I DRY AGED Steaks in HONEY and this happened


  1. Ricardo Castano IV

    Ricardo Castano IV

    6 minutes ago

    what if you slathered it in honey and then put it in a dry age bag

  2. - Minuano -

    - Minuano -

    41 minute ago

    Honey is also antibacterial.

  3. Marcel Pena

    Marcel Pena

    45 minutes ago

    I always turn off the volume, that makes me feel slightly less stupid

  4. UniversalBrow09


    49 minutes ago

    Honestly... do you know how many times I've watched these episodes and IMMEDIATELY afterwards gone to the store and bought steaks??? My grill thanks you.

  5. Ray Smith

    Ray Smith

    Hour ago

    Dry age steaks in chocolate powder? What about marinating steaks in a soup mix or a nacho cheese?

  6. AJ Shenanigans

    AJ Shenanigans

    Hour ago

    SUGGESTION!!! try dryaging a ribeye steak in a combo of infused bearfat and butter crust on the outsider. ❤️🤘💸

  7. Lavonia Lauri

    Lavonia Lauri

    Hour ago

    The succinct boot expectantly steer because salmon recently whisper sans a hurt flat. cruel, spotty lightning

  8. NPC YGO


    2 hours ago

    For the next time try just letting the Manuka Honey sit for 5 days, that should be enough for the Honey to penetrate the meat and the enzymes to work.

  9. The Same Same

    The Same Same

    2 hours ago

    0:34 LOL Guga, did you purpously find a site that spelled enzyme eMzyme just so you wouldnt be wrong in your previous videos? ^^

  10. wajuice


    3 hours ago

    this reminds me of food wars

  11. KontryBoy706


    3 hours ago

    presentation is simply amazing.

  12. Roy Phung

    Roy Phung

    3 hours ago

    Can you please try to make A5 wagyu beef belly burnt ends and roast wagyu beef belly with beef crackling (like roast pork belly with crackling) please?

  13. Atomic Guitar

    Atomic Guitar

    5 hours ago

    pineapples actually break down meat the quickest that's why when we eat pineapple they hurt our tongue a bit but when we swallow it the stomach acid kills the enzyems

  14. Garfinkle's Gun

    Garfinkle's Gun

    5 hours ago

    Bruhhhh he is using Manuka honey what the hell omg bruh that stuff is so rare I want it duhbduhduhbdygdbhu

  15. IICptII


    5 hours ago

    Episode idea: dry age is oil/ fat

  16. PolkaLamy Pekopeko

    PolkaLamy Pekopeko

    5 hours ago

    Any moment now as they taste the honey one. Their clothes explode and they both become bees frolicking in the sun

  17. ben watts

    ben watts

    6 hours ago

    Warm the honey. Pout it like syrup or dip in a bowl. you had very poor coverage with your spreading cold technique, let a lot of air in.

  18. Justin Porter

    Justin Porter

    6 hours ago

    Ponytail sounds like he had a stroke.

  19. Bread


    7 hours ago

    5:21 Beef.



    7 hours ago

    Next do it with Cow dung

  21. Cn Kuik

    Cn Kuik

    9 hours ago

    why not dry she the honey steak in a umami bag?

  22. PaVVroo


    9 hours ago

    you basically threw out half of the meat, what a waste.

  23. Owen Wilson

    Owen Wilson

    10 hours ago

    Do you use any specific kind of salt? That amount of salt with the salt i use would make this so salty. All my meats needs less than half. Of that even less if is thinner

  24. xcelcior knight

    xcelcior knight

    10 hours ago

    I Must Say These Experiments Of Yours Waste Quite A Lot Of Meat😅

  25. Kake Pwnz

    Kake Pwnz

    11 hours ago

    But it's not dry aged... Anything you age in a liquid is wet aged...

  26. JARK


    11 hours ago

    Next episode: “I dry-aged steaks in wagyu beef fat”

  27. Liam Searle

    Liam Searle

    11 hours ago

    this guy should work for Audible

  28. Nephillus


    11 hours ago

    It seems a shame to waste so much meat. I get the idea is to improve the steak etc. But you wasted over a whole steak worth of meat that could have fed someone.

  29. Ryan Mills

    Ryan Mills

    12 hours ago

    Cool video guga, when we cook a roast chicken we cook it breast up, would you be able to cook it breast down because all the juices will run to the breast and compare with a breast up roast

  30. Bryan


    13 hours ago

    Can you please do the brazilian parmesan steak??

  31. davydiver


    13 hours ago

    Guga, dry age a steak in regular honey in a dry age bag.

  32. Anti-Rad Pills

    Anti-Rad Pills

    13 hours ago

    You should dry age with actual soil

  33. Ricardo Serna

    Ricardo Serna

    13 hours ago

    Now try to undryage a stake

  34. Troy Boy

    Troy Boy

    13 hours ago

    Dry aged is just another way of saying decomposed.

