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Here's Why You Can't Afford An R34 GTR Skyline

Nissan Skyline GTRs are often considered the most coveted 90s JDM cars. And with many sales well into the 6 figure range, it seems that the market agrees with that as well. Today we discuss the history of the R34 Skyline GTR and how it got to the point of selling for over $359,000 US Dollars.
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  1. Naoufaru


    Hour ago

    Me and my homies go to trust kikaku ; )



    3 hours ago

    well m spec and v spec are expensive but who decides abt a persons affordability?

  3. Jay Schaff

    Jay Schaff

    6 hours ago

    I just want an r34 so bad 😭 but even if I had the money - the chances of even finding one are still low :(

  4. toms Zvejnieks

    toms Zvejnieks

    16 hours ago

    i legit have seen r34's for like 5k and 2.5k to get imported to my country, but they have no engine but still if i put like 22.5k into the engine and other stuff that's still 30k for the car to come from japan to latvia and for me to get it working so paying 365k for it is just super idiotic

  5. Artyom Galstyan

    Artyom Galstyan

    18 hours ago

    lol better buy lambo.

  6. yeti gts25t

    yeti gts25t

    19 hours ago

    R34s are not illegal in the US. You just have to do all the safety test and prove it'll pass. Basically you're a million in before you even can bring the car here legally. See Top Rank's video on the subject.

  7. Tom Ockerby

    Tom Ockerby

    Day ago

    In early 2020 I was going to buy an r34 GTT (r34 base model with a turbo, only sold in Japan), but decided not to as insurance would be too much and leave me with no money at all. I passed on the $20,000 AUD skyline and moved on. In January 2021 an r34 GTT sold for $40,000 AUD, what a mistake I made. Thanks again COVID tax :(

  8. Gautham Krishna.S

    Gautham Krishna.S

    Day ago

    0:20 triggered depression

  9. smashgordon


    Day ago

    Damn man, it's just so frustrating how few of these beautiful cars where made. I've wanted any skyline I could possibly get my hands on my whole life. Maybe....maybe one day.

  10. Louis_ Playz

    Louis_ Playz

    Day ago

    Skylines cost £10,000 in England lol

  11. Kxng Earner

    Kxng Earner

    Day ago

    UGLY toyota stupra

  12. CardiacYew 3805

    CardiacYew 3805

    Day ago

    Hehe. . . R34

  13. Tan TeckHwee

    Tan TeckHwee

    Day ago

    Tq. Very informatic about Nissan GTR.

  14. BlackFoxz


    2 days ago

    i think i could buy a broken r34 for a cheap price fix it like a project car then we go tokyo drift

  15. FlyingWhales2304


    2 days ago

    Follow your dreams, reality can't even be explained. You can always achieve something if you want it enough..

  16. bluntman305


    2 days ago

    Why is it so expensive “supply and demand” 🤔 no supply high demand=super expensive just like Pokémon cards lol 😂

  17. Retsu Unohana

    Retsu Unohana

    2 days ago

    Then...... Nissan went Rogue

  18. JesterheadSWE


    2 days ago

    Did you dub your voice? Something sounds weird, like there's two voice tracks that's just a little bit of.

  19. Downhill


    2 days ago

    For 360k I'd rather have other things. Don't get me wrong these machines are unique however this price bubble sooner or later is going to pop because you can have the same in fact probably better performance and driving experience with the R35. The rest is just speculation.

  20. Ebel Augustine

    Ebel Augustine

    2 days ago

    Broke my heart seeing those r34's getting crushed

  21. Kevin Hayles

    Kevin Hayles

    2 days ago


  22. Jeremy Goh

    Jeremy Goh

    3 days ago

    0:19 IM IN SO MUCH PAINNNNNN like not the car me myself

  23. Superdixie


    3 days ago

    In the netherlands a Nissan skyline r34 is sold here for 53.000 euro that is around 53.000 dollar

  24. Hung Nguyen

    Hung Nguyen

    3 days ago

    The clean grasshopper acly judge because parallelogram traditionally visit astride a true macaroni. actually, truthful planet

  25. PrussianKamikaze


    3 days ago

    I already can't afford any form of GTR, so thank you for reminding me I don't even want an R34 either, I prefer the R33 and R32 anyway, still can't afford them anyway.

