I added MSG to everything and this happened!

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Umami is your 5th taste and today we take that to a whole new level! Are we able to add umami to everything and have it come-out amazing? Well let's find out as we test everything I can think of with some amazing umami flavor.

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  1. Guga Foods

    Guga Foods

    4 months ago

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: clcr.me/_Raid_GugaFoods and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days #ad

    • C h i l l

      C h i l l

      14 hours ago

      The food taste is still the same because you didn't let the msg mix the flavors in it.

    • coolmanz


      17 days ago

      i would rather download a virus on purpose bro

    • Madison Livingston

      Madison Livingston

      Month ago

      You have to use it while cooking the food, not sprinkle it on after it is cooked

    • Thunder E.B

      Thunder E.B

      Month ago


    • Praponpan Angsanavanich

      Praponpan Angsanavanich

      2 months ago

      @Gavin Seim Uhhh what? wdym?

  2. C h i l l

    C h i l l

    14 hours ago

    Everyone: "They are putting msg on alcohol!?" Filipinos: "your understanding is beyond our knowledge"

  3. K'lia Jesal

    K'lia Jesal

    15 hours ago

    MSG is the secret ingredient of the Super Solder Serum, change my mind.

  4. Hans Caceres

    Hans Caceres

    18 hours ago

    MSG must be on water spray it and test, MSG crystal are to much for the test

  5. Lupa Lupus

    Lupa Lupus

    2 days ago

    im a regular enjoyer of msg, but theres no way im gonna put msg on my strawberry, never.

  6. Francisco Alves

    Francisco Alves

    2 days ago

    Uncle roger needs to review this.

  7. SamTDL !

    SamTDL !

    3 days ago


  8. Ellie-Rose Stein

    Ellie-Rose Stein

    7 days ago

    The mushy flower reportedly grin because hobbies interestingly saw past a true wish. debonair, male ethernet

  9. David Westhoff

    David Westhoff

    7 days ago

    I stored my report on MSG in a 5gal bucket of MSG, for a week...I flunked...I call scam

  10. ChunckyCheezburger


    8 days ago

    Uncle Roger approved

  11. blackmagick77


    8 days ago

    Carrots go really well with truffle salt too. Like REALLY well

  12. LuckyStorm750


    8 days ago

    You're using McDonalds; thats the problem. Should've gone for Wendys.

  13. Revan Reveles

    Revan Reveles

    9 days ago

    I wonder how many wagyu cows this channel consumes a year 🤔

  14. Bruh878


    9 days ago


  15. walter black

    walter black

    9 days ago

    no way this stuff is benign if used frequently

  16. Admiral Kitsune

    Admiral Kitsune

    9 days ago

    The reason why msg doesnt work on bread or drinks is because it has no juices to improve it just dissolves and with the bread it just stays ontop like a white powder

  17. UIJ


    10 days ago

    Uncle roger be like: THIS IS MY DREAM!!

  18. Berjan Bosma

    Berjan Bosma

    10 days ago

    The choco ice cream said dutch chocolate but is dutch chocolate better then other chocolade or something bc i live in the netherlands and the chocolate aint that special for me

  19. Pit Bull

    Pit Bull

    10 days ago


  20. wolf black

    wolf black

    11 days ago

    Dry age steak with roasted!!!!!!!!!!🤤🤤

  21. Arbi Store

    Arbi Store

    12 days ago

    Guga, maybe give your guest a bit more food. why would you give yourself more sushi than ure guest. Same way you treat the angel dude. giving him small pieces and stuff. Thats what makes me cringe so hard.

  22. Alberto Antonio Rosas Cahua

    Alberto Antonio Rosas Cahua

    12 days ago

    People who mistake msg with mlg: “ pulls out gun” this is America

  23. Mellon


    12 days ago

    “putting MSG in MSG”

  24. Gaming Nate

    Gaming Nate

    13 days ago

    3:50 4:10 magnifique

  25. KennyBoy


    13 days ago

    Each test has almost a full serving of MSG

  26. Aylan Read

    Aylan Read

    13 days ago

    Sorry answer, yeah… Duh

  27. D Roberts

    D Roberts

    13 days ago

    Obviously Uncle Roger is going to bed you to make fried rice with Wagyu, with and without msg.

