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Welcome to Coffee Walk Ep. 142!
We've rescued Tiger, Mustangs, Cougars, Jaguars, and Javelins - but today we are rescuing two GOATS! My team and I rose before the roosters and made our way down south to Houston, Texas to rescue two beautiful GTOs! These trips don't always go as planned but sometimes we get a little lucky!
As always… GO FAST, HAVE FUN & HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!! and thanks for watching!
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  1. A


    8 hours ago

    👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿way to many adds/commercials for the content...content was good though

  2. Carmela Sanchez

    Carmela Sanchez

    15 hours ago


  3. Carmela Sanchez

    Carmela Sanchez

    15 hours ago


  4. Carmela Sanchez

    Carmela Sanchez

    15 hours ago


  5. Fabio Attolini

    Fabio Attolini

    17 hours ago

    Bellissime auto bravi ragazzi un ottimo lavoro!!!

  6. Levonne Carroll

    Levonne Carroll

    Day ago


  7. Fow Jay

    Fow Jay

    Day ago

    They get rid of the GTO's but keep the junk Corvette? They really screwed up. What an awesome find.

  8. automotive addiction

    automotive addiction

    2 days ago

    Hahahaha...fridge cart is same thing I use to move engine's..they work great..not so good with a diesel.i blew out a wheel..but it does work great for gas engine's

  9. Butt Neked

    Butt Neked

    3 days ago

    It wouldn’t still be there if it didn’t have a cover on it

  10. Jackyl Smith

    Jackyl Smith

    5 days ago

    Hmmmm. That flat spare tire went from a gray rim with a sheep tire to a new tire on a whit rim. It

  11. K.


    6 days ago

    this is great the last one i watched was all about jeep cj"s ,witch i have 2 a cj5 82,cj7 81,and this one pontiacs i haves a 67 firebird,ive got 4 motors for and ones the matching and lots of parts,guess ill know what happens when i die,but i drive my car did today,. JEEP CJ's and PONTIACS,my kind of guy

  12. Michael Myers

    Michael Myers

    6 days ago

    Always loved the 69 and the 70 GTO judge with their hideaway headlights and their wide option of engines and suspensions they're just beautiful looking cars, always wanted a bright orange 70 judge with the tan interior or a burgundy color with a tan interior but they're just a little far out of my price range

  13. sergio


    6 days ago

    Two beauties.

  14. Greg Steadman

    Greg Steadman

    6 days ago

    Dennis is the man I would love to work for him I would take a day just to hear some stories instead though!!!!!

  15. Alex montero

    Alex montero

    8 days ago

    Wow look another Future trailer Queen LOLOLOLOL

  16. D G

    D G

    9 days ago

    Those GTO hold a spot in my heart I grew up with these cars owned two 69s one was a judge ram air God I wish I still had them. I been chasing and restoring cars for 48 years. I still am and still love the thrill of the garage finds.

  17. jordan anderson

    jordan anderson

    9 days ago

    If you restore these will you post a update on what they look like when done

  18. Kevin Burt

    Kevin Burt

    9 days ago

    These videos are more entertaining than gas monkeys

  19. CAYMAN987


    10 days ago

    Thats a lot of work. Great parts

  20. Holger Wittmann

    Holger Wittmann

    10 days ago

    What a nice find! Jackpot!

  21. Bumstead13


    11 days ago

    I love Pontiac’s. Are u going to restore these or just sell them? Keep us updated please

    • Bumstead13


      11 days ago

      Man that blue one is rusted out....maybe passing it off is best?

  22. deadgoats Racing

    deadgoats Racing

    11 days ago

    Two sexy looking deadgoats! Lmao the tool was taking off trim. Jk

  23. deadgoats Racing

    deadgoats Racing

    11 days ago

    Selling some rare Pontiacs. 1970 1/2 Tempest gt37. Protecto plate. Sat since 1977. 69 judge stripes. Factory original muscle.

