I love Dak Prescott, but he's not worth $40 million a year - Skip Bayless | NFL | UNDISPUTED

There could be some positive news for Dallas Cowboys fans with Dak Prescott. While there are still no reports of a deal being any closer, Dak responded to Blake Jarwin’s Instagram post asking if the QB wanted to run it back in a few months. Dak responded simply with quote, 'that’s the only way I see it.' CeeDee Lamb and Dalton Schultz both chimed in with positive comments as well. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Dak's comment.
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I love Dak Prescott, but he's not worth $40 million a year - Skip Bayless | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    2 months ago

    Will Dak Prescott play for the Cowboys next season?

    • Orion Brandon

      Orion Brandon

      Month ago

      @Aaron Emiliano Damn! It took like 10 mins but it reallyworked!!

    • Aaron Emiliano

      Aaron Emiliano

      Month ago

      Dont know if anyone cares but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal password hack xD

    • R. William Comm

      R. William Comm

      Month ago

      Who cares. So many ppl struggling to make ends meet & Dak wants to split hairs when offered generational wealth. If he doesn’t want to play for $35M per year then don’t franchise him & find another QB. Russ Wilson is worth three first round picks.

    • Santiago Carrillo

      Santiago Carrillo

      Month ago

      @yeezybuttah45 try

    • Kevin Lopez

      Kevin Lopez

      2 months ago

      Yes Wentz is with the colts Goff lions for Stafford is rams

  2. Its Me

    Its Me

    5 days ago

    Did dark actually say “34 mill can’t feed his family” I can’t find any sources

  3. Pastorpage TV

    Pastorpage TV

    Month ago

    Dallas is not America's team. Dak is not the problem, it has always been JERRY

  4. SkinCarver


    Month ago

    Skip's been Dak's biggest defender? A little over 2 years ago Skip posted a vid of him throwing Dak's jersey in the trash lol

  5. Rudi Kilchherr

    Rudi Kilchherr

    Month ago

    I normally like the banter. But on the rare occasion where Skip and Shannon agree it’s even better to watch!

  6. The Wanderer

    The Wanderer

    Month ago

    I love Dak and would love to see him as a cowboy , but I have to agree that’s he just not worth the money even before he got hurt, and now that he wants more after a possible career ending injury just seems crazy to me. I think the cowboys should trade up and get either Wilson or Fields. Then spend everything else on there defensive secondary

  7. Shortie Lori Peterson

    Shortie Lori Peterson

    Month ago

    Skip ain't nothing but a bandwagon fan!! He needs to sthu😠

  8. Juke Joint

    Juke Joint

    Month ago

    Cowboys could save money if they got rid of Dak and hired Russel Wilson and they would be no worst off for it....

  9. Dwayne Lacey

    Dwayne Lacey

    Month ago

    That's true , dak should understand he's probably going to have to get paid elsewhere. Jerry Jones ain't gonna pay up, especially after the injury

  10. Lucy


    Month ago

    It's another Irishman feeling terrible about losing his fake job.

  11. Vincent Williams

    Vincent Williams

    Month ago

    You are worth whatever someone's willing to pay you

  12. Texan Football Houston

    Texan Football Houston

    Month ago

    Dak is the man worth 40-47 easy man😂

  13. Mister Myself

    Mister Myself

    Month ago

    Dallas wants a long deal and Dak wants a short deal. After the injury, id want a longer deal.

  14. Mister Myself

    Mister Myself

    Month ago

    No one in sports is worth 20-25% of the cap. Especially when there are 52 other spots to fill. These contracts are team killers. Most of the teams that have won SBs, the QB was on a rookie deal. Thats where Russell, Rothlisburger, Mahommes were on when they won. Even the Eagles, starter was on rookie deal and Foles was on a backup deal.

  15. Brandon Norman

    Brandon Norman

    Month ago

    Cmon now, Dak bet on himself, and lost big time, he played, " let it ride", he lost, now wants a mulligan. They should pay dak 100 million per year, cut half the players, Daks so good, he'll win anyway, and if the Cowboys suck, oh well, they only exist to give Dak what he wants, that's whats important, that Dak come before the team, I mean he's the 🐐, Daks an iron man, never gets injured...............

