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  1. Jeremy Reboulet

    Jeremy Reboulet

    19 days ago

    Def weird shit! Dont think big cat lie to everyone yo! Relax! Bad luck and swapped out! He saying all facts with credit and all that! Plus you are only seeing the end of it- not full process! People and social media keyboard warriors! I get what big saying now! Wow

  2. snuff nation

    snuff nation

    23 days ago

    Nice charger dude. Looks clean

  3. Captain Bart

    Captain Bart

    23 days ago

    First, get a go-pro, next buy a car with a manual, than call it a whip, and than take it back? There are dozens of these vid's now, and no white guys seem to know how to abuse a car?

  4. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith

    23 days ago

    Unsubscribed from all these clickbaits

  5. lowridr2


    27 days ago

    smoke out the tail lights, side lights wrap the hood black and goddam you riddin

  6. Michael Rizzo

    Michael Rizzo

    28 days ago

    A matter of fact to me this shows you got good karma the engine blew in one day which made them have to swap it out and you now wound up with the one you really wanted all alone it’s funny how the universe at times just intervenes and things like this just happen just like that crazy best of luck big

  7. J Dub

    J Dub

    29 days ago

    Ford is so much better than Dodge! 💪🏻👊🏻👍🏻✊🏻💯🇺🇸

  8. Kyle Payne

    Kyle Payne

    Month ago

    Blue stripes would look sexy

  9. Indio Mesa

    Indio Mesa

    Month ago

    No mames! 🤣

  10. Fauzo Ossman

    Fauzo Ossman

    Month ago

    Your whip is 🔥, proud of you Big Boy

  11. Fauzo Ossman

    Fauzo Ossman

    Month ago

    The whip is 🔥. Congrats Big Boy 👍🏽

  12. Marcuz


    Month ago

    American cars what you expect. Dodge sucks they put extra horsepower to make them seem cool but quality , technology and interior style is bad. But I’m happy for you if your happy. We all got our opinions

  13. Tim Connell

    Tim Connell

    Month ago

    Did the dealer just switch it out for another new car? Did the dealer not offer to fix the first car?

  14. Original G

    Original G

    Month ago

    Couldn’t have blown the engine that quick dawg lmao don’t turn into those youtubers bro please.

  15. P-Town Stix

    P-Town Stix

    Month ago


  16. C A

    C A

    Month ago

    he’s a Kali fanboy . stay in your line

  17. Je Orillaza

    Je Orillaza

    Month ago

    its good that you got what you really like!

  18. Je Orillaza

    Je Orillaza

    Month ago

    love the white one!

  19. Brad P

    Brad P

    Month ago


  20. vic8610


    Month ago

    u gotta be a dumbass to blow the engine

  21. Daniel Ogaz

    Daniel Ogaz

    Month ago

    He wonders why he blew out his engine but has it on track all the time🤣🤣🤣

    • --


      Month ago

      Bruh he only had it for a day tho

  22. Daniel Ogaz

    Daniel Ogaz

    Month ago

    11:50 you gotta beat the crediter🤣🤣

  23. alexarel2010


    Month ago

    Lmao u cappin bro. U didnt quality

  24. fredde johansson

    fredde johansson

    Month ago

    If u blew the engine it wouldnt start and if it did it would sound like a rock crusher so no u didnt blow the engine its most likely something minor...

  25. Brodie Jewitt

    Brodie Jewitt

    Month ago

    Something doesn’t add up....

  26. MrAllmotorB


    Month ago

    Seems like he’s switching cars for clickbait this guy is gunna loose hella followers unless he sticks with lifting videos

  27. Christopher De Real

    Christopher De Real

    Month ago

    that escalated quickly

  28. Firestone


    Month ago

    Good to Recalibrate them, so it can handle, full throttle.

  29. Boost Kicks

    Boost Kicks

    Month ago

    How did you drive the car to the dealership if it has a blown engine

  30. Boost Kicks

    Boost Kicks

    Month ago

    If the engine blew how did you drive it to the dealership I smell 👃 cheese 🧀

  31. xAAAx 420k

    xAAAx 420k

    Month ago

    Click baiting thats the Sh** i dont like

  32. Aroz


    Month ago

    That’s why you gotta break it in my guy 😂😂😂😂

  33. Loopy 5.0

    Loopy 5.0

    Month ago


  34. Lovebassets


    Month ago

    How'd you blow the engine??

  35. Sebastian Hernandez

    Sebastian Hernandez

    Month ago

    Wait does warranty just fix his car and he just gets a new car or does he actually take money outta his pocket for the new car?

  36. Jakeeopm


    Month ago

    Get a wrap on that one

  37. Debby12


    Month ago

    Keep the super stock, will make 35 k out the lot...

  38. Limit Less

    Limit Less

    Month ago

    How do u blow the engine yet drive the car LOL

  39. Keith mercury

    Keith mercury

    Month ago

    Don’t leave it in track mode if ur driving it around town.

  40. Richard Mokofisi

    Richard Mokofisi

    Month ago

    To be honest big boy Dodge Charger wide body fits you my guy!

  41. Joshua Aguilar

    Joshua Aguilar

    Month ago

    Bro tune it u can be pulling 800+ then add drag slips on it

  42. Gman 207

    Gman 207

    Month ago

    After all its a *DODGE*

  43. Leo Dominguez

    Leo Dominguez

    Month ago

    Do long tube headers Smaller pulley An e85 💪

  44. Curt Park

    Curt Park

    Month ago

    I figured Dodge would warranty it???

  45. Rudy P

    Rudy P

    Month ago

    Piss on that new shit no character at all with new cars should of got a beef up muscle car gtx cuda. 💪

  46. Joseph Mirigliano

    Joseph Mirigliano

    Month ago




    Month ago

    Salud to your Success and Discipline. The Bond u n Kali got is"PRICELESS". Thanks for setting the example for how the Black n Brown should get down. ✊🏿✊🏽.

  48. J J

    J J

    Month ago

    Engine was already gone when you brought it. Blue smoke came out of the exhaust when they started it. I saw it on kali channel



    Month ago

    The only think u have blown up is ur pansa chirujo.

  50. Joshua Dawg

    Joshua Dawg

    Month ago

    At least you didn’t crash it on the first day that ain’t to bad lol

  51. LONER


    Month ago

    My dream car man, congrats big boy!

  52. Ryan R.

    Ryan R.

    Month ago

    Why did they leave all the window stickers on that new charger?

  53. Ancient One

    Ancient One

    Month ago

    Only your hippo ass would do that.lmao

  54. Joey Johns

    Joey Johns

    Month ago

    The coloured stripe on the bottom front fender of the black and white car are supposed to be removed by the dealership.

  55. Charles


    Month ago

    If u blew the engine it wouldnt be running

  56. Gamer bOy

    Gamer bOy

    Month ago

    ❤️ the best man you are keep him safe “Hell cat” is so much demanded car ever🔥

  57. Gamer bOy

    Gamer bOy

    Month ago

    Love your channel man ❤️

  58. Grof2000


    Month ago

    stick to barbels leave cars alone hahaha

  59. exc v8

    exc v8

    Month ago

    What happened to the motor ?

  60. Joe


    Month ago

    So full of shit

  61. Kevin Barksdale

    Kevin Barksdale

    Month ago

    Congrats homie

  62. Eman the Great

    Eman the Great

    Month ago

    I think he didnt buy the super stock just for the vid when in reality he was buying the redeye charger guess he didnt want to hurt kali feelings 🤣

  63. The Great Australian Lie

    The Great Australian Lie

    Month ago

    Bro you keep harping on about being honest true to yourself and your fans but all you doing lately is making up stories and lies, it’s sooo obvious lol you think where super dumb ?

  64. Daniel John

    Daniel John

    Month ago

    I’m confused. Is the car he was driving into the garage in the beginning of the video supposed to be the car that was blown up? Sounded like it was running fine.

  65. Ladon Turner

    Ladon Turner

    Month ago


  66. LCST


    Month ago

    Return that shit Big Boy. They did you dirty.

  67. Joseph Patrick

    Joseph Patrick

    Month ago

    Please more lifting heavy videos? Love the cars but what you do with the weights got you to be one of the best U tube follows!

  68. Michael Mitchell

    Michael Mitchell

    Month ago

    Like this one one way better. White color is awesome big boy! ...need some whiter tire stickers now man! Thatll look freakin bad ass

  69. Matty_B


    Month ago

    man that super stock way harder

  70. Daniel Brito

    Daniel Brito

    Month ago

    Go get some mods done at @sp_mopar on Instagram

  71. cordinate81


    Month ago

    And straight back to junk yard (Dodge Dealer) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  72. Lucas Mink

    Lucas Mink

    Month ago

    Gotta break in the motor first haha...

  73. HispanicCausinPanic


    Month ago

    Some new rims and a nice wrap now and that'll be a WRAP.

  74. J W

    J W

    Month ago

    I guess my definition of blown is different...my old motor wasn't "blown" but it had 8 bad rod bearings..either way keep it up!

  75. TYT-WOLF


    Month ago

    The car is still there the super stock just went to the dealer

  76. LowLowS


    Month ago

    Thats what happens when you buy a Dodge my friend!!! Stop listening to Kali

  77. Miguel Napoles

    Miguel Napoles

    Month ago

    Click baiting

  78. Moses Olatubosun

    Moses Olatubosun

    Month ago

    How the hell did you blow up a Hellcat engine in less than 48 hours of dealership's delivery? I just want to know Big Boy.....

  79. YoboiiJose


    Month ago

    Did you change your oil my guy ? Something so small but can cause that learn the hard way but got a new motor already Nd also when swinging the car make sure to keep your traction control off when horse playing

  80. Hipolito Soto

    Hipolito Soto

    Month ago

    Just a truck and sup it up bro

  81. samy swoll

    samy swoll

    Month ago

    I Never Knew you could still drive a car with blown Engine 😳 I guess anything possible on yourtube.. This was not a click bait this is pure Lie and it keeps going on with the rest of the stuff along the way.. 🧐

  82. maxxito


    Month ago

    That's a bad dude

  83. Jose Vasquez

    Jose Vasquez

    Month ago


  84. Rashawn Blount

    Rashawn Blount

    Month ago

    How's the engine blown..... 🤔👀 and he drove it to the dealership

  85. Tony Nguyen

    Tony Nguyen

    Month ago

    You can always just wrap it a different color if your tired of white

  86. Ghost ThaRuler

    Ghost ThaRuler

    Month ago

    I dont understand why yall be going for dat plain ass white...Black look way harder 🤦🏾‍♂️

  87. Bacon&Eggs112


    Month ago

    Big boy & kali starting to do the good old click bait vids for views 🤦🏽‍♂️ the engine wasn’t even blown 👀

  88. SS85


    Month ago

    That motor didn't seem blown.

  89. Talha Mohsin

    Talha Mohsin

    Month ago

    how u drive it back if the engine blew

  90. Eric Villa

    Eric Villa

    Month ago

    I like the look of Carbon Fiber stripes on a White Charger. The OG 707 came like that stock, Haven’t seen a 797 with Carbon Fiber Stripes yet

  91. Craig Simmons

    Craig Simmons

    Month ago

    Big Boy the kid our parents warned us about.....don't let Big Boy play with your toys he will tear your toys up and then go home 🤣🤣🤣🤣 SALUTE Big Boy...im just busting your chops cause you and Kali BUILT like that 💪😎

  92. Bob Olson

    Bob Olson

    Month ago

    That's Dodge for you Fiat owns am now and they're one of the most shittiest car companies out there I would give him the car back and want my money back

  93. Andy Lara

    Andy Lara

    Month ago

    stop these dumbass car posts. i wouldnt mind them if yall knew half the shit yall were talking about.but yall really just on some ignorant bullshit for views off kids.

  94. J S

    J S

    Month ago

    Should of got a Chevy

  95. Mo Mo

    Mo Mo

    Month ago

    Ay everything happens for a reason champ 💯

  96. joe mares

    joe mares

    Month ago

    Nice cavalier! Bogus ass whip!

  97. 72442conv


    Month ago

    Legendary Dodge reliability....



    Month ago

    Ok I see how u blew out the motor👌👌👌☺️

  99. Jesus Vazquez

    Jesus Vazquez

    Month ago

    1 day

  100. Steve T

    Steve T

    Month ago

    Like your channel bro.💗From South Auckland in New Zealand 💯🇦🇸☝️