  26. Supperdog -

    Supperdog -

    3 days ago

    You know there's some rich fucker with 10 of these In the Usa

  27. Evan Fox05

    Evan Fox05

    3 days ago

    Elon musk: so you say I cant afford something?

  28. Speed


    3 days ago

    Still most overrated car of all time.

  29. Yoon Young Kim

    Yoon Young Kim

    3 days ago

    Thank you for such detailed info. about R34 GTR Skyline !!!

  30. Aldon Dekock

    Aldon Dekock

    3 days ago

    The stereotyped tailor simplistically move because methane interestedly offend alongside a loose willow. recondite, absent minibus

  31. John Calrissian

    John Calrissian

    3 days ago

    I cried a little. So magnificent cars....

  32. Heiden R

    Heiden R

    4 days ago

    These cars were cool, but the prices are just stupid as hell. I'll take a Land Cruiser any day.

  33. Albon


    4 days ago

    UPDATE: If you thought a $359,000 Skyline was insane, wait till you see the $445,000 NSX in our latest video:

    • I'mMoist


      Day ago


  34. Be Red

    Be Red

    4 days ago

    9:26 what do you mean with most extreme production?

  35. Be Red

    Be Red

    4 days ago

    3:12 I thought he meant ”killed it“ like they sold too many

  36. Bobs Visit

    Bobs Visit

    4 days ago

    GTR was sold in Australia by Nissan. R32 celebrates 30 years being sold in Australia this year



    4 days ago

    Fun Fact: I'm R34 owner....😁❤️

  38. gadgetsage


    4 days ago

    Not interested in owning a Nissan POS anyway. Reason: I owned one. A car that buries the RUBBER timing "chain" so deep inside the engine that replacing it costs $3500 and rebuilding the engine costs $4500? At 65k miles? No thank you. Keep your expensive piece of shit.

  39. kgroovemaster


    4 days ago

    Hahaha.....i own a r34 gtr.....when i close my eyes and imagine my red accord sport transforming into😔

  40. V0r4xiz


    4 days ago

    "How did the Nissan Skyline R34 become so expensive within a decade." Answer: because nerd kids who played GT 1 and 2 in the late 90s are now adults with money and they all want one. There. Saved you 22 minutes.

  41. MonsterManish


    5 days ago

    With the comming of electronic vehicles I doubt that anyone will be wanting to buy.

  42. Hype7media


    5 days ago

    I'm in Australia and the average standard r34 is $50,000 AUD the nur edition is $340,000 AUD vspec 2s average $90,000 with high mileage

  43. Magik H.D.

    Magik H.D.

    5 days ago

    Rather buy a house I’m good

  44. Ben Adkins

    Ben Adkins

    5 days ago

    I will own a skyline I swear

    • ooo nobody gives a shit _

      ooo nobody gives a shit _

      5 days ago

      @Ben Adkins oh my bad man, well good luck

    • Ben Adkins

      Ben Adkins

      5 days ago

      @ooo nobody gives a shit _ I said will own one not I own one

    • ooo nobody gives a shit _

      ooo nobody gives a shit _

      5 days ago


  45. Roger Wilco

    Roger Wilco

    5 days ago

    I blame the fast and furious

  46. D R

    D R

    5 days ago

    Waited my entire life to become an adult, get an adult job and buy an r34 and as soon as I do, they increase in price X fold..

  47. SKay West

    SKay West

    5 days ago

    Illegal to own in the UNITED STATES what when!!!!

  48. Madara Uchiha

    Madara Uchiha

    5 days ago

    lies in live in japan and a skyline gtr 34 it costs 10k -_-

  49. PierreVonStaines


    5 days ago

    15:14 You might want to close your eyes for 10 seconds.

  50. PierreVonStaines


    6 days ago

    Knee Sam Scry Rime

  51. Decoisawesome


    6 days ago

    New Zealand: skyline go brr

  52. Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe

    6 days ago

    Easy fix for getting all the cool cars out of Japan - just drive on the left like Australia, Japan, NZ, UK, India, Seth Efrica etc. Skylines etc were sold here. I drive a micro race JDM halo car - a beautiful Daihatsu Copen. They are built to be tuned easily & safely (if you know Kei cars you'll understand). Only 200 were imported - at a price about 25% above an MX-5. I'm keeping her (yes, she really speaks Japanese to me) forever.

