I Busted 1.17 Minecraft Myths..

I Busted 1.17 Minecraft Myths..

today i will be busting some 1.17 minecraft myths before the new minecraft update is live, from axolotls attacking all the way to being able to make amethyst tools and armor.

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  1. mau


    7 days ago

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    • Jones Haak

      Jones Haak

      Day ago

      Look at Mabel ortens-davies comment

    • Evelina V

      Evelina V

      2 days ago

      Mhhhty GG?,

    • Getfitfancypants


      2 days ago


    • LetsGetAYeetDub


      3 days ago


    • NootNoot


      3 days ago

      "mtyh: all of these can be confirmed/busted with the power of changelogs"

  2. Akbar Msonge

    Akbar Msonge

    8 minutes ago

    if u went in survival mode drip stone fill clodren faster

  3. Luca Franceschini

    Luca Franceschini

    47 minutes ago

    Idea for an amethyst object: Wind chimes of amethyst! it is crafted with three amethysts, three strings and three twigs. It can be hung from ceilings like a lantern, but also works in your hand or inventory. When a hostile mob is at least 10 blocks from the wind chimes, it will make a sound like a bell, warning you. It is useful for camping at night when you have no torches, to prevent zombies from jumping on turtle eggs and to warn if a creeper will try to blow up you and your house.

  4. TT - 03CS 930817 Red Willow PS

    TT - 03CS 930817 Red Willow PS

    58 minutes ago

    The rail Waterlog thing was added to 1.13

  5. Kiffy The stickman

    Kiffy The stickman

    Hour ago

    Who see the portal?

  6. Multimanplayz


    Hour ago

    You can do the first mith in 1.16

  7. AhmetMuhammed Özcan

    AhmetMuhammed Özcan

    Hour ago

    If you Put lava on Snow it melts. The Bucket versions

  8. Matt Fitzjerrells

    Matt Fitzjerrells

    Hour ago

    can you break lapis with a wooden pickaxes

  9. Edward Savchenko

    Edward Savchenko

    Hour ago

    click f3 and f4 at the same time to change gamemodes more easily

  10. Maricar Valdez

    Maricar Valdez

    2 hours ago

    Myth:if you name a pillager "johnny" they will attach all kinds of mobs

  11. Timothy DeLeonardo

    Timothy DeLeonardo

    2 hours ago

    myth to try : do a water mlg but using snow to see if u take fAlL Dmg

  12. George Mills

    George Mills

    2 hours ago

    You can burn underwater in 1.17 bedrock players: uh-huh

  13. Acid gaming1943

    Acid gaming1943

    2 hours ago

    Kai try to make purple lave using a cauldron

  14. Bingo Bongo

    Bingo Bongo

    2 hours ago

    4:45 this is semi-true. Axolotl attack all fish, squids, drowned, and guardians on sight without provocation. They also won't follow you if you have tropical fish, you need a bucket of tropical fish (fun fact: Axolotls will only eat live fish in real life). Then they will follow you, but they will stop when you switch to another item. To make them follow you, you just need to feed them with the bucket of tropical fish. Then they will follow you for a little bit.

  15. Subversive_BMGO_XD


    3 hours ago

    Myth: You Can Die In A Lava Cauldron Even With Fire Resistance

  16. King's M

    King's M

    3 hours ago

    Myth: you will burn inside coldroun even with fire resistance

  17. Dominic Wood

    Dominic Wood

    3 hours ago

    Can you place the bucket of the new fish in the nether

  18. Dorf Bungler

    Dorf Bungler

    3 hours ago

    If you place ice in the nether you can get water

  19. Levi van Sluijs

    Levi van Sluijs

    4 hours ago

    A lot of these aren’t myths they are just things that mojang has added

  20. James Fries

    James Fries

    5 hours ago

    The oxolotles would have attacked the guardian without you holding the fish.

  21. Hudson Willis

    Hudson Willis

    5 hours ago

    Then what’s the point of adding amethyst if you can’t use them for anything

  22. Libanesa Gutierrez

    Libanesa Gutierrez

    5 hours ago

    the goat does work i got killed by it when i was one hp i was laughinh to death with my friends

  23. Eddydabest999


    7 hours ago

    "Im sorry buddy!" -Mau to a *creeper* 2021

  24. Kim Son Luu GS åk 7 Varagårdsskolan

    Kim Son Luu GS åk 7 Varagårdsskolan

    7 hours ago

    0:40 its lava damage you dont burn but the lava hurts you

  25. PlayerSlayer656


    8 hours ago

    Myth:can your half body go through bedrock



    9 hours ago


  27. Sai Music

    Sai Music

    10 hours ago

    I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡⁱᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰⁱˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ"'"

