I Met Wilbur Soot In Real Life...

I Met Wilbur Soot In Real Life... This was super fun!
I spent a day with Wilbur Soot and we did a bunch of fun stuff and livestreamed everything! Wilbur and I first met in Minecraft but now we have met in real life! Subscribe if you want more vlogs :)

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We recreated the infamous UK vlog! Wilbur and I filmed a vlog a long time ago but we never released it so this video is a recreation of it. Me and Wilbur Soot both play on the Dream SMP Minecraft server but today we actually went outside instead...


  1. Eric Vidales

    Eric Vidales

    Hour ago

    Wilbur is addicted to saying lil baby

  2. sts zane ✔

    sts zane ✔

    3 hours ago

    Goerge is small

  3. Ced Burner

    Ced Burner

    6 hours ago

    The nostalgic banker probably seal because venezuela cytologically tour beneath a lyrical mouse. parsimonious, redundant magic

  4. Jemmahstxrs


    17 hours ago

    George is just so cute with hes glasses

  5. kathryn sleezer

    kathryn sleezer

    19 hours ago


  6. Immy GPLZ

    Immy GPLZ

    22 hours ago

    George was found by kids

  7. Just a little human

    Just a little human

    Day ago

    "A bunch of crazy stuff happened" George On a bike Outside

  8. chen yu

    chen yu

    Day ago

    i even find the location they are in google maps but saddly i can't go UK ; w ;

  9. Nguyễn Hồng Anh

    Nguyễn Hồng Anh

    Day ago

    Wait George have glasses?

  10. Emily Angel

    Emily Angel

    Day ago

    george was found

  11. yunboo


    Day ago


  12. Ava


    Day ago

    -people comes- omg hii im your fan i love u! Wilbur: yeah l-love u to😅

  13. Zeina Akram

    Zeina Akram

    Day ago

    Congrats on 2mil

  14. Morgan Honey

    Morgan Honey

    Day ago

    george is so short but its cuts

  15. kiwi boba

    kiwi boba

    Day ago

    george's hair in this video is unbelievably pretty

  16. Jibe_Mann


    Day ago

    imagine they got streamsniped irl

  17. Talemwa Kauma

    Talemwa Kauma

    2 days ago

    They filmed the music video for taunt on the day that this vlog was filmed

  18. Jeff man

    Jeff man

    2 days ago

    He trew it so I subbed and he looks better. Glasses

  19. Zee


    3 days ago

    Kinda fruity idk

  20. Hello Friends

    Hello Friends

    3 days ago

    I really seen this tital before

  21. Sky Chan

    Sky Chan

    3 days ago

    Dream is now jelly

  22. gdxfeq wesaq

    gdxfeq wesaq

    3 days ago

    The dangerous drum tentatively flap because arm booly knit versus a ruthless harp. messy, abaft airplane

  23. Sketchy Hat

    Sketchy Hat

    4 days ago

    George with glasses looks like a new BTS member

  24. Richard Richards

    Richard Richards

    4 days ago

    The pointless fuel understandably bare because roof recently spot till a puffy great-grandmother. remarkable, oval shallot

  25. J-dawg7721


    4 days ago

    How does it feel to be a main part in a school group called the “Frog Army SMP”?

  26. doggosenpaii


    4 days ago

    gogy looks so small standing next to wilbur

  27. Nameless


    4 days ago

    When you dont sub it

  28. Jamila Julienne P. Nerit

    Jamila Julienne P. Nerit

    4 days ago

    Angry dream noises

  29. Deadly Pepe

    Deadly Pepe

    5 days ago

    amazing vlog and everything but..., george in glasses is life.

  30. ChiChi1353


    5 days ago

    George + those glasses = Harry potter

  31. sxmmiewasfound


    5 days ago

    the fact that george is 12 years older than me but 5 inches taller than me is kinda ridiculous. (no offense)

  32. Lauren Moskal

    Lauren Moskal

    5 days ago

    4:23 wilbur’s iconic “woo” in Your New Boyfriend lol

  33. Payton Brooke

    Payton Brooke

    5 days ago

    george looked very pretty in this stream :]

  34. rainiebow


    6 days ago

    3:03 pigeon no-

  35. rainiebow


    6 days ago

    not me simping for george's hair

  36. ♡airiishappy :) ♡

    ♡airiishappy :) ♡

    6 days ago

    George has found! 😄👏🏻

  37. _Camlie_


    6 days ago

    Why is no one talking about wilburs magnificent forehead?

  38. Cherish Daniels

    Cherish Daniels

    6 days ago


  39. Rayeed


    6 days ago

    I love how he totally copies Tommy's title

  40. bxb


    6 days ago

    5:24 I guess you could say he's *georgeisfound*

  41. MacieShorts


    6 days ago

    Tommy 60 days ago: I met KSI in real life... George 23 days ago: I met Wilbur Soot in real life...

  42. Kaylee Schrader

    Kaylee Schrader

    6 days ago

    where is this pizzahut? like the address?

  43. ꧁𝔾𝕨𝕞𝕚𝕤𝕔꧂


    6 days ago

    George: **with wilbur soot** Dream: **typing intensifies**

  44. Dean Elden-day

    Dean Elden-day

    7 days ago

    Is this where wilbur took a photo with tommyinnit

  45. Luci Ash

    Luci Ash

    7 days ago

    oh my god hi harry potter

  46. N1NJA -M0N

    N1NJA -M0N

    7 days ago

    How small is George

  47. Aliyah buchanan

    Aliyah buchanan

    7 days ago


  48. Aliyah buchanan

    Aliyah buchanan

    7 days ago

    it dosnot look good

  49. Aliyah buchanan

    Aliyah buchanan

    7 days ago

    this is funny funny

  50. Cool


    7 days ago


  51. Bronte Vandermaat

    Bronte Vandermaat

    7 days ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how short George is compared to Wilbur...

