How Corona saved my life (& my cheap race car)

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  1. Rock Dog

    Rock Dog

    15 hours ago

    Great story...and yeah...only real "Car Guys (and Gals)" would 'get it' and appreciate a story like that.

  2. Carlos Vicente

    Carlos Vicente

    Day ago

    John tell his stories with such a passion and love for cars is very touching! One my favorite storytellers from vinwiki!

  3. Kyle Peters

    Kyle Peters

    2 days ago

    Did he just say that most pre 75' Toyota's were destroyed in WW2 aka the war of the early 40s??

  4. Joshua Bowman

    Joshua Bowman

    4 days ago

    If I was given the option to run a Ford straight 6 I would. Last as many laps as you want, and another couple after the oil and antifreeze are on the ground.

  5. Mr Cool

    Mr Cool

    4 days ago

    Our Corona ironically had a sun roof.

  6. kingofdoggos


    5 days ago

    I would love to be apart of 24 hours of lemons except my broke ass wouldn't even be able to buy a fender

  7. Danger Bear

    Danger Bear

    5 days ago

    The Ridge is a beautiful track .

  8. Jata Nevtelen

    Jata Nevtelen

    6 days ago

    This is the best story ever. I wanna do lemons now. Too bad I'm still a kid.

  9. villagelightsmith


    7 days ago

    Makes perfect sense to me!

  10. Tony Suda

    Tony Suda

    8 days ago

    Corona saving people.. if thats not an oxymoron i dont know what is

  11. DaveBuilds


    11 days ago

    And I bet if you'd ran a 4 link setup on the factory axle with a na dodge 2.4 mounted to a toyota transmission up front it would have done better than with the 1j and IRS.

  12. John Molloy

    John Molloy

    11 days ago

    Those RT40 Coronas were a great thing. Not fast, but reliable and well built. We loved ours!

  13. Cre80s


    13 days ago

    2:01 What in the hell is that on the left??? Someone sitting on the trunk lid???

  14. Jay Mallea

    Jay Mallea

    14 days ago

    Jz engines are like the god of ricers

  15. SirFryStirFry


    14 days ago

    John you are living my dream

  16. Why Me

    Why Me

    14 days ago

    Okay so your camouflage was called "cock-mouflage"? ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. James Kelly

    James Kelly

    15 days ago

    That Toyota Town picture you guys used is the old building that sat on the dealer lot that I work at

  18. A Fierro

    A Fierro

    15 days ago

    Ah yes, the rare SOCOM Cocklaflauge

  19. SirUncleDolan


    17 days ago

    This was a fantastic ride, and as someone not really anywhere near the car scene I'm glad i got to listen to it

  20. John Simon

    John Simon

    17 days ago

    I might have actually seen that pink donโ€™t ask car in person at Lemons in Oregon. The ridge is wild โ€ฆ especially with a little oil on the track

  21. Elliott Grossman

    Elliott Grossman

    17 days ago

    Lol Stockton! I live like 30 min from there haha. He's lucky not any of the cars here in the valley really rust at all.

  22. The Mad Daddy

    The Mad Daddy

    18 days ago

    It's a miracle that engine survived it's first race.

  23. Jack Anthony

    Jack Anthony

    19 days ago

    THATS WHERE IVE SEEN THIS THING. I live right by the ridge๐Ÿ˜‚

  24. like a sir

    like a sir

    19 days ago

    This was not only the greatest car story I have ever listened to but this corona ist also one of the most brilliant cars I have ever seen

  25. The Courier

    The Courier

    19 days ago

    That's friggin awesome. My first car as well, was a 1970 Toyota Corona MKII. Loved it.

  26. All Things M3

    All Things M3

    21 day ago


  27. Lesedi Moleleki

    Lesedi Moleleki

    21 day ago

    "leaded fuel smelled amazing, of course it was killing you" *sudden realization*

  28. Jacob Baker

    Jacob Baker

    21 day ago

    How did you afford RPF1 wheels in lemons?

