I Dry Aged EVERY Meat, ATE them and this happened!

After so many request to dry age every meat I decided to make it happen. Not only did I dry age them but also ate it! Man this was the most interesting experiment I have ever done and I am glad now I know what happens when you dry age every meat.

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  1. David Sustaita

    David Sustaita

    4 hours ago

    The comments on this video are too much I’m literally deceased 💀💀💀

  2. Ahmad Z.

    Ahmad Z.

    9 hours ago

    I guess this means shrimp is mostly water

  3. GiraffeB0i


    10 hours ago

    Ah yes the wonderful smell is wonderful

  4. dragonnight22


    20 hours ago

    So ground beef dry aged burgers when

  5. AAA


    Day ago

    Empty plate club ? Tiny whisk ? You two need to collab

  6. Owen Husmann

    Owen Husmann

    Day ago

    Bro I regret watching this stoned.

  7. Logan Miller

    Logan Miller

    Day ago

    I want to see what would happen if he tried to dry age non meat like tofu or a fruit

  8. Johnny Doe

    Johnny Doe

    Day ago

    umai bags is the great way to produce charcuterie.

  9. Samuel Pierce

    Samuel Pierce

    2 days ago

    All the dried shrimp and fish would be amazing in a soup.

  10. jason avina

    jason avina

    3 days ago

    "And the lamb smells... horrible. That smells horrible. It is something that Im glad you dont have to smell. And once I took a sniff at it 'ohh noo'! I was gonna cut it but i took one more smell and said no. This is a no go. Im gonna sanitize my board and also my knife." Im gonna read between the lines and say dry aged lamb probably smells bad.

  11. M0RTIFYER MemeGod

    M0RTIFYER MemeGod

    3 days ago

    8:16 that’s why Swedish fish are red

  12. Marko Jovic

    Marko Jovic

    3 days ago

    when ice age began god dry aged earth

  13. twicexupdates


    4 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey "no"

  14. Demi Productions

    Demi Productions

    4 days ago

    This guy describes food better than Okuyasu.

  15. Jon Pom420

    Jon Pom420

    4 days ago

    Lamb doesn't take as long to dry age so makes sense it went bad

  16. Valter Larsson

    Valter Larsson

    7 days ago

    Debating so beautiful 🤤🤤

  17. mämmö boi

    mämmö boi

    9 days ago

    Imagine dry aged salmon sushi

  18. Matt Gaspari-Bee Mask

    Matt Gaspari-Bee Mask

    9 days ago

    "The lamb smells horrible" Proceeds to bring it closer to his face

  19. Denise Wallace

    Denise Wallace

    10 days ago

    The lamb shank probably went bad because you left the bone in it

  20. Ariana Franqui

    Ariana Franqui

    10 days ago

    you burnt the shrimp

  21. gameboyjones 163

    gameboyjones 163

    10 days ago

    The salmon just looks beautiful

  22. wolf black

    wolf black

    11 days ago

    Dry age steak with roasted!!!!!!!!!!🤤🤤

  23. Suguru daisho

    Suguru daisho

    11 days ago

    Idk how I feel about hearing a man have a mouth orgasm every time he eats something good 💀🤚

  24. CLOREROSA420


    11 days ago

    In the Balkan we have the best grill masters of the world,try ground beef and pork mix needs to be fatty and age it but not dry more like fermented for one month and make a burger its gonna be the best burger of your life

  25. Kyx


    12 days ago

    Man got vocal chords like keralis

  26. Yos Puguh

    Yos Puguh

    12 days ago

    Same as you eat a mummy

  27. Mike Oxlong

    Mike Oxlong

    12 days ago

    Forgot to watch this today

  28. Rodrigo R.

    Rodrigo R.

    12 days ago

    Just had lunch, but this video is making me hungry again. 😶

  29. Hamza Ouladidriss

    Hamza Ouladidriss

    12 days ago

    guga seriosly the ground beef didint have any marbling

  30. Sandra BAO

    Sandra BAO

    12 days ago

    That dry aged prawns can actually put in the soup,Chinese always use that kind of ingredients to make a soup base.

