I dropped a NUKE in EVERY CALL OF DUTY..


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Whats up guys and welcome back.. So over the last week I've been recording this challenge video which involved me going back through every past Call Of Duty that has a callable nuke killstreak. Starting from the OG Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) all the way to the newly added NUKE in Black Ops Cold War! I had a lot of fun making this video (and anger) so I hope you enjoy! pst if you are reading this sub.. just do it. Also what challenge is next?! enjoy :)

Intro - 0:00
MW2 Tactical Nuke - 0:42
MW3 M.O.A.B - 4:47
Ghosts K.E.M Strike - 8:16
AW DNA Bomb - 12:37
IW De-Atomizer Strike - 17:42
WW2 V2 Rocket - 21:07
COD Mobile Nuclear Bomb - 24:50
MW 2019 Nuke - 28:29
Black Ops Cold War Nuke - 32:59
Outro - 37:27

* I dropped a NUKE in EVERY CALL OF DUTY..* | Dysmo
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  1. MisfitsRevenge


    10 minutes ago

    Watching this brought back so many memories 😭

  2. 6th Cypher

    6th Cypher

    34 minutes ago

    Cod mobile! Play more

  3. Alex Boortz

    Alex Boortz

    34 minutes ago

    Imagine this amazing video was demonized because he said Pussy at 31:49 Awesom vid dysmo keep up the grind 🙏

  4. J0aquin2Vict0ry


    56 minutes ago

    More cod mobile plllls dysmooo😁🥺

  5. Armando Maciel

    Armando Maciel

    Hour ago

    2M before 2021?😭

  6. Mburdy Gaming

    Mburdy Gaming

    Hour ago

    i just uploaded a couple cod vids, they are both within one minute. If anyone can watch them to critique me that would be cool

  7. cardi fan

    cardi fan

    Hour ago

    Why is activision increasing the speed movement in every new game they make

  8. Esteban Hernandez

    Esteban Hernandez

    Hour ago

    I think her forgot black ops 4

  9. Tangent Bharat

    Tangent Bharat

    Hour ago

    Are you sure that you drop nuke in every cod.. I think you missed cod mobile 😂😂 Just joking

  10. Master Link OoT

    Master Link OoT

    Hour ago

    Bo3 shouldve had the nuke, it is my favorite cod. Come to think of it, none of the black ops had nukes... Bruh

  11. Lazer2X


    2 hours ago

    I USED TO WATCH HIM WHEN HE HAD 100K its crazy how far u came

  12. EikoVFX


    3 hours ago

    Where was BO3???

  13. Legiit Gaming

    Legiit Gaming

    4 hours ago

    “I wanna get to 2 mil before 2021” vid goes up in July 2021

  14. Kory Byk

    Kory Byk

    4 hours ago

    befiore this i was like rip him and also DOGO it look slike my pet lolla :)

  15. Bakeer Chase

    Bakeer Chase

    4 hours ago

    Why dysmo sound like that now what happened

  16. vToxic Spider

    vToxic Spider

    4 hours ago

    Fun Fact: All handheld scorestreaks in BOCW count towards the nuke. Including the Bow and the Death Machine

  17. Quantaz


    4 hours ago

    Who else was here before 10 k views?

  18. TreyGuccii


    4 hours ago

    mw2 and mw3 lookin back now really had no recoil wtf

  19. Ethan Ebang

    Ethan Ebang

    4 hours ago

    Aw, he should have gotten the nuke in codm in ranked legendary but I think that’s a bit too much

  20. Epic Person

    Epic Person

    5 hours ago

    Me when I’m playing CODM:I wonder if I am going to get a nuke today

  21. RealKamaSutra


    5 hours ago

    I’m so glad I didn’t buy cold war

  22. BigTastyBacon


    5 hours ago

    Nice Video 👍🏻

  23. UberBiscuit


    5 hours ago

    Ghost was such a great game. The hate it gets is absurd. Watching you play it brought back so many memories. Thank you for that.

  24. sadslyy


    5 hours ago

    Hey, I make warzone content. I would appreciate it if you checked it out. Please do! New uploads every 2 days!