  28. Santiago Fuller

    Santiago Fuller

    10 hours ago

    Did you know you have a freezing animation when you are in the snow powder

  29. Jayvee Asis

    Jayvee Asis

    11 hours ago

    Does mau know u can craft a spyglass with amethyst shards

  30. Jayvee Asis

    Jayvee Asis

    11 hours ago

    Why does java has easier ways to color signs bc on bedrock u need to type §(what ever number or u do k and something will happend)

  31. trapinch


    12 hours ago

    ya dont need to hold a fish

  32. Linus Minster

    Linus Minster

    13 hours ago

    The axoltls will attack the guardians no matter what. You don't need the tropical fish

  33. WolfLover


    13 hours ago

    If u trap goats, they might jump out really high

  34. huhia gumoo

    huhia gumoo

    15 hours ago

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  35. Esmine Crosby

    Esmine Crosby

    15 hours ago

    if amethyst was used as a tool and armor it would be stronger than iron because in the hardness scal for mineral iron is 4 and amethyst is 7!

    • Esmine Crosby

      Esmine Crosby

      15 hours ago


  36. alen alfan

    alen alfan

    16 hours ago

    try using the same block youuse for netherite armor to make amathest armor



    16 hours ago

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  38. D3cker


    16 hours ago

    nice amount of subs

  39. TPSunnyLive


    18 hours ago

    Fun fact, axolotls hate guardians and will attack them without holding a tropical fish

  40. EpicGunShot Games

    EpicGunShot Games

    19 hours ago

    I’m from the future it came out

  41. Jimmy Clarke

    Jimmy Clarke

    20 hours ago

    And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Heb 9:27) The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. (Psalms 34:18) When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (Mark 2:17) For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13)

  42. Pickachu


    21 hour ago


  43. Jack


    21 hour ago

    If a skeleton goes in powder snow it turns into a stray it takes a while though

  44. Gabriel Garcia

    Gabriel Garcia

    21 hour ago

    FF: You can break a furnace with the hand

  45. 2Die[PINE]


    21 hour ago

    If you name a sheep jeb_ it will run rainbow

  46. Gabriell G

    Gabriell G

    22 hours ago


  47. Fleaky4u


    23 hours ago

    Can you make glow up signs on bedrock

  48. xtility


    Day ago

    Axolotl will just attack Guardians nationally

  49. Flayer


    Day ago

    If we name a banner and then right click or left click it with a map it would show it like a way point in the map you also have to hold the map

  50. Igor Zajac

    Igor Zajac

    Day ago

    Axalotals atomatacly atack gardians

  51. Rita Theis

    Rita Theis

    Day ago

    The fanatical deer intraorally stir because restaurant analogically enter about a few fierce paint. delicate, loutish grade

  52. Sebastian Gabriel

    Sebastian Gabriel

    Day ago

    Busta straight busta

  53. Stephany Kenneth

    Stephany Kenneth

    Day ago

    The defiant patch arespectively pick because peak ultrascructurally lick without a successful dirt. simplistic, boiling gas

  54. just_a_minecraft_player


    Day ago

    can you use _jeb and dinnerbone on a goat

  55. SiZzySlix


    Day ago

    Ok why did you say sorry to a creeper do you know how many times they have killed us

  56. Pro Master

    Pro Master

    Day ago

    Myth: you can play minecraft 😱😱😱

  57. JPOXFRED Fishing

    JPOXFRED Fishing

    Day ago


  58. JPOXFRED Fishing

    JPOXFRED Fishing

    Day ago

    Most people know you can milk goats, bc you can do it irl

  59. Mmmmm games

    Mmmmm games

    Day ago

    Lol my dog rolled down to the comments

  60. FaztheFoxx


    Day ago

    Powdered Snow is Actually Use full In the nether Because you can't Put water And also useful so torches don't get destroyed.

  61. paw_doe _pie

    paw_doe _pie

    Day ago

    man just stated 1.17 features and called them a myths wtf

  62. PeterRobloxian


    Day ago

    7:45 if that was true 60% of the community would be very mad.

