I Dry-Aged the BEST Steaks in the World, here is the winner!

Today is I cook the most expensive steak of my life. I never thought this would be possible but here we are. The Wagyu Olympics Dry-Aged! Just and insane experience.

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  1. Sous Vide Everything

    Sous Vide Everything

    3 months ago

    Put a 👍 on this comment if you think Angel shared with the family in the end. 😳

    • MrT


      Month ago

      that one person was him. ;)

    • Andreas Walch

      Andreas Walch

      Month ago

      @Zorgg 354 nwwgwpwnwwnhwwhw bin gowwhwwwwpwnwwoo

    • Andreas Walch

      Andreas Walch

      Month ago

      @Mike R. w

    • Luminatrix FanFiction

      Luminatrix FanFiction

      Month ago

      @Sous Vide Everything Hey Guga, which type of steaks were those? Striploin or Ribeye? I don't think you mentioned that. 😳

    • Dark Knight

      Dark Knight

      Month ago

      Hi Guga, can you try dry aged using KNO3 (Potassium Nitrate)? Our tradition used to be at home to preserve meat using KNO3. KNO3 for food is known as "Sendawa". The process takes about 2 days. Do not use salt when processing dry aged, only KNO3. 🙏🏿

  2. dylL1


    2 days ago

    Why aren’t you able to say “this” just “dis” are you four years old?

    • L3xus


      12 minutes ago

      Not everyone in this planet have the same accent, lol such a short world you lives in.

  3. Bert Besley

    Bert Besley

    7 days ago

    U should do a challenge with your nephew to see who can cook the best Walmart steak

  4. Daniel Laubhan

    Daniel Laubhan

    9 days ago

    whenever i lose hope in this world i just remember guga’s probably dry aging something right now

  5. Grant Phillips

    Grant Phillips

    10 days ago

    Guga.... the man!

  6. slowcoy


    10 days ago

    Chill Angel! It’s not your turn to be dry aged!

  7. Kevin Hawthorne

    Kevin Hawthorne

    12 days ago

    Why wouldn’t you cook the steaks properly? WoW

  8. Dore Fish-Bieler

    Dore Fish-Bieler

    12 days ago

    Dry age in pellicles next.

  9. George Costan

    George Costan

    13 days ago

    You need to make a video with a recipe containing pellicles and wagyu fat.

  10. legoboy12639


    14 days ago

    I saw a place where they use the dry age trimmings to make burgers. Is that possible with these trimmings ?

  11. DrDread


    14 days ago

    You guys are great, as alweays.

  12. Tarkin


    15 days ago

    I thought that you only made Kobe once. Isn’t it almost impossible to get?

  13. Brian ThailanderB_80

    Brian ThailanderB_80

    19 days ago

    Angel with the Heist of the Year!!!

  14. Ae-Ri Bae

    Ae-Ri Bae

    20 days ago

    Gugas reaction to the beef being stolen is better than stand up comedy or Amy Schumer

  15. Erik Murphy

    Erik Murphy

    20 days ago

    Look at angel show up with his personal fork lol

  16. illestSauzyy


    20 days ago

    Damn , to la Bonita I Go

  17. Electro


    20 days ago

    I guess I will drink water

  18. wangpie92


    22 days ago

    Guga!! do a comparison between grainfed and grassfed Wagyu!

  19. José Ledezma

    José Ledezma

    24 days ago


  20. AbdulazizAhmed


    29 days ago

    Nobody : Guga : 1:11

  21. Blood


    Month ago


  22. Silent Pain

    Silent Pain

    Month ago

    Angel‘s „Hello“ got me HAHAHAHA

  23. 「Tiago Woelwer」

    「Tiago Woelwer」

    Month ago

    "YoU HUnGry BoI?"

  24. Sulleyboo0


    Month ago

    Wagyu is disgusting. So fatty it makes me so nauseous

    • deekay13


      3 days ago

      So is bacon except bacon is way unhealthier. Wagyu fat is different from regular steak fat in that it's actually not unhealthy. It's high in monounsaturated fatty acids. If you're not used to the high fat content go for a lower marbling score like A1-2.

    • Adeeb Sulimany

      Adeeb Sulimany

      Month ago

      It's more expensive than you and your mother

  25. Elan koulax

    Elan koulax

    Month ago

    He is either lying about the cost or getting screwed over by his trusted butcher. If you go online to purchase A5 wagu of all types they range 100-300 per steak. It would never cost 2000 for three steaks. If he got large roasts that he can cut steaks from then I could believe his over 2000 dollar price range. I just don't like him lying about the price range of the stuff he presents. It is still very expensive but no were near the cost he is advertising.

  26. Devin Wong

    Devin Wong

    Month ago

    You forgot the Wagyu bone marrow

  27. Will Chien

    Will Chien

    Month ago

    More fat than meat

  28. Damoon Foroutanian

    Damoon Foroutanian

    Month ago

    Hahahahahahah Guga's face when Angel takes the board off the table... the genuine child-gets-his-toy-taken-away-heartbreak expression Wagyu's, 2.000. Guga's face, priceless.