  29. Razors Occam

    Razors Occam

    22 days ago

    USgone thinks he is talking about Covid. Awkward....

  30. Koshi Eternium

    Koshi Eternium

    23 days ago

    Why would USgone put a Covid banner on this video when it's never mentioned once?

  31. BlackNot Poc

    BlackNot Poc

    23 days ago

    The USgone algorithm thinks this is a video about Covid. ๐Ÿคก

  32. JP Stravinski

    JP Stravinski

    23 days ago

    Wait Sonoma!? I wanna meet this guy.

  33. Shadow1mpact


    24 days ago

    I loved this, this is just great story telling!!! truly enjoyed spending 20 mins in your world! thanks!

  34. Steven Richards

    Steven Richards

    24 days ago

    โ€œNormally Aspiratedโ€

  35. Todd Templeton

    Todd Templeton

    24 days ago

    I have a corona for sale in Bellingham WA

  36. Dino Pasic

    Dino Pasic

    25 days ago

    Bla bla bla

  37. Elias Papadimas

    Elias Papadimas

    26 days ago

    0:01 don't we all John don't we all

  38. Shagi Rani

    Shagi Rani

    26 days ago

    Just because its got 'CORONA' in the video doesn't mean it is about corona lol....

  39. Shawn McDowell

    Shawn McDowell

    26 days ago

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  40. Magnacars


    26 days ago

    I need that help to LS swap my Rolls Royce

  41. Gregory Rapier

    Gregory Rapier

    29 days ago

    Love your story. I have built cars for many people all dirt cars I was a crew chief for a SCCA F modified in the 60s. The dirt cars were stock cars and open wheel sportsman's I was also the crew chief on those (two cars) and supermodified (two cars) we raced at San Jose speedway. All the time wanting my own race car that I got to drive. 66 years old and I get a race car a SCCA worn out. I take it out and like you in that Toyota ran the car looking in the rear view. It was the slowest car there. I ran it at Thunderhill Raceway 2011. So I went through the engine (a rotary). Take it out the next out 2012 and the engine has new O-rings break get maybe 8 laps. 2013 I save my money and do a race porting and build a header and stick a 38 mm Weber on it Take it out and get maybe 10 laps and have oiling problems again. The next year 2014 I had bought another RX 7 for parts got it home thought I can fix this it was hit on the right front. It had some good parts in it but I fixed it and sold it. So with that money I went all out I replaced the 38 mm Weber with a 48 mm Weber. Installed aluminum flywheel new racing clutch and pressure plate and did a bridgeport on it. We moved to Ocean Shores Washington. Never got to run it. Used the old O rings when putting back together and when I went to move it one of them failed and it is sitting in my trailer at our new home in Washington with water in the oil. I have to build a garage so it is in the trailer. I am now in July will be 73. So after waiting all that time. Working on cars for everyone and their brother my dream to drive Its not going to happen.

  42. bryant jamel

    bryant jamel

    29 days ago

    The nauseating tights comparably note because scale contemporaneously suit including a even excellent excited dream. deserted, gabby receipt

  43. gooodnews7


    29 days ago

    When itโ€™s about race cars, I wane watch them race, not just bla bla bla! ๐ŸคŒ๐Ÿป

  44. original fireman cancelled

    original fireman cancelled

    Month ago

    My sister had that car back in the early seventies me my buddies used to joy ride it we called it the slant nose

  45. Blair Williams

    Blair Williams

    Month ago

    Wait a minute, the aviation industry is burning leaded fuel in 2021 ?

  46. Kiva Samson

    Kiva Samson

    Month ago

    Because Rally car๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  47. Happy Guy

    Happy Guy

    Month ago

    This is one of my favourite stories on this channel.

  48. Brian Blanchard

    Brian Blanchard

    Month ago

    Love all the Lemon stories, I've always wanted to participate in this!

  49. Racko Wacko

    Racko Wacko

    Month ago

    That lemons guy was a pos lol. The 1jz in a mk3 supra was a factory option..

  50. Mad Man

    Mad Man

    Month ago

    Maybe 24 hours of lemons is how I will eventually put my current car to rest.

