I mined a real diamond using ONLY a toy minecraft pickaxe...

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  1. Tyler Oliveira

    Tyler Oliveira

    9 days ago

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    • E


      9 hours ago

      I’m only 2 years old

    • AJ Cagaoan

      AJ Cagaoan

      3 days ago

      R U CRAZY

    • AJ Cagaoan

      AJ Cagaoan

      3 days ago


    • AJ Cagaoan

      AJ Cagaoan

      3 days ago


    • Bubblun The Bubble Dragon

      Bubblun The Bubble Dragon

      3 days ago

      Actually, Daniel J. D'arby used that Casino app to Sacrifice the Casino app.

  2. MR SQUAD 101

    MR SQUAD 101

    53 seconds ago

    Day number 10 still have no diamonds

  3. The holy bacon hair’s Alt

    The holy bacon hair’s Alt

    Hour ago

    Nice! Im suprised

  4. Gkay Sinahon

    Gkay Sinahon

    2 hours ago

    Get a stone pickaxe it's much STRONGER

  5. Ray Mak

    Ray Mak

    2 hours ago

    You need....Netherite Pickaxe

  6. Cute Møchi

    Cute Møchi

    2 hours ago

    How to download this minecraft mod? (JOKE)

  7. Vincent Sumrall

    Vincent Sumrall

    3 hours ago

    Where is this place

  8. Suecd


    3 hours ago


  9. Scribbley


    3 hours ago

    pioneers be like: t f?

  10. 26 Afnan Bhaiji

    26 Afnan Bhaiji

    4 hours ago

    Wear iis this place

  11. Pokémon_Reviewist_YT


    6 hours ago

    No cap I’ve been to the place you went and found a diamond

  12. F2P GAMING


    6 hours ago

    If you needed a diamond then why u didn't save from one of your armor pieces😂👍🏻

  13. Mash


    6 hours ago

    It was a stone pickaxe all along that’s why he never found a diamond so quicj

  14. Saints


    8 hours ago

    It's actually y12

  15. ZabookaHD


    10 hours ago


  16. Dwi Suryakusuma

    Dwi Suryakusuma

    11 hours ago

    HmmMMMm YeS kIlLIng rAdoME PEpol WitH hIgHLy EXsplosiF MAteRryle Is TOtalY leaGLE

  17. -*Random_Dream*-


    11 hours ago

    The suit is like making me feel like you copyed tommyinnit

  18. MR. Dramatic

    MR. Dramatic

    12 hours ago

    Something makes me feel I have not passed intro Also makes me feel like this is a youtube short

  19. It’s Finnegan 611

    It’s Finnegan 611

    13 hours ago




    15 hours ago

    2:13 top 10 tylers worst voice cracks

  21. Abyss


    15 hours ago

    Aren u still gonna shave your beard and grow your hair?

  22. Carlos Gabriel Regala

    Carlos Gabriel Regala

    16 hours ago

    Im not 18+

  23. AIDAN zikrY

    AIDAN zikrY

    17 hours ago

    its dirt bro.. use shovel

  24. SuperBeans


    18 hours ago

    Do Netherite next

  25. FaZe Bolt

    FaZe Bolt

    19 hours ago

    5:59 I can’t stop laughing at this

  26. Internet Worm

    Internet Worm

    20 hours ago

    Hes The Real Deal

  27. Sreehari Sajesh

    Sreehari Sajesh

    21 hour ago

    How Is he wearing diamond armor ect...

  28. the Grim Reaper Bem

    the Grim Reaper Bem

    21 hour ago

    No you need a 300 dollar diamond tester that diamond tester is not good so you probably found one. So ya

  29. Hi Hello Gaming

    Hi Hello Gaming

    21 hour ago

    Use shovel 🤣🤣

  30. Adam Asteway

    Adam Asteway

    22 hours ago

    I'm 11 can I downloed it 😂

  31. Yeeted Ur channel

    Yeeted Ur channel

    23 hours ago

    lets not talk about the fact that the creeper has 2 legs..

  32. Ridit Ranjan

    Ridit Ranjan

    Day ago

    You can do this it will take alot of days go 11meters deep¿

  33. Abhi


    Day ago


  34. Amia Vaughn

    Amia Vaughn

    Day ago

    did anyone realise the creeper held the phone wrong?

    • Yeeted Ur channel

      Yeeted Ur channel

      23 hours ago


  35. majormatthewox89


    Day ago

    Hhmm why you use pick axe in dirt use shovel lol

  36. joy gaming and vlogs

    joy gaming and vlogs

    Day ago

    Maybe you can use a shuffle level is also in Minecraft

  37. NotRacc


    Day ago

    Don’t take or use hell lightly. And you don’t wanna see satan. You said something like that in the cave video but I am praying for you. Jesus Loves You! Praise Jesus Amen 🙏

  38. Mickey INSERT IT CJ

    Mickey INSERT IT CJ

    Day ago

    i bet if he pinned this

    • Yeeted Ur channel

      Yeeted Ur channel

      23 hours ago

      he hasnt

  39. seila p

    seila p

    Day ago

    What did you swim in the water that's not allowed

  40. Aqilah Makko Andrade

    Aqilah Makko Andrade

    Day ago

    Bruh diamond don't shine. They reflect

  41. Shadow playz

    Shadow playz

    Day ago

    This is the best minecraft graphics ever it looks so real

  42. The chosen one legend

    The chosen one legend

    Day ago

    Bro if you have diamond aourmer so why you need to dig diamond 🤣

  43. TBNRFrags_ak


    Day ago

    the actual hardcore mode with extremely real texture pack with voice chat amazing server can we get the ip

  44. Cancelled XD

    Cancelled XD

    Day ago

    I've been camping there and I went mining for diamonds!