  35. John Barron

    John Barron

    13 hours ago

    Blame people need to be more like dry aged steak…Less resistance

  36. Cody Harrison

    Cody Harrison

    14 hours ago

    The snobbish daniel definitely perform because lathe alternately connect barring a lively avenue. useful, wiry question

  37. Steve bupkiss

    Steve bupkiss

    14 hours ago

    Nobody: Guga: But it is!

  38. Ryan Messer

    Ryan Messer

    14 hours ago

    You should dry age a wagu a7 with honey lol bet you won’t but instead of covering it one time cover it periodically like 3 times

  39. FallenForever


    15 hours ago

    im taking my tastebuds on a vacation this summer, and trying more of these experiments for myself. lots of love Guga!

  40. Fabio Patino

    Fabio Patino

    15 hours ago

    Next episode: Dry age in DULCE DE LECHE 😂

    • Floof oOo

      Floof oOo

      9 hours ago


  41. Grazie Pennacchio

    Grazie Pennacchio

    15 hours ago

    Make a steak that is way too tender from pineapple juice, then freeze dry it to make it harder and revive it and see how that is!

  42. bud man

    bud man

    15 hours ago

    Dry age for 30 days let it sit in the honey for the last five days

  43. Storm Boy

    Storm Boy

    15 hours ago

    i cant get over the amount of wasted meat created from this process. to rich for my blood

  44. Boeing747 Hashani

    Boeing747 Hashani

    16 hours ago

    Great content gustavo

  45. koffeekage


    16 hours ago

    But is it possible to combine honey dry age with pineapple.

  46. TheDebonic


    16 hours ago

    What if you took a waygu brisket smoked it then prepared it like heavens chicken?????

  47. Jorge Jimenez

    Jorge Jimenez

    16 hours ago

    12:28 after finishing a PH video

  48. Xienjou Gao

    Xienjou Gao

    17 hours ago

    hey gugang bakla! how about squid meat?

  49. Young Savage

    Young Savage

    17 hours ago

    If i was there i would have punch him and run away with the food



    17 hours ago

    Dry age 1 year please

  51. Ban Joker

    Ban Joker

    17 hours ago

    Next episode: “ I Dry-aged a steak in meth and here’s what happened”.

  52. Nevvon


    19 hours ago

    I love the new editing with the zoom-in and thot bubbles all in the perfect places and great timing. Love it all

  53. isaac Reicin

    isaac Reicin

    19 hours ago

    Hey guys can you just make a cheap video. Go to s upermarket and pick out some cheaper prime steaks with good marbling and go back to the basics. Sear and then indirect vs indirect then sear. I'd enjoy it and i think your viewers would too.

  54. Mazao G

    Mazao G

    19 hours ago

    Why am I watching this before lunch? This is torture.

  55. King Snake

    King Snake

    19 hours ago

    So even in cooking I can’t escape stupid clickbait videos

  56. Egehan Asan

    Egehan Asan

    20 hours ago

    Can you try doing the pineapple method with wagyu fat Injection

  57. Charmanders 0203

    Charmanders 0203

    20 hours ago

    He looked like he was about to cry when he smelt the steak

  58. Misaki T.

    Misaki T.

    20 hours ago

    welp. I already had all the knowledge thanks to food wars

  59. _


    20 hours ago

    I've always been told to not flip a steak more than once. Is that just a fable?

  60. Severinsen


    20 hours ago

    Should've done a regular round of tenderising instead. Honey is great for sauces and marinades, but I don't think it will ever work for dry ageing on its own.

  61. Andy Stephon

    Andy Stephon

    21 hour ago

    The honey dripped off, which is likely why some spoiled. Maybe if u vaccuum sealed the honey steak?

  62. Mariusz Arszylo

    Mariusz Arszylo

    21 hour ago

    Can we all just notice that Angel cut off the fat. He's getting spoiled over here.

  63. John Hite

    John Hite

    21 hour ago

    First "expert" that I have seen that cooks meat over flare-ups.

  64. aime ايمي

    aime ايمي

    22 hours ago

    Manuka honey is sooo expensive omg 😲 😂you're so rich🙂💫

  65. krutas S

    krutas S

    22 hours ago


  66. L Frechel

    L Frechel

    22 hours ago

    Although dry aging is nice to have sometimes. I feel like you waste so much of the meat when you have to cut off the bad parts.