  51. Kevin


    Month ago

    So they get the race car done but where's the closure? Can't we learn about the race that made his blood, sweat, and tears all worth our time to listen to the story that many of us lived without the wealth that wasn't spared? I'm subscribed because of the first two stories I listened to. He left us hanging,... strike one.

  52. Danny Mitchell

    Danny Mitchell

    Month ago

    It is a great looking little car and I am sure itโ€™s awesome :). They probably had more fun in it before the race car parts of it.

  53. Scott


    Month ago

    Those old Toyotas were so easy to work on. Bought mine for $300, sold it to a friend for $40 and a couple days of labor, and then he drove it for a few years. On it's last leg, it pushed a Camero to the junk yard where they both rested.

  54. Gggkygjf


    Month ago

    im happy that carina wast destroyed

  55. AClockHead103


    Month ago

    dude was burpy throughout the vid

  56. watsis buttndo

    watsis buttndo

    Month ago

    I can see how lemons racing could be addictive.

  57. teamsleepnine


    Month ago

    they didnt ask for money, but do you pay them?

  58. John Bowen

    John Bowen

    Month ago


  59. John Bowen

    John Bowen

    Month ago


  60. Ace Scionti

    Ace Scionti

    Month ago

    Rare case of a corona saving a life

  61. Timmy Oshaunessy

    Timmy Oshaunessy

    Month ago

    Stockton? In California? My turf

  62. lxy


    Month ago


  63. Phoenix X

    Phoenix X

    Month ago

    Oh no... you let the Corona secret out.. shhhhh ! :P

  64. asido057


    Month ago

    Picking up a 69 2 door corona this weekend

  65. Thunder Chunky

    Thunder Chunky

    Month ago

    Corona in title - covid propaganda warning at the bottom of the video. Pathetic.

  66. 123chugchug


    Month ago

    I remember the smell of leaded fuel, not anyway bad like today shit.

  67. burntrubberballs


    Month ago

    This lost my attention fast

  68. King_carter Gucci

    King_carter Gucci

    Month ago

    Why did 8 rh8nโ€™ he was talking about the virus corona

  69. TomF1970


    Month ago

    It's a great story, because it's all true. Well told my brother.

  70. LD


    Month ago

    I would love to own an old Toyota Corona.

  71. Pavl Rakopv

    Pavl Rakopv

    Month ago

    And young guys today spend most of their spare time in front of an electronic screen.... doing none of this.... what a top story....



    Month ago

    Mr. Ficarra is definitely my favorite vin wiki story teller and also has the types of stories I want

  73. OGnapkin


    Month ago

    when you think corona virus has anything to do with the video

  74. Carlos Leon

    Carlos Leon

    Month ago

    I bought one in 2009 for $400bucks , towed home, clean all the rat turds ๐Ÿ˜‚ had the engine running few days later, need it lots of body work. But it was me and my son's project. Unfortunately things didn't went out way and had to give the car away ๐Ÿ˜ญ I still remember seeing my boy cry asking me where they taking my car. He was 6 years old back then I hope I can make up to him one day ๐Ÿ˜ž

  75. Jay R

    Jay R

    Month ago

    A true addiction and a true addict... I can relate !

  76. Ronyn Santos

    Ronyn Santos

    Month ago

    Epic build! Good job!



    Month ago

    This is the nine hundred time I heard some one go for the great deal on some part that does not fit there car project. A smaller engine would have been better and lighter because they never got to use that 1000 hp. And they had to kill them selves to make it work.

  78. thomas Burke

    thomas Burke

    Month ago

    We had a Corona on base in Japan in the early 70's.. identical to this one.. my dad tried to purchase it and ship it home to Virginia after his ToD.. the car was US govt property ..he was pissed.

  79. Michael Wooda

    Michael Wooda

    Month ago

    What was taking 100s of hours of work to finish? I dont understand that? race cars are made to build simple and like more detail of what took hundreds hours of labor when the car is pretty well finished?

