I cooked every MEAT in an AIR FRYER | Guga Foods

Air fryers can be great for many things, but how about meats? Today I test every meat I have by cooking 100% with the air fryer. Some of the meat are so good that it got me by surprised. Others not so much.

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  1. Shots Drippin

    Shots Drippin

    5 hours ago

    Over cooked more like under cooked 🤢🤮

  2. Alicia Kay

    Alicia Kay

    18 hours ago

    I’m gonna do all of this

  3. Jeronimo Maiquez

    Jeronimo Maiquez

    Day ago

    ufff la molleja esa una locura

  4. Ibrahim Gaming

    Ibrahim Gaming

    Day ago

    Actually salmon is the king of fish its more fatty and more delicious

  5. Lixified


    2 days ago

    guga: this is the most top secret sauce in the universe also guga: first you get-

  6. gecko waffle

    gecko waffle

    3 days ago


  7. Serg Hockey

    Serg Hockey

    6 days ago

    what is fish sauce ?

  8. TheSkateLyf


    6 days ago

    I had the same reaction to the pork tomahawk and I didn’t even get to taste I just knew by ur reaction that was an amazing bite ❤️😍

  9. Vuk Mujović

    Vuk Mujović

    6 days ago

    Sweetbread is one of the only foods that I can't eat. I did give it a try but while my tongue likes it my stomach just gave it back instantly.

  10. Lance


    7 days ago

    do you have to flip meat in airfryer or it depends?

  11. Tyler Kilganon

    Tyler Kilganon

    7 days ago

    You didn't cook a chicken breast, dawg? That's what most people are going to want to use it for I'd guess. We need an update.

  12. Robert Ayala

    Robert Ayala

    8 days ago

    What meat grinder do you use?

  13. NITROxWolf


    9 days ago

    I wish the meat in this video was the meat I tasted every dinner but no always tastes like tough, dry, basiclly like leather straight up expectation vs reality

  14. she luvs zen

    she luvs zen

    9 days ago

    Nothing wrong with a well done steak. I’m my vision medium rare is raw🤷🏾‍♂️

  15. Brian Quero

    Brian Quero

    11 days ago

    I'm sorry but the sweetbread part got me ... 🤮 Lol Molleja My abuelita used to talk about it ...

  16. William Stockdale

    William Stockdale

    12 days ago

    Thank you for the great content, Guga!

  17. Sneatz.


    12 days ago

    First time I had chicken heart was in a Churrascaria in Sao Paulo, 15 or 16 years ago, and I loved it so much that it was my most favorite meat.

  18. Wild One

    Wild One

    13 days ago

    This is the fattest episode yet the fatness never ends

  19. Bryan Silverio

    Bryan Silverio

    14 days ago

    Guga. For your Filipino fans. Please make any dish Filipino. And i with other pinoys would be incredibly happy!

  20. ALEXxpress Shorts

    ALEXxpress Shorts

    14 days ago


  21. nismo 1

    nismo 1

    14 days ago

    now you know why your meat supplier gave you a free squab, cos nobody buys it lol.

  22. Jaime Segura

    Jaime Segura

    15 days ago

    4:40 you mean tomahog right?

  23. Marquis Benton

    Marquis Benton

    16 days ago


  24. Creeker


    19 days ago

    aligator. guga needs to do aligator. any video with alligator meat from guga would blow up

  25. Brisket91


    20 days ago

    The cheese burger looks great, but I will always suggest that you substitute the American Cheese for just cheddar. American cheese is over processed and doesn't melt well. (Muenster cheese is the ABSOLUTE best on a burger; the way it melts is just incomparable to any other cheese).

  26. PackO'Sand


    20 days ago

    im gonna put cheese on my pancakes today

  27. JesuslovesU!


    20 days ago

    Please do more organ meats!

  28. hassan al-farhan

    hassan al-farhan

    21 day ago

    You should flip your meat mid cook



    23 days ago

    im always scared when i see pork showing pink and bloody.



    25 days ago

    all college students watching this: ✏️✏️✏️

  31. Scott Galloway

    Scott Galloway

    26 days ago

    Leone had a dry pepper steak method which they used on hot coals. It came from Dwight Eisenhower. Supposedly he used a similar cooking method to yours.

  32. Maurice Gardere

    Maurice Gardere

    27 days ago

    maybe I'm late for the party, but what Air Fryer did you use in this video demonstration of cooking the various meets???

    • Vanessa Magick

      Vanessa Magick

      23 days ago

      There's a referral link in the description

  33. BIG Poppa334

    BIG Poppa334

    27 days ago

    Can't see video clear it messed up

  34. Lindsay Chamberlain

    Lindsay Chamberlain

    27 days ago

    Oh my goodness, his knife collection is incredible, I love knives!!! So are his recipes 😄

  35. John Yeoh

    John Yeoh

    28 days ago

    1.6k Vegan dislike the video..

  36. Jase


    29 days ago

    Why do add fish sauce? Fish is just too poignant.