  25. Nate Nichols

    Nate Nichols

    5 hours ago

    Who else heard the kitchen Gun meme song in the background of advanced warfare

  26. Lawrence SABA

    Lawrence SABA

    5 hours ago

    Congrats bro enjoyed that vid 💪🏽

  27. The Irishman

    The Irishman

    5 hours ago

    What about black ops 3

  28. Mr 22

    Mr 22

    5 hours ago

    Your videos put me to sleep thanks

  29. Xavier Nuñez

    Xavier Nuñez

    6 hours ago

    “wow my account got hacked” “how nice of them”

  30. -Zader- 420

    -Zader- 420

    7 hours ago

    What about bo2 , bo3 and bo4

  31. overtflow


    7 hours ago

    wow this vid was great

  32. Omar Muhammad

    Omar Muhammad

    7 hours ago

    What bout bo2,bo3, and bo4

  33. Anthony Graziani

    Anthony Graziani

    7 hours ago

    You missed 4 cod’s. BO1, BO2, BO3, and BO4

  34. Patanjali Lemon Squash Sword Immortal

    Patanjali Lemon Squash Sword Immortal

    8 hours ago


  35. Ward


    8 hours ago

    isnt there more cod games with nuke in them??

  36. T Eduardo

    T Eduardo

    8 hours ago

    Thank you for posting this Dysmo. After 7 years of playing i felt so shit about myself after watching this when it came out that i mustered up the will power to get my first nuke, i nuked out on cold war on Miami strike camping like a bitch but nonetheless very proud, big achievement!

  37. dacreamyX _

    dacreamyX _

    8 hours ago

    This is sad.

  38. JaiShaun Griffey

    JaiShaun Griffey

    8 hours ago

    Jesus loves yall.

  39. YDS StrikeZ

    YDS StrikeZ

    9 hours ago

    7th grade Dysmo wouldve never expected to play MW2 a few decades/years after 😂

  40. thebest1870


    9 hours ago

    Wtf 33k on mw3? Why lol

  41. Your purebred idiot

    Your purebred idiot

    9 hours ago

    Where is my precious black Ops?

  42. Kerry Parker

    Kerry Parker

    9 hours ago

    The evolution of cod is so good except for warzone hackers smh

  43. HateHater


    9 hours ago

    Yes! Play CoDM ranked!! It’s the only way to ensure no bots

  44. Memez Cod

    Memez Cod

    10 hours ago

    But its funny how they added a nuke in cold war but not the other black ops games

  45. Leighton Kirby

    Leighton Kirby

    11 hours ago

    Ww2 is fun right



    11 hours ago

    you forgot CoD Mobile

  47. Mr Mooshroom

    Mr Mooshroom

    11 hours ago

    26:56 can’t take ya serious with your dog dead in the background

  48. Ralston Aranha

    Ralston Aranha

    11 hours ago

    U Realise in codm ur playing in bot matches?

  49. SteeleYEET


    11 hours ago

    7 hours and 52 minutes, not 7 days and 52 hours 😂

  50. a random system glitch

    a random system glitch

    11 hours ago

    I don't even really care about what people say about the older cod games I say there all amazing better then cold war and the modern warfare game tho the main games I don't like multi player on is advanced warfare infite warfare and one other I think

  51. Scott Brock

    Scott Brock

    12 hours ago

    The best map to get a nuke on in cod mobile is rust on hardpoint memorize the hardpoints and remember where the spawns are and its easy kills

  52. Glasbowser


    12 hours ago

    The dog is so cute Just look how concerned he is when he didn't get the nuke animation on ghosts

  53. Wocky slush

    Wocky slush

    12 hours ago

    Ghosttttt what a legend!!!!!!!!

  54. Jameson DeJong

    Jameson DeJong

    13 hours ago

    You're like a clone of me I swear 🤣 You're really good, but still gets killed by dumb shit, then proceeds to take a anger break, and then get shit on again. Keep it up man lol

  55. Maleevong Xiong

    Maleevong Xiong

    13 hours ago

    Yooo where is BO3?

  56. Giovannid 37

    Giovannid 37

    13 hours ago

    what about black ops

  57. Blanco_Set


    13 hours ago

    how did you not get hacked lobbys

  58. Colocho


    13 hours ago

    Song playing during MW 2019: Mushroom Hunting (Cowboy Bebop)

  59. Waves


    13 hours ago

    Ghosts is so underrated

  60. to many snipez

    to many snipez

    14 hours ago


  61. Kosmos Plug

    Kosmos Plug

    14 hours ago

    u missed bo3

  62. DarkTime


    14 hours ago

    “If you fall I will be there for you” -Floor

  63. Brayden Fox

    Brayden Fox

    14 hours ago

    Wow man this guy is so dedicated

  64. Evan Okeefe

    Evan Okeefe

    14 hours ago

    Super impressive how easy you make it look.