  28. Bruce lee

    Bruce lee

    13 days ago

    15:50 martial art and food nooooo This is nummnet one bullshit

  29. Ali Bhaloo

    Ali Bhaloo

    14 days ago

    Uncle Roger has been debunked 😂💯

  30. baolong vu

    baolong vu

    15 days ago

    i think you didn’t use it enough msg

  31. Sadicide


    16 days ago

    ok now put it on something flavorless

  32. Enoch Kim

    Enoch Kim

    16 days ago


  33. dRK[b]


    16 days ago

    Is that guy Lyle from Bitwit ?? 😂😂

  34. MightYoungJoe


    16 days ago

    Speaker blowout @4.24. Audio editing needs work.

  35. Bowserrr45 *

    Bowserrr45 *

    16 days ago

    Maybe the more you eat it the less it works

  36. Small beno Big beno

    Small beno Big beno

    17 days ago


  37. JowashFN.


    17 days ago

    3:50 sounds like an emergency alarm 💀

  38. Cazuno


    17 days ago

    Would msg count as cheating in a cook off? Asking for a friend

  39. Magus Perdé

    Magus Perdé

    17 days ago

    Been using msg way too much. Noth in pure form and within worcerstershire sauce. There can be too much msg. You know its too much when everything taste like cheap dollar store ramens and doritoes

  40. Vanilla Rice

    Vanilla Rice

    17 days ago

    Uncle Roger: *happy asian man noises*

  41. Syauqi Lintang

    Syauqi Lintang

    18 days ago

    Fun fact: some Indonesian parents told us when we were kids that msg can caused stupidity (or in our language: "bikin goblok") so we didn't actually can use it too much Sooo yeah idk about you but I'm not going to use it too much

  42. Cahill McCormick

    Cahill McCormick

    18 days ago

    MSG kills brain cells

    • Unai Dr

      Unai Dr

      13 days ago

      I think you took coke instead of MSG, your braincells are clearly already dead

    • Kay


      17 days ago

      no it does not.

  43. Takeshi Yamada

    Takeshi Yamada

    18 days ago

    I am from Japan and my brother is a chef. What you showed in this video are the Japan-born and popularized one type of Japanese traditional sushi called "maki-sushi" or "maki-zushi" -- they are called "roll sushi" or "rolled sushi" in the USA. (NOTE: There is NO such thing called "Korean-born sushi" or "Korean sushi" in the world. LOL) In Japan, there are hundreds of varieties of sushi that were born and popularized over many centuries. The sushi originated (between the 5th and the 3rd centuries BC) in the ancient Chinese salt-fermented fish (it took many months to even over a year to make) called "Nare-zushi" (it was never eaten together with the rice at all). All the varieties of Japanese style sushi were first introduced to Korea during Japan's military occupation in Korea then. Remember there is no such thing called "Korean sushi". LOL PS. My brother never uses MSG for his dishes at his restaurant in Japan.

  44. Kevin Chavez

    Kevin Chavez

    19 days ago

    You add msg while you're cooking...haha

  45. equitine _

    equitine _

    19 days ago

    Msg willset your soul free

  46. Agis Kania

    Agis Kania

    20 days ago

    Generasi micin

  47. Astronomica


    20 days ago

    man i gotta get me some of this MSG stuff

  48. Sheriff K

    Sheriff K

    21 day ago

    "Korean Sushi." You mean Kimbap? ;P

  49. Milklover 425

    Milklover 425

    21 day ago

    i got a guga ad before this vid

  50. Ghost Writer

    Ghost Writer

    22 days ago

    I would not add it to my food, foods high with msg upset my stomach... don't know why and don't care to know. how about everyone else? anyone else notice this?

    • helicopter


      21 day ago

      My mum is like that too.

  51. Rolled Potatoes

    Rolled Potatoes

    24 days ago

    MSG ~AKA~ "bussin powder" r e s p e c t f u l l y

  52. Billybillionaire


    24 days ago

    MSG gives me severe headaches

  53. Bussin light-it

    Bussin light-it

    25 days ago

    msg on alcohol nice hahaha

  54. Jeffrey Aquino

    Jeffrey Aquino

    25 days ago

    3:50, Filipino drunkard's secret jutsu.