  37. Count Drunkula

    Count Drunkula

    29 days ago

    In Britain I loved sweetbreads as a kid but they just kept getting more and more scarce. Then later in life you'd get people who thought they were.... well you know. No. As soon as you pressed them with the tongs I knew what they were just by the texture. They're super buttery soft and should be available everywhere like kidneys and heart. It's a shame people are hidden from these treats nowadays.

  38. លី សុពណ៌រង្សី Ly sopoiraingsey

    លី សុពណ៌រង្សី Ly sopoiraingsey

    29 days ago

    I never try tuna before but that looks amazing

  39. A.C. Romo

    A.C. Romo

    29 days ago

    First video of yours I've watched and already a huge Fan!

  40. Jethro Maloku

    Jethro Maloku

    Month ago

    when you think the copy of cheshire cheese is "an old american cheese" or a kidney is like a liver, you probably use garlic on your meat to mask the burned taste too...

  41. Cris py

    Cris py

    Month ago

    You need to cook pork for longer than that, it was still pink - food poisoning here we come….

  42. Von Milash

    Von Milash

    Month ago


  43. Von Milash

    Von Milash

    Month ago

    Great video. But why didn't you use the cast iron trick for your steak, too?

  44. Future Hoboman

    Future Hoboman

    Month ago

    I got an ad from MEATER that you made, in the mid of this video

  45. In Christ we have the Victory

    In Christ we have the Victory

    Month ago

    Surrender your life to Jesus ask for eternal life repent of your sins. It is terrifying to fall into the hands of the living God. God doesn't want anyone to perish! people send them selves there by not putting their trust and believing on the sacrifice on the cross. No one is promised tomorrow don't wait until it's too late! God bless

  46. Chris Mazeroll

    Chris Mazeroll

    Month ago

    I think the cast iron would have worked well with all the meats.

  47. MR. HandBones

    MR. HandBones

    Month ago

    Man I gotta watch this channel on paydays only. I got five more days to go and I'm salivating to try these meats.

  48. Animalhouse TX

    Animalhouse TX

    Month ago

    **challenge**. Cooking with instant pot duo air fryer (I use a 6qt) Which do you think is better- rack of baby back ribs from the grill or instant pot (15 min pressure with seasoning and 3 cups coke then remove rack and drain out liquid then coat ribs in bbq sauce of choice then 15 min broil and eat).

  49. john shoeguy

    john shoeguy

    Month ago

    The threatening grain corroboratively bleach because millisecond internationally refuse afore a wary key. resolute, assorted relation

  50. l'annu


    Month ago

    0:23 that thing is SWEATING

  51. Marcus


    Month ago

    I've got to eat before I watch any of these videos, otherwise I get way too uncomfortable

  52. Cal Murray

    Cal Murray

    Month ago

    Those burgers definitely didn't look almost fully cooked to me. lol

  53. Gandhi Palanisamy

    Gandhi Palanisamy

    Month ago

    Where is the lamb?

  54. Pasha Putra

    Pasha Putra

    Month ago

    I mean it's just a smaller convection oven. Whoever came up with the name air fryer was a marketing genius.

    • raksh9


      Month ago

      Yeah, isn't it basically a small fan forced oven?

  55. Jacco


    Month ago

    Im watching this at midnight and id like to have some of that meat too

  56. alsada charlton

    alsada charlton

    Month ago

    Not every one like raw steak some of like our meat well done

  57. Daniel O Noriega

    Daniel O Noriega

    Month ago

    4:19 There's something called "cross contamination"

  58. QuantumConcious's Corner

    QuantumConcious's Corner

    Month ago

    They are all undercooked, overcooked , Cooked right. This is all personal preference. Only you can say it is either of the previous on your own tastes. Their are 4-5 variations for a reason. Raw , Rare, Medium Rare, Well down and Burnt

  59. David Matamoros

    David Matamoros

    Month ago

    U need a better air fryer only 400 !!! Mine hits 500 it makes a difference !!!!!!

  60. Samuel Thomas

    Samuel Thomas

    Month ago

    What about spam?

  61. Sam Sung

    Sam Sung

    Month ago

    18:28 that part make me laugh

  62. Randdin Erle

    Randdin Erle

    Month ago

    WAITTTT ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️Jesus loves you He died for you turn away from sin repent and Trust Jesus 💕 that’s a relationship

  63. Miguel Sifuentes

    Miguel Sifuentes

    Month ago

    Brooooo I really love your videos, and idk why but your voice matches perfect in your videos

  64. Invader Kush

    Invader Kush

    Month ago

    Do you think it would make a difference if the food was flipped during the cooking? I know mine tells me to and beeps to flip it half way. Unless you did and i just missed it lol.

  65. jeoffer


    Month ago

    Great video and visuals. If there is one thing this guy says it's "If there is ....."