  65. IamTheGoatBilly


    14 hours ago

    Get an iPad and you can use your controller on an iPad to play CoD Mobile

  66. Astheticz


    14 hours ago

    Mw3 Dysmo:yeah it says i only have 7 days and 52 hours played Me:7 hours and 52 mins

  67. Fernando Sanchez

    Fernando Sanchez

    15 hours ago

    Who else saw TheseKnivesOnly

  68. Glitch_GetGood 999

    Glitch_GetGood 999

    15 hours ago

    Man said tryna to get to 2 mil before 2021

  69. Davi Man

    Davi Man

    15 hours ago

    Cool vid

  70. mr.kitloin


    15 hours ago

    Me, who celebrates getting a chopper gunner and has never gotten a nuke: yeah that looks easy I could do that too!

  71. IamSpades


    15 hours ago

    Yes please play more codm

  72. Jay King

    Jay King

    16 hours ago

    So nuke in every cod but not the originals like modern warfare or world at war gotcha

  73. Brandon Funes

    Brandon Funes

    16 hours ago

    I think there's are only bots when your only in level 20 or level 10

  74. Oh my god they were roommates

    Oh my god they were roommates

    16 hours ago

    You forgot BO3

  75. Xochitl19861


    16 hours ago

    I have never got a nuke

  76. solo knife

    solo knife

    16 hours ago

    You cheated cod mobile since the players were bots

  77. Harrison West

    Harrison West

    16 hours ago

    Dude, this guy's voice could cut through glass!

  78. isky 315

    isky 315

    16 hours ago

    Did he miss black ops 4?

  79. MorganMorgue


    16 hours ago

    Dude the jet set radio music is awesome lol

  80. Kise Ryouta

    Kise Ryouta

    16 hours ago

    I wanted to see how he would do in a ranked domination against legendary ranked players in codm (He was playing mp matches which isn't ranked)

    • Kise Ryouta

      Kise Ryouta

      11 hours ago

      @H9o how dare u

    • H9o


      11 hours ago

      Kagami is better🙂

  81. zRushIX


    17 hours ago

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that he just skipped Bo3 entirely and went to IW

    • Yeager123


      9 hours ago

      Cause BO3 doesn't have a nuke

  82. Frost Dracharys

    Frost Dracharys

    17 hours ago

    So for CoD Mobile, skins are lilited to weapons you got it on it, if you want the "dark matter", it's the skin called Damas, and you need to gold every weapons And if this can help, you can use a ps4 or Xbox One controller on CoD Mobile to play it

  83. Bob and killa

    Bob and killa

    18 hours ago


  84. three onee-sans gang up on a virgin

    three onee-sans gang up on a virgin

    18 hours ago

    Bruh i though this was a year ago

  85. Sebastian Ebenbichler

    Sebastian Ebenbichler

    18 hours ago

    “I hope to get this done before 2021” rip

  86. FBI


    18 hours ago

    Bro you can play CODM on pc just download Gameloop 👍👍👍

  87. RaNkZ


    18 hours ago

    Those are bots but ok

  88. Ryan Tortella

    Ryan Tortella

    19 hours ago

    WWII has a place in my heart because it was the first cod I owned not played and Gustavo cannons was my favorite

  89. Jesaja Modrach

    Jesaja Modrach

    19 hours ago

    the way the dogs lay in the backround, it looks like they dead n he lined them up

  90. Leon Williams

    Leon Williams

    19 hours ago

    The marvelous produce partially melt because statement successfully found despite a nimble word. ugly, fancy room

  91. mONEy


    19 hours ago

    456 hours played on MW2. Seems kinda low.

  92. Bifinley


    19 hours ago

    I love how the dog was confused and worried xD

  93. Ty Trout

    Ty Trout

    19 hours ago

    Ghost will be my favorite, behind mw2.

  94. Isaac


    19 hours ago

    Not all Heroes wear capes 👏🏽

  95. Zack Attack Adventures

    Zack Attack Adventures

    20 hours ago

    Ghost was my favorite its the one I grew up with

  96. Sylvester Konrad

    Sylvester Konrad

    20 hours ago

    Gonna get hate for this, but cod mobile is better than cold war

  97. King Huerta

    King Huerta

    21 hour ago

    That cod ghosts nuke choke pissed me off, lmao why the hell did u run at him instead of camp the stairs

  98. Bo ss

    Bo ss

    21 hour ago

    What is With Black OPs 2, 3 and 4