  53. Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe

    6 days ago

    An R34? Never. The R32 is the original, most beautiful & desirable model. I like that it was Bathurst, Australia that threw the R32 onto the world stage (ie. your sound bites). R33 is fat, R34 is just ugly. Fun fact: The crowd booed them when they won, leading to the best acceptance speech ever, by Jim Richards (legend); "You're all a pack of ar*eholes!"

  54. Choo Choo MotherTrucker

    Choo Choo MotherTrucker

    6 days ago

    GTR Skyline is the beast while the Silvia is the beauty. I love the S15 Silvia the best. It's one sexy car.

  55. Chris Kelly

    Chris Kelly

    6 days ago

    money. got it.

    • ooo nobody gives a shit _

      ooo nobody gives a shit _

      5 days ago

      Ok kid

  56. Alex


    6 days ago

    people who grew up on first gran turismos just got money and here we are lol

  57. Lipi akter

    Lipi akter

    6 days ago

    Ok just rubbing that in my face

  58. Das.


    6 days ago

    Goosebumps 04:16

  59. Bob Sagget

    Bob Sagget

    6 days ago

    I love the GTR much like anyone else, but I also only see it getting worse. We're already experiencing hyper inflation on vehicles and have been for some time and Covid only made it worse. The GTR is a great car...don't get me wrong. BUT, it's not worth north of 40-60K even for the R34. When you consider the fact that a used R35 can be had for somewhere between 40-70,000 slightly used that over the past 10 years has built a huge reputation for being fast, comfy and extremely tunable. Though, what I find absurd someone else will find amazing. So my opinion is mute.

    • Bob Sagget

      Bob Sagget

      6 days ago

      @Matthew Tallon It's not directly due to just Covid. For example...the drift tax. Back in the early 2000's you could pick up a 240SX for a few hundred dollars needing just a little bit of work. Starting as far back as 2010 you couldn't touch one as just a shell for less than 1500 in many cases while you could get less well known cars like a Celica, Focus or whatever in good shape for the same money.

    • Matthew Tallon

      Matthew Tallon

      6 days ago

      I get where you’re coming from, but the inflation of cars is inevitable due to the pandemic. People a have more money to spend on cars, and more people are getting into cars. The people who want these cars and can afford them, will pay a huge amount of money for them. Because there is a limited number of skylines, the price will rise with the demand, and when the demand is rising as rapidly as it has in the past few years, the price will continue to rise massively

  60. Tuberculosis


    6 days ago

    The only disappointing part of this video is seeing that R34 crushed in the beginning...

  61. Rick Ross

    Rick Ross

    7 days ago

    I remember going to a used import dealer and seeing a bunch of R34's in the early 2000's. I think they were about £30-40k. Should have convinced my dad to buy one lol.



    7 days ago

    Don’t care I’ll own every single one bf I’m 30

  63. Beach&BoardFan


    7 days ago

    These vids are great, but spend less time on the auction prices. Maybe just say what the highest price paid was, then move on.

  64. Ryan Chew

    Ryan Chew

    7 days ago

    Because it's not as cheap as $359k USD where I'm from.

  65. Hollande Nohar

    Hollande Nohar

    7 days ago

    Jesus loves you

  66. JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz

    JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz

    7 days ago

    Dude u know too much... It'd just stick with my 93 7afe

  67. 80sCats&GunsAddict


    7 days ago

    If any financing companies are out there doing 50yr financing...please reply.

  68. ShhmallBudoo


    7 days ago

    Hehe I got mine 9 years ago for 37k

  69. Michael Hogan

    Michael Hogan

    7 days ago

    15:15 needs a content warning

  70. Rian Nion

    Rian Nion

    7 days ago

    Lol I saw an r34 for 9k and it was tuned

  71. Chris Allen

    Chris Allen

    8 days ago

    Lucky we have 2 then , thank you for a great explanation of the GTR history

  72. Eagle775


    8 days ago

    Believe in Jesus Christ and you will be saved, John 3:16, KJV...