  16. James Zavala

    James Zavala

    Month ago

    Skip and Sharp. What do you think of the next Andrew Luck? This Davis Mills kid looks really good. He automatically resembled Luck. His happy feet. His foot work. His throws. Accuracy. Hitting the windows that are there. Leading receivers. Scrambles when needed too. That being said. I'm GM for the Cowboys. Does everyone forget who Dallas was projected to draft in the 2nd rd last year b4 they stole him from us? Jalen Hurts. That said it all about how they think about Dak. Now we have the 10th pick, and are damn near in the same predicament with Dak. Do you think Dallas isn't going to draft a QB now having that high pick. If they had the 10th pick last year we would've drafted a QB. So I'd sign Dalton. Saves us much needed money. Sign and trade Dak to a top 5 pick team. We gain picks for the now and the futute. Make sure we draft Mills with the 2nd rd pick. Draft Sewell with pick from Dak. Draft Surtain at 10. Cut and release contracts to make room for free agency. Defense. Of course in my perfect world. I hope I make good sense to where y'all invite me to debate with y'all legends. I would love to trade my low paying job to do what y'all do. Help me I watch y'all religiously. Pull me out of this struggle..

  17. chris topher

    chris topher

    Month ago

    Its funny the drama and stress skip had to deal with but when dak was depressed after losing his mom and brother SKIP AINT GIVE A DAMM

  18. chris topher

    chris topher

    Month ago

    😂😂😂 it went from the black qb losing his legs running to him losing his platform on his throws 💀 sad

  19. Zoo Utd

    Zoo Utd

    Month ago

    It’s time to trade him, let’s go for Joe burrow 🤞🏽

    • Zoo Utd

      Zoo Utd

      Month ago

      @David Edwin i am down for that, with russ we will favourites in our division

    • David Edwin

      David Edwin

      Month ago

      Or Russell Wilson. He said the Cowboys were one of the teams he'd be willing to come to. They'd get a discount from what Dak wants and he's better than him anyways.

  20. P Colbert

    P Colbert

    Month ago

    Poor Zak.

  21. The Fishing Fool

    The Fishing Fool

    Month ago

    40 mil? He's not worth a double cheeseburger

  22. darkstack


    Month ago

    Jenny she cutie

  23. Vos Landeck

    Vos Landeck

    Month ago

    Dak is not worth $42-43 million per year. Skip finally got something right.....probably for the first time in his life, lol. Shannon's argument of paying now because it will be "cheaper" later is a strategy that failed with the Eagles with Wentz and the Rams with Goff.

  24. Dion R

    Dion R

    Month ago

    Not worth $40 million a year? Tell that to the likes of Frito Lay, Pepsi Co, Beats by Dre, Campbell's, AT&T, Sleep Number, Dannon, Citibank, and 7 Eleven, all of whom pay Dak Prescott a combined total of *$50 million annually!* If major corporations who have nothing to do with football think Dak is worth more to sit in front of a camera and advertise their products than Jerry is offering him to play football, then Jerry has no legs to stand on!

  25. hoopin


    Month ago

    What about Johnny football 🏈. ? Where is he ?

  26. Ben Brewer

    Ben Brewer

    Month ago


  27. Ben Brewer

    Ben Brewer

    Month ago

    Skip Bayless..Shannon Sharpe....

  28. Ben Brewer

    Ben Brewer

    Month ago


  29. iurhviusdfavhi


    Month ago

    I dont get it, teams have won super bowls with way worse QBs than Dak, Keep building around him and treat him with respect...

  30. Matthew Mockabee

    Matthew Mockabee

    Month ago

    It’s time to say it, is Jerry Jones racist , why hasn’t he been signed? He clearly looked like the best QB in his division based off last season(s)

  31. Craig Arndt

    Craig Arndt

    Month ago

    Mr. Sharp is sharp on his game...again. Skipper. Carson Wentz. See that video for clarity.

  32. QuackAttack


    Month ago

    You know what’s funny? Dak is just as injury prone as Wentz. Carson Wentz has played in 68 games in 5 years. Dak has played in 69 🤔. Dak is garbage

  33. Kevin Moore

    Kevin Moore

    Month ago

    Shannon, your glasses are too small for your head.

  34. Abe Lincoln

    Abe Lincoln

    2 months ago

    Then release him and let the market decide if he's worth $40 m pa.

  35. Paul Robinson

    Paul Robinson

    2 months ago

    Cooper had a bag boy basically throwing him the ball. He put up great numbers when Dak was healthy.

  36. Casper10M


    2 months ago

    U know what fine give em the money he wants, but he gonna get all the blame when we loose games bc we cant get no weapons, and I dont want him complain when he keep getting hits

  37. skrip214


    2 months ago

    Cowboys were in the lead when dak got injured and we were marching down the feild confidently to score another

  38. Hiroshi


    2 months ago

    TB12 25mil what the other 45mil 35million guys while he won SB ? Don’t ever Think about TB12 have rich wife or stupid, He knew how to make more money that is Victory ✌🏻 end up not only he made more money also his teammates and around people family made more money 💰

  39. Marcos Gallardo

    Marcos Gallardo

    2 months ago

    Totally agree with skip dak not worth no 40 million come on now 😒

  40. Mitchell Seiff

    Mitchell Seiff

    2 months ago

    Why are the cowboys still America's team when is the last time they won the playoff game does anybody remember that!!