  29. Buboy


    Month ago

    Hey Guga, can I be family too? I'm good with families bro.

  30. Slinky511nx7


    Month ago

    Dafuk is going on with Angel's hairline

  31. Tenisha Smith

    Tenisha Smith

    Month ago

    Like I’ve said before…. I just want to come to dinner….that’s all.

  32. Blake Baker

    Blake Baker

    Month ago

    $1250 for a glorified toaster oven. That’s ridiculous

  33. Matthew Weems

    Matthew Weems

    Month ago

    Where did the steak go😂😂😂😂

  34. Ryan


    Month ago

    I think this is what they call food porn LOL

  35. Killswitch Kurtz

    Killswitch Kurtz

    Month ago

    Glad to see you kept your house and car.

  36. Roy Phung

    Roy Phung

    Month ago

    Can you please try to make A5 wagyu beef belly burnt ends and roast wagyu beef belly with beef crackling (like roast pork belly with crackling) please?

  37. Reek Z

    Reek Z

    Month ago

    I just wish skirt steak was 2.59 a pound again.

  38. Joe Ziegler

    Joe Ziegler

    Month ago

    I saw what you started with and what you ended up with. Why would you do that to such expensive meat!!?? Seems to me you lost over 50%, That is insane!

  39. Noah Emswiler

    Noah Emswiler

    Month ago

    Can honestly say. You've way overcooked that. It's heated over medium. Almost midwell.. then you go and give it a crust.... I would've sous vide it to 100 for an hour. (Especially how thin it was) then crust it. And it'd cook to about 120 to 125.. would've been way worth it

  40. Matthew Davenport

    Matthew Davenport

    Month ago

    Guga, please let me know if you ever consider adopting a 30 year old man into your family.

  41. Avi Batyrov

    Avi Batyrov

    Month ago

    “There’s like a good 1 person over there” lmao love his nephew

    • Benjamin Lee

      Benjamin Lee

      26 days ago

      I laughed so hard at this part.

  42. AttitudeAdjusterAA


    Month ago

    all im saying is that he there is no way he only got 3 stakes of that size out of it. most def he got 6 and just ate the rest before showing us

  43. Smoke AndVape

    Smoke AndVape

    Month ago

    *Angel: This plate is mine now.*

  44. SteveJL1983


    Month ago

    Angel couldn't get out of there fast enough with all that Wagyu. Lmao

  45. Ross Johnson

    Ross Johnson

    Month ago

    thought he said covid beef @ 2:11

  46. Dejan V

    Dejan V

    Month ago

    I am kinda disappointed noone went fot the full three in one combo. I would kill to have a smaller pieces of each one one the fork and eat it at once 🤩

  47. the stigs European cousin

    the stigs European cousin

    Month ago

    Angel just took off with 2 grand worth of steak 🤣

  48. Geng Hujung Blok

    Geng Hujung Blok

    Month ago

    uncle roger need wagyu fried rice

  49. kapten krok

    kapten krok

    Month ago

    The kobe looked overcooked

  50. Derrick Brown

    Derrick Brown

    Month ago

    I've had Wagyu and it runs circles around other popular producers like Welch Black, Black Angus and Walmart but I've never experienced Kobe

  51. Derrick Brown

    Derrick Brown

    Month ago

    Please open your restaurant

  52. Derrick Brown

    Derrick Brown

    Month ago

    I'm jealous

  53. Robert Hurtt

    Robert Hurtt

    Month ago

    If you want a good life ask these words,dear lord please come into my heart in jesus name amen

  54. TacChef 40

    TacChef 40

    Month ago

    What happened to the Cuban guy?

  55. VannaWhites BabbyDaddy

    VannaWhites BabbyDaddy

    Month ago

    Great Video Brother!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  56. Your Ordinary Stranger

    Your Ordinary Stranger

    Month ago

    You should dry age the everyday wagyu and try to make it as good as these steaks

  57. Rev. Jonathan Wint

    Rev. Jonathan Wint

    Month ago

    I absolutely feel no shame in saying I would eat out his garbage 🤣!

  58. Rev. Jonathan Wint

    Rev. Jonathan Wint

    Month ago

    Just f****** wow and wow and wow! I feel honored just watching you eat that thing!

  59. Kyle Henry

    Kyle Henry

    Month ago

    I've never drooled so much over a video in my life

  60. Mark


    Month ago

    Y'all missed Olive Wagyu A5...

  61. Thomas Davison

    Thomas Davison

    Month ago

    I can't stop watching Guga's videos! They aren't not only entertaining but great way to learn to cook. Cheers Guga and gang. How much would a dinner like this cost in a Restaurant? $200? or more?

  62. helder magalhaes

    helder magalhaes

    Month ago

    ... judging by the intro I think you need to buy a knife 🔪! 😉

  63. Kenneth Wu

    Kenneth Wu

    Month ago

    Kobe is champ👏🏻

  64. Chesneko


    Month ago


  65. gschnog


    Month ago

    The loss is painful. Thank you good sir.