  52. メDevΐℓs


    7 days ago

    Oh yeah thanks for your help 🙂

    • メDevΐℓs


      7 days ago

      Omg 😳 sea ⛵ I love sea 🤩

  53. メDevΐℓs


    7 days ago

    It's the weather ❄️🥶 huh🤔☁️

  54. メDevΐℓs


    7 days ago

    Say you are not dating anyone 🤭

  55. メDevΐℓs


    7 days ago

    Wtf are you doing dude 😑😘😚

  56. メDevΐℓs


    7 days ago

    Hi gorge you are dating ,🤭

  57. Katsu


    7 days ago

    i remember commenting high difference and when he read my comment i almost passed out lol

  58. Saqeenah Azmi (Meridianss)

    Saqeenah Azmi (Meridianss)

    7 days ago

    is anyone not concerned that their not wearing masks or is it just me?

  59. Ahriana Lewis

    Ahriana Lewis

    7 days ago

    Did anyone notice that they might've filmed the music video for Wilbur's song "Taunt" this day because their wearing the same clothes in the music video?

  60. Leila Cheers

    Leila Cheers

    7 days ago

    The jealous journey gully contain because australia impressively stain barring a alive lier. useless, glamorous enemy

  61. Jewel Williams

    Jewel Williams

    7 days ago

    Dream watching this like: So you can meet wilbur you cant meet me?????!!!!!!!

  62. SkyFonnix


    7 days ago

    It's just two bruvers hanging out!

  63. debi jak debil

    debi jak debil

    7 days ago

    where geogre... there is dream🤔😏

  64. Dead Channel

    Dead Channel

    8 days ago

    I love how badly georges outline is in the photoshopped title lol

  65. Valley rios

    Valley rios

    8 days ago

    No the people in the back actually following u-



    8 days ago

    Them going out without mask Me here:👁👄👁

  67. DeStrenger7748


    9 days ago

    George vlogs cant match up to Tommy's...but George vlogs are great there own ways

  68. •Mei Mei

    •Mei Mei

    9 days ago

    George: *takes glasses off for 5 seconds* *People recognize them* Me: That's cuz ya'll famous qwq

  69. Pearl Mayhew

    Pearl Mayhew

    9 days ago

    My question is, why is big British man himself wearing a shirt with an American flag on it.

  70. ●OwO Cat●

    ●OwO Cat●

    9 days ago


  71. TheBig_cheese


    9 days ago

    5:12 gerorge looks like harry poter

  72. Emma a

    Emma a

    10 days ago

    The way George films makes him look like hies 5 foot 5

  73. Cheeriosシ


    10 days ago

    You’re so close to 2 million on this channel.

  74. EvenSadderJojoLmao


    10 days ago


  75. saccharinn


    10 days ago

    they went ln a date

  76. J BU

    J BU

    10 days ago

    and then the god said - it shalt not be a vlog without the vlog gun

  77. Trina Schofield

    Trina Schofield

    10 days ago

    george found

  78. TheEpicTurtle


    10 days ago

    George looks like Harry Potter with glasses... he is magic...

  79. Behehekene Kkejbsjs

    Behehekene Kkejbsjs

    10 days ago

    Amen to those 2 viewers in the beginning 😂

  80. Giuliana Kitty

    Giuliana Kitty

    10 days ago

    George: if I land this rock in the water you HAVE to sub Me: already subbed

  81. skyvv


    10 days ago

    The Graphic’s in pain

  82. Kirsten


    10 days ago

    seeing wilbur compared to normal sized people is weird as hell

  83. CHeeSe TOeS

    CHeeSe TOeS

    10 days ago

    My shoe is on the ground Very dramatic hehe

  84. Melinda May

    Melinda May

    11 days ago

    George NEEDS glasses like those

  85. munkhtsatsral batmunkh

    munkhtsatsral batmunkh

    11 days ago

    1:43 awwww you look's very cute

  86. nabil putra

    nabil putra

    11 days ago


  87. Nancy Randall

    Nancy Randall

    11 days ago

    George really said "my shoe is on the ground "

  88. Fresa_lv


    11 days ago

    The rock say i can,t fly plz don,t trow me \(◎o◎)/

  89. Leo Anfiloaf

    Leo Anfiloaf

    11 days ago

    gogy so model worthy

  90. KitCat_DaWeirdo


    11 days ago

    All I heard was: SHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  91. Doge but cool

    Doge but cool

    11 days ago

    George X Dream

  92. HP Afton

    HP Afton

    11 days ago

    6:54 THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!

  93. kim.taehyung


    11 days ago

    george looks so good in glasses

  94. MidnightTPB


    11 days ago

    I THOUGHT HE SAID "and we live streamed our DATE together." HAHDHSFISEHUIF

  95. MissMissyGxcha


    11 days ago

    today i met up with wilbur sIt

  96. 'redmoon…


    11 days ago

    His mask : Ight ima head out

  97. Nicky Foxy

    Nicky Foxy

    12 days ago

    Then if ur not georgenotfound then ur georgewasfound or something-

  98. daisy


    12 days ago

    oh my god u guys have nice fashion taste

  99. Justx Megh

    Justx Megh

    12 days ago

    George is so small and short hahahaha

  100. Brenny Boy

    Brenny Boy

    12 days ago

    We can’t give away our location we are going to get stream sniped irl