I Bought a Squatted Truck. You’re Welcome

After months of looking for the most squatted/ugly truck on the planet. I’ve finally got my hands on it. Say hello to my little Alabama friend :)


  1. WhistlinDiesel


    Month ago

    REMEMBER. The more you support. the more squatted trucks ill get 😏

    • Life With Young B

      Life With Young B

      5 days ago

      I think it's time for you to buy another

    • Félix L4v3rd____

      Félix L4v3rd____

      5 days ago

      What's the name of the music at 3:30 ?

    • Bagel Bandit

      Bagel Bandit

      18 days ago

      I thought you were supposed to ruin trucks, not buy ruined trucks...

    • Windows 7.7

      Windows 7.7

      19 days ago


    • Windows 7.7

      Windows 7.7

      24 days ago


  2. Erebos


    8 minutes ago

    As an European i have to questions: 1.) WTF?! 2.) this looks undriveable. This can’t be legal, even in the US, right?

  3. PoopsMagoops


    16 hours ago

    How do you get a stain on a head rest?

  4. decarlos atkins

    decarlos atkins

    20 hours ago

    I already hated these trucks just on looks alone but I had no ideal it was this bad especially inside driving you literally is driving blind on the road I’m so Glad here in NC they passing the Bill to ban these

  5. Skyler Springsteen

    Skyler Springsteen

    Day ago

    There’s nothing you could do to this truck that didn’t already destroy it.

  6. Spektrum


    Day ago

    I think I shit myself watching this

  7. Moses Props

    Moses Props

    Day ago

    Lol why would anyone drive something like that

  8. SR Kansas

    SR Kansas

    Day ago

    So far the funniest and more unspoken channel so far and now this guy is my favorite for truck reviews thank you for destroying truck for videos😎😎😎keep it up good work

  9. djtechinics97 Dj

    djtechinics97 Dj

    Day ago

    the only thing worth anything there is the bed cover. lol

  10. Nick Griffin

    Nick Griffin

    Day ago

    I cant believe you paid 9 grand for this lmao

  11. duck boys

    duck boys

    Day ago

    Thank you for doing the world a favor!!

  12. Andrea DeMaria

    Andrea DeMaria

    Day ago

    0:00 Gast from Minecraft

  13. John Waite

    John Waite

    2 days ago

    a truck should only look like that when its coming off the line

  14. Nathan Dorris

    Nathan Dorris

    2 days ago

    The 3.1k people that disliked represent all of the idiots in the world who like squatted trucks

  15. DJ MM

    DJ MM

    2 days ago

    Sorry I don't like trucks like that give me a good diesel and good off-roading abilities and I'm set.

  16. Steven Killeen

    Steven Killeen

    2 days ago

    It has nice fox shocks lol

  17. Steven Killeen

    Steven Killeen

    2 days ago

    Why and how do u drive it

  18. Ayden Macy

    Ayden Macy

    2 days ago

    LOL I just drove by 4 Stunna empire trucks... ew

  19. Santiago Escobar

    Santiago Escobar

    3 days ago

    Squatters still triggered

  20. Honey Badger

    Honey Badger

    3 days ago

    “I gotta lie, I’m pretty impressed.”

  21. plasma man

    plasma man

    3 days ago

    Until you showed the pictures of people actually doing that two trucks on purpose I thought the truck had a rear hydraulic suspension that had been collapsed or purposely sucked in to be funny. I had no clue is actually human beings on this planet that are so stupid that they would think that that is something that looks cool or should be done

  22. plasma man

    plasma man

    3 days ago

    People who build trucks like that need to be castrated so that they cannot reproduce and if they already have offspring they need to be aborted

  23. SMCubing YT

    SMCubing YT

    3 days ago

    We support you man don’t worry

  24. B


    3 days ago

    dude you need a mufflre for your camera to cut down on wind noise

  25. Offroadoutlawsgod1


    3 days ago

    The crazy thing is that the trucks would be nice IF THEY WERE LEVEL!!!!

  26. Keiston Jennings

    Keiston Jennings

    3 days ago

    Says he hates the truck :Me why are you reving the engine

  27. Michael Corriveau

    Michael Corriveau

    4 days ago

    Hear me out, I think it’s a decent build but it needs a submarine periscope going out the roof so you can actually see 🧐😂

  28. William Alphin

    William Alphin

    4 days ago

    they were done having their cousins blow out the back suspension so they just ruined before hand.

  29. bankok anthurium

    bankok anthurium

    4 days ago


  30. 𖤐wuut.cambuur𖤐


    4 days ago

    anything but daddy’s money

  31. wawonas


    4 days ago

    This truck makes me cringe.

  32. Chase Wiegand

    Chase Wiegand

    5 days ago

    Now I want one of those just to squash it into a protein bar

  33. Tristan Wasilewski

    Tristan Wasilewski

    5 days ago

    Yall really had to do the walking dead scene lol 😂😂

  34. Rylan Kittrell

    Rylan Kittrell

    5 days ago

    You drove a squatted truck before this because when u broke monstermax

  35. Rafael Braggs

    Rafael Braggs

    5 days ago

    The deer yelling gets me every time lmbao

  36. FastFords 289

    FastFords 289

    5 days ago

    I’m in NC and I’m so fed up with trucks like the one in this video, it’s so pathetic and stupid and I really can’t understand how or why anybody would want to ride around like that. So thank you sir for some amazing insults and facts lol.