  41. Omar Westmoreland

    Omar Westmoreland

    2 months ago

    We are talking millions ... does dak need that much to play football.. he's set for life his family is set for life and his kids are set for life already with what he's made...dak should except whatever to provide his team a chance to win ... legacy over Financials

  42. TeaCollecter


    2 months ago

    I like skip but he is not worth being a sports talking head.

  43. Joaquin Borgago

    Joaquin Borgago

    2 months ago

    Taylor Heinicke for Bum Prescott..😉

  44. Max VanNatter

    Max VanNatter

    2 months ago

    No way Dallas signs him. They won’t tag him, they won’t sign him. Jerry will find way to move up draft, take Zach, and build a D

  45. YeeTCaT_7o7


    2 months ago

    Coming from a Cowboys fan, someone PLEASE tell skip to stop talking.

  46. MrMainboy83


    2 months ago

    You're not worth the millions you make !!!

  47. MJ E

    MJ E

    2 months ago

    Shannon sounds stupid in these Dak vids, bye bye Dallas

  48. Werner Mills

    Werner Mills

    2 months ago

    The wacky rectangle iteratively risk because brace pharmacodynamically surprise underneath a aboard clutch. simple, comfortable music

  49. Captain Eyebrows

    Captain Eyebrows

    2 months ago

    I would trade deshaun for dak straight up but unlikely

  50. Captain Eyebrows

    Captain Eyebrows

    2 months ago

    Dak is about to become Skips new Kwwhi. 😂

  51. Lucien Ramirez

    Lucien Ramirez

    2 months ago

    On the way to lose the Giants game? The Cowboys were winning when Dak got injured. Skip just doesn't want Dak to get paid

  52. Chris Pap

    Chris Pap

    2 months ago

    I empathize with Skip, I love my dad and he would do anything for me or anyone, but he took me to my 1st Pitt game when I’d say I was maybe 7 or 8 years old...I was hooked, and signed up for a life of disappointment

  53. Chris Randall

    Chris Randall

    2 months ago

    They are going to franchise tag him again!!

  54. Joah Curry

    Joah Curry

    2 months ago

    Ill retool the oline and rool with Dalton before i give Dak 40 mill

  55. Nicholas Busch

    Nicholas Busch

    2 months ago

    Nobody mentions how there is no state income tax in Dallas. 37 million is really more than 40 million

  56. Music Experts

    Music Experts

    2 months ago

    Why this tv talk about money players getting always n they never talk about this owners money they stopping players bag but not the owners bag any body in America who got paid I’m happy for them they r lucky ones as we know how many greedy owners that never pay their workers for decade $1 extra n if u ask they let u go after they use u for decades

  57. thereturnof goldberg

    thereturnof goldberg

    2 months ago

    Shannon keeps bringing up what Wentz & Gouf got.. Where are they now? Dak was given an offer and he turned it down.. Tag him again. Move on after this season if he doesn't beat Brady in the NFC championship game. (TRUE STORY) But I think he can beat him.. With a great defense.. Likes Brady's 👊😎 ..40 is just too much.

  58. Alex Hines

    Alex Hines

    2 months ago

    No QB or player is worth $40. One player should not eating up cap space. Look at the Steelers and Ben $41 million cap space he is eating up and they cannot sign key pieces to keep.

  59. Xoltarr424


    2 months ago

    How many times are they going to have this conversation? Shannon has already explained how the market value works and Skip continues to be oblivious when asking this question every other week. "I'm the largest defender of Dak Prescott." "I'm a bigger Dallas fan than a Dak fan." At the same time, he wears a Tampa Bay jersey.

  60. Chris Wilson

    Chris Wilson

    2 months ago

    He's the garbage time king. Worth 25M tops

  61. Tanya Salas

    Tanya Salas

    2 months ago

    😁 love the show

  62. Robert Winchell

    Robert Winchell

    2 months ago

    Then skip Bayless you aren’t worth the money you get paid

  63. Mark


    2 months ago

    He is worth the money. Dak is a leader on and off the field. Most wins behind Tom Brady since 2016. Dallas Defense has been horrifying for years. Skip is a Tom Brady jock sniffer

  64. IRaoulDuke


    2 months ago

    40 million a year? Lmao no way, Daks good but what has he accomplished?

  65. Corbin D

    Corbin D

    2 months ago

    This kind of talk is Therapy for Skip. He needs clarification when it comes to the Cowboys.😁

  66. Scotty M.

    Scotty M.

    2 months ago

    There are winning QBs out there making less than $30M. Why would you ever pay over $40M for an 8-8 QB?