  24. Jc Galmiche

    Jc Galmiche

    12 days ago

    Lets all just take a moment to respect that tire change ok.

  25. J P

    J P

    12 days ago

    Actually a breathable cover is ok it was the blue tarp that held moisture between it and the car have had this happen, I have some doors and rear glass out of a 69 LeMans maybe some more that may fit these cars if your interested.

  26. Joe Hills

    Joe Hills

    13 days ago

    How didbyou get away with no mask

  27. Wayne Caldwell

    Wayne Caldwell

    14 days ago

    What happens after these things get "rescued"? Where do they go?

  28. Rapid Transit

    Rapid Transit

    14 days ago

    The only thing that could have made this video better would be if you were dropping it in my driveway. LoL 😆

  29. Davi Clar

    Davi Clar

    15 days ago

    Dennis seems like a guy you would want to work for if you did a good job!

  30. TRUMP2024


    15 days ago

    I just have a feeling these guys took the owners of these goats to the cleaners! They probably paid penny's on the dollar for all of of those rare parts and 2 cars!!

  31. jean parker

    jean parker

    15 days ago

    Dallas cowboys suck !

  32. Teeter Long

    Teeter Long

    15 days ago

    That food though

  33. Teeter Long

    Teeter Long

    15 days ago

    Nice find alot of work too

  34. kenneth smith

    kenneth smith

    16 days ago

    I hope you paid them well for all those extra parts

  35. Thomas Casserly

    Thomas Casserly

    17 days ago

    How much did you pay Alex to save your Adventure ha ha

  36. mukaram mukaram

    mukaram mukaram

    17 days ago

    Love from 🇵🇰

  37. Cuban _G4

    Cuban _G4

    18 days ago

    Richardson, TX finest 💯

  38. rjkusse


    18 days ago

    Love BOTH the Woodys!

  39. 3DPeter


    18 days ago

    this is not just a barnfind but entering aladdin's cave!

  40. Perkins Garage

    Perkins Garage

    18 days ago

    Does anybody know what he paid for such an awesome Pontiac find?

  41. PontiacMatt


    19 days ago

    Awesome find!!! One owner and original drivetrain . Nice!!! WT 400 4spd GTO.. sweet!! Best part was the guys worked there ass off and Dennis bought them dinner which was a bunch of food.!!! Dennis is a stand up guy . Would like to have a boss like that. Awesome guy!!!

  42. Otis Atmore

    Otis Atmore

    19 days ago

    I'm so glad to see that there are some people who will restore these beauties. Would also love to see the finished cars.. absolutely fantastic finds

  43. Telico Garage

    Telico Garage

    19 days ago

    I’m 35 min south of Dallas. Badass goats . I have a 1971 Dodge Charger special edition.

  44. Kenny Malone

    Kenny Malone

    19 days ago

    Dennis..I have a GTO Judge RA III 4 speed. As you know it uses a 7029273 quadrojet. I saw you found a bunch of them. That is the only part I need to complete the factory correct parts. Can you help me. Please advise.. Thank you in advance... Ken

  45. Ant O

    Ant O

    19 days ago

    awesome find ! right on!

  46. Pat McGaha

    Pat McGaha

    20 days ago

    Amazing story. Thanks for the ride along.

  47. Kerry Evans

    Kerry Evans

    20 days ago

    You'll really earned your money loading all the extra parts and both cars. Great Rescue.

  48. Cesare Gaglio

    Cesare Gaglio

    20 days ago

    It just goes to show you that life is short You can't take nothing with you when you die have faith in the Lord

  49. Studder boxx

    Studder boxx

    21 day ago

    I’d love to buy that 1986 plate to hang on my wall that’s the same year I was born

  50. karl kelley

    karl kelley

    21 day ago

    Blue tarps need to be abolished from this earth!