  31. Tyler RockLive

    Tyler RockLive

    13 days ago

    The wonderful smell coming out of it is wonderful

  32. novacon


    13 days ago

    You didn’t try horse meat

  33. Cedrik Onnen

    Cedrik Onnen

    13 days ago

    What you did to the bacon is pretty much making a dry-cured ham. We eat a lot of this in central and southern europe. Dry-cured and smoked bacon is very popular in Germany, Austria (Speck) and Italy (Pancetta). Depending on the way its done you can achieve a plethora of flavor profiles and the fat always melts on your fingers like wagyu when you touch it.

  34. Pokemon Gym Challenges

    Pokemon Gym Challenges

    13 days ago

    I would like to know what happens when you dry age Braun, also known as head cheese?

  35. Pxsta 0110

    Pxsta 0110

    14 days ago

    "bigger always does the job"

  36. Samuel Adiwinata

    Samuel Adiwinata

    15 days ago

    I am the one kid who doesn't like chicken breast

  37. Ellysha Zuraimi

    Ellysha Zuraimi

    15 days ago

    Dude deep fry the shrimp and tilapia

  38. JonahCMusic


    16 days ago

    4:17 Why

  39. ●︿●Khailyキム


    16 days ago

    Hmm i think he captured all the meat and salmons puting in the bag in a day and then he waited for over 20 days and took it out

  40. Thanh Tùng Nguyễn

    Thanh Tùng Nguyễn

    17 days ago

    U guys should know : we usually dry aged shrimps in Asien for long usage. We use it for Soup: put some Vegetable, Herbs and Pork and that dry aged shrimps and u have a delicious Soup with shrimps aromatic for meal !

  41. DrTiled


    17 days ago

    4:32 i want to cook that massive C H O N K of bacon and eat it

  42. GMeister1130


    17 days ago

    This guy should audition for MasterChef

  43. ritual.fish.network


    17 days ago

    I can indeed relate to chicken thighs

  44. Bryan Silverio

    Bryan Silverio

    18 days ago

    Guga. For your Filipino fans. Please make any dish Filipino. And i with other pinoys would be incredibly happy!

  45. Callista Morgan

    Callista Morgan

    18 days ago

    I wonder what would happen if one were to try dry aging organ meat, like beef heart, or something like that.

  46. PandaGod


    18 days ago

    Salmon is a super fatty fish, so that's probably why it was oily

  47. Cesar Cruces

    Cesar Cruces

    18 days ago

    In casr of shrimp and chicken, why not try less day aged, cuz the size

  48. LouGottiTV


    19 days ago

    I don’t know how people dislike these videos, I find them very nice interesting

  49. ipkandskill


    19 days ago

    where is the aged ground pork ideas? I wanna see em! :D

  50. AR1279


    19 days ago

    He ate shrimp pellicle

  51. ToxicG


    20 days ago

    13:01 that’s what she said

  52. Dumb_LifeEXE


    20 days ago

    Um did he eat ground beef medium instead of fully cooked

  53. Serdar Bir

    Serdar Bir

    21 day ago

    Türkçe alt yazı bekliyoruz

  54. creeper700


    22 days ago

    yo guga is so cool

  55. Bodoy tv

    Bodoy tv

    22 days ago

    You dont dried age chicken simply for salmonella

  56. Vladimir Lenin

    Vladimir Lenin

    22 days ago

    It's so wasteful

  57. EBH Music page

    EBH Music page

    23 days ago

    you said to throw it away if it smells bad, and “throw it away faster” if it smells weird. What does that mean if it smells weird and why it does, and why is it more dangerous than just smelling bad?

  58. Just a Long Lived Noob

    Just a Long Lived Noob

    24 days ago

    This is is not dry aged meats, this is over dated vacuum bag meat. You can tell by the number of the meat he wasted.

  59. Brad McNab

    Brad McNab

    24 days ago

    I’m sure you have, but would love to see you do some experiments with bison!