  45. Dwkota Inman

    Dwkota Inman

    Day ago


  46. Logan Murray élève

    Logan Murray élève

    Day ago

    No I’m young

  47. Callum Taylor

    Callum Taylor

    Day ago

    A haste 2 beacon would've helped

  48. erik white

    erik white

    Day ago

    Netherite is stronger than family

  49. Apple wow

    Apple wow

    Day ago

    Go to y 11

  50. Sandra Oncale

    Sandra Oncale

    Day ago

    Wow😱🤯👍 💎

  51. Ninja Xxx

    Ninja Xxx

    Day ago


  52. Danny Hernandez

    Danny Hernandez

    Day ago

    Lol I'm not even 18 and I'm still able to play

  53. Kaleb Seno

    Kaleb Seno

    Day ago


  54. weird piñatas

    weird piñatas

    Day ago

    Mr beasts cousin 😂😂

  55. Spin Attack Link

    Spin Attack Link

    Day ago

    You bought a cheap diamond tester so it won’t be always be right

  56. james


    Day ago

    How tf does he only have 1.8 mill and Mr.beast has 60 mill

  57. Milo OatmealYT

    Milo OatmealYT

    Day ago

    My dog pooped exactly where you ealked

  58. Doma


    Day ago

    Nice outro mate

  59. Jemar Gloria

    Jemar Gloria

    Day ago

    mine at Y5

  60. Electric


    Day ago


  61. Rishi Dookhan

    Rishi Dookhan

    Day ago

    Try to mine for netherite

  62. Joush


    Day ago

    Next step Netarite found in Netherlands

  63. stifler356_bobby


    Day ago

    tommyinit diamond armor be like

  64. Jaron Tan

    Jaron Tan

    2 days ago

    rtx players:

  65. Aphly_exe


    2 days ago

    Where do you get the armor I need it for Halloween

  66. Salmonfishead 1

    Salmonfishead 1

    2 days ago

    Ong u did

  67. Jose Segura

    Jose Segura

    2 days ago


  68. Kristen Mendes

    Kristen Mendes

    2 days ago

    Bullshit I don’t know what this bullshit is fucked us

  69. Brendalyn Manongdo

    Brendalyn Manongdo

    2 days ago

    That diamond tester is not real buy the 300 $ daler diamond tester

  70. Vincent Restel

    Vincent Restel

    2 days ago


  71. Vincent Restel

    Vincent Restel

    2 days ago


  72. Vincent Restel

    Vincent Restel

    2 days ago


  73. PlaceHolder


    2 days ago

    Where is the country

  74. Not a simp

    Not a simp

    2 days ago

    That diamond was so big!

  75. Mc Shark

    Mc Shark

    2 days ago

    Never dig straight down or you else fine lava and then you dieIn Minecraft

  76. Eshan Bagchi

    Eshan Bagchi

    2 days ago

    He is a legend

  77. Keenan Ziyad Fachrin

    Keenan Ziyad Fachrin

    2 days ago


  78. James Roblox Gaming Channel!!

    James Roblox Gaming Channel!!

    2 days ago

    Team workers: *put tnt in grandmas and grandpas or woman or man*

  79. Lourdes Perez Verdejo

    Lourdes Perez Verdejo

    2 days ago

    2:15 B R U H M O M E N T

  80. Michael Perez

    Michael Perez

    2 days ago


  81. Sylas GALLOWAY

    Sylas GALLOWAY

    2 days ago

    Did you get your diamond Arma then

  82. Mariana Tomaz

    Mariana Tomaz

    2 days ago

    can u try mining for iron?

    • Mariana Tomaz

      Mariana Tomaz

      2 days ago

      with iron pickaxe chestplate boots (and more JUST iron)

  83. Generlc Human

    Generlc Human

    2 days ago

    they have full sets of diamond armour, they should also have diamond picks, unless they are looking for diamonds to make some diamond picks

  84. Nerf Captain CL

    Nerf Captain CL

    2 days ago


  85. Ltaker


    2 days ago

    Try Marine bootcamp

  86. fons bot

    fons bot

    2 days ago

    cool video

  87. Akio -Kun

    Akio -Kun

    2 days ago

    Damn the texture pack looks so realistic Sauce?

  88. P u r p l e   W ø l f i e

    P u r p l e W ø l f i e

    2 days ago

    Thais dude is so similar to Mr.Beast

  89. viiont eooiy

    viiont eooiy

    2 days ago

    Tyler: some of you may die but that is a sacrifice I am willing to take

  90. 위석유


    2 days ago

    The quizzical hardboard optionally telephone because gram conclusively grate unlike a earsplitting gazelle. dangerous, straight glockenspiel

  91. Hayden Palm

    Hayden Palm

    2 days ago

    lololoolololololololololololololololololololololol hi

  92. Katie Haigler

    Katie Haigler

    2 days ago

    This whole video I was wondering what other people were thinking. Please comment on this comment with a time in the video where someone was staring at them if there is.

  93. Chase Anderson

    Chase Anderson

    2 days ago

    They legit had them walk out like that

  94. BrickCrystalZ Studios

    BrickCrystalZ Studios

    2 days ago

    Broh, pleeeasee train like rock Lee, you will get ripped 💯

  95. BrickCrystalZ Studios

    BrickCrystalZ Studios

    2 days ago

    Train like rock Lee

  96. MegaNaze


    2 days ago


  97. VERY Smokey times

    VERY Smokey times

    2 days ago

    You should go dirt mining with a hammer!

  98. Dilly 201

    Dilly 201

    2 days ago

    This is a youtube kids idea but executed as a shit post. I love it