  67. Lisa Zupper

    Lisa Zupper

    2 months ago

    Bottom line is he's NOTT that guy that can win a chip

  68. Jacob Webb

    Jacob Webb

    2 months ago

    He is NOT worth 40 million per year. No Super Bowl appearance. No Conference Championship appearance. No MVP. He hasn't won a single thing. He's 1-2 in the playoffs.

  69. Alex Garcia

    Alex Garcia

    2 months ago


  70. Jerry Harper

    Jerry Harper

    2 months ago


  71. jason garnett

    jason garnett

    2 months ago

    Dak For Russ Wilson straight up, he aint happy in seattle right now do it!

  72. William Silva

    William Silva

    2 months ago

    There’s a solution that makes sense for everyone. A three way team deal that sends Jimmy G back to New England. Dak to San Francisco. The Cowboys get both NE and SFs first round picks. Jerry now has 3 first round picks to go find someone he believes in. Dak plays for a winner. NE gets the guy they always wanted. Win - win -win.

  73. Luis Moreno

    Luis Moreno

    2 months ago

    id trade him for watson

  74. Mattribute


    2 months ago

    Nice job fellas!

  75. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ

    2 months ago

    Dak was worth 30 a year per injury. Post injury 20. Especially because he’s a running qb

  76. Danny Dee

    Danny Dee

    2 months ago

    Jerry's spent 25 years and hundreds of millions for the team to go nowhere he can spend 40 million more for a better shot with a quality QB like Dak.

  77. Face of the Mountain

    Face of the Mountain

    2 months ago

    If there’s nothing else then accept that there’s nothing else instead of committing to a 5 year mistake.

  78. ProphetDev


    2 months ago

    Zeke forgot how to run on turf 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  79. Thomas


    2 months ago

    Not worth 40 million.

  80. Nosy Rosie

    Nosy Rosie

    2 months ago

    How come no one talks about the other quarterback,? He's the one who should be traded.

  81. kenny walker

    kenny walker

    2 months ago

    Well let him go and find a quater back nobody wants to play for the cowboys if you want to win

  82. EnterprisAR


    2 months ago

    Shannon: Give him a big payday to help you win a Super walking to the facts.....Last five Super Bowl winners all had QB's making way below the "Max" contract so $$ could be spread around to more players so you can have better players. Lets bring Shannon's "assumption" right to the daylight that you can (1) give a QB a max contract and (2) have that football team consistently be a contender? That is Shannon's assumption. And there is only 1 team that has shown consistency: New England and his QB never took a max contract.

  83. matt sean

    matt sean

    2 months ago

    If they end up trading Dak, skip will be complaining like no other. He’s such a hypocrite

  84. Billy Smothers

    Billy Smothers

    2 months ago

    Skip and Shannon you guys aren't worth what you get paid so get over it

  85. OliTheNorthMan


    2 months ago

    man skip was born 9 years before the cowboys were founded..its shocking



    2 months ago

    How many times we gotta go through this old man....let daK WALK!

  87. SwaggyD


    2 months ago

    Dak and a 3rd for Watson.

  88. Synthetec


    2 months ago

    I know whos worth no money. Sports analyst.

  89. Victor Hood

    Victor Hood

    2 months ago

    If Dak was a stock, I'd sell.

  90. Gary devones

    Gary devones

    2 months ago

    If Dak gets payed a dollar for eveytime these sports analysts uses his name he could by his own NFL team

  91. Gary devones

    Gary devones

    2 months ago

    The way the defense players lay the wood on Dak 40 million is about right

  92. Abel Castro

    Abel Castro

    2 months ago

    Dink and dunk dak can't beat elite teams can't throw accurately bye dak salary cap is coming down sorry bye dak bum ankle bye dak tom Brady makes 25 million a year and wins championships dak wants 40 million a year and can't even make the playoffs gtfoh

  93. Roswell Ramseur

    Roswell Ramseur

    2 months ago

    The key is don't make the same mistake twice.

  94. brian6speed


    2 months ago

    Shannon talking about young players being more hungry. No wonder he hates Brady, Brady proves all his statements to be false.

  95. Mason.


    2 months ago

    Is skip a cowboys fan? 😂

  96. Vico Villa

    Vico Villa

    2 months ago

    40 million a year? You bloody joking!!

  97. Zach Olson

    Zach Olson

    2 months ago

    Skip: *says how hard it was to be a Dallas fan* (Enters Texans fans)



    2 months ago

    I like Dak Prescott but he is not worth the money he wants. To me he's been a disappointment.

  99. Sterling MaKaveli

    Sterling MaKaveli

    2 months ago

    Skip watched the st. Louis cardinals play football. This fool old asf

  100. Joseph Cruz

    Joseph Cruz

    2 months ago

    Bring Dak to SF. We’ll have a whole different conversation next year...