  51. Kerikeri House

    Kerikeri House

    21 day ago

    The GTO. Is cool. Be nice to see it finished up. It need a restoration but I one owner. Yea that’s cool. Yea two in one driveway. Yes that’s 😎

  52. Kerikeri House

    Kerikeri House

    21 day ago

    Cool 😎

  53. Dane Rodriguez

    Dane Rodriguez

    21 day ago

    I love seeing old cars revived! Dennis you’re the man and not a fake you have the knowledge and love for the car world. I could work for Dennis every day of the week!

  54. Mikey


    21 day ago

    We had a 69 gto when I was a kid. White w black interior.

  55. WhereverHugo


    21 day ago

    Is that an RX7 at 23:11?

  56. Internet Internet

    Internet Internet

    22 days ago

    This was a great one! Always awesome!

  57. WisdomVendor1


    22 days ago

    I don't trust anyone it doesn't drink coffee. And I'm not talking about that iced coffee crap either.

  58. xp836


    22 days ago

    Awsome video, I enjoyed this so much. Great job guys.

  59. keep on truckin outlaw life

    keep on truckin outlaw life

    22 days ago


  60. Zain staric

    Zain staric

    22 days ago

    when im riding my R1 at 70 on motorway ,and im having to navigate my way past chunks of tyre.Twats like you dennis

  61. Richard Hedrick

    Richard Hedrick

    22 days ago

    Great find on the one owner car

  62. TheJagjr4450


    22 days ago

    The 3 speed was the cast iron top loader... the HD 3 speed for GM's were made by FORD. NO JOKE!

  63. TheJagjr4450


    22 days ago

    Nice score... liberty blue over blue is a great combo... I have a Alpine Blue over Parchment 68 HO 4 speed GTO.

  64. Gee Smith

    Gee Smith

    23 days ago

    Brilliant Dennis doesn't overlook the little things, covers every nook and cranny, then gives full credit to his friends/co-workers, glad to have watched.

  65. Javier Sánchez

    Javier Sánchez

    23 days ago

    There's a gto 2 blocks over from me, same 1 that's in the triple x movie. It's still in good shape to. I just bought a 79 trans am that needs restored.

  66. Exploration Northwest

    Exploration Northwest

    23 days ago

    Man that’s a ton of rust to repair. The garaged Goat should turn a profit. The blue one might be best sold to a do it yourself guy as an affordable long term project? Anyway good to see the start of restoration. Cheers

  67. David Sprague

    David Sprague

    23 days ago

    It would be great to take them back to the family and show them what they where ment to be. Let them see that all the previous owners time, and effort was well worth it. And that the lady called you, and not a scrapper. For what ever they are worth, they will have so much more value with the story behind them. In the short time that I have found this channel, its become one of my favorites. Never knew that the guy behind the big taker (Rawlins) was full of such ethics and honesty. Grab a cup.

  68. John Murphy

    John Murphy

    23 days ago

    Two more Pontiacs,saved!

  69. daryl engle

    daryl engle

    23 days ago

    I hauled jeeps for you and gas monkey back in 2002 - 2010 . lived in Lewisville,Tx name of company was American Eagle Auto Carrier, love your show.

  70. Lance Miller

    Lance Miller

    23 days ago

    Dennis your the man I watch every second of your videos most other channels I skip forward.there not as informative or what I trying to say is your channel is awesome always amazing content and you never try to beat anyone out of what there cars worth

  71. TonyRomeNewMoney


    23 days ago

    Great video Dennis. Now, Dallas has a better skyline than Houston? Not by a long shot. One of those two cities is the 4th largest in the Nation and one is not.

  72. Jay Todd

    Jay Todd

    23 days ago

    I'm the guy in the neighborhood that's sick to my stomach knowing what I missed out on..

