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How To Beat Every Stand In "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable Ch I"

People in your town are being attacked by enemies who can summon deadly spirits. These things can control your body, erase you from existence, command an unstoppable army, and even freeze time. Locked in the most dangerous fight or your life, what do you do?
Thank you for watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable explained and review of how to beat.
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  1. Cinema Summary

    Cinema Summary

    Month ago

    I, Cinema Summary, have a dream. A golden dream of a comment section full of JJBA memes and sh*tposts.

    • Toilsome Actor

      Toilsome Actor

      13 days ago

      A yo wtf

    • press here for clean sus memes

      press here for clean sus memes

      21 day ago

      I, dio dont have a dream :(

    • Just for fun

      Just for fun

      21 day ago

    • Xavier gaming

      Xavier gaming

      27 days ago

      Me too

    • Nexxol


      Month ago

      Haha I'm the last comment

  2. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo

    29 minutes ago

    14:12 Josuke can’t restore things gone or “erased”. He can only restore things that still have fragments of the broken thing.

  3. Coffee Wizard

    Coffee Wizard

    Hour ago

    17:01 "so jojo kicks the egg" that kid's egg is now broken

  4. Rouse Green

    Rouse Green

    2 hours ago

    Wait if the Archer wants stans to end his fathers Misery why can’t his brother Erase him from existence ...idk it’s a thought right would that work if he could Erase Pretty much anything out of existence why not

  5. Chris and Matt gaming

    Chris and Matt gaming

    2 hours ago

    ok this is somewhat accurate to the anime and he didn't attend to none of the funerals and they found they house randomly walking around their neighborhood.

  6. Karl-Ainar Tali

    Karl-Ainar Tali

    8 hours ago

    But why didnt the brother delete the dad

  7. Goku Black

    Goku Black

    8 hours ago

    You cant even touch stands...

  8. Eleah


    8 hours ago

    Could be a good Video but you think to realistic...

  9. Yakuto animations

    Yakuto animations

    9 hours ago

    number 1: already have a stand

  10. Speed Striker

    Speed Striker

    9 hours ago

    stand user:cinema summary stand:reference platinum stand ability:use references at the perfect time

  11. Jessica Rice

    Jessica Rice

    15 hours ago

    Josuke’s hair look funny

  12. Pacific Grim

    Pacific Grim

    20 hours ago

    Hey guys I have the Stand Arrow does this count as a speedrun?

  13. Metuul


    20 hours ago

    This is so fake than the anime

  14. Spencer Knight

    Spencer Knight

    Day ago


  15. GraceEE The Best Gachatuber

    GraceEE The Best Gachatuber

    Day ago

    Is the real one of Jojo bizarre adventure

  16. IDontKnow


    Day ago

    so i thought this would actually follow the normal jojo timeline, instead I have no idea what the f*ck is going on

  17. Kira Yoshikage

    Kira Yoshikage

    Day ago

    You said you wanted it full of memes so.. *Korega Requiem da*

  18. Wolve - Potter

    Wolve - Potter

    Day ago

    Wait! There was a live-action one?

  19. mewtuwa


    Day ago

    14:02 Crazy Diamond can't restore what The Hand erases.

  20. Ian Sugg

    Ian Sugg

    Day ago

    The guys real stand toy story

  21. Haspet66


    Day ago

    I like how jotaro revive joseph with his stand in part 3 but he didnt revive josuke grandpa in the exact mode

  22. Paolo Noka

    Paolo Noka

    Day ago

    didnt okuyasu's brother died bc of chili pepper?

  23. Anime Lover

    Anime Lover

    Day ago


  24. Shravan Poojary

    Shravan Poojary

    Day ago


  25. Dragoniclix


    Day ago

    the jojo reference's XD

  26. Yeet Yote

    Yeet Yote

    Day ago

    I skipped chapter 1 and 2 because they were boring

  27. Den Algene Rosas

    Den Algene Rosas

    Day ago

    Wait it's in 3D,is there a movie of this nah nah

  28. New Einstein

    New Einstein

    Day ago

    Imagine what the people are thinking who don’t have the stands, “why the hell are they staring at each other”

  29. XANDER_ ED1T5


    Day ago

    What the hell

  30. T o m m y

    T o m m y

    Day ago

    Cinema summary: I would change my identity :shows picture of fat Thor

  31. Block SLS

    Block SLS

    Day ago

    Jotaros star platinum only has a 2 second time stop in part 4 diamond is unbreakable which relates to the first confrontation between jotato and jouske. Jouskes crazy diamond would be too slow to punch holes in the ground before the hand could do anything and crazy diamond can’t recover things the hand has deleted because it’s in another dimension or something. for the final fight the movie changed so many things about the actual story that it’s annoying

  32. Ashtre


    Day ago

    Can u do part 2?