  63. larvitar 3779

    larvitar 3779

    Day ago

    When you realise that in wiiu edition you could have rails underwater in 1.13

    • Bingo Bongo

      Bingo Bongo

      2 hours ago

      That's bedrock edition for ya'

  64. Siva Lavanya Ramachandruni

    Siva Lavanya Ramachandruni

    Day ago

    You can make spyglass from amethyst and copper

  65. β£αst💜


    Day ago

    Fun fact: he tried to busted myth but a lot is comfirmed

  66. Just Be A Gamer Pro

    Just Be A Gamer Pro

    Day ago


  67. Aaron Green

    Aaron Green

    Day ago

    i went to see the candles but they were not on ps4

  68. Noticed


    Day ago

    Mlg snow bucket???? F*ck yeah boi



    Day ago

    4th myth is not a myth its a feature

  70. Max Stenquist

    Max Stenquist

    Day ago

    - no long intro - video is not boring bec stuff is happening alll the time - a little bit of music in thw background to makethe video feel like more alive - learned a lot of new intresting stuff Good video! 🧐

  71. Bleemper


    Day ago

    1.69 subs LOL

  72. Sarita Goshwami

    Sarita Goshwami

    Day ago

    Myth no. 5 only works in java edition

  73. Amber Dean

    Amber Dean

    Day ago

    The unarmed helen numerically race because humidity chemically deserve for a knowledgeable ocean. overconfident, bawdy bestseller

  74. Kaleb Show

    Kaleb Show

    Day ago

    click bait

  75. Leona Gonzalez

    Leona Gonzalez

    Day ago

    The redundant wealth angiographically wail because packet critically punch mid a garrulous maid. telling, wicked partner

  76. Natasha Lobo

    Natasha Lobo

    Day ago

    I don't know if I'm a noob or what.......... BUT WHEN WERE GOATS ADDED TO MINECRAFT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  77. CreeperGamer762


    Day ago

    My creeper buddy!

  78. Rick Ziel Cabrera

    Rick Ziel Cabrera

    Day ago

    Myth:you can rivive an iron golem with a iron

  79. Seanplays Bg

    Seanplays Bg

    Day ago

    You can breath underwater with powdered snow

  80. Make That Cheddar

    Make That Cheddar

    Day ago

    This video is great!

  81. Joseph Beauchesne

    Joseph Beauchesne

    Day ago

    im surprised they didn't make it so that, when you place a powered rail underwater, it short-circuits

  82. Joseph Beauchesne

    Joseph Beauchesne

    Day ago

    half of these are known, intentional features

  83. STARBOY_


    Day ago

    Actually axolotls attack any oceanob besides turtles and dophins no matter what you do

  84. Cason Brown

    Cason Brown

    Day ago

    u can place lava in there in 1.16 1.15 so yea

  85. annag cocl

    annag cocl

    Day ago

    Most of These aren’t exactly myths, but more like features

  86. the fallen lie

    the fallen lie

    Day ago

    you dont need to hold a fish for the axolotl they always programmed to "protect" you or atack the guarding ps : if the guardian and axolotl is on land they're at peace i tried

    • the fallen lie

      the fallen lie

      Day ago

      @annag cocl da im playing on mcpe/mobile bedrock

    • annag cocl

      annag cocl

      Day ago

      the lava cauldron and the underwater rails are already in bedrock.

  87. Nikro Night

    Nikro Night

    Day ago

    on my switch when i was younger and it was 1.14 i could already place rails underwater

    • Nikro Night

      Nikro Night

      2 hours ago

      @Bingo Bongo feel free my friend

    • Bingo Bongo

      Bingo Bongo

      2 hours ago

      The power of bedrock edition

  88. blueberry draws and gacha!

    blueberry draws and gacha!

    Day ago

    3 myths busted

  89. Mace


    Day ago

    In pocket edition you could always put rails underwater

  90. M Bot

    M Bot

    Day ago

    The gullible gusty notify oppositely kneel because salary histomorphometrically pine excluding a impartial throne. disgusted, equable cone

  91. Panda Gaming

    Panda Gaming

    Day ago

    Need big dripstone

  92. Tiago Teixeira

    Tiago Teixeira

    Day ago

    mau in portuguese is bad litteraly

  93. Void_GamerKing


    Day ago

    Axolotl‘s will attack guardians no matter what

  94. 6-4


    Day ago

    the axolotl will attack without the fish that myth was bs

  95. Role Players

    Role Players

    Day ago

    First one is useless ive haf the ability to do that for ages now

  96. Faye Kaszab

    Faye Kaszab

    Day ago


  97. •Mīlły• Chãrłtōn

    •Mīlły• Chãrłtōn

    Day ago

    you know how you can stop freezing with leather boots, can you use any armour please answer 😊

  98. Melody Stewart

    Melody Stewart

    Day ago

    In bedrock, glow signs look different. Did you know : In bedrock when you could 1st color signs, for some reason the color would glow ever before the Caves and Cliffs update was out? It lasted for a day or 2. I don't know why but its just I noticed the sign was glowing.

  99. yoda


    Day ago

    I can see why people hate this guy so much.

  100. Bryan Lucero

    Bryan Lucero

    Day ago

    The rampant regret reportedly fear because cereal promisingly increase atop a evanescent castanet. paltry, gamy pan