  60. freshmenrule


    24 days ago

    "Im going to dry age everything I can find" Angel walks in Guga; "Come here for a second.."

  61. CrispyKruton


    25 days ago

    Here in Greece we have a place where we dry age every meat you can imagine and its called Hellenic Army

  62. Big Daddy benz

    Big Daddy benz

    25 days ago

    Why does guga sound so serious 😂

  63. Bruno Ducati

    Bruno Ducati

    25 days ago

    boa guga

  64. Naete


    26 days ago

    i like this video gu ga

  65. Petar Prkacin

    Petar Prkacin

    27 days ago

    Dont tell me americans dont dry bacon🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • Petar Prkacin

      Petar Prkacin

      27 days ago

      Same with beef its called "cajna"(in croatia)

  66. Watashi Wa Jigabudesu

    Watashi Wa Jigabudesu

    27 days ago

    I wrote a stupid ass comment on a Guga Foods video and this happened!

  67. Shreyas Malhotra

    Shreyas Malhotra

    27 days ago

    Fun drinking game; drink everytime he says wagyu.

  68. No Harassment

    No Harassment

    28 days ago

    I love a good aged meat. Just not drug through the gutters aged meat. I cant get past the gamey been around the world taste. Foreign cuisine cooking in the microwave in the breakroom.😱 Im good. Ill wait until i turn 50.😂😅😂😅

  69. LsEdge


    28 days ago

    People in the girls locker room: “Do you think Jamie likes me?” People in the boys locker room 9:09

    • Uncle


      2 days ago

      AYO 😳📸👈

  70. The Circle of T.E.D

    The Circle of T.E.D

    28 days ago

    Shrimp: About as appetising as a Snake's old shedded skin. Chicken Breast: Looks like Pheasant meat, tastes like Crocodile meat (they have a chicken/fish mix taste), and goes well with Orange Juice. Bacon: Best idea ever! Tenderloin: How is it still tender?! Salmon: Not a fan of Salmon, but I'd try it. Ground Beef: It *does* look like a Crouqette! And it Thin Sausage: Tilapia: It looks a bit like an embryo to me. Lamb Shank: Sounds like either the Dry aging wasn't well executed, or Lamb just doesn't work when dry aged. Either way, by the way it looked and how you described its smell.....I'd call it 'Dry-aged Trench Foot'.

  71. Tr


    28 days ago

    If nephew was there, he would have consumed all on the plate :) :) :)

  72. Bill


    28 days ago

    "Whenever I am dry ageing I always listen to my nose"

  73. Stephen


    28 days ago

    Did you get the shits?

  74. Cthulhu


    28 days ago

    Expected heart attack.

  75. phycopathic megalomaniac kirby

    phycopathic megalomaniac kirby

    28 days ago

    That shrimp is the food my turtle eats. U made homade turtle food. Pog

  76. stubby chief

    stubby chief

    29 days ago

    11:55 "and the wonderful smell that is coming out of it when its cooking is wonderful"

  77. showbizonastick


    29 days ago

    should have ate the meats raw

  78. Aloss •

    Aloss •

    29 days ago

    11:32 my mom used to work at a place here in Italy called luiset. They sell "salsiccia stagionata" (aged sausage) it looks like that, just darker and a bit dryer. The only exception that you don't cook it but eat it raw like a snack

  79. PointyStuff


    29 days ago

    The shrimp could've been used in stock...

  80. Eurac


    29 days ago

    I come

  81. Novalia


    29 days ago

    Salmon and bacon made me the most hungry, I need to try them !

  82. Gavyn McCollister

    Gavyn McCollister

    29 days ago

    And this happened...

  83. Ros _

    Ros _

    29 days ago

    4:29 what about muslims

    • SpetZemas


      18 days ago

      Well too bad for them, what about the Hindus when he cooks beef?

  84. Ivan Vološyn

    Ivan Vološyn

    29 days ago

    why is dried fish bad? In East Europe is dried fish quite popular.