  66. Daniel Knapp

    Daniel Knapp

    Month ago

    Why cook to 135 and then sear 🤔has to be Medium??

  67. yohendry hurtado

    yohendry hurtado

    2 months ago

    Where is your MSG?



    2 months ago

    "hah apa? wagyu a5??"

  69. King Luxxenburg

    King Luxxenburg

    2 months ago

    I want to see the 185 boxer buff dude chief out you.

  70. Joe Pina

    Joe Pina

    2 months ago


  71. Harvey Mushman

    Harvey Mushman

    2 months ago

    Any use for the cut off trim pieces? I fell like it's be throwing away gold....

    • Thy Father

      Thy Father

      Month ago


  72. solskkhai


    2 months ago

    Do matsusaka too

  73. Jax


    2 months ago

    Thank you for the videos. I've been binge watching for the last few days and tonight I'll be making my first wagyu steak, cant wait!

  74. Chris topher

    Chris topher

    2 months ago

    Man with the thickness of those steaks I hope you got two slices out of everyone. I also hope you used the trimmings for high end burger or sausage grind.

  75. Azizul Aziz

    Azizul Aziz

    2 months ago

    I thought you previously did this and said it's not worth dry ageing this calibre of wagyu?

  76. Minh Tran

    Minh Tran

    2 months ago

    Angel appeared with a fork in his hand super super ready to join the holy war with the fire in his eyes =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  77. Jason Chen

    Jason Chen

    2 months ago

    Between being the most expensive cuts of beef in the world, dry aged, sou vided and then flame roasted, this episode should go down as the most perfect steaks one has ever made, can make or will ever make.

  78. Eric Jarman

    Eric Jarman

    2 months ago

    Would you make some siopao that would blow you away!!!

  79. Pasque man

    Pasque man

    2 months ago

    Why did he have to cut it so much and make it so small?

  80. Karl C

    Karl C

    2 months ago

    Hahahaha I died of laughter when they at the Miyazaki piece!!!! The did a perfect synchronized head bob!!!!!!! Hahaha omg that was hilarious

  81. RustyDust101


    2 months ago

    Ok, Guga, Maumau, Angel, from now on everything you do is only going to be second grade stuff. Not dissing on your cooking skills, not in the slightest. But how do you ever want to exceed that quality? I really don't know.

  82. Fire_Punch


    2 months ago

    13:10 Angel pulls a Jane Jetson on Guga lol

  83. KAT MF

    KAT MF

    2 months ago

    It's like dasani stream water and beach water.

  84. David Johnson

    David Johnson

    2 months ago

    You know damn well he cooked the end caps the next day. The enjoyment of these types of steaks come in the texture and fat to beef ratio. The flavor yes but I always get A5 or Waygu because it is worth the extra money at a steakhouse.

  85. Trung Hiếu Nguyễn

    Trung Hiếu Nguyễn

    2 months ago


  86. El magnifico

    El magnifico

    2 months ago

    All right everybody

  87. El magnifico

    El magnifico

    2 months ago

    You wasted some good meat my friend

  88. Swifty_805


    2 months ago

    You know I don't think I've seen you cook any wild game?

  89. John Le

    John Le

    2 months ago

    start dry aging PORK TOO!!!

  90. Rick de Vos

    Rick de Vos

    2 months ago

    Guga, sir, you audio deserves some attention. It's clipping / too loud.

  91. Christopher Folekene

    Christopher Folekene

    2 months ago

    Looks so good I'm crying

  92. Jason Nguyen

    Jason Nguyen

    2 months ago

    Angel is a legend!!

  93. KingNurseOR


    2 months ago

    Ok, so do you save any of the stuff you cut off for other projects, or does it just go to the trash? This is where I don’t understand dry aging. You have beautiful expensive meat that you have to discard a good portion of it just to be left with a fraction of what you paid for to enjoy, Maybe I should go try it fist but 2g is a lot of money.

  94. Carl Sagan

    Carl Sagan

    2 months ago

    Angel is so nice taking the steaks for the 1 person who is definitely not himself.

  95. Gerson Pagoaga

    Gerson Pagoaga

    2 months ago

    I am seething with ENVY!

  96. Otis Sistrunk

    Otis Sistrunk

    2 months ago

    Guga: "Why don't you have your sous vide everything shirt on?" Angel: "sorry uncle..." Guga: "You're getting select today..."

  97. Johan Ackermann

    Johan Ackermann

    2 months ago

    Guga why not use a meat slicer to trim the biggest surfaces?

  98. Federico


    2 months ago

    I still can not get my head around the fact they eat them cold :(

  99. Christopher Evans

    Christopher Evans

    2 months ago

    .I trust your judgement always.

  100. stellingbanjodude


    2 months ago

    If I was wealthy, I would hire Guga to be my chef. I would weigh 500 Lbs, and I’m a skinny guy!