  33. TheFoxSaysNo


    Day ago

    What did they do to Koichi's hair

  34. TheFoxSaysNo


    Day ago

    Angelo backstory go brrr

  35. ToastDev


    Day ago

    Crazy Diamond can only restore physicial things that are broken, with said broken pieces still being visible. It cant recreate items that have been completely removed from existing or the concept of space, Okuyasu can choose when he wants The Hand to erase stuff aswell

  36. Titan Productions

    Titan Productions

    2 days ago

    Sheer heart attack ant 11:44 I see what u did there

  37. Villager from MC

    Villager from MC

    2 days ago

    If you're a villain, and you hear someone's theme. You're f*cked 👍

  38. Judy Miller

    Judy Miller

    2 days ago

    Well if u fall of the statue of liberty u can use water bucket lol

  39. Panic MyTh

    Panic MyTh

    2 days ago

    star platinum the world

  40. Suyarhys


    2 days ago

    So many JoJo's reference inside this JoJo's reference

  41. Tachanka Ackerman

    Tachanka Ackerman

    2 days ago

    Jotaro can only stop time for about 4 seconds in part 4 10:15

  42. Wonder Wolf56

    Wonder Wolf56

    2 days ago

    Was that a jojo's reference?

  43. jml gelder

    jml gelder

    2 days ago

    I love how he explains both how to be a hero and a villian all in 1 video, just in case i get super powers feel angry one day lol

  44. Yoshikage Kira

    Yoshikage Kira

    2 days ago

    11:43 *Foreshadowing*

  45. Browns Fan

    Browns Fan

    2 days ago

    I like how this is a sequel to The bizzare adventure

  46. Bossmod78


    2 days ago

    Anyone is a bully who bully bully kids

  47. Diavolo


    2 days ago


  48. Ricardo Jones

    Ricardo Jones

    2 days ago

    JoJo fans when they hear an explanation of JoJo when they know what happens: >:(

  49. Chonky ODST

    Chonky ODST

    2 days ago

    The issue with restoring the space okuyasu erases is that it’s canonically not possible crazy diamond can’t bring back anything the hand erases

  50. Mek’s World

    Mek’s World

    2 days ago

    And last koichi’s egg LAID

  51. Mek’s World

    Mek’s World

    2 days ago

    Koichi’s echo’s act 3 these heavy rhymes are ganna make you bleeeeeeeeeeeeeed

  52. Mek’s World

    Mek’s World

    2 days ago

    Koichi’s echo’s act 2 now its anoying..incarnate

  53. Mek’s World

    Mek’s World

    2 days ago

    Koichi’s echo’s act 1 now it’s annoying..

  54. Mek’s World

    Mek’s World

    2 days ago

    Koichi’s egg LAID

  55. Pikachu Fan

    Pikachu Fan

    2 days ago

    How to defeat every stand me:nuclear bomb

  56. Sasuke Naruto

    Sasuke Naruto

    2 days ago

    We need part 2

  57. F R O G

    F R O G

    2 days ago

    moral of the story: dont insult jojos hair

  58. Rachel Escalona

    Rachel Escalona

    2 days ago

    Za war do or the world

  59. Redhood360 Jason

    Redhood360 Jason

    3 days ago

    Pretty sure josuke can only affect the things he can punch

  60. Caio César

    Caio César

    3 days ago

    guys cinema summary is the smartest person there is. he is always calling josuke jojo, wich means he managed to find the jo in higashikata!

  61. Critical? Bmgo

    Critical? Bmgo

    3 days ago

    Why do i always think jotaro is the protagonis

  62. Atreyos


    3 days ago


  63. Yeet Meister

    Yeet Meister

    3 days ago

    Jojo in a nutshell “Hello my name is jojo, no correlation, my fathers name was jojo, no correlation, and he went on a journey with someone named jojo, no correlation”

  64. TSRP News

    TSRP News

    3 days ago

    I want to see the kira yoshikage and Killer Queen in live action when is gonna release the chapter 2?