  73. Robert Konstantin

    Robert Konstantin

    24 days ago

    Awesome rescue.🔥 Great shout out to #WOODYS ❤

  74. Kavaль OFF

    Kavaль OFF

    24 days ago

    👍👍 💪💪

  75. Alex P

    Alex P

    24 days ago

    As for the reverse lockout, you can disconnect the rod where it goes to the column in the engine compartment. Had to do it a few times with gm column shift automatics to put them on neutral.

  76. Patrick McDonough

    Patrick McDonough

    24 days ago

    Rawlings getting his nails done now, while real men work.

  77. Patrick McDonough

    Patrick McDonough

    24 days ago

    I take this dude over rich r. A real man.

  78. Uncle Rick

    Uncle Rick

    24 days ago

    I don't know why, but every time I see your rescue videos, I always get hungry for BBQ.

  79. Rand Thompson

    Rand Thompson

    25 days ago

    Link to web site is 404 error.

  80. Joel McIntire

    Joel McIntire

    25 days ago

    when I saw all of those books, it reminds me so much of my dad. I don't know what would happen if I lost him

  81. Jet Gardner

    Jet Gardner

    25 days ago

    The knowledgeable talk is great, but if you clicked here to see the cars skip the first 5 minutes of wasted time and the ad at the end for Woody's... not to mention the annoying and unnecessary music.

  82. Danny Digeloromo

    Danny Digeloromo

    25 days ago

    Wow your always lucky with your least with these there all yours and u dont have to go half with rich

  83. Stephen Meade

    Stephen Meade

    25 days ago

    I like to dust caps on your trailer

  84. Ashley T.

    Ashley T.

    25 days ago

    RAM Air 4 it just because you can!!! and I got the my answer to my first Q.

  85. Ashley T.

    Ashley T.

    25 days ago

    Oh the lockout rod is a 1/2 wrench and you out of gear......

  86. Ashley T.

    Ashley T.

    25 days ago

    Dennis I had a customer with a 68 GTO w/400 manual everything and a 3 speed floor shift no console //is that a correct for a Goat ?? (3 spd.)

  87. Ashley T.

    Ashley T.

    25 days ago

    That tire was flat on more than one side!!!!

  88. Kenneth White

    Kenneth White

    25 days ago

    Men doing manly things gotta love it!

  89. Kenneth White

    Kenneth White

    25 days ago

    My Father had a 67 GTO AWESOME CAR ! Rest easy Pops😎

  90. Russell Weber III

    Russell Weber III

    25 days ago

    Finding an interesting gun in good condition under a seat or in a trunk would be cool.

  91. Mark Johnston

    Mark Johnston

    25 days ago

    Update with the pair?

  92. Rob Washere

    Rob Washere

    25 days ago

    not gonna lie,when he opened the door on the blue one,and i saw the 4 speed,i drooled. the rest of the episode i needed a bib. Great episode Dennis ~

  93. jeepinass


    25 days ago

    Only thing more impressive than his gto collection, is his cowboy boot collection

  94. Maxium4x4


    25 days ago

    Glad we have someone like Dennis, these cars will fulfill someone's dream of being brought back to life.

  95. SOFA King

    SOFA King

    25 days ago

    Dennis doing the happy dance when they find the right motor. Priceless. Just like a one owner all original 69 GTO. I love this channel. Thanks for sharing the great finds.

  96. Pax Humana

    Pax Humana

    25 days ago

    Is no one going to talk about either Chevrolet Corvette that were also in this video?

  97. TheJoesmoe1987


    25 days ago

    Living the dream dennis me old mate

  98. nevno2005


    26 days ago

    Dennis is hands on. Not like his buddy RR. His hands are on tacos these days. Just saying.

  99. Scott Shelton

    Scott Shelton

    26 days ago

    This was my favorite one of your videos. I love GTO'S . That single owner is worth huge money. Congratulations 👏

  100. Willard Thomas

    Willard Thomas

    26 days ago

    Sorry to bother you but why haven’t I been able to get your video I checked and it says I’m subscribed so I don’t understand why I haven’t gotten any thing