    • Lone survivalist314

      Lone survivalist314

      2 days ago

      Ikr, these things shouldn't even be legal, if you can't even see over your hood why are you on the road...

  37. Chris Munn

    Chris Munn

    5 days ago

    Who TF would even build this

  38. Chris Munn

    Chris Munn

    5 days ago

    Ok I thought this was gonna have bags on it. What the hell is even that

  39. charles coppedge

    charles coppedge

    5 days ago

    That truck is garbage.

  40. Tiefsa Jr

    Tiefsa Jr

    5 days ago

    Gimme a call if you need help finishing your lift kit

  41. Chad Cox

    Chad Cox

    5 days ago

    I love how it sounds cause I’m stupid, however this is the ugliest, shittiest truck I’ve ever seen

  42. Neal Kerner

    Neal Kerner

    5 days ago

    I thought SMR meant "so much rust" lmfao!😂😂

  43. funnyman5667


    6 days ago

    You're literally the truck version of Turbro and I love it. Y'all should make a collab video sometime on bringing a god awful car and truck and seeing which is shittier.

  44. Doctor Death.

    Doctor Death.

    6 days ago

    Gross pecker tracks in that truck

  45. Derrick Bradley

    Derrick Bradley

    6 days ago


  46. Jman 290

    Jman 290

    6 days ago

    Awesome dude!!!🤣

  47. GrandmasPrius


    6 days ago

    It makes people think they are taking off in a plane

  48. YouTube TV

    YouTube TV

    6 days ago


  49. Timmy Timmy

    Timmy Timmy

    6 days ago

    I just saw where is dec., they say north carolina will be taking every squatted truck off the streets. I hope South Carolina joins in.

  50. KillaMango


    6 days ago

    Is texting is bad OMG then he adds in BRUHH!!

  51. Liam Coxen

    Liam Coxen

    6 days ago

    Now squat a truck backwards

  52. Robby Melancon

    Robby Melancon

    7 days ago

    Stupidest vehicle trend ever. Exact opposite of a cool stance.

  53. Miguelito Migra

    Miguelito Migra

    7 days ago

    I wish you would have just backed it off the trailer and thrown a flare in it. Pitch some lawn chairs, pop some cold ones and watch this POS burn to the ground.

  54. Alexander Cormier

    Alexander Cormier

    7 days ago

    Dude. Whistlindiesel I think your publicity finally got NC to ban squatted trucks. They are all using the pic of your squatted truck in front of Lowe’s as the picture on the article. Friday I saw an extreme squatted Tahoe rear end and most likely total the Miata in front of it

  55. Frank Hendricks

    Frank Hendricks

    8 days ago

    Sorry, now I understand your thought process.

  56. Frank Hendricks

    Frank Hendricks

    8 days ago

    Really dude ? Why waste the cash ? I’m sorry but I think you knew what you bought.

  57. Tyler Stout

    Tyler Stout

    8 days ago


  58. Horse Farmer-Florida

    Horse Farmer-Florida

    9 days ago

    I have a 1997 dodge ram 1500 gen 2 i engine swapped it to a 6.0l v8 race engine. I been planning to build my truck up for text year truck shows. Im jacking it up im going to rip off the bed put flat bed fully black it out with dark limo tint with leds really nice rims with off-road tires and bumper guards and ect it’s going to be around 40k but i got this

  59. Lee Palmer

    Lee Palmer

    10 days ago

    Wheels are cool, and I like the color though.

  60. Sir Alieftx

    Sir Alieftx

    10 days ago

    These edits 🤯💯💯💯

  61. vintagelightman83


    11 days ago

    What a pile. Gotta hate a truck that squats to pee

  62. Mike Taylor

    Mike Taylor

    11 days ago

    Oh BARF! that think does not go up and down? its just up all the time?

  63. Jeff W

    Jeff W

    11 days ago

    Please oh please destroy this "truck"!!!!!

  64. Ron Morgan

    Ron Morgan

    12 days ago

    I'm from Wilson Nc AKA The Squatting Capital of the USA. I believe in NC they are banning this as we speak. Fucking young dumb spoiled kids that have drove their Squatted vehicles that couldn't see the car in front of them. It's a pic in front of sheetz of a Tahoe withers the front tires on the fucking trunk and the idiot tries to reverse but its in Drive and he commences to just get stuck with it stuck in the Doggystyle position. Also he's a 19 yr spoiled pussy and gets out crying how his truck is ruined and not a word about the family and kids in the back seat that bout died

  65. Brandon Ongaro

    Brandon Ongaro

    12 days ago

    Long shot here. But your being used as a “poster boy” for squatted tricks in NC



    12 days ago


  67. Ross Williams

    Ross Williams

    12 days ago

    I’m sorry whistlin diesel for talkin shit!!! I see the light now



    12 days ago

    Anyone know what version of that song at 3:30 is? I found the original song but it’s slowed down.