  67. G zzz

    G zzz

    23 hours ago

    not sure why you're simping for hello fresh when we all know you cook all your meals

  68. Jados Blackos

    Jados Blackos

    23 hours ago

    Guga food is down 1 if they keep this new person for taste test , no it doesn't work would rather you by yourself

  69. Jados Blackos

    Jados Blackos

    23 hours ago

    We're is taste tester mama he's the best , you need a man to get a positive idea on mean the new young guy is like yeah nah

  70. Jados Blackos

    Jados Blackos

    23 hours ago

    Get rid of your taste tester he's a youth Wana be, keep him in l def not watch your vids but hey I'm just one guy you don't care

  71. Jados Blackos

    Jados Blackos

    Day ago

    Hello fresh hahahahah it's silly not worth paying for it.. I have not got it for myself but I have had a friend who recved it , the company understood the number of family member but they sent out enough for for about a family of 3 after they were told father , mother , 4 children.. when I told them they said sorry you have to contact customer service . No one thinks what are the below poverty line people are doing , most people just wish we die off , I wish I've tried such good meat and I wish I wasn't out down for being low poverty

  72. Jados Blackos

    Jados Blackos

    Day ago

    In ancient days they covered there food near, farmed veges they covered in honey to preserve to keep it for longer

  73. Jados Blackos

    Jados Blackos

    Day ago

    Honey is a preservative ...

  74. Don L

    Don L

    Day ago

    I don’t think you can call it dry aged. More like marinated 35 days in honey.

  75. Jados Blackos

    Jados Blackos

    Day ago

    Manuka honey is really expensive because humans rely on buzzing bees to harvest and they do not get given the harvest lands they need

  76. Jados Blackos

    Jados Blackos

    Day ago

    MANUKA HONEY IS NOT YOUR EVERY DAY HONEY, No it is not, it is only found front New Zealand and Australia, manuka is a common hardwood tree grown in the areas of those countries

  77. Sideral


    Day ago

    I'm not a specialist, but maybe you could avoid the oxidation problem by immersing the meat completely in honey.

  78. artistpw


    Day ago

    Try garlic cloves fermented in raw honey. Those were found in Egyptian Tombs and were still edible. The finished cloves are more pungent than black garlic, but the honey can be used in salad dressing. Just don't heat because that will destroy probably most of the health benefits. Black garlic is just regular garlic fermented at about 140d f for a month.

  79. dasfaha2


    Day ago

    You should run an experiment of Manuka vs regular honey?



    Day ago

    U should use wagyu to do a Greek gyros wrap with pita bread

  81. Maticulous


    Day ago

    Hey Guga can you buy the same cut of steak from different supermarkets and see which one tastes the best?

  82. Shelley


    Day ago

    What if you covered the inside of a bag thing with honey and then stick the steak in and age it to maybe help with the oxidation?

  83. HR Spooneyes

    HR Spooneyes

    Day ago

    get a discount coupon from honey

  84. _ Stelwer _

    _ Stelwer _

    Day ago

    This is the perfect chanel for vegans xD

  85. Boris


    Day ago

    Please work on your grill marks. Would look better.

  86. scalhotrod


    Day ago

    Wow, seems like more of a WASTE of expensive honey.

  87. Miguel The Dad, Cook & Handyman

    Miguel The Dad, Cook & Handyman

    Day ago

    Smoke a watermelon to taste like a ham!

  88. maybe paradigm

    maybe paradigm

    Day ago

    Why no vacuum bag for the honey steak? Have to do it again to see if there is a difference. Also might lose less meat.

  89. Drafteed


    Day ago

    guga i think u should experiment with different meats, for example, a review of snake meat

  90. Caniggula


    Day ago

    Lets try dry aging with honey in a dry age bag, then sous vide it for 35 days. Yeah?

  91. Crown Tuning

    Crown Tuning

    Day ago

    Old meat

  92. Sad life Is bad

    Sad life Is bad

    Day ago


  93. boltonky


    Day ago

    Good old NZ manuka honey, has so many health benefits and its anti-microbial so probably why tastes different and you could probably eat the left overs of honey that is

  94. Rob McGraw

    Rob McGraw

    Day ago

    Could you warm the honey slightly to make it easier to spread?

  95. naqib zulkifli

    naqib zulkifli

    Day ago

    I have something tht i really wanna know for a long time what salt is the best for steak

  96. Izzy R

    Izzy R

    Day ago

    Why don't you dry age in the Umai bag WITH the honey!? This way there won't be any oxidizing

  97. Davin


    Day ago

    This angel guy is freaking boring

  98. Davin


    Day ago

    What the heck this guy's fake laughter...he can change from smiling happily to a serious face in less than half an second, what a hypocrite

  99. Kutlwano Maroga

    Kutlwano Maroga

    Day ago

    Anyone here because of food wars

  100. PocketWatchMan


    Day ago

    What if we try use strawberry juice on meat instead of pineapple juice?