  80. wizbangdiving


    Month ago

    Haha too funny. That was my first car. 1969 corona. One of my fondest cars.

  81. Anthony_Rob Lucas_TraderFx

    Anthony_Rob Lucas_TraderFx

    Month ago

    Amazing story teller ๐Ÿ’ฏ. There might be an economic turmoil but there's no doubt this is still the best time to invest, its time we take full control of our financial independence/freedom. Wealthy people don't make other wealthy people rich, they give wealthy people ideas so that the poor can make them rich. The average "Joe" can be the next millionaire just off trading, learning the markets and its psychology(The hardest thing in trading) with the right mentor but you got to start somewhere. I'm a high six figure earner with just a HS diploma! Get @ me in the comment section if you looking to earn and learn the pros and cons of the financial markets ๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ“ˆ๐Ÿ’ต.

  82. Scotty63


    Month ago

    You Americans are so lucky being able to run the 24hr Lemons etc, No chance here in the UK, Too much red tape. Denied!

  83. Darrell Barnhill

    Darrell Barnhill

    Month ago

    It's called carolla

  84. Ahmed Hammoodi

    Ahmed Hammoodi

    Month ago

    Donโ€™t go to his parties if you hate manual labor lol

  85. queball


    Month ago

    what car is that Yellow thing at 1:12?

    • oingoironman


      Month ago

      Lotus Eclat

  86. Maurice Lewis

    Maurice Lewis

    Month ago

    I love that story

  87. J Rowland

    J Rowland

    Month ago

    I raced lemons, but today I learned just how bad the "cheating" has become. It's a far cry from what it was. Shame. Ruined something special.

  88. Tofu Garage

    Tofu Garage

    Month ago

    Holy shit your down the street from me???

  89. NoShit


    Month ago

    Good stories but they cap hard sometimes

  90. Hugh-John Fleming

    Hugh-John Fleming

    Month ago

    I was enjoying this until I realized he stretched a three minute anecdote into a "limited series for cable TV." Like reading Tolkien, so much potato and no steak.

  91. Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage

    Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage

    Month ago

    This is one heck of a story =] ๐Ÿ’œ

  92. ferp420


    Month ago

    i love those old caronas so cumfy and plush for a old box one of the ones i wish i could have kept lol i dont know why though lol

  93. Kirsten Spencer

    Kirsten Spencer

    Month ago

    Cheating is " just getting competitive ", yaa Smokey Yunick !!

  94. tuker376 boss

    tuker376 boss

    Month ago

    Why did vinwiki change the title

    • tuker376 boss

      tuker376 boss

      Month ago


    • VINwiki


      Month ago

      Someone recommended that. We liked it better.

  95. Fairweather Hobbyist

    Fairweather Hobbyist

    Month ago

    That Corona is legendary, didn't realize John was the nut responsible for it! Great story, I'm bummed my team will be racing without me this weekend glad to see people keeping the love of racing alive!

  96. iris punt

    iris punt

    Month ago

    The video should be called: How Corona saved my life!

    • iris punt

      iris punt

      Month ago

      @VINwiki NICE! Much appreciated! I tried to tell some one about the story in the video but soon realized that sooooo much happens and I just put on the video again, great story! I'll be sending an email from my bf's address (stupid complicated reason:-) but it will be from gsgo********.nl. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

    • VINwiki


      Month ago

      You're exactly right. We changed it. Email your address and shirt size to and we'll send you a VINwiki shirt.

  97. John Wayne

    John Wayne

    Month ago

    Man I enjoy John's stories so much!

  98. kennytheamazing


    Month ago

    I really wish we had a LeMons series in Europe.

  99. Backroad Junkie

    Backroad Junkie

    Month ago

    I owned a '69 Corona 4-door with a two-speed Toyoglide transmission! 2l inline 4, probably made 60hp, lol... PoC. It would rust before your eyes. If I still owned it, I'd gladly have donated it, lol.

  100. Boonjamin


    Month ago

    Motorswapping in a 1jzgte goes against the spirit of lemans surely