  73. micajah day

    micajah day

    8 days ago

    bullshit ass video you can get whatever you want if you put your mind to it.

  74. Ronald De Vera

    Ronald De Vera

    8 days ago

    Dude in my country a stock super clean R34 GTR costs 30% less than the cheapest brand new Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback.

  75. cheesecake cheesecake

    cheesecake cheesecake

    8 days ago

    Meanwhile in Aussie and nz it's more like 30-40 grand, still dumb price but not too horrible, although I've seen one for 20, that's nzd btw

  76. DONE


    8 days ago

    Damn, in Estonia one fully stacked out sold for a little over 30k...

  77. Damian Cervantes

    Damian Cervantes

    8 days ago

    The reason why I can't afford it It's too Damm overpriced

  78. RiverSLV


    8 days ago

    There’s one in Facebook Lakeland for 20k this video is full of shit

  79. Ghoste


    8 days ago

    TL;DR: You're too poor.

  80. Chucky


    8 days ago

    this video is currently EXACTLY 500 views away from 1 million reply to this when it hits 1 mil

    • Albon


      8 days ago

      It hit a million

  81. Yendori TV

    Yendori TV

    8 days ago

    amazing video with so much insight - learnt so much about the GTR!! team 32 gtr lets gooo - drove a 34 gtr in mt tsukuba japan and that was amazing too



    9 days ago

    Illegal to own in the states? 25 year rule 🧐

  83. Yeah yesh

    Yeah yesh

    9 days ago

    I could’ve answered that myself. A lot quicker too. Why can’t I afford it? Because I lack the money. Simple

  84. Ivan Božinović

    Ivan Božinović

    9 days ago

    631 km M spec Nur is listed on jdm expo for $550 000, I don't know what to think about that 🙆‍♂️

  85. Joe Hutton

    Joe Hutton

    9 days ago

    Inner Child: But it's a SKYLINE! I want it! Adult me: We can't afford $100k! You can have a toyota yaris when we get home!

  86. 24GORDONSL


    9 days ago

    heres why we want to think you cant afford a gtr so all the rich youtuber fanboys can get them and not you

  87. Betacrosslol


    9 days ago

    be my audio book also this was so well documented and i listened to it while i game i liked and subbed cuz u deserve it

  88. AnonymousMusic 2625

    AnonymousMusic 2625

    9 days ago

    making a title like that is kinda pulling your own chain dont you think?

  89. Van Damage

    Van Damage

    9 days ago

    Because fanboys who will never EVER be able to drive that thing like they see, want one. Thanks a lot F&F

  90. Napalic Napalic

    Napalic Napalic

    9 days ago

    I just got me r34 Z tune silver .Godzilla

  91. Rell Mang

    Rell Mang

    9 days ago

    They should just start making old cars that are popular

  92. Question Everything, Come To Your Own Conclusions.

    Question Everything, Come To Your Own Conclusions.

    9 days ago

    Steering wheel on the wrong side so that makes the car in one comforting area less desireable, imo.

  93. Vape Medical

    Vape Medical

    9 days ago

    Pffff wimp. This guy obviously never played real life gta. Ok so jokes aside i see them priced under 50 all day sooooo huh? (There are 9 listings for R34 Skyline, From $4.197 with average price of 18,603.) That's a quick copy and paste from a search i literally just did sooooooo........... ????????

  94. Roman Olefirenko

    Roman Olefirenko

    9 days ago

    Make more videos like this please.

  95. I


    9 days ago

    continue this series

  96. Jasjot Singh

    Jasjot Singh

    9 days ago

    This video has the saddest title of all time!

  97. Taming Guppies

    Taming Guppies

    10 days ago

    Gtr values should cost more

  98. Lazarous Velasquez

    Lazarous Velasquez

    10 days ago

    I’m actually saving up for the R32 halfway there!! I know I won’t be able to get the R34 😞

  99. Joel Williams

    Joel Williams

    10 days ago

    The hell with that, just get a 2-3 year old pre-owned R35, & still have some $$ left over for a house & some gaw'damn McNuggets!

  100. David K

    David K

    10 days ago

    Next up, here's why you can't afford a graphics card.