  65. Berale Hanzin

    Berale Hanzin

    4 days ago

    But josuke has a back story with his hair I’m not gonna spoil anyone but ye



    4 days ago

    Yare yare daze

  67. Amanda Blake

    Amanda Blake

    4 days ago

    There’s one thing that you missed in the time 16:09 If he spread out his stand you cannot separate them all so it will actually be smarter to attack him after he says the command to kill you then he won’t be able to defend him self with the stand and when you hit him his stand will disappear and then it will be the stand power versus a regular human unable to defend himself he will get hit by your stand and his stand will disappear with the non-sheer power in numbers he will definitely lose because his brother already left

    • Amanda Blake

      Amanda Blake

      4 days ago

      You always have to think of the possibilities

  68. itsXander


    4 days ago


  69. Blue Enderman

    Blue Enderman

    4 days ago

    I don't watch anime

  70. Irene Zuniga

    Irene Zuniga

    4 days ago

    Why is koichi not short in the movie

  71. Sarah Cool

    Sarah Cool

    4 days ago

    What is it on

  72. therandomizer 1113

    therandomizer 1113

    4 days ago

    Yo I had no clue they made a jojo movie lol

  73. robert phan

    robert phan

    4 days ago

    i would kill bots

  74. Khang Le

    Khang Le

    4 days ago

    ahhh dio

  75. スピードキング


    4 days ago

  76. Purge Trooper 51

    Purge Trooper 51

    4 days ago

    11:14 Hang on a second are you telling us how to beat the stands or how to beat JoJo?

  77. Vallabhavajula Anirudh

    Vallabhavajula Anirudh

    4 days ago

    Alternative title I'm just a big brain who knows more then Albert Einstein

  78. Gruff Biscuit

    Gruff Biscuit

    4 days ago

    is that a jojo reference

  79. Culture and History Nerd

    Culture and History Nerd

    4 days ago

    I'm crying all these f*cking JoJo references just completely blew me out into space and I almost stopped thinking for 9 seconds. This truly is a beautiful DUWANG.

  80. Matt From wii sports

    Matt From wii sports

    4 days ago

    Ngl this movie has a lot of jojo refferences

  81. John Christian Garcia

    John Christian Garcia

    4 days ago

    How that guy look like the guy from hunterxhunter

  82. Not fishy Killer

    Not fishy Killer

    4 days ago

    Can we have part 2????

  83. Finn Rossiter

    Finn Rossiter

    4 days ago

    This is by far the cringiest thing I have ever seen,

  84. Raihan Akma

    Raihan Akma

    5 days ago

    This guy is a genius

  85. Md Saroar

    Md Saroar

    5 days ago

    OK about the hand and the way to defeat it. The way he stated was impossible since in the anime Josuke said "I can't heal what you erase" It was in the episode of Yukako's confession to Koichi when he erased the girl who asked Koichi to take out the trash(Im not sure if it was trash but this part doesn't matter)

  86. Enzo


    5 days ago

    14:40 nice boo bs

  87. Max sophonpinjj

    Max sophonpinjj

    5 days ago

    Wait didn't the archer dude die by a electric stand in the anime

  88. Red Raptor

    Red Raptor

    5 days ago

    *pause click* Okay: The Series

  89. Mialani Moore

    Mialani Moore

    5 days ago

    bro koichi on dem roids since i saw him in the anime he was like 4,3

  90. the running man

    the running man

    5 days ago

    I had no idea this movie existed until now

  91. Iannis Anghel

    Iannis Anghel

    5 days ago

    7:44homeless people :😐😐😐😐😐

  92. LinksVibes


    5 days ago

    the thing i love is how its like the whole story line from season 4 in jojo bizzare adventure

  93. Ahmed Ali

    Ahmed Ali

    5 days ago

    Anime version is better

  94. Destiny 15

    Destiny 15

    5 days ago

    In what streaming services can I watch this movie?

  95. Poopy


    5 days ago

    Me who never knew there was a jojo movie: i have somethin to watch while i wait for part 6 :D

  96. Naruto teacher Kakashi

    Naruto teacher Kakashi

    5 days ago

    Part two

  97. hope moya

    hope moya

    5 days ago

    Little soldiers vs 2 men

  98. vmortyRB


    5 days ago

    We all know jotaro just couldn’t be asked with josuke’s grandpa

  99. GOATjo


    5 days ago

    How to survive jojo's bizzare adventure: be joseph

  100. Wild Chicken

    Wild Chicken

    5 days ago

    2:09 i think thats a little overkill what u said...