  55. SDBandit


    26 days ago

    "There is a ton of controversy surrounding MSG in the natural health community. It is claimed to cause asthma, headaches and even brain damage." xd

    • SDBandit


      21 day ago

      @Sheriff K i had no racist thoughts or xenophbic thought behind my comment would it be better to delete?

    • Sheriff K

      Sheriff K

      21 day ago

      A lot of the stigma surrounding it is due to racism and xenophobia.

    • Ompalompa Lompa

      Ompalompa Lompa

      22 days ago

      But it don't.

  56. Taekwonpol 13

    Taekwonpol 13

    26 days ago

    Imagine Guga beating up somebody, killing him and then doing a mystery meat episode right after that...

  57. MB217


    26 days ago

    damn, I'll sprinkle msg to my phone so the performance will be better

  58. Mack Sauka

    Mack Sauka

    26 days ago

    In conclusion. Msg enhances the flavor in everything

  59. Angelo Pineda

    Angelo Pineda

    27 days ago

    Guga Said what???? Korean Sushi? Japanese people is crying Btw that's called gimbap/kimbap

  60. Jariel Ventura

    Jariel Ventura

    27 days ago

    What are you saying

  61. J Be

    J Be

    27 days ago

    Do a colab with uncle rouger and fried rice, but with steak twist



    28 days ago

    Msg also known as best white powder

    • Kay


      17 days ago

      I can name one white powder that is better than MSG

  63. G-Vecom


    28 days ago

    i have one at home yup it taste my egg better

  64. sinan sinan

    sinan sinan

    28 days ago

    RIP they are cancer now.....

    • Zann Christo

      Zann Christo

      21 day ago

      They turned into cancer? That's sad

    • helicopter


      21 day ago

      Msg is in everything you eat, including some vegetables like tomatoes and onions, and I don’t know anyone who got cancer from eating vegetables.

  65. Rudobicon


    28 days ago

    뜬금 김밥이넹

  66. Laylah Waller

    Laylah Waller

    28 days ago

    God is fighting for you

  67. DwenEr


    28 days ago

    "Alcohol + MSG" is one of the reasons why my country is over populated....

    • MRNicoPico


      23 days ago

      Ah yes a fellow filipino

  68. l'annu


    28 days ago

    I would never touch msg

    • Unai Dr

      Unai Dr

      13 days ago

      You've already done that

    • Kay


      17 days ago

      have you eaten chips?

  69. kai weng

    kai weng

    28 days ago

    if ur rice too wet u f'd up-uncle rodger 2020

  70. Kou Vang

    Kou Vang

    29 days ago

    You should do an episode with msg in different soups.

  71. Tenchi Star

    Tenchi Star

    29 days ago

    Man - they gonna be so thirsty after this trial. They be drinking gallons of water with a sore throat. Msg makes some food taste better but take it too much. Is not good for you.

    • Josh Foss

      Josh Foss

      13 days ago

      There's no scientific evidence that finds it's harmful.

  72. Taruna Eka

    Taruna Eka

    29 days ago

    as a person who dont like so much msg, i am kinda flattered to this video.. you guys actually adding msg to everything to taste test it :o as for me, i dont really like my mouth keep watering and produce saliva even in my sleep, it is so hard to washup the after taste of msg. what msg do, it gonna stimulate your mouth to produce enzimes to waterup your mouth, so then you can taste the flavor better than it actuallly is. it is good, but dont add to much.

  73. bobbybobwellington


    29 days ago

    They didn't even put it on a steak, that's like the most obvious thing to put it on

    • bobbybobwellington


      28 days ago

      @Daiya Higashikata I mean he seasoned the sushi, but he should have seasoned a steak before cooking with the msg

    • Daiya Higashikata

      Daiya Higashikata

      28 days ago

      is that not what he’s doing around 13 minutes?

    • Liam Spätgens

      Liam Spätgens

      28 days ago


  74. Forest Gardener

    Forest Gardener

    29 days ago

    How to make food that doesn't naturally taste good taste good. Sounds good to dumb people. Smart people cook good tasting healthy food.