  85. greatest ever

    greatest ever

    29 days ago


  86. Meep Yeep

    Meep Yeep

    Month ago

    it has a weird f***y smell 6:38

  87. Michael E.

    Michael E.

    Month ago

    you know you keep saying "no matter what you do you can never get all the air out" but I'll bet that wrong If you took it to someone who had an actual vacuum chamber I'll bet they can remove a massive amount more air. They would have to use a remote activated vacuum sealer inside a vacuum chamber but it would work.

  88. Mohan Gurunathan

    Mohan Gurunathan

    Month ago

    Hi Guga, I am a huge fan of your channel and I have watched most of your videos. You are an amazing chef and a true food artist, and your videos are incredibly well made and entertaining to watch as well. I really appreciate the effort you put in to create such great USgone content. Guga, I want to pose you a challenge. Everyone knows that Guga can cook a steak like nobody’s business. In fact, when it comes to chicken, pork, fish, or any other kind of meat, we know that Guga can cook it, and make it taste amazing. But that is only part of the picture of being a great chef. The real sign of a great chef is that you can make any food taste amazing, even when cooking outside of your comfort zone. So, Guga, here is my challenge. I challenge you to create 30-days of videos with *all plant based* cooking. Show us your creativity, your culinary genius, and your out of the box thinking when you don’t have animal products to use as your foundation. Show us that Guga does not get lost outside of the animal kingdom. Show us all the amazing dishes that Guga can make using just vegetables, grains, and mock meats. I’m not telling you to go vegan forever. I’m challenging you to create a month’s worth of incredible, mouth-watering, out of this world plant-based videos. Your viewers will be amazed. Your reputation will soar. Based on what I have seen you do, I know you can do it. Come on Guga, take my challenge!

  89. Jonathan Simes

    Jonathan Simes

    Month ago

    The opportunity to dive into a whole lot of new science was shown here. Yes, cooking food is chemistry. The resting times are of course mailable, full experimentation with each finished product is required ie cooking style etc. Imagine how the first person who ate a chicken's foot felt... know what i mean yo

  90. Ahmed Ahmed

    Ahmed Ahmed

    Month ago

    make the soup both inner and outer

  91. GresMaster


    Month ago

    The dry aged bacon is traditionally made where i live we call it Spek (spelled diffretly but my phone cant spell it lol) and its amazing Edit:There are also cvarki (also cant spell it) its pork fat fried or something in a wierd way so its crunchy kinda like pork rinds but with the air bubbles its amazing

  92. WW1 Luigi

    WW1 Luigi

    Month ago

    4:21; I wouldn't recommend anyone dip their chicken in orange juice either.

  93. Кечунез


    Month ago

    Я думаю что из пакета все мясо уже съедобное)

  94. Sync Playz

    Sync Playz

    Month ago

    Vegans would hate him

  95. Suga Rii

    Suga Rii

    Month ago

    Tilapia is man made fish.. I wouldn’t trust it lol

  96. dolcekit


    Month ago

    Visit Sheung Wan in Hong Kong , you will see lots of dry aged food

  97. andre713ful


    Month ago

    bruh, you aged sausage. thats how salami is made. you could eat it raw straight up.

  98. stethespaniard2


    Month ago

    So much is wasted doing this

  99. stethespaniard2


    Month ago

    Most people would put it IN the fridge

    • stethespaniard2


      28 days ago

      @kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv oh sorry I got mixed up with someone else. I was just making a joke that he says on the fridge not in the fridge. Language gap

    • kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv

      kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv

      28 days ago

      @stethespaniard2 those things aren't edible

    • stethespaniard2


      28 days ago

      @kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv I meant the bits he cuts off

    • kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv

      kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv

      28 days ago

      He put the meat in the fridge, what's your point?

  100. Mr Speedsoft

    Mr Speedsoft

    Month ago

    Clean plate club, your just copying binging with babish. He made his channel almost 10 years before you aswell!

    • kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv

      kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv

      28 days ago

      How is this guy a copy?