ( I seriously do not know how to explain) If I eat cold like watermelon the freeze gets into my nerves. Plz will u tell me why, how, and is it normal.



    6 days ago

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  89. Elizabeth Ward

    Elizabeth Ward

    6 days ago

    I love the shock feeling

  90. Lily Klave

    Lily Klave

    7 days ago

    I love me some foil

  91. nadia elkayyal

    nadia elkayyal

    7 days ago

    I have an expander on my bottom teeth and after my vacation i will put braces and I have 19 more days for my vacation.

  92. Dejean smith

    Dejean smith

    7 days ago

    look at his eyes he was was higher than flight reacts

  93. Artio Dactyl

    Artio Dactyl

    7 days ago

    Hes stoned or very drunk wtf maybe both

  94. Joanne Belotte

    Joanne Belotte

    7 days ago

    I do that to trick my friends and I do feel pain on my teeth 😥

  95. Selever_fukudad :]

    Selever_fukudad :]

    7 days ago

    Puhhhhh gets me all the time like bro 🤣 I wish he was my orthodontist

  96. -0Cheesecake0-


    7 days ago

    I have almost 6 metal fillings and they snuck two in two stars for they snuck two in my mouth :( or it’s silver but I’m pretty sure it’s metal



    7 days ago

    I actually do that because I actually have silver teeth because like those cool but when I saw this video I'm like oh my God I cannot do this no more like oh my God like OMG am I never going to do it again like I hope you like this, and follow me please I'm on Tik-Tok and I'm called Kathy sweetheart

  98. XZay2BB


    7 days ago

    Mankind is evolving one hand, because the other hand is recording.

  99. Jacob Playz

    Jacob Playz

    7 days ago

    Very time I see his videos he goes phaaaa and now it’s stuck in my head and it’s starting to become a daily thing

  100. Daryl Walker

    Daryl Walker

    7 days ago

    Whenever I imagine biting metal on my teeth I feel metal on my teeth 😅