    Month ago

    Bet they never stopped drinking the jack daniels

  76. Gama Isora

    Gama Isora

    Month ago


  77. Bernardo Pracidelle

    Bernardo Pracidelle

    Month ago


  78. Jamie Nelson

    Jamie Nelson

    Month ago

    “I had Maumau eat 1.5kg of MSG now let’s take a look at the difference. Wow look at the marbling on his brain. That is what I’m talking about.”

  79. Marans Candy

    Marans Candy

    Month ago

    Do a video on miracle fruit changing the taste of food.

  80. Googol


    Month ago

    Miniature Gouda? I don't think so ^_^ Those are Babybel (French)

  81. Austin Squires

    Austin Squires

    Month ago

    Honestly I could tell he did martial arts 🥋 in the past

  82. YA BOI REPTAR streams

    YA BOI REPTAR streams

    Month ago

    Basically (most of the time) its a flavor enhancer It all really depends on the food you put it on or in, it is really rare for it to straight up makes something worse

  83. Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime

    Month ago

    You are creating new MSG laws of physics

  84. _ musique

    _ musique

    Month ago

    I put MSG in my coffee one and it was bad. It took away much of the distinctive coffee flavor and made it taste like some disgusting saltless broth.

  85. Теодор К.

    Теодор К.

    Month ago

    I believe coke contains MSG by default.

  86. David dilley

    David dilley

    Month ago

    Idk why but you makw me laugh so hard

  87. mrsheepismename


    Month ago

    I got an ad with you in it before the video lmao

  88. joseph verdugo

    joseph verdugo

    Month ago

    Thanks so much for letting me know that Uncle Roger exists!

    • joseph verdugo

      joseph verdugo

      Month ago

      Just subscribed!

  89. Madison Livingston

    Madison Livingston

    Month ago

    You are a professional, you should know better. You cook with MSG you do not sprinkle it on the food afterwards

  90. Skip ads

    Skip ads

    Month ago

    12:15 Crap meat, not crabmeat. That is 100% not crab meat. It's processed, painted trash fish. They used to use pollock, now it's even worse junk than that.

    • Kay


      17 days ago

      idk, looks pretty similar to crab meat

  91. Swifty MvM

    Swifty MvM

    Month ago

    happy anniversary raid. its been 2 years that you have been raping our USgone videos with you advertisement.

  92. H V

    H V

    Month ago

    MSG is also bad but good but bad

    • Kay


      16 days ago

      @Unihorn that makes no sense because the pure msg is the exact same msg that is in foods.

    • Unihorn


      16 days ago

      @Kay i put it in a context where i mean “don’t buy msg itself, just buy things that have msg”

    • Kay


      17 days ago

      @Unihorn MSG*. No such thing as natural/artificial MSG

    • Unihorn


      19 days ago

      @H V pretty sure you should just use natural msg (dried tomato’s, mushrooms, anchovies etc.)

    • H V

      H V

      19 days ago

      @Unihorn not really in everything. otherwise id get major headaches from everything i eat. Everytime i eat something with msg, ill get a bad headache even if its small amount. But i do like msg but i hate it when i get headaches

  93. Prady's Station

    Prady's Station

    Month ago

    This gonna be uncle roger favorite youtube weejio

  94. Emiliyan Yankov

    Emiliyan Yankov

    Month ago

    Interesting experiment.

  95. Eric The Mad scientist

    Eric The Mad scientist

    Month ago

    so it's a amplifier

  96. Lev Yan

    Lev Yan

    Month ago

    Advertising is getting clever with the embedded videos BOO

  97. King


    Month ago

    The reason the pizza tasted like cardboard is because fake/American cheese has msg to make it more cheesy and that why fake cheese tastes like cardboard because of msg

  98. イリスフレイア


    Month ago

    Maybe you should call uncle roger to review this video ,Guga foods.

  99. YOMAX 97

    YOMAX 97

    Month ago

    MSG 😂😂

  100. Stimpy


    Month ago

    There is a reason why most sushi is served with soy sauce. Because soy sauce has a fair amount of naturally occurring MSG. I love Guga Foods videos but the ending of this one was a no brainer.