  66. Curious Shaun C

    Curious Shaun C

    Month ago

    i really dont like air fryers everytime i cook fried foods in them... the jucinness is always gone.. (thats my opinion with chicken hehe)

  67. stinkyfungus


    Month ago

    My local sushi joint uses a toaster oven for all of the "baked" or cooked dishes they serve (except ahi or hamachi tataki... they sear that with a torch. Which I do myself at home the same way) miso butterfish, teriyaki glazed salmon, hamachi collar, unagi, shio Saba, shrimp or scallop dynamite... toaster oven.

  68. Daniel Delsanno

    Daniel Delsanno

    Month ago

    I just don't know why as someone who uses an air fryer to make magic is he using it on the max temp for everything and then complaining it's overcooked. The air fryer might go to x amount of temp but it's a figure that is actually wrong persay. The temp is actually higher like if you were putting it in the oven the 400 degree is actually hotter than that it's like 425 so if you want different outcomes check it and don't just put it at max heat. I mean that's the whole appeal to do it fast with the air fryer. It acts hotter for the actual cooking than just a number.

  69. Hi, How’s it going?

    Hi, How’s it going?

    Month ago

    “The last thing you want is unseasoned organs” Speak for your own organs. Lmao

    • Vuk Mujović

      Vuk Mujović

      6 days ago

      I regularly season my organs with red wine and herbs.

  70. Joshua Burgos

    Joshua Burgos

    Month ago

    Pork is hard to mess up in an air fryer!!! That t-hawk looks AMAZING

  71. Willie Davis

    Willie Davis

    Month ago

    Raw pork 🤮🤮

  72. J E

    J E

    Month ago

    ...wait is that McRee's VA?

  73. Chris yanover

    Chris yanover

    Month ago

    The tuna seemed a little over cooked. Do you recommend less time to cook the tuna streaks?

    • stinkyfungus


      Month ago

      Personally, if you are trying to do a seared tuna... All you need is a torch. And keep the flame moving, don't dwell in any one place.

  74. Mana Abedin

    Mana Abedin

    Month ago

    Am I the only person here from Songbyrd-

  75. Joseph Rishkofski

    Joseph Rishkofski

    Month ago

    Do you have a video on tripe. I tried it I. GERMANY. It was amazing. Then the cook comes out and takes it after 1 bite claiming was bad. Lol this was an a.azing taste I did not get sick. 40 years later I still have not tried it since. So ziam going to cook one by myself. Any advise is so very welcomed. Thanks.

  76. whynottalklikeapirat


    Month ago

    Gugas airfryer: The Noahs ark of meat

  77. Vigilant


    Month ago

    the tutorial parts of this are relatively easy to follow. guga really takes the time for his viewers to actually be able to follow along without missing anything.

  78. garry Sweet

    garry Sweet

    Month ago

    The understood cat italy flower because child implicitly count anenst a busy volcano. grouchy, third basketball

  79. proffesional fish doctor

    proffesional fish doctor

    Month ago

    every souce guga made is always "simple"

  80. King Kosher

    King Kosher

    Month ago

    EVERY college kid is happy as f$%# right now, Guga.

  81. O Magro

    O Magro

    Month ago

    Yo my air fryer is a god send. It's amazing. So easy to set and forget and even easier to clean.

  82. Trans Normal Life

    Trans Normal Life

    Month ago

    You know, I actually prefer less marbled myself. Now when I had beef wagyu tar tar. omg. But when it comes to the flavor, I love the taste of the muscle over what the fat does to it. My steaks are still juicy and wonderfully cooked.. just not high fat.

  83. dirtsprite stuff

    dirtsprite stuff

    Month ago

    "Simple Compound Butter" yeah i dont think that gets you anywhere

  84. Rj Ringo

    Rj Ringo

    Month ago

    Idk about the bird but everything else is great

  85. Eric C

    Eric C

    Month ago

    He just ate a human pancreas

  86. Tooka Chinchilla

    Tooka Chinchilla

    Month ago

    yessssssssss Guga.....Sauce my meat.

  87. Sweatpants Ninja

    Sweatpants Ninja

    Month ago

    Don't put garlic powder on a steak people. Just use garlic.

  88. Chris Flores

    Chris Flores

    Month ago

    I love doing your tuna recipe for this but I love to make Korean sushi, it works great because I don’t have to worry about my tuna as I’m prepping my rice and other things, by the time my tunas done, I just slice it and roll it and it’s ready to go works great!

  89. Shortgamemonkey


    Month ago

    I hate watching this channel because it makes me jealous cause I don’t have access to the meats and the knowledge of cooking. Also makes me hungry.

  90. anjali kapilavai

    anjali kapilavai

    Month ago

    Not every meat: you forgot human.

    • stinkyfungus


      Month ago

      Prepare same as pork.

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    justina harms

    Month ago

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    mixed bits gaming

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  93. Experiment 101

    Experiment 101

    Month ago

    Lets just take a moment to appreciate how good of a camera man Guga is. 17:33

  94. Ásgeir Friðriksson

    Ásgeir Friðriksson

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  95. Nautiq


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  96. me


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