  69. lllPro-Scopezlll


    12 days ago

    Guys I got a picture of a suv version in my town where can I post the shitmobile

  70. robert mason

    robert mason

    12 days ago

    Tell all your friends, we here in North Carolina just passed a law , you will lose your license to drive if you do this to your truck, look it up.

  71. Frank Weatherford

    Frank Weatherford

    12 days ago

    My teenage neices call these ftards the yee yee boyz! Right here in florence sc!!! Their dads should catch the wrath for ever letting somthing this shit up happen coming out of our state. We catch enough hell as it is!! Lol. My son does not ride this nonsense!!

  72. Fluffy Noggin

    Fluffy Noggin

    13 days ago

    His face when he cranked it up 😂😂😂😂

  73. Nbsaddiction15


    13 days ago

    They got a petition on instagram to make this legal in NC 😂😂😂😂 I see this nonsense everywhere in my county cook out is the mud hole spot for this truck culture

  74. Cory Sennett

    Cory Sennett

    13 days ago

    Squatted trucks are for pickle smoochers

  75. daniel kidston

    daniel kidston

    13 days ago

    Your videos are great to fall asleep too

  76. Myst stories

    Myst stories

    13 days ago

    Wait I have a friend with a rather unique helix that hes selling

  77. salty apples

    salty apples

    14 days ago

    Beautiful view of the sunset

  78. A D

    A D

    15 days ago

    Only wanna be kUnTrEe skEeBo bisexual Katy Perry listening kids with daddies money and a closet full of butt plugs and dildos drive squatted trucks. End of story. *mUriKa*

  79. Dirty Diesel

    Dirty Diesel

    15 days ago

    that face at 24:32 is HILARIOUS!

  80. Hydro 5606

    Hydro 5606

    15 days ago

    anyone who owns a truck like that and likes it needs to just eat hot lead and end their own misery. "It's not daddy's money" is right. It's uncle-daddy's money

  81. CaptainNintendo2


    15 days ago

    1:23 kinda sounds like butthead from beavis and butthead

  82. Nicky550 Ecoboost

    Nicky550 Ecoboost

    16 days ago


  83. ShinigamiJEX


    16 days ago

    takuache cuhhhhh

  84. christopher Heller

    christopher Heller

    16 days ago

    Only thing that truck does have is that exhaust sounds good

  85. La Crosse WI EAS

    La Crosse WI EAS

    16 days ago

    4:07 rocker cover

  86. Miller Coleman Kelley

    Miller Coleman Kelley

    16 days ago

    I live in Alabama and I have seen more squatted trucks in Florida in one day then I’ve seen in a year in Alabama

  87. Atomic Moose

    Atomic Moose

    16 days ago

    Those ball joints.....? How does..... just how not break off?

  88. Alpha Major01

    Alpha Major01

    16 days ago

    My first thought seeing this squatted truck: QUICK ! SET IT ON FIRE BEFORE IT CAN REPRODUCE !! 😂🤣😂

  89. Alpha Major01

    Alpha Major01

    16 days ago

    That engine sounds really , really tired . 😂

  90. Jaron Bascom

    Jaron Bascom

    16 days ago

    Well I love squatted trucks because I'm retarded

  91. Neal Wilkinson

    Neal Wilkinson

    16 days ago

    I love how you left his IG handle on the window 🤣🤣🤣 buy all them MF ING trucks and destroy them all

  92. Neal Wilkinson

    Neal Wilkinson

    16 days ago

    Yes. For every truck you destroy, destroy a squatted truck. If that becomes a thing, i will, yeah, you'll be my hero, I'll sub and watch all your videos 🤣 kill all the squatted trucks

  93. Jack Archer

    Jack Archer

    17 days ago

    Exhaust sounds nice. Would like that or something similar for my Suburban

  94. Great Heights

    Great Heights

    17 days ago

    Thanks for censoring all his name on his socials so no one harasses him. No one go to that insta on the back of the truck window tho lmao.

  95. Lyle Grenoble

    Lyle Grenoble

    17 days ago

    It would have been nice to see you try to drag the back bumper over a stump the front axle could clear! At speed, ofcourse...

  96. MWT95


    18 days ago

    I love how he left the previous owners Instagram sticker on the rear window still

  97. Wyatt Carnes

    Wyatt Carnes

    18 days ago

    1868 isn't whistlindiesel just a Russian tunnel

  98. Tuna Praterade

    Tuna Praterade

    18 days ago

    I can't believe there are 3k people who like squatted shit. I would've bought the wheels

  99. rangr6


    18 days ago

    It's a STUNNA ...... A number one GUNNA !

  100. Ohio Till I die

    Ohio Till I die

    18 days ago

    I’ll be honest if he did destroy squatted trucks I’d buy a shirt or hoodie